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NameElectrical Field Service Engineer
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Name: Mohammed M .Morad

Profession Electrical FSE Engineer

cellular : +(2) - 010 - 18062801

+(2) - 012- 27033803

E-mail: morad22003@yahoo.com

Nationality: Egyptian

Date of birth : 11 Jan 1981


Mansoura university, Faculty of Engineering, Electric power Dept. (2005 )

Graduation Project: Protection of Transmission and distribution Lines using computerized digital relays.

Work experiences .

Aug 2013 up to now.


Jop title : Electrical Field Service Engineer .

Responsabilties .

- commissioning of brush turbogenerators .

- commissioning of differenet types AVR ( A30,A32,MAVR, A12,A50) , protection relays .

- commissioning of Generators and GAS turbines auxiliraies system types ( pratt and whitney , GE).

- carrying out primary tests of generators ( S.C test , O.C test , synch test )

- carry out start up and commissioning of generators up to 125 MW , pratt and whitney and GE types.

- carry out commissioning of mobile pack , power turbine , gas turbines.
Mar 2013 up to Aug 2013.

E M C (Egyptian Maintenance Company ) OIL and GAS .

GUPCO) Gulf suez petroleum - BP ) , Alex. Maadia – Ras shuqair , Egypt

(ON SHORE – OFFSHORE) Commissioning for HILAL- B Platform redeveloment .
Jop title : Electrical commissioning Team leader.


- Gathering the project Electrical data and prepare the project data based on CTS and GOC program ( commissioning tracking system-EMC ) , (GUIDANCE OF COMMISSIONING -BP ) .

- prepare the commissioning tests procedures , sqeduals and checkouts for the Electrical discipline

according to IEC standard .

- prepare methods of statements ,risk assesments , technical quires and minutes of meetings.

- attend technical meetings with suppliers to improve the system performance.

- Support vendors during pre commissioning, commissioning and start-up activities.

- review suppliers / vendors documents and drawings.

- creating and update the punch list.

- ensure that all activites and isolations meets HSSE philosphy.

- Handover the Electrical systems to operation, with the assistance of the Equipment Vendor Representative

- prepare modifications that should be applied.

Carry out the electrical commissioning activites using CTS and GOC systems for the following :

  • Solar system consist of 144 solar arrayS (mitsubishi) 36,7KW total , 12 solar chargers rectifiers .

  • Dc system including 6 battery cabinets 13200 AH (NI-CD) Saft.

  • 7 Chemical injection motors and pumps skids.

  • 6 Inverters 5 Kw each to convert DC source to AC also charging the batteries from generators too (SMA).

  • Electrical distribution system including Lighting and earthing system

  • Navigation aids system including (RACON,Helidick status light , main and sub lighting, fog detector and horn , sun switch)

  • Protection relays test

  • Safe guard system and communication with onshore

  • ATS system.

  • VSD (variable speed drives)

OCT. 2011 – MAR 2013

E M C (Egyptian Maintenance Company ) OIL and GAS .

RASHPETCO (RASHED petroleum company) , Alexandria - Egypt

BG (BRITISH GAS)/EL BURULLUS gas company West Delta Deep Marine (WDDM) Main Compression Project PHASE VII

Jop title : Electrical commissioning engineer


Gathering the project Electrical data and prepare the project data base on CTS program (commissioning tracking system ).

Prepare the minimum required tests and checkouts for the Electrical discipline.

Familiarity with using and applying the international codes and standards.

Update the punch list to Construction authority to ensure clearing and/or fixing the critical items before energizing.

Ensure that any modification has been done by Construction to the designer documentation should be developed with/by approved site queries from the Project Engineering and/or Design Firm.

Following up the safety instruction & rules during carrying out the jobs.

Handover the Electrical systems to operation, with the assistance of the Equipment Vendor Representative that should be applied. Support vendors during pre commissioning, commissioning and start-up activities.

Preparing pre commissioning and commissioning procedures for all mentioned electrical equipments below.

Witnessing pre commissioning and executing commissioning tests for:

Gas Turbine Generators (Siemens 6.72 MW)

Power transformers.(AREVA 11/0.4 KV)

Medium voltage switchgear (SCHNEIDER MC set 11 KV) as follow:

- Secondary injection for (SEPAM T40, G40, S20) protection relays to test protection functions overload, short

- circuit and earth fault.

- Stability test for (SEPAM 100LD) differential protection relay using primary injection method.

- ATS philosophy test.

- Nouvo Pignone (GE) Turbo Compressors auxiliaries.

- LV MCC (SHNEIDER block set, ABB).

- Low & Medium voltage (LV & MV) Motors

- Emergency diesel generators

- UPS & DC batteries chargers. (CHLORIDE)

- Low & Medium voltage (LV & MV) Cables.

- Lighting and small power distribution systems.

- Earthing and Lightning.

- Gas Turbine Generators Reliability test and GTG protection relays (siemens 7um62)

- Test and commissioning main transformer.

- Check Loop test and interlocking of all electrical systems with DCS
JUNE 2007 up to OCT 2011

E E H C (Egyption Electric Holding Company )

AbuQir generation Thermal Power Plant (4*150 MW +1*350MW+ 2*650 MW)

Job title : Electrical Protection , commissioning engineer

Responsabilties :

  • Able to provide technical direction and supervision to ateam of technicians and craft labour for the installation, commissioning and maintenance activities .

  • Able to install, test and commission for HV,MV and LV breakers, switchgear, protection relays, cables, motors, GIS and transformers.

  • Responsable of carrying out annual and periodical tests .

  • Issuing performance reports and spare parts plan .

  • Root cause analyzer.

  • Carrying out coordination studies and fault current level .

  • Performing global maintenance work activities for all equipments mentioned above during total plant shutdown .

  • Carrying out Engineering design of new installations and modified electrical equipments .

  • Carrying out modification for control and protection of feeders .

  • Familiar with SAS (substation automation system) and SCADA system .

  • Carry out training for engineers and technicians .

  • have an understanding of the operational capabilities of electrical apparatus such as generation , transmission and distribution .

  • understand the concepts of the electric power system and have knowledge of all auxiliary systems such as the breakers and switchyard components.

  • Able to use test sets and philosphy of ( omicron cmc 256,356 , CPC 100 ,Freja 300 , CBT 400 , MEGGER , Foster and others .

Installation, commissioning and maintenance of the following .

  • 7 different sizes ( 150-300-650 MW) Thermal power plant generators 15/220 Kv , 22/200 KV and 25/500Kv (ALSTOM-MITSUBISHI).

  • HV swichyard (220kv -500kv) , GIS equipments and power transformers.

  • Power system Protection relays ( AREVA , ABB , Siemens,GE ).

  • High and medium voltage transmission lines and cables up to 500 Kv.

  • Low Voltage and MCCS plant auxiliaries, isolators and CBS.

  • Medium Voltage Switchgears 66 , 11 Kv including SF6 , vaccum circuit breakers.

  • Power transformers up to 650 MVA.

  • Current and voltage transformers.

  • AC and DC distribution system.

  • Rectifiers , inverters , battery , UPS and excitation system and AVR .

  • 20 Mw gas tubine 11 kV (GE)

JUNE 2005 – JUNE 2007



Responsabilites :

  • Maintainance of the whole station equipment from the medium voltage (11kV) to the low voltage 400V / 230V.

  • The main area of station/grid connection, MV and LV switchgear, 400V/230V consumers and cabling..

  • Manage and coordinate the works in the Electrical discipline .

  • Supervise the quality of the engineering and construction activities related to EL discipline.

  • Review, comment, cross check and approve project deliverables (design calculations, specifications, drawings, etc.) related to Electrical discipline against project and international standards.

  • Monitor technical performance / competence / progress of contractors within the electrical .

  • Assist the preparation of the technical part of tenders in Electrical design.

  • Perform all additional duties or project works as assigned by the Superior .

  • Maintainance of electrical MV and LV Motor control center , distribution for buildings and maintenance .

  • Gas turbines maintain and commissioning , diesel generators also responsible of distribution cables .

  • Carrying out maintenance in the workshops In the main shipyards .

  • Replacing the old wired electrical network with cabling network .

  • Installing new motor control center .

  • Carrying out maintenance and troubleshooting of motors and pumps .

  • Carry out maintenance and commissioning of battaries ,rectifires and UPS .

Computer skills:

  • Microsoft Operating System, Microsoft office and VISIO .

  • Internet navigation , email software .

  • AutoCAD . Very Good .

  • Power system cad (PSCAD) and MATLAP .


  • CTS (commissioning tracking system - EMC ) , GOC ( guidance of certification -BP) .

  • DIGSI - SIEMENS software: Version 4, 5 and 6 .

  • MICOM - AREVA software, PCM 600 - ABB software .

  • FREJA WIN: Version 5.0, 5.1 GE software .

  • CMC – both DOS & Window based Versions: Used for Omicron Test set for testing relays .

  • Excellent with Microsoft Excel, Word, Access and power point .

  • HMI software (prismic) BRUSH , IPScom (GE).

Personal skills:

  • The ability to identify problems and deliver solutions through effective communication and relevant skills .

  • Willingness to learn and have the ability to work effectively under pressure - working to deadlines and be able to prioritize workload

  • Highly self-motivated, have good working attitude with a high level of professionalism and Integrity

  • Having team spirit and adaptable to a dynamic environment

  • Having interpersonal skills and be able to interact with people of all levels and teamwork.

  • Creative. think out of the box

  • Ability to work with minimum supervision

  • Excellent team worker (as both team leader or member)

  • Excellent communication skills.

  • Totally committed to any work requirements unconditionally.

Language skills:

  • Arabic : Mother Tongue

  • V. good written and oral communication skills in English

  • French : Basics

Training courses:

  • commissioning of AVR , GAS turbines ( pratt , GE) BRUSH academy - United Kingdom

  • remag PMG , commissioning of MAVR BRUSH academy - United Kingdom.

  • commissioning of BRUSH turbo generators BRUSH academy - United Kingdom.

  • Power system protection Abou Qir power station

  • Computer skils course Training center ,Alex - EGYPT

  • Operation of Thermal power plants Training center ,Alex.- EGYPT

  • Generator protection Training center ,Alex. -EGYPT

  • Intermediate english course Training center alex .- EGYPT

  • Induction brown field course Rashpetco gas co. - EGYPT

  • Permit authorized certified Rashpetco gas co.- EGYPT

  • Safety course of petroleum pipeline and distribution  Benias petroleum co SYRIA

  • Plc and Scada system control Phosphate co. - JORDAN

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