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Sustained Accuracy™ since 1908… and still COUNTING (and weighing)!
Pennsylvania Scale Company

1042 New Holland Avenue

Lancaster PA 17601



Both Carbon Steel (powder coat finish) and Stainless Steel Models:

All feature an extra heavy duty frame and single point environmentally-sealed load cell. Platform sizes are 18 x 18”, 18 x 24” and 24 x 24” in capacities of 100, 250, 500, or 1000 lbs. 6400’s are superb for parts counting or straight weighing applications as well as a wide range of conveyor top configurations. A complete system consists of the 6400 platform in conjunction with a host Pennsylvania or other digital indicator or counting scale. The system must be calibrated with test weights unless it has been matched at the factory.

Unpack the 6400 Series Base:

After opening the shipping carton, lift out the foam packing inserts and the platform. Place the base on a flat, level and steady surface.

NOTE: For best performance the 6400 should be properly leveled before operating. To level the 6400:

  • Remove the top platform cover (shroud) to expose the level bubble located on the top frame of the 6400.

  • Adjust the four feet until the bubble is centered in the level.

  • Tighten the hex jam nuts on the feet.

  • Replace the platform cover.

  • Any time the 6400 is relocated, we recommend it be re-leveled.

Load Cell Wiring:

The 6400 mild steel version comes with a round, CPC-style connector to mate with Pennsylvania Scale indicators and scales. This connector is ‘keyed’ so it fits in one position; rotate the locking ring to secure the connector.

NOTE: Stainless Steel models require the cable to be pulled through the water tight compression fitting on the rear of the indicator and are connected to the screw terminals on the Main Board.
Load Cell Ratings:

Unless otherwise specified*, all units use the Tedea 1260 environmentally-sealed single point load cell. Standard capacities are 100, 250, 500, and 1000 lbs (direct interchange). The Serial Tag attached to the base identifies the model and capacity of the unit and applicable Commercial Cert reference.

  • 100 through 250 Lbs units are rated 2 mv/V output

  • 1000 Lbs units are rated at 2 mv/V output

*NOTE: Due to production commitments, there are times when load cells from

Coti are substituted… check the manufacturer name and model of the cell to verify wiring.

The following chart covers Coti load cells only:



























Calibration Instructions:

Units purchased with Pennsylvania Scale indicators or host counting scales are typically factory matched. Use care to match serial numbers if setting up multiple units as they are calibrated as a set.
Please refer to the calibration instructions for the digital indicator that will be used with the 6400 base for further calibration if required.

Warranty Statement:

The parts and components of this product are Warranted for 2 Years from date of installation or retail delivery against defects in materials and workmanship, subject to the terms and conditions of our standard warranty policy:

  • Work must be accomplished by an authorized Service Center

  • Calibration is not covered

  • Parts and Labor are Warranted for the first Year; Year 2 is parts only.

  • The Warranty does not cover abuse, accidents, or damage caused by external forces beyond the scope of defective materials or workmanship to the product itself.

  • The Warranty covers the product only and not consequential problems and is the sole responsibility of the manufacturer.

  • There are no other Warranties expressed or implied that apply to this product

THANK YOU for the confidence you have placed in us by purchasing this product which is MADE IN THE USA . Our goal is that you will specify our other related products including PLATFORMS, COUNTING SCALES, WEIGHING SCALES, AIRLINE BAGGAGE SCALES, and many other industrial weighing products.

Revised February 5, 2018

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