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Nitzotzot Min HaNer Volume #12 May - June 2003 -- Page #
Nitzotzot Min HaNer Volume #12 May - June 2003 -- Page #

Nitzotzot Min HaNer

Volume #12, May - June 2003

In this month’s Nitzotzot, we continue a listing of resources that would be useful to other outreach organizations. A lot of this information was volunteered in response to the last edition. We thank those who took the effort to provide this information and be mezakeh the Klal in this way.

We would like to stress that this is not intended as a comprehensive listing of Kiruv organizations. Only those organizations which have resources directly available to other organizations were included.

The list is by no means exhaustive and we certainly did not intend any evaluative innuendoes by the selection of those we included and excluded. In general, we restricted our list to resources located in the USA or serving the USA. In addition, the organizations we did mention were described with an emphasis to their utility value to other organizations rather than a comprehensive description of their activities.

There are many local organizations which have programs and other things of value to contribute. Generally, these were left out.

We were certainly not able to include all resources here, nor even make an appropriate prioritization. We apologize for all the omissions. If you were left out, please understand and, in case we were not aware of you, please do tell us about yourself and what you have to offer. We will attempt to include some of this information in a subsequent edition.

Correction to Nitzotzot Min HaNer Volume #11, April Edition

Trigger Movies - (Lave – Life and Values Education): This was mistakenly placed as an independent program. Lave is, in fact, an NCSY program.

Section One: Additional Resources 3

Books and Tapes 3

Section One: Additional Resources

Books and Tapes

We are only including books here that don’t appear under major Jewish publishers.

Doesn't Anyone Blush Anymore?

Love, Intimacy and the Art of Marriage

Author: Manis Friedman, J. S. Morris

Publisher: Bais Chana Press

Genesis and the Big Bang

The Discovery of Harmony Between Modern Science and the Bible

Author: Gerald Schroeder

Publisher: Bantam Doubleday Dell Pub

Rabbi Akiva Tatz tapes

Lectures on Jewish life and thought

Telephone #: 866-BJEWISH (253-9474)

Rabbi Dr. Abraham J. Twerski Books

Rabbi Dr. Twerski has written 48 books, published by several different publishers. The following is a sampling of some of his books:

Do Unto Others: How Good Deeds Can Change Your Life

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
I'd Like to Call for Help, but I Don't Know the Number

The Search for Spirituality in Everyday Life

Publisher: Pharos Books

Life's Too Short!

Pull the Plug on Self-Defeating Behavior and Turn on the Power of Self-Esteem

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

Rebetzin Esther Jungreis Books

The Committed Life

Principles for Good Living from Our Timeless Past

Author: Esther Jungreis

Publisher: HarperCollins

The Jewish Soul on Fire

Her personal story. She helps to answer the questions we have as modern-day Jews...questions about family and personal relationships, and about the search for meaning and G-d in our lives.

Author: Esther Jungreis

Publisher: William Morrow
Wisdom From The Torah

Audio tape series on the Chumash.

The Art Of Amazement (Book)

Step-by-step manual on how to nurture a sense of amazement every day, in every area of life.

Contact: Rabbi Alexander Seinfeld, Director Aish – Spirituality for the Intelligent Jew



Telephone #: 650-566-9000

Cellular #: 650-799-5564

Address: 267 Santa Rita Avenue,

Palo Alto, CA 94301

The Torah Lifestyle

Finding Meaning and Purpose in a World Transformed

Author: B. Shafier


Telephone #: 866-613–TORAH

This Is My God: The Jewish Way of Life

Author: Herman Wouk; Little Brown and co.

Publisher: Little Brown & Co

When the Going Gets Tough

Deals with life’s up and downs.

Author: Rabbi Yisroel Roll
See Encounters USA, in last month’s edition of Nitzotzot

You Be the Judge: Book 2

A Collection of Ethical Cases and Jewish Answers

Author: Nachum Amsel

Chabad - Lubavitch

3,000 institutions in 63 countries


Here is a breakdown of some of their activities and departments:

Campus Outreach

61 college campuses across the United States and offers part-time programming at another 80 schools.

Telephone #: 718-774-4000 ext. 200

Chabad Houses, Schools, Day and overnight camps

Telephone #: Chabad Houses: 718-774-4000

Telephone #: Schools: 718-771-3430

Jewish Learning Institute

JLI provides year-long college-level seminars in 65 cities across the United States.


Telephone #: 718-221-0500 ext. 318

Kehot Publication Society


Telephone #: 718-774-4000

Fax #: 718-774-2718

Address: 770 Eastern Parkway

Brooklyn, NY 11213

Address to place an order:

291 Kingston Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11213

Telephone #: 718-778-0226

Fax #: 718-744-4148

Living Legacy

Telephone #: 973-597-0656

Military Personnel

Telephone #: 305-864-5553


Telephone #: 305-864-5553

Released Time Instruction

Telephone #: 718-735-0200

Speakers Bureau

Telephone #: 718-221-0500 ext. 316

Taharat HaMishpacha resources


Telephone #: 718-756-5700

Textbooks and Workbooks for Hebrew Schools - Lubavitch of Scotland

Textbooks, workbooks and educational games. A complete series of 60 textbooks and workbooks for Hebrew schools, 6 lotto and memory games, transparencies for overhead projectors and other learning aids. 10 Books are translated into Russian. Especially useful for children with learning difficulties and special needs. Also good for camp learning directors and for Hebrew schools just starting.



Sichos in English

Address: 788 Eastern Parkway

Brooklyn, NY 11213

Telephone #: 718-778-5436

Tzivos Hashem

Telephone #: 718-467-6630


Free Air Miles: Creative Rewards – Power Miles

A person gives $100 and gets a certificate for 500 miles which can be redeemed to a frequent flyer program of their choice. There are many variations of how this can be done. For example, you can state that only first 100 people for dinner would get miles. (One organization that did this found that they were able to bring in all the pledges up front, instead of waiting for months and months.) Or, you can tie it into payments – if you buy x number of raffle tickets - and pay – then you get free miles.

Phone cards: 10 minutes for $1 – only pays if you are buying a thousand cards or more.

Contact: Tuviah Schechter



Telephone #: 718-437-2367

Fax #: 718-871-6979


A series of tapes on the Chagim and other topics

Horim V'Yeladim Lomdim MiBereshit

An Avos U'Banim type of program where children and their parents study the Parshat HaShavuah together in the school setting. One can receive copies for their Shul or on an individual basis. While the materials are currently available only in Hebrew, they will have an English version as well, shortly.

Techeilet Mordechai

A complete set of booklets (46 in all) on each parsha in Hebrew by Rabbi Moti Alon. The books are now being translated into English.


Telephone #: 972–2-548-8111


Bar-Ilan Judaic Library

The latest upgrade includes plenty of Torah content, hundreds of responsa and a larger collection of midrashim. New editing features allows the user to cut and paste without downloading a file, and open multiple windows simultaneously and the online help in English is very complete. This is aimed at the frum community.

Distributor: Torah Educational Software

Telephone #: 03-932-0499

Fax #: 03-932-9791


Children’s CD Rom's

Search For Your Israeli Cousin II

A knock-off of Carmen San Diego and takes your child to about 20 different communities and teach them history, landmarks…. it is entertaining and educational.

Maker: Davka

The Jewish Hero Corps

Illustrated by the man who worked on Spider Man and Batman. They triumph over bad guys without glorifying violence. This CD appeals to kids with or without a strong background

Maker: Jewish Multimedia Center

Hardware: IBM/Mac

Telephone #: 914-426-0400

Navigating the Bible

Great for the bar-mitzvah boy. Clear rendition of the entire Chumash and haftorah's, every verse can be sung, text is displayed in large letters. Many features are user-friendly.

Maker: Davka


Jewish multimedia website. Software includes: programs on Jewish life and history, word processing, graphics, Judaic texts, Hebrew language, holidays and games amongst others. Hebrew/Jewish programs also available for the Palm. Special rates for educational institutions. Specific products include: Encyclopaedia Judaica, Davka Writer Platinum, Soncino Talmud with Eng Translation, Book of Legends, Hebrew Font Gallery Deluxe, Heb/English Mishnah Brurah, Modern Hebrew, Brachot and Beyond, Family Fun x4, CD Daf – Daf HaYomi, Otzar HaHalacha VaHaminhag (2 vol), It’s About Time – Jewish Calendar needs.

Address: 3601 W. Devon Ave. Suite 110

Chicago, IL 60659

Telephone #: 773-583-2333 or 800-621-8227

Fax #: 773-583-5456



A Hebrew calendar for your computer. You can set up the location for anywhere in the world! It offers the most common halachic views on zmanim. You can retain your preferences for two cities at a time.


Kinnor Software

TropeTrainer™ Deluxe

Trop for all Torah readings & Haftarot plus all five Megillot. The Standard Edition does not contain the Five Megilos. A Single Parsha and a Megillah (only) Edition is also available. You can upgrade from simpler to more comprehensive editions.

Hebrew World

The Multi-Media Approach for Beginners - children and adults - to learn the essentials of modern and biblical Hebrew.

First Steps in Hebrew Prayer for the Very Beginner

Book and audio CD



Telephone #: 305-293-8801 (from 11AM-2PM ET, Monday-Friday)

Fax #: 305-293-8803

Address: 1415 Alberta Street

Key West, FL 33040

Lest We Forget (CD Rom)

A gripping CD which comprehensively goes through the basic history and chronology of the Holocaust. Photo archives, newsreel length footage and background music is chilling and poignant.


A custom-designed database to store and trade matchmaking information. Data can be sent to others with the same program without identifying information about the person. The developer will only charge you for shipping!


Multimedia Institute for Interactive Learning

Educational systems for Learning disabilities now being adapted for Jewish outreach purposes in coordination with the Afikim Foundation. For example – building a Shul ala Sim-City. Should be set up in a media center or together with mentors.

Requires special hardware and software

Director: Michael Foox


Telephone #: 845–371-6787

Address: 306 Airport Executive Park

Nanuet, NY, 10954

New Heights in Jewish Prayer (CD-Rom)

21 CDs on prayer – from the beginning through Shmoneh Esrei. Another 21 CDs in the making for the rest of Prayer. Eventually it will be produced together with a file of source notes.

Producer: Torah Lab



Telephone #: 845-356-8948

Palm Pilot Programs

Penticon HebrewSupport+

Allows you to enter Hebrew graffiti style, or through a Hebrew on-screen keyboard. The ease and quality is superior.

Penticon HebrewLite

A cheaper program if you only need to read Hebrew without making any entries at all.

Penticon Luach

Gives you a completely customizable halachic times generator and a Hebrew calender. To use this you will need a document reader.



A document reader. Allows you to skip to different points in a document without scrolling. Shareware.



Has a huge assortment of programs and documents for the observant user.



Is a popular Jewish calendar that is freeware.

Website: - search for “Tamar”.

Qtext (Dvir Software)

One of the best Hebrew Windows word-processors. Qtext has an easy transition between Hebrew and English, many features, and you can insert nikud fully.


Rashi Reader (CD Rom)

Helps students of all ages learn Rashi script by adding voice to letters and vowels and allowing students to explore and combine them.


Relentless: The struggle for peace in Israel (Video)

A 56 minute film using footage from Palestinian television, religious sermons, and political rallies, to refute the tendency in the media, on campus, and among intellectuals to paint Palestinians as the victim and Israel as the aggressor.


Taklitor Torani

Shas and Rishonim, Chumash and meforshim and much, much more. User Friendly. D.B.S. Computers

Tanach with Rashi (Davka CD Rom)

Judaica Press offers translation of the entire Tanach and the all important Rashi. This product is great for kids


Torah Educational Software-TES (CD Rom)


One of the best Hebrew Windows word processors. Dagesh supports many languages and fonts, imports and exports to many programs, but does not have full nikkud.

Bar Ilan’s Judaic Library

Includes the Encyclopedia Talmudit (ET) which takes concepts from the Talmud and explains them according to different scholars. ET comes with English menus.

WordPoint Interactive Dictionary

A pop-up dictionary that translates sixteen languages. The program is not perfect, but it does give you a basic idea of the text.


Telephone #: 800-925-6853

Torah Treasures (CD Rom)

DBS International Corp. Computerized database of 512 Sifrei Kodesh ranging from Tanach to contemporary sefarim with commentaries. DBS Torah Library is very inclusive with Rishonim on Shas, Chasidut, Philosophy, etc… Version 9.0 - Compatible with Windows 95,98, ME, 2000, and XP. Includes instruction booklet in Hebrew and English



Telephone #: 718-437-7337, 866-868-9127

Fax #: 718-437-0373

Address: 447 Foster Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11230

Triumph of Survival (CD Rom)

The Story of the Jews in the Modern Era 1650-1990 including an ALL-NEW chapter written by Rabbi Wein just for this CD-ROM! Based on the best-selling book by noted author Rabbi Berel Wein, Triumph of Survival extends far beyond the scope of the original book with video clips, extensive historical photographs and audio excerpts.


The Destiny Show / Dvar

Destiny delivers radio and cable TV programming with a Torah viewpoint. Available mostly in the greater New York (and sometimes Tri-State) area and in Israel. Destiny/D'var also has an outreach site which helps develop discussion and thought on the deep meaning of a Creator around the film "2001: A Space Odyssey". Free postcards are available. These postcards can be used as an "opening" or "prompt", allowing one to discover and explore these concepts in an interesting and challenging way – in the privacy of their homes.

Director: Rabbi Friedman

Website: (For 2001: A Space Odyssey)


Telephone #: 800-338-6724 or 845-362-7314

Fax #: 800-938-6724 or 845-362-5164

Address: Destiny Channel

4 Village Green

Wesley Hills, New York 10952

In Israel:

Contact: Rabbi Mordechai Geduld


Telephone #: 972-52-868- 141

The Jewish Way in Love and Marriage, Multimedia Version

The full text of the book is presented with illustrations and background music. Capturing the spirit of the Orthodox wedding, it explains all the events of a wedding through text, photos, and video-clips. This is particularly good for non-religious people.


Telephone #: 800-621-8227

Fax #: 773-583-5456

Virtual Shabbat (Davka CD Rom)

Developed by NJOP. Explore different "rooms," click on items which explain, teach or sing. Learn the sights, sounds meanings and even halachos of Shabbos. An entire crash course which self teaches Hebrew reading in six sessions is included as well.


What is a Jew (Video)

The Video is an interview on the streets of Toronto asking people at random who they think the Jews are, how many of them there are, etc. Available through the OU (see last month’s edition of Nitzotzot for details). Produced by Rich Magder, President of Moriah for Aish HaTorah in Toronto. Recently Rick produced a follow-up video, commissioned by the Afikim Foundation (See last month’s edition of Nitzotzot for details) asking people in Time Square a series of questions such as:

  • Do you feel safe in the USA today?

  • Do you think that America’s involvement in Israel has anything to do with the safety of the USA?

  • What do you have faith in?

  • What do you pray for?

  • What makes you happy?

  • If Osama bin Laden were to call you and say that he is sorry for Sep. 11, would you forgive him?

  • Non-Denominational National Organizations in the USA

American Jewish Committee



Telephone #: 212-751-4000

Fax #: 212-838-2120

Address: P.O. Box 705

New York, NY 10150

American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee



Telephone #: 212-687-6200

Fax #: 212-370-5467

Address: 711 Third Ave 10th Floor

New York, NY 10017

American ORT



Telephone #: 212-505-7700

Fax #: 212-674-3057

Address: 315 Park Ave South

New York, NY 10010

Anti-Defamation League



Telephone #: 212-885-7747

Fax #: 212-661-3844

Address: 823 United Nations Plaza,

New York, NY l00l7

Bnai Brith International



Telephone #: 202-857-2708

Fax #: 202-857-2781

Address: 1640 Rhode Island Ave., NW

Washington, DC 20036

Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organization



Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany



Telephone #: 212-696-4944

Fax #: 212-696-9545

Address: 15 E 26th St, Room 906

New York, NY 10010

Council for Jewish Elderly



Telephone #: 773-508-1000

Address: 3003 W. Touhy,

Chicago, IL 60645

Council of Jewish Federations

See United Jewish Communities

Hadassah Women of America



Telephone #: 212-303-8155

Fax #: 212-303-4525

Address: 50 W 58th St

New York, NY 10019

Hillel – The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life



Telephone #: 202-449-6534

Address: 800 Eighth Street, NW

Washington, DC 20001-3742

International Association of Jewish Vocational Services


Telephone #: 215-854-0233
Fax #:

Address: 1845 Walnut Street, Suite 640
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Jewish Community Centers (JCCs) Association of North America



Telephone #: 212-532-4958, ext 221

Fax #: 212-481-4174

Address: 15 E 26th St

New York, NY 10010-1579

Jewish National Fund



Telephone #: 888-JNF-0099, 212-879-9300 ext. 224

Fax #: 212-717-7210

Address: 42 East 69th St

New York, NY 10021

Jewish Telegraphic Agency

A primary source of national and worldwide news for many Jewish publications.



Telephone #: 212-643-1890, 212-643-8498

Address: 330 Seventh Ave, 17th Fl

New York, NY 10001-5010




Telephone #: 212-563-5222

Fax #: 212-563-5710

Address: 350 Fifth Ave

New York, NY 10118

National Council of Jewish Women



Telephone #: 212-645-4048

Fax #: 212-645-7466

Address: 53 W 23rd St

New York, NY 10010

North American Jewish Data Bank, City University of New York



Telephone #: 212-817-1952

Address: 365 Fifth Ave.

New York, NY 10016

PEJE- Partnership for Excellence in Jewish Education

Makes recommendations to a group of mainly non-Orthodox mega-donors on projects.



Telephone #: 617-367-0001 ext. 126

State of Israel Bonds



Telephone #: 212-644-2663 ext. 221

Fax #: 212-644-3887

Address: 575 Lexington Ave #600,

New York, NY 10022

United Jewish Communities

UJC is the entity formed by the 1999 merger of United Jewish Appeal, the United Israel Appeal and the Council of Jewish Federations. It is the dominant fundraising arm for American Jewry, representing 156 Jewish federations and 400 non-federated, independent communities throughout North America. The annual UJC General Assembly (the GA) is probably the largest, annual Jewish conference. Anyone can attend.


Telephone #: 212-284-6572

Address: 111 Eighth Ave, Suite 11E

New York, NY 10011

Wexner Heritage Foundation



Telephone #: 212-355-6115
Fax #: 212-895-7999

Address: 551 Madison Ave, 9th Fl

New York, NY 10022

Other Orthodox Organizations in the States
Please see last month's edition for further Orthodox organizations in the USA.

Am Echad

Director: Rabbi Avi Shafran


Telephone #: 212-797-9000
Fax #: 212-269-2843

Address: 42 Broadway

New York, NY 10004

Jews for Judaism

Provides a wide variety of counseling services, along with education, and outreach programs. established as a response to the efforts of cults and evangelical Christians who target Jews for conversion.


Kosher Technical Konsultants

Kashrut service that maintains a kashrut hotline based in Israel for the local hashgachot and for those people looking to travel outside of Israel and want reliable kashrut in the cities, states and countries they will be staying in.



Telephone #: 215-745-3773

Fax #: 215-725-3775

Outreach Judaism

An international organization that responds directly to the issues raised by missionaries and cults by exploring Judaism in contradistinction to fundamentalist Christianity.


Telephone #: 800-315-5397

Address: P.O. Box 789

Monsey, NY 10952

Yeshiva University

President: Richard Joel

Contact: Peter L. Ferrara



Telephone #: 212-960-5285

Fax #: 212-960-0043

Address: 500 W 185th St

New York, NY 10033-3201

Project Gesher - Lakewood Links

A division of Beit Midrash Gavoha (Lakewood Yeshiva). Over 1600 trained people working in t the Tri-State area – at over 64 sites. Gesher has and can send personnel beyond the Tri-State area on an as need basis. Gesher works together with local rabbis and communities to provide one – on-one study chavrusas, Shabbos invitations, shiurim and back-up materials.

Director: Rabbi Aaron Gruman

Contact: Rabbi EzrielMunk


Telephone #: 732-367-0600

Torah E-Mails

A Daily Dose of Kindness

A daily e-mail imparting inspiring stories of kindness around the world.

Director: Shmuel Greenbaum


Rabbi Shlomo Goldberg's shiur on parenting


The Kaddish Connection Network

A Torah e-mail service to 175 Jewish newspapers, magazines, and web sites. The original purpose was to offer, free of charge, a service of saying kaddish for any Jew who passed away. However, this turned into sending out Torah based articles which promoted Jewish understanding and unity. Most of the material comes from the Aish Hatorah web site.

Editor: L. E. Friedman, Rochester, New York USA


The shiurim of Rav Soloveitchik זצ"ל



1 minute Torah audio delivered daily via e-mail



Yeshivas Bircas HaTorah

The Rabbi Green Minute: Weekly Audio recording of 1 minute of Rabbi Shimon Green on Mussar. Bircas HaTorah offers a range of other weekly, Torah e-mails.


Telephone #: USA: 212-504-7927

ISRAEL: 972-2-627-4127

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