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RuneQuest Sci-Fi Document (v0.60)
All text in this document is designated as Open Content.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents 1

Introduction 2

CHAPTER 1: Creating an Adventurer 5

CHAPTER 2: Traveller-Style Character Generation 11

CHAPTER 3: Aliens 46

CHAPTER 4: Skills 53

CHAPTER 5: Improving Travellers 65

CHAPTER 6: Travelling 73

CHAPTER 7: Spacecraft Design 82

CHAPTER 8: Interplanetary Travel 109

CHAPTER 9: Interstellar Travel 112

CHAPTER 10: Teleportation 115

CHAPTER 11: Dimensional Travel 116

CHAPTER 12: Time Travel 119

CHAPTER 13: Communications 121

CHAPTER 14: Vehicle Design 124

CHAPTER 15: Computer / AI Design 127

CHAPTER 16: Robot and Drone Design 132

CHAPTER 17: Mecha 145

CHAPTER 18: Cybernetic Augmentation 160

CHAPTER 19: Genetic Augmentation 169

CHAPTER 20: Cloning 172

CHAPTER 21: Nanotechnology 174

CHAPTER 22: Mutants and Mutations 178

CHAPTER 23: Matter Replication 179

CHAPTER 24: Psionics 181

CHAPTER 25: Equipment 190

CHAPTER 26: Combat 203

CHAPTER 27: Vehicular Combat 216

CHAPTER 28: Vehicle/Starship Weapons and Armour 224

CHAPTER 29: Space Combat 225

CHAPTER 30: AI Combat 239

CHAPTER 31: Weapons 241

CHAPTER 32: Armour 252

CHAPTER 33: Ship Armaments 255

CHAPTER 34: Terraforming 257

CHAPTER 35: World Creation 259

CHAPTER 36: Trade 266

APPENDIX 1: Technology Levels 268

APPENDIX 2: Realistic Space Travel 269

APPENDIX 3: Striker Small-Arms Tables 272

APPENDIX 4: Converting Traveller to RQ 274

APPENDIX 5: Blank Career Form 275

APPENDIX 6: Things to Add to the SRD 276

APPENDIX 6: Full Table of Contents 277

OPEN GAME LICENSE Version 1.0a 290



What is this?

This is an attempt to write a set of Sci-Fi rules using the RuneQuest, Traveller and D20 Modern SRDs.

Is it Traveller RuneQuest or RuneQuest Traveller?

Neither. This is RuneQuest for a Space-based Sci-Fi game. It uses many terms from the Traveller system but is not merely a Traveller conversion.

Why not just use the Traveller Rules?

Traveller is a good system, as far as it goes. However, Traveller is not flexible enough nor does it have the same depth that RuneQuest has to enable it to be used in a general Sci-Fi game.

So, can I use this to run Traveller scenarios with RuneQuest?

Probably not, although this might give some pointers as to how to convert Traveller scenarios to RuneQuest, this is not a set of conversion rules.

What about other Rules Systems?

This should be fairly compatible with some Sci-Fi rules systems such as Future World, Ringworld, Other Suns or Basic Roleplaying. Many of the concepts from those games could easily be used in a RuneQuest Sci-Fi game. However, there are copyright implications in using swathes of their rules, which is why this concentrates on Traveller and RuneQuest, both being published under the Open Game Licence. It is less compatible with other Sci-Fi rules systems as they are not ultimately based on RuneQuest or Basic Roleplaying.

What is the Focus of These Rules?

This SRD is a RuneQuest Sci-Fi SRD, so the main Focus is on producing a workable set of RQ rules for a Sci-Fi game.
Having said that, there are different things that a Sci-Fi game emphasises that a Fantasy game, for instance does not.
Many people who enjoy Sci-Fi games like to design Spaceships, Vehicles, Robots and so on, so I have fairly detailed design rules for each of those. I have emphasised Character Generation, Skills and Character Progression. Players can play aliens and robots as well as humans. I have tried to play down the role of combat in a Sci-Fi game, which is why the Combat Chapters can be found towards the end of the document. This is a deliberate decision because many Sci-Fi rules play up combat more than anything else. Sure, Shipboard combat is important when it happens but how often should it happen? If you are playing a game where the PCs are Space Marines and have missions to attack and destroy various aliens then combat is important. If you are playing in a game of traders travelling between far-away solar systems then combat will not be that important. If you are playing rebels fighting against a Galactic Empire or Federation then Diplomatic skills and evasive skills might be more important than combat ones. I have relegated World Design to a single chapter at the end of the main section not because it is unimportant but because the Traveller SRD only touches on World Design and I know that there are more detailed rules elsewhere. If I can find more detailed rules in an SRD then I will include them in this document, otherwise you will have to look at published games for detailed World Design rules.

What About Settings?

The best thing about Sci-Fi games is the settings. Babylon 5, Star Wars, Star Trek, Blake's Seven and Farscape all have excellent and detailed backgrounds and settings. There are novels and series of novels by Sci-Fi authors that detail backgrounds that would be great as Sci-Fi settings. However, licensing issues and the extremely large amount of work that needs to be done to describe the settings mean that producing a Sci-Fi setting is only practical for a RPG Company.

This Sci-Fi RQ SRD is not based on a single setting, even though it uses the Traveller SRD as its basis. Because of this it is very generic and very dry. I would love to introduce Phasers and Light Sabres, Vorlons and Mimbari, Wookies and Jedi, Klingons and Vulcans, but those are way beyond the scope of an SRD.

Are These Rules Complete?

No. These rules are more of a set of rules that can be applied to a Sci Fi setting. They form a toolkit from which a GM can pull whatever rules he wants. As such, they are not designed to be complete. As more material becomes available through SRDs more rules can be added. Also, because these rules have not been polished into a published work, they are rough and ready.

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