Note: The (#) after the Lockwood names are the assigned numbers from the Lockwood Book. Note

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NameNote: The (#) after the Lockwood names are the assigned numbers from the Lockwood Book. Note
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April 2008 (4) MARY

This is a compilation of information from printed and individual sources. I have made no attempt to verify the information received from individual sources. All sources are listed at the end of the chapter. Jim
(4)MARY FERRIS (Marah) (AFN:378X-C5)

only daughter of Jeffrey, born c1640 (1637?) (if the 1637 birth date is correct, then Mary was the third born of Jeffrey's children) (LDS says she born February 6, 1640) (Mary was referred to as Mercy in one family chart) and died 1707/8 Greenwich CT; married 1st 1662 (LDS says they married January 6, 1664 at Stamford) First Lieutenant Jonathan Lockwood (AFN:8RKK-D1) (son of Robert and Susannah (Norman)) born September 10, 1634 Watertown MA and died May 12, 1688 Greenwich CT. [Jeffrey was Jonathan’s stepfather and father-in-law; Mary would have been his step-sister!] Jonathan became a freeman at Greenwich in 1670; was assistant May 1671 and 1672; was one of the twenty-seven proprietors. Jonathan was from Fairfield (Stamford?) CT and served as a State Representative for four years and was one of the leading influential citizens, and commandant of the military forces of the town. Gershom Lockwood was a brother of Jonathan. (Jim - Jonathan Lockwood’s mother was Mary’s stepmother- her father’s second wife, so Mary’s stepmother was her mother-in-law!!!!!) This marriage brought together the families of Ferris and Lockwood and was the first of a very long series of unions between these families down the years. Mary and Jonathan established their home in Greenwich CT, where he became one of the most, if not the most, prominent citizens of the town. When Jonathan died the people of Greenwich met in town meeting and passed a resolution deploring the loss of so valuable a citizen. Mary married 2d June 5, 1696, as his third wife, Sergeant Thomas Merritt of Rye NY who died 1721 [son of Thomas Merritt, Sr., of Rye]. By the end of 1699, Thomas, Sr. had acquired most of the upper part of Barton’s Neck, and thus, it became known as Merrit’s Point.] [Thomas Merritt agreed to support Mary’s children from the Lockwood marriage, June 18, 1696.](LDS says Mary married three times; 1st to Jonathan Lockwood; 2d to Lt. Jonathan Lockwood; and third to Thomas Merritt.) Born to Mary and Jonathan were:
Note: The (#) after the Lockwood names are the assigned numbers from the Lockwood Book.

Note: After I had entered the entire Jonathan Lockwood line, I became aware of the fact that the Lockwood Book has been called, by many, a ‘genealogical atrocity’, particularly the first 3-5 generations. I will attempt to locate additional references that correct this ‘atrocity’, but I wanted everyone to know, that the following is open to further research. Thanks to Fred Knapp for calling this to my attention. Please consider yourself warned!

(4.1) JONATHAN LOCKWOOD, Jr. (#11) (K7FP-3S) born c1663 and died November 9, 1689 Greenwich CT - unmarried
(4.2) ROBERT LOCKWOOD (#12) (K7FP-TL) born c1665 Greenwich CT and died between May 7, 1731, the date of his will and January 23, 1732, the date the will was probated; married Mary {maiden name unk}. He called himself husbandman of Greenwich August 13, 1694, when he was appointed to take the town list in Greenwich; 1694-95, he was taxed on 61 pounds. On March 1, 1698, the town sold him Hosick meadows. Born to Robert and his wife were:

(4.2.1) PHEBE LOCKWOOD (#45) born March 13, 1693; married a Mr. Austin

(4.2.2) DEBORAH LOCKWOOD (#46) born August 19, 1694 and died July 20, 1695

(4.2.3) JONATHAN LOCKWOOD (#47) born March 6, 1696 Greenwich; married December 12, 1746 widow Hannah Press (Priss)

(4.2.4) MARY LOCKWOOD (#48) born February 8, 1698; married August 15, 1725 Nathaniel (Wiatt) Wyatt born July 18, 1797 Stamford; and born to them was:

( HENRY WIATT (1726-)

(4.2.5) SAMUEL LOCKWOOD (#49) born 1700 Greenwich and died there November 16, 1787; buried at Old Sound Beach Cemetery; married Mary {maiden name unk}who died April 19, 1799 age 80y; buried with her husband; and born to Samuel and his wife were:

( SAMUEL LOCKWOOD, Jr (#180) (Captain) born November 20, 1737 Greenwich CT and died August 26, 1807, drowned near Greenwich Point, while fishing. He was a Captain of a Revolutionary War gun boat and also commanded land forces. The firmness of the indefatigable Captain Samuel Lockwood (by whose vigilance both by night and day, with forty men and a twelve pounder, in a gondola, eleven armed vessels with General Prescott, one hundred and thirty officers and soldiers, and one hundred and thirty seaman were taken at Sorel) has not only crowned them with honor as soldiers, but entitles them to the applause of their bleeding country and among those taken prisoners, December 31, 1775, and not exchanged on May 18, 1776 is Captain Samuel Lockwood. On October 5, 1787, he was one of a committee to see about building a bridge. He married Letitia Davis born 1740 and died July 9, 1797 age 57y 1m; both buried at the Tomac Avenue Cemetery (Old Sound Beach), Old Greenwich (tombstone photo). Born to Samuel and Letitia were:

( OLIVER LOCKWOOD (#590) (Captain) born c1770 Greenwich and died Derby, New Haven, CT; a Connecticut sea-captain, carrying horses to Jamaica, and did quite a business in that traffic in the West Indies; married Sally {maiden name unk} and born to them was:

( A DAUGHTER LOCKWOOD (#1244) married a Mr. Bunce and they had two children

( DRAKE LOCKWOOD (#597) born August 10, 1763 Greenwich and died March 7, 1839; buried in the Old Greenwich Cemetery; a soldier in Town or Coast Guard, in the Company commanded by Captain Timothy Lockwood at Greenwich from April 1, 1780 for nine months; re-enlisted for two years; married Mary Ferris Peck (; and born to Drake and Mary were:

( LETITIA LOCKWOOD (#1271) (Letitia Mary Lockwood?) (Letty Maria) born September 2, 1792 Greenwich and died September 29, 1864; married Rufus Peck ( - see him for offspring

( CHARLOTTE LOCKWOOD (#1272) married George Whitfield Peck (is this the same George (

( LUCY LOCKWOOD (#1276) born 1797 and died July 4, 1812; buried at Old Sound Beach Cemetery

( MARY LOCKWOOD (#1273) born 1800 and died April 8, 1839

( ANGELINE LOCKWOOD (#1274) born October 12, 1807 and died October 2, 1861

( ELIZA LOCKWOOD (#1275) born January 3, 1810 and died November 26, 1874

( SAMUEL W. LOCKWOOD (#1277) born March 1812 and died September 22, 1813; buried Old Sound Beach Cemetery

( FREDERICKA LOCKWOOD [not listed in Lockwood Book.]

( JOHN LOCKWOOD [not listed in Lockwood Book.]

( HANNAH LOCKWOOD (#594) born November 6, 1767/69 Greenwich and died November 27, 1858 age 91y; married June 19, 1785 in Stamford, Deacon Eliakim Ford born October 23, 1758 Wallingford CT and died September 1, 1840 Greenwich; Deacon of the Baptist Church; buried there Tomac Road Cemetery; and born to them were:

( SAMUEL FORD (#1253) born June 25, 1786 and died August 25, 1795 of yellow fever

( OLIVER LOCKWOOD FORD (#1254) born July 22, 1788 Greenwich CT and died there February 1879; married 1st Elizabeth Bayeaux (Elizabeth A); 2d Hannah Ferris (*); and born to him and Elizabeth were:

( THOMAS H FORD born 1819 CT

( LUCY FORD born 1821 CT

( SOPHIA FORD born 1826 CT

( OLIVER L FORD born 1827 CT; married Emily F {maiden name unk} born 1837 PA; and born to them were:

( OLIVIA A FORD born 1855 CT

( ADOLPHUS S FORD born 1857 CT

( ISABELLA B FORD born 1859 CT

( LETITIA FORD (#1255) born February 15, 1792 Greenwich and died c1884 Pacific City IA; married Captain Alexander Hendrie (; see him for offspring

( SARAH FORD (#1256) born August 22, 1794; married 1st Abel Ferris (; see him for offspring; and after his death, she married 2d Henry Waring

( LUCY FORD (#1257) born December 2, 1795 Greenwich and died December 29, 1880 Syracuse NY; married Peter DeMille Quintard ( – see him for offspring

( ISAAC FORD (#1258) born April 8, 1801; married Amanda Keeley

( SAMUEL COLYER FORD (#1259) married Susan Thomas

( CORNELIUS FORD (#1260) born August 4, 1807 NY and died January 15, 1870 Greenwich; married 1st Jane Huested (; 2d c1855-59 Sarah Jane Rockefeller ( – his stepdaughter; all buried Tomac Road Cemetery; and born to him and Jane were:

( JULIUS A FORD born 1838 CT


Born to Cornelius and his 2d wife, Sarah, were:

( ELSIE FORD born 1859 Stamford

( MARY CORDELIA FORD born April 2, 1861 and died April 11, 1904; buried Tomac Road Cemetery, Old Greenwich

( BENJAMIN FORD (#1261) married Harriet Purdey. Born to them was (and possibly more):

( LAVINIA M. FORD born April 10, 1838; married September 4, 1861 William Burr Lockwood (; see him for offspring

( LETITIA LOCKWOOD (#595) born June 28, 1771 Greenwich and died October 28, 1859; buried Greenwich; married 1st January 1, 1793 John Lockwood [son of Daniel & Thankful (Peck) Lockwood] born November 9, 1757 and died May 9, 1794; buried Old Sound Beach Cemetery, Greenwich; and 2d Joshua Ferris, Jr. ( - see him for their offspring. [There is contention by some that Letitia was a daughter of John, rather than his wife and she, instead, married, first, Charles Hendrie, but the Lockwood Book has her assigned as shown here.] Born to Letitia and John were:

( HANNAH MARIA LOCKWOOD (#1262) born November 29, 1793 and died March 19, 1849; married November 16, 1818 Captain Charles Hendrie (; see him for offspring.

( LUCY LOCKWOOD (#596) born December 6, 1777 Greenwich and died January 12, 1814 New York City; married Eldad Holmes and born to them were:

( SARAH HOLMES (#1264) married Irad Holly

( JAMES HOLMES (#1265) was twice married

( HANNAH HOLMES (#1266) married Oliver Lockwood Ferris (; see him for offspring

( LUCY CORDELIA HOLMES (#1267) married Henry Brooks

( CORDELIA HOLMES (#1268) died unmarried

( MADISON HOLMES (#1269) married Lucy H. Ferris (

( LETITIA HOLMES (#1270) died unmarried

( SAMUEL LOCKWOOD (#592) born 1778 Greenwich and died April 12, 1826 Stamford; married September 9, 1798 Sally Lockwood (#710) (; both buried North Street Cemetery. Born to them were:

( EZRA LOCKWOOD (#1245) born June 1, 1799 Stamford and died there February 8, 1853; buried there North Street Cemetery; married October 12, 1823 at Stamford, (Elizabeth) Eliza Scofield ( and born to them were:

( SAMUEL LOCKWOOD (#2151) born August 19, 1824 Stamford and died there September 6, 1889; carpenter 1860-89; married 1st December 17, 1849 in Stamford, Phebe Seely (; and 2d January 29, 1868 Emily Frances Barlow (; both buried Roxbury Cemetery; no offspring

( SARAH LOCKWOOD (#2152) (Sarah E. Lockwood) born October 24, 1826 Stamford and died there May 1, 1894; married December 2, 1850 in Stamford, William Hay [son of John William & Isabella (Brund) Hay] born July 1822 Scotland and died November 20, 1882 Stamford; both buried North Street Cemetery, Stamford; and born to them were:

( EZRA LOCKWOOD HAY (#3222) born October 2/3, 1852 Stamford and died there 1915; 1880 carpenter; married 1st May 15, 1875 in Stamford, Addie E. Bates [dau of Sanford & Catherine Maria (Ellison) Bates] born 1856 Stamford; married 2d April 16, 1885 in Stamford, Martha Robinson [dau of John & Martha (Strickland) Robinson] born March 1860 Stamford and died there 1933; buried there Woodland Cemetery; and born to him and Martha were:

( CLARENCE J HAY born March 1887 Stamford

( LESTER S HAY born December 1889 Stamford

( JOHN WILLIAM HAY (#3223) born October 9, 1854 Stamford; married 1881 lady’s name unk

( FRANK EDWARD HAY (#3224) born June 10, 1857 Stamford and died there November 20, 1883; buried there North Street Cemetery

( ELIZA JANE HAY (#3225) born October 8, 1859 Stamford; married February 19, 1878 in Stamford, Augustus W. Sibley born 1851 Rowe MA; mechanic 1884; and born to them were:

( EVA MAY SIBLEY born September 7, 1879 Stamford

( LOTTIE HAY SIBLEY born July 21, 1884 Stamford CT

( CHARLES BALL HAY (#3226) born June 23, 1862 Stamford; 1880 paperboy on railroad; unmarried in 1888; married 1895 Lillian J Gorman [dau of Michael & Elizabeth (Hughes) Gorman] born April 1871 Stamford

( GEORGE LOCKWOOD (#2153) born June 7, 1831, Stamford and died April 21, 1858.

( EMILY LOCKWOOD (#2154) born January 14, 1845, Stamford and died September 14, 1879 Brooklyn NY; buried North Street Cemetery, Stamford; married December 25, 1867 in Stamford, Walter W. Salter born 1844 Stamford

( OLIVER LOCKWOOD (#1246) died unmarried

( HENRY LOCKWOOD (#1247) died unmarried

( SAMUEL LOCKWOOD (#1247a) born January 24, 1803 Stamford

( ISAAC LOCKWOOD (#591) was unmarried. He died in South America.

( DAVID LOCKWOOD (#593) resided Middlesex and Darien CT; married lady’s name unk; born to them were:

( JAMES LOCKWOOD (#1248) married Clarissa Jones and moved to IN

( DANIEL LOCKWOOD (#1249) married Elizabeth Lounsbury and moved to IN

( JARED LOCKWOOD (#1250) was a Private in Colonel Charles Webb’s Regiment, July 12 to December 10, 1775

( SALLY LOCKWOOD (#1251) married Seth Hoyt

( CYNTHIA LOCKWOOD (#1252) went West

( PHILLIP LOCKWOOD (#181) (Philip) born February 28, 1750 Greenwich and died October 29, 1831; served as a Private in George Peck’s Company, 1776-77; married 1st in 1773 Hannah Clason born July 15, 1750 Stamford CT and died December 15, 1814; 2d c1823/25 Hannah Wickes born March 19, 1761 and died August 18, 1836; they were buried at the Tomac Avenue Cemetery, Old Greenwich. Born to Phillip and the 1st Hannah were:

( BETSEY LOCKWOOD (#598) birth date is unk, but baptized October 14, 1775 Congregational Church, Stamford

( WILLIAM LOCKWOOD (#599) born August 26, 1778 and died November 26, 1798

( ELIAKIM LOCKWOOD (#600) (1776-1825) married Sarah Marshall [dau of Andrew & Elizabeth] (1782-1861). Born to them were:

( ELETHEA LOCKWOOD (#1278) married a Mr. Hitchcock

( JULIA ANN LOCKWOOD (#1279) married a Mr. Cook (married May 18, 1828 William Thorn Cook born October 10, 1800)

( PHILIP LOCKWOOD (#1280) died unmarried

( ISAAC LOCKWOOD (#601) (1780-1827) unmarried; drowned.

( SALLY LOCKWOOD (#602) (Sarah) born December 18, 1780 (twin of Isaac?) and died December 17, 1861 Stamford; married 1st c1801 Timothy Jessup ( and 2d after 1816 in Newburgh NY, William Waterbury born October 10, 1766 Stamford CT. See Timothy for their offspring. Born to her and William were:

( DAVID WATERBURY born April 17, 1819 Stamford CT and died there December 22, 1894; buried there Woodland Cemetery; 1850 carpenter; 1857-60 mariner (Captain); married 1st January 23, 1842 in Stamford, Sarah M. Selleck (; buried with David; married 2d April 28, 1875 in Stamford Josephine E. Selleck (sister of Sarah) born 1836 Stamford; and born to him and Sarah were:

( WILLIAM T. WATERBURY born 1843 Stamford CT and died there 1912; buried there Woodland Cemetery; married c1865 Sarah Guley born 1844 England and died 1906 Stamford; and born to them were:

( HARRY G. WATERBURY born 1869 Stamford

( DAISY M. WATERBURY born 1876 Stamford

( ALICE S. WATERBURY born 1878 Stamford and died there 1932; buried there Woodland Cemetery; unmarried

( JOHN S. WATERBURY born 1849 Stamford and died there 1925; buried there Woodland Cemetery

( MARY ELIZABETH WATERBURY born May 3, 1851 Stamford; married July 5, 1876 in Stamford Edwin S. Webb [son of George William & Mary Esther (Wood) Webb] born September 22, 1848 Walton NY and died 1916 Stamford; buried there Woodland Cemetery; he was a merchant in 1885; and born to them were:

( MARY WATERBURY WEBB born February 26, 1879; married September 24, 1901 William Ferris Peebles born September 27, 1873

( SARAH MEAD WEBB born September 8, 1886

( SARAH M. WATERBURY born April 13, 1853 Stamford and died there 1926 unmarried; buried there Woodland Cemetery

( CHARLES F. WATERBURY born May 14, 1855 Stamford and died there January 24, 1922; 1882 coal merchant; following graduation from the Glendinning private school, he worked in the senior Waterbury’s steamboat business and after an interlude in which he learned the trade of moulder, he again, in 1874, joined his father, this time in the coal business, which became David Waterbury and Son; later was a director of the First Stamford National Bank, vice president of the East Branch Dock Corp., president of the Woodland Cemetery Association and secretary and treasurer of the Shippan Water and Realty Co; also a member of Suburban Club, Stamford Yacht Club and Woodway Country Club; married January 11, 1882 in Stamford, Anna Samuels Lockwood (; and born to them were:

( DAVID WILLIAM WATERBURY born October 12, 1882 Stamford and died there November 4, 1959; buried there Woodland Cemetery; came into his father’s business 1904 and upon his father’s death, became proprietor; David Waterbury & Sons, Inc was one of Stamford’s oldest concerns; married 1903 Ida M Zahn [dau of Frederick] born August 18, 1882 NY and died August 16, 1961 Stamford; and born to them were:

( DAVID CHARLES WATERBURY born June 17, 1904 Stamford CT and died there March 29, 1944; was vice president and treasurer of David Waterbury & Sons; married c1927 Elizabeth Plummer born October 7, 1906 MA and died December 24, 1986; both buried Woodland Cemetery; and born to them was:

( JOHN HENRY WATERBURY born May 15, 1931 Stamford CT and died there September 10, 1935; buried there Woodland Cemetery

( JOHN L. WATERBURY (c1910-) was secretary of David Waterbury & Sons

( JOSEPHINE WATERBURY born August 1, 1890 Stamford and died there September 4, 1962; married 1908 Walter Edward Leaman [son of Walter L & Alice (Phillips) Leaman] born September 3, 1883 Stamford and died there May 27, 1958; both buried Woodland Cemetery; in 1930 he was an importer and exporter; and born to them was:

( WALTER EDWARD LEMAN Jr born 1919 Stamford CT and died December 24, 1972 San Luis Potosi, Mexico

( CHARLOTTE A. WATERBURY born May 15, 1857 Stamford

( THEODORE WATERBURY born July 19, 1821 Stamford CT and died there September 6, 1898; buried there North Street Cemetery; 1850 coaster; 1860 seaman; married 1st c1848 Hannah M. Webb born December 16, 1827 NY and died July 13, 1874 Stamford; buried there with Theodore; married 2d Margaret A {maiden name unk}. Born to him and Hannah were:

( EMMA WATERBURY born Stamford; married January 2, 1871 in Stamford, John C. Nelson born 1847 NY; machinist and locksmith; and born to them were:

( JOSEPHINE W. NELSON born October 19, 1871 Stamford

( LEONARD T. NELSON born May 30, 1874 Stamford and died there June 26, 1874; buried there North Street Cemetery

( GEORGE E. NELSON born February 21, 1877 Stamford

( EMMA D. NELSON born June 23, 1881 Stamford

( JOSEPHINE WATERBURY born July 28, 1851 Stamford and died there June 7, 1869; buried there North Street Cemetery

( ELIZABETH WATERBURY born 1855 Stamford

( PHILLIP WATERBURY born January 26, 1826 Stamford CT and died there 1883; buried there North Street Cemetery; 1850 coaster; married c1860 Julia E. {maiden name unk} and born to them was:


( HANNAH LOCKWOOD (#603) born February 18, 1787 Greenwich and died April 20, 1847; buried Woodland Cemetery, Stamford; married July 20, 1805 Enoch Hoyt (#3525) (; see him for offspring

( ELIZA LOCKWOOD (#604) born c1795 Greenwich and died after 1827; married January 31, 1816 in Stamford, Erastus Huntington Weed [son of Jonathan & Lydia (Ambler) Weed] born May 16, 1788 and born to them were:

( WILLIAM HENRY WEED (#1285) born June 9, 1817

( HANNAH ELIZABETH WEED (#1286) born May 1, 1819


( PHEBE LOCKWOOD (#605) born c1789; married Harvey Lockwood (

( DAVID LOCKWOOD (#182) born June 21, 1760 Greenwich and died December 24, 1841 New Milford CT; resided in Greenwich during the Rev. War; enlisted in February 1777 for three years, 2d Artillery, New York Regiment. Said to have been taken prisoner while serving on a gunboat; married 1st Mary {maiden name unknown} and 2d Sarah {Clason? - maiden name unknown} {one source has David marrying c1780 Sarah Closson (1762-1849) and that information is added}. Born to David and Mary was:

( REBECCA LOCKWOOD born April 8, 1779

Born to David and Sarah Closson were:

( POLLY LOCKWOOD born February 4, 1781 Greenwich

( ROSWELL LOCKWOOD born January 21, 1783 Greenwich and died 1863; married October 11, 1803 (1805) in Greenwich, Thalia Oviatt (1787-1873) [dau of John & Esther (Smith) Oviatt] and born to them were:

( HENRY LOCKWOOD born August 3, 1807 Greenwich and died November 21, 1884; a missionary on the Island of Java; married 1st February 17, 1836 on the Island of Java, Sarah Sophia Midhurst (c1807-c1839); married 2d August 11, 1840 in Geneva NY, Cathalina Lansing Dox (c1807-); and born to him and Cathalina were:

( JAMES R. LOCKWOOD (c1841-)

( HENRY ROSWELL LOCKWOOD (Rev.) (Photo) born April 3, 1843 Honeoye Falls, Monroe, NY and died September 20, 1905; graduated from Hobart College 1864 and in 1886 received from his Alma Mater the honorary degree of S. T. D. While pursuing his theological studies he filled the position of tutor in mathematics at Hobart. He was made a deacon by Bishop Coxe at Batavia, in September 1867, and preached his first sermon at Pittsford, near Rochester. He then took charge of missionary work at Clayton and La Fargeville, and was ordained to the priesthood September 22, 1867. In January 1873 he became the rector of St. Paul’s Church, Syracuse. He was commissioned by Gov. Robinson, Chaplain of the 51st Regiment, New York National Guard, 1877, and held that position until the Regiment was mustered out of service. He was twice elected a deputy to the General Convention and several times represented the diocese in the Federal Council of the State. He was secretary of the standing committee, examining chaplain and president of the Fourth Missionary District, president of the Choir Guild of the diocese and of the Clerical Guild of Syracuse, and was a trustee of Hobart College and of St. John’s Military School. In November 1872, he was married to Miss Ellen M. Rich, dau of Samuel H. Rich of Boston MA.

( ELIZABETH R. LOCKWOOD born May 1845 and died January 18, 1860

( MARY LOCKWOOD (c1847-) married Charles Armstrong (c1847-)

( ELIZA ANN LOCKWOOD born December 29, 1810 Greenwich and died April 3, 1880; married November 11, 1834 in Greenwich, James O. Bloss (c1810-) and born to them were:

( SARAH LOUISE BLOSS born August 4, 1835 Greenwich and died there November 22, 1853

( HENRY LOCKWOOD BLOSS born November 23, 1836 Greenwich

( CHARLOTTE SOPHIA BLOSS born September 16, 1838 Greenwich and died there October 2, 1892; married March 25, 1868 in Greenwich, James A. Daly (c1838-)

( JAMES ORVILLE BLOSS born June 19, 1840 Greenwich and died there November 23, 1847 – they must have known he was going to die since they named a brother for him

( CHARLES FINNEY BLOSS born January 9, 1842 Greenwich and died there c1843

( JOHN JAY BLOSS born October 11, 1843 Greenwich and died there September 19, 1864

( CELESTIA ANGENETTE BLOSS born September 1, 1845 Greenwich

( JAMES ORVILLE BLOSS born September 30, 1847 Greenwich

( HARRIET ELIZA BLOSS born December 28, 1849 Greenwich

( SARAH JERUSHA LOCKWOOD born February 10, 1813 and died May 6, 1897; married January 13, 1859 Henry Hanford (c1813-)

( SUSAN LOCKWOOD born October 17, 1817 and died November 17, 1897; married July 25, 1843 David Bush (c1817-) and born to them were:

( CHARLES BUSH (c1844-)

( DAVID BUSH (c1846-)


( CHARLOTTE LOCKWOOD born March 21, 1819 Bridgeport CT and died (March 22, 1871) January 28, 1886 East Orange, Essex, NJ; married April 10, 1845 in Rochester NY, John Fairbanks Jr [son of John & Adeliza (Wight) Fairbanks] born May 13, 1818 Medfield MA and died March 22, 1871 Orange NJ; and born to them were:

( ABBY CAROLINE FAIRBANKS (Caroline A.) born March 27, 1846 Rochester, Monroe, NY; married 1st January 8, 1874 in Orange NJ, Theodore Watson Reynolds (c1840-1880); married 2d June 24, 1886 in Orange NJ, Joseph Doremus Harrison; and born to her and Theodore were:

( THEODORE FAIRBANKS REYNOLDS born January 18, 1875 Orange NJ

( ANNIE MOULTON REYNOLDS born August 28, 1876 Orange NJ

( EDWARD GAGE REYNOLDS born May 26, 1878 Orange NJ and died there February 17, 1879

( CHARLOTTE MARIA FAIRBANKS born December 23, 1850 Rochester, Monroe, NY

( MARY FAIRBANKS born February 16, 1860 Brooklyn, Kings, NY and died there May 7, 1860

( CAROLINE LOCKWOOD born May 21, 1821 CT and died after 1880 (December 6, 1902) East Orange NJ

( CHARLES C. LOCKWOOD born July 4, 1823 and died October 25, 1856; married May 28, 1849 Arna S. Lyman (c1823-)

( JOHN DAVID LOCKWOOD born April 30, 1828 and died September 18, 1828

( LYMAN LOCKWOOD born February 10, 1786 Greenwich and died February 28, 1823; married 1st c1809/11 Laura Mead (c1786/90-c1817); 2d c1818/19 Ruth Smith (c1786/90-); and born to him and Laura were:

( EMILY LOCKWOOD (c1810/12-)

( MARY ANN LOCKWOOD (c1812/14-)

( CHARLES LOCKWOOD (c1814/16-)

Born to Lyman and his 2d wife, Ruth, was:


( JERUSHA LOCKWOOD born August 14, 1790 Greenwich and died August 4, 1868 Bridgewater, Litchfield, CT; married November 1815 John Wooster [son of Peter & Elizabeth (Canfield) Wooster] born 1790 Bridgewater, Litchfield, CT and died there May 29, 1858; both buried there, New Ground; He passed his youth on the farm attending the district school; and while a boy nearly lost his life by a log which rolled on him, making an indentation in his skull, which affected his brain. A piece of the skull bone was taken out, and a silver shilling placed under the skinn to protect the brain, which piece always remained there, so that it could be said that he was never without a shilling. He early commenced teaching scholl in the winter season, and soon attained to the credit of being one of the best teachers of his day. After twenty-one years of age, he taught school winters and worked on the farm summers, applying all his means to buying the interests of his sisters in his father's farm. He married Jerusha, daughter of David Lockwood. He thought much of his home and seemed most happy when surrounded by his family, and enjoying the society of his friends and neighbors with whom he always lived on the best of terms. In the prime of life he met with an accident which incapacitated him for hard labor, by being thrown from a wagon and injuring one knee, but he almost constantly held some public office in the town, which in some measure compensated for his inability to labor. He once represented New Milford in the legislature. He was a prompt, punctual, upright business man, and was entrusted with the settling of estates. He was constable, assessor, and selectman, the last so often the he was sometimes called the "Old Selectman." A year or two before his death, he went to live with his daughter Susan at Bridgewater Centre, where he died as he had lived, with his children around him, on May 29, 1858, aged 68 years. And born to them were:

( MARY E WOOSTER (Mary Emeline Wooster) born 1818 Bridgewater, Litchfield, CT; married Harmon Treat [son of Daniel Allen & Almira (Sherman) Treat] born July 24, 1812 Bridgewater; farmer; and born to them were:

( HELEN J TREAT born 1854 Bridgewater, Litchfield, CT

( EMILY A TREAT born 1857 Bridgewater CT

( SUSAN C TREAT born 1861 Bridgewater CT

( H WOOSTER TREAT born 1862 Bridgewater CT

( JULIA ALMIRA TREAT – is this Helen J Treat? – not listed in all sources – born October 10, 1854 Bridgewater, Litchfield, CT; married January 27, 1880 in Bridgwater, as his 2d wife, Charles Sanford born March 10, 1841 Roxbury CT

( PETER WOOSTER (c1818-) (c1820-) Bridgewater CT

( DAVID WOOSTER (c1820-) (c1825) Bridgewater CT; married October 27, 1846 in Bridgewater, Emily C Sherman (dau of Sylvester & Mercy (Peck) Sherman] born September 9, 1827 New Milford, Litchfield, CT and died April 17, 1875 Bridgewater; buried there New Ground; and born to them was:

( EDWARD S WOOSTER born 1849 Bridgewater CT and died there October 23, 1851; buried there, New Ground

( SUSAN WOOSTER (c1822-) (c1812 Greenwich) (March 12, 1828 Bridgewater, Litchfield, CT) married November 8, 1848 in New Milford CT, Lorenzo Dwight Sanford [son of Garry & Emily (Richardson) Sanford] born September 25, 1824 Rootstown, Portage, OH and died after 1908; listed as drummer in 1880 Bridgewater census; and born to them were:

( MARY SANFORD born October 7, 1849 Bridgewater, Litchfield, CT and died Rutherford NJ; married December 25, 1873 Cornelius Blakeslee born November 3, 1848 Plymouth CT; is this the same guy who was Treasurer of Ives, Blakeslee, Williams Co, 1893, largest manufacturer of toys in the US at that time?; apparently Edward Riley Ives was his brother-in-law; and born to them were:

( RAYMOND IVES BLAKESLEE born September 17, 1875 Bridgeport CT

( JENNIE MAY BLAKESLEE born June 6, 1877 New Rochelle NY and died October 24, 1904

( CORNELIUS SANFORD BLAKESLEE born October 27, 1878 New Rochelle NY and died June 15, 1879

( WILBUR SANFORD BLAKESLEE born November 2, 1881 Brooklyn NY

( WILBUR SANFORD BLAKESLEE born July 17, 1854 Bridgeport, Fairfield, CT and died NYC; married January 12, 1883 Lucy Knox Reynolds born June 6, 1861; and born to them were:

( LESLIE SANFORD (twin) born November 19, 1884 and died November 22, 1896

( ERSKINE SANFORD (twin) born November 19, 1884

( INFANT SANFORD (Martha Sanford)

( ITHAMAR LOCKWOOD born December 14/15, 1792 Greenwich and died there June 10, 1844; married September 1816 name unk

( CLOSSON LOCKWOOD born August 20, 1794 Greenwich and died there May 8, 1796

( STANLEY C LOCKWOOD (Stanley Clayson Lockwood) born March 4, 1798/1800 Greenwich; married c1820 Sarah Starr (c1800-) and born to them were:

( JERUSHA LOCKWOOD born c1822 Greenwich (Jerusha Rebecca Lockwood born March 30, 1823 Boardman OH); married April 5, 1843 in Canfield, Mahoning, OH, William Wallace Whittlesey [son of Elisha & Polly (Mygatt) Whittlesey] born April 10, 1820 Canfield OH and died July 5, 1890 Washington, D.C; and born to them were (25y between 1st and last child – Jerusha would have been 46y when last child born) (a William W Whittlesey is listed as a company secretary for Mahoning Plank Road Company 1863 and earlier; a William W Whittlesey is listed as a clerk in the Pension Office in D.C, 1882; William’s father Elisha was one of the founders of the Whig Party):

( CLAYSON LOCKWOOD WHITTLESEY born May 25, 1844 Canfield OH and died March 27, 1922 Washington, D.C; married October 15, 1868 in Cuyahoga Falls OH Alice Uella Turner [dau of Grant Bradley & Ada (Morley) Turner] born October 1, 1845 Cuyahoga Falls OH and died March 15, 1881 Battle Creek MI; and born to them were:

( GRANT TURNER WHITTLESEY born August 24, 1869 Canfield OH; married September 8, 1892 in Cleveland OH, Nellie M Hogan [dau of Andrew & Mary (Thompson) Hogan] born May 6, 1870 Cleveland; and born to them was:

( MARION WHITTLESEY born December 31, 1897 Cleveland OH

( AUGUSTA LOCKWOOD WHITTLESEY born September 19, 1871 Canfield OH and died December 1945; married Frederick Hunton Houghton born July 17, 1868 Cleveland OH

( CHARLES HANFORD WHITTLESEY born October 5, 1873 Cuyahoga Falls OH and died February 22, 1945 Columbus OH; buried there Green Lawn Cemetery; married October 31, 1900 in Cleveland, Julia Laura Muloch [dau of Joseph & Katheryn] born February 13, 1881 Cleveland and died February 1, 1946 Columbus; and they had 2 kids, 1 of which was:

( HAROLD MULOCH WHITTLESEY born October 8, 1901 Cleveland OH and died January 6, 1968 Columbus OH; married April 2, 1927 in Columbus, Josephine Louise Tigner [dau of Charles Monroe & Mary Elizabeth (Paulus) Tigner] born September 25, 1902 Fairmount, Grant, IN and died April 14, 1964 Columbus OH; both buried there Green Lawn Cemetery


( HARRIET WHITTLESEY born March 31, 1846

( LUCY WHITTLESEY born June 24, 1853 Canfield OH

( WILLIAM HENRY WHITTLESEY born June/July 7, 1858 Canfield OH and died 1920; division passenger agent, CH&D railroad, Dayton OH; married December 20, 1881 at Washington, D.C., Mary May Richards [dau of John H D & Sarah Catherine (Brenner) Richards]; and born to them were:

( RICHARD STARR WHITTLESEY born September 11, 1886 Dayton OH

( ROBERT BRENNER WHITTLESEY born August 31, 1888 Dayton OH

( MERRELL WHITNEY WHITTLESEY born May 19, 1890 Dayton OH; is this the same guy who was a staff writer for
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