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Drive of your life this month is: The brand new Audi A7 Sportback.
What is it? A sleek luxury coupe saloon car showing a practical nature with five doors, sensible rear seats and a massive boot.
Who would want one? Any classy gadget crazed woman
The exhilarating thrill: 0-60 in 5.6 seconds that will guarantee a quick get away at the school gates. Then play with the steering wheel paddles to change gears in order to really appreciate the attributes of this cars technology under the bonnet. Gingerly start with the Comfort driving Mode, move up to the Automatic and once confidence has reached its all time high, whack it into Dynamic Drive taking you to heaven and back.
Wow factors to make the neighbours go green: The most gorgeous sleek lines with tapered roofline, 18 Inch alloy wheels, a rear spoiler that comes up after 60mph freaking out the driver behind, colour coded electrically adjustable heated and folding door mirrors with memory function and of course those exquisite LED lights that tells anyone this is an Audi. Standard on the rear but an extra £1,700 for the front but it does include adaptive light and high beam assist.
On the other hand…like with a new dress, come the added expenses of those must have accessories and with the Audi A7 the list of must have optional extras quickly adds up. In the case of this test car by 10k but on the diesel engine that I drove, whist the initial price tag was £47,000 by the time all the optional extras had been added the bill was a whopping £72,965!
Where would the sunglasses fit? I guess when converting to right hand drive for the UK market the designers think of rain all the time here so no sunglasses holder in this car. However there is the cooled glovebox, deep door pockets, dual cup holders or under the centre armrest a secret compartment with another one underneath to hide the naughty but nice new purchases from him indoors
Will it take the shopping? Oh darlings! You could shop till you drop in this car with over 1000 litres of boot space including nettings to keep them from rattling around. So thoughtful are these designers, they have even made the boot lid power operated so it electrically opens and closes at the push of a button thus saving you the embarrassment of fumbling around trying to find the boot release in the first instance.
Helping hands: thanks to auto lights, auto wipers, auto dimming rear view mirror, cruise control and automatic air conditioning with separate controls for the driver, passenger and rear occupants. Then comes the multi functional leather steering wheel including controls for the fabulous audio DAB digital radio, CD, USB, MP3 and even Apple iPod connections. Of course you could always upgrade to a BOSH surround sound at a cool £1,000. Go one step further and opt for the Bang & Olufson Advanced Sound System with 15 speakers, retractable acoustic lenses and in excess of 1,200-Watts output at £6,300 to drown out the children’s squabbling in the rear. More gadgets come in the MMI Navigation (£1,175) that includes a 6.5 colour inch screen, voice control, dynamic route guidance (i.e. it does not get you lost) and mobile telephone preparation with Bluetooth. Then there is a Head Up Display that projects driver info directly into the drivers field of vision at £1,450, Night Vision Assistant with pedestrian detection using thermal images at £2,100, TV and DAB Digital Radio Reception £1,125, or a very useful considering how fast this car can go, a Speed Limit Display System using a camera to detect and display the prevailing speed limit at a very reasonable £155. Finally are the seats, but not just any old seats. No these are Audi leather heated or air conditioned and electrically adjustable with memory functions seats that go on to adjust the seat cushion, backrest, and seat side bolsters. Of course one has to upgrade here and opt for the massage function in the back, side or bottom of the seats (£1,640). Simply wonderful.

Its most annoying feature: Is the fact that you cannot rig up your phone and have google earth at the same time so decide before you set off which is more important.
The quirkiest accessory: Oh so many choices. Will it be the massage seats? Or perhaps watching the world go by with Google Earth on the colour screen? How about being able to access the Internet? Well, no law about driving and interneting at the same time – yet! No, it will have to be Parking Assist that literally finds a parking place for you alerts it to you and then steers into the space for you while you control the brake and accelerator. Sorted. Worth every penny of, at £410
Avoiding the costly repair shop: are the quattro all wheel drive that simply does everything in its power to keep the car on tarmac and ESP. Alternatively, opt for the Audi Adaptive Cruise Control with Audi Assist and Audi Active Lane Assist with pre-sense at £2,600
Keeping your precious cargo safe: simply front airbags, side airbags with curtain airbags showing how confident the engineers are.
Avoiding it being nicked: Keyless entry, stop start button, remote central locking and anti theft alarm.
Star rating: 8.5 /10 due to the too many tempting optional extras.
Consider: The A7 3.0 litre TDi diesel engine with 204 PS that achieves 53.3 mpg on a combined cycle so savings made at the pumps can go towards the optional extras.
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Jackie Violet

Motoring Correspondent
At a Glance:

Test Model: Audi A7 Sportback 3.0 TFSI quattro SE S tronic

RRP: £ 47,000

Transmission: 7-Speed S tronic automatic

0-62mph: 5.6 seconds

Top speed: 155 mph

Combined Fuel: 34.4 mpg

CO2 emissions: 190g/km VED band J

Horsepower: 300 PS

Torque: 440 Nm

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