Ahmed Elsayed Mohammed Mohammed salem

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NameAhmed Elsayed Mohammed Mohammed salem
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Ahmed Elsayed Mohammed Mohammed salem

Protection & Commissioning Engineer

Mobile:+2 010-09880903

Tel: +2 013-3360296

E-mail: taker2210@hotmail.com

Personal informations:

Date of Birth: 22-10-1983

Gender: Male

Marital Status: Married

Nationality: Egyptian

Military Service: Exempted


Bachelor in electrical power and machine engineering 2005 Faculty of engineering Shoubra - Benha university

cumulative grade : Good

Graduation project : A New Approach For A Long Transmission Line Design Under Economic Considerations Project grade : excellent

Experince :

  • Protection & Commissioning engineer

Egyptian Electricity Transmission company –El Qalubia 220/66/11 KV substation

June 2008-up to now


  1. High ability in designing & modification of schematic diagrams for 220&66 KV substations in transmission networks.

  2. Can add or replace any protection relay in substation such as I replaced many types of distance relays like RAZFE,L8, LZ96, MICRO MHO AND LH1W by new such as MICOM P442 and SIEMENS 7SA610,7SA611,7SA612 & 7SA522 many old types of old differential relay such D202 and R30 by new such as ABB RET 615 , SIEMENS 7UT612 and MICOM P631 & P632 and many types of old over current relays by new one such as SIEMENS 7SJ 602 and ABB RET 615 and work with the software of that relays such as Siemens DIGSI 4.84,ABB PCM600 and MICOM S1 STUDIO .

  3. Testing& commissioning the protection relays in the transformer power stations with the device tester as (MANTA –SPHARKER- FREGAA 300 -Isa- Q.Z).

  4. I can deal with any faults in substations by analyzing it and eliminate it.

  5. I can add many types of power metering devices on feeders and transformer &fault recorder.

  6. Some substations I worked in are old and so I make many updates in it by replace old switchgear such old air plast circuit breakers by new like ABB (edf-sk1-1).

  7. I can carry testing on CT using CT analyzer, VT & circuit breaker.

  8. I make distention in substation by adding a 66/11 KV transformer by its 11 KV feeders section & drawing its schematic diagrams by MS VISIO software.

  9. Commissioning & installation of switchgear up to 220 kV (C.B type rade koncar, Siemens, ABB, & Merlin grain) and Design control circuits for all types of high voltage equipments.

  10. Working with teleprotection function in protection relays between substations And national control in power of Egypt to send them the signals and indication throw the remote terminal unite (RTU).

  11. Working with teleprotection project function in distance relays between substations (Basos 500 KV, Quisna 220 kV& Elqalubia 220 kV).

  • Working in SCADA INNOVATIONS company as an installation and site engineer in substation automation and telecontrol in GECOL 10 DCC'S PROJECT (general electricity company of Libya)

10 DCC GECOL SCADA project

  • This project is executed by SIEMENS/ABB /SCADA INNOVATIONS/GECOL each has its rule, where SIEMENS is the provider and the main contractor for the 10 master stations hardware and software to be delivered as a turnkey , and the provider for the components will be installed in the outstations such as the feeder manager, RTU’s .

  • SCADA INNOVATIONS and GECOL are responsible for the site survey and the installations in the outstations “about 1500 outstations” to be linked to the master stations.

  • SCADA INNOVATIONS is the consultant for the whole project.


  1. I have experience in scada systems in substation automation & telecontrol and in the I/O list of substations to connect to DCS.

  2. I Have experience of scada systems components such as RTU, Teleprotection equipments & SDH and communication systems used to connect substations to DCS such as optical fiber ,plc & wimax .

  3. Design of wire drawings to the modified types of old substations such as BBC, ARIVA, MEDELEC, & ENERGOINVEST to be able to log on scada system.

  4. I have experience on using computerized testing equipments and to carry out testing of the relays used in protection by tester such as SMC euro.

  5. I have the site experience in high voltage substation & ability to read drawings and technical specifications.

  6. I have a good experience to carry out testing of CT & VT.

  7. Supervisor on All installation & commissioning work for the following Equipment AG :

  • All Protection Relays (Feeder Manager Relays, Distance Relays, Differential Relays) and all its utilities such as (VAMP, SIEMENS, ONE BOX SOLUTION SPERCHER).

  • Remote Terminal Unit SPRECHER (RTU).

  1. I have a good knowledge EMS (energy management system), DCS (distribution control center) & telecom.

  1. Supervisor on installation of communication work for the following Equipment supplied by ABB

  • ODF(optical distribution fram) & ABB SDH FOX515 X

  • make the splicing to optical fiber to ODF

  • make a test on the line using OTDR

jul 2006-Jun 2008

  • Working IN KAHROMICA COMPANY in (OPGW) and wire installation

as an installation and site engineer


  2. QUSNA (220kv) to Qalubia (220kv) (OPGW)

  3. Qalubia (220 kV) to BASOS (500 kV) (OPGW)


  1. Team leader of installation work group.

  2. Supervisor on All installation work for the last two project supplied by FUJIKURA Japan.

  3. Make splicing between joints by (FSM-17S) FUJIKURA fusion splicer.

  4. work on pushing machine of (OPGW) TESMIC Italy.

aug 2005-

jul 2006

Training courses :

1. Have cores in (OPTICAL COMMUNICATION SYSTEM) at national telecommunication institute


2. Training from ABB Switzerland on SDH fox 515x installation & commissioning


3. Training on JDSU MTS-6000 OTDR by universal academy systems and Training on SUMITOMO FUSION SPLICER T39 by universal academy systems (UAS).




Fluent in Arabic and English

Computer knowledge

Windows, Ms Office, SPSS, Visual Basic for Applications Orcad, Pspice , Electrical Work Bench, MS Project, MS VISIO and AutoCAD.

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