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Version 1.4


  1. Firstly please confirm your computer OS (Windows 95,98,NT,ME,2000, XP, Linux, Mac) and Web browser (Internet Explorer 4.0 with JavaScript function、Netscape Navigator 4.0 or above version).

  2. Make sure there is LAN Card which has been correctly installed in your computer.

  3. If you are xDSL user, please remember your user ID and password.

  4. If you connect Internet by LAN or MAN , please get the following information from your network administrator: IP address is static or dynamic, DNS, default gateway, account and so on.

*If your computer has installed ADSL PPPoE dial-up software before the installation of IP Router, please backup your installation software and uninstall your ADSL PPPoE dial-up software by Start->control panel->Add or Remove Programs.

  1. Connect broadband cable (xDSL, Cable Modem or LAN/ Leased cable) with WAN port of IP Router.

  2. Connect your computer LAN card’s port or your switch UPLINK port with one LAN port of IP Router by a common network cable.

  3. Connect other PC to available LAN ports

  4. Connect the power supply to the router. It comes to self-detect state. After correct startup, RUN LED blink slowly. The router enters to its normal work state.

Note: All LAN ports of IP Router can automatically sense cross cable, so you can either use through cable or cross cable to connect LAN card or switch.


By default, the DHCP server is activated. This makes easier the setting up of your computer to access and configure the router. We give here an example for PC running Windows XP. Please refer to user’s manual on the CD if your computer is running other system.

The default configuration of IP Router is:

— IP address:

— Subnet Masks:

Users can setup static or dynamic IP configuration.
Windows XP SETUP

  1. Start Windows XP.

  2. Click “Start”->“ Panel Control”

  3. Double click the “Network and Internet Connections in “control panel”.

  4. Click “Network connection”->“local area connection”->“properties”-> “Internet protocolTCP/IP and “Properties”.

  5. Click “General ” , Select “Obtain an IP address automatically” and “Obtain DNS server address automatically”

  6. Click “OK”

  7. Restart Windows XP



Run Internet Explorer, and click the “Stop “ button in Internet Explorer’s toolbar. Input in Internet Explorer’s address bar.

    • is Default IP address of Router.

You may see the login web page. Click “Login” button and make relative configuration..
Conn. Type: IP ROUTER current connection type, Dynamic IP is default value.

Conn. Status: IP Router current connection Status

WAN IP: IP ROUTER WAN current IP address

Connected PC: IP address of the computer which connects to IP ROUTER.


This connection way is suitable for virtual dial-up Internet connection.

  • Open external ADSL Modem and check the WAN LED of IP ROUTER.

If WAN LED is off, check the network cable between external modem and WAN port.

      • Click Basic setup->WAN setup”, as follows:

  • Select “PPPoE User (ADSL)” radio button.

  • Key in the “User ID” and “Password” provided by your Internet service provider.

  • Click the “Apply” button.

  • The router will try to connect itself

  • If “Conn. State” is “Successfully connected”, the configuration is correct.

      • In case “Conn. Status” is “Invalid ID/password”,the configuration is incorrect. Click the “close” button and check your ID& password.

  • If “Conn. Status” keeps unchanged, check whether your service type is correct.

Other Configuration:

Keep all other parameters with their default value. Consult the user’s manual on the CD for more information

Other types of connection:

For Cable modem, IP ADSL or static IP connection, please refer to the manual

Internet Wizard

You can also use the Internet Wizard to establish an internet connection.


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