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The Model T from the World Wide Web

As of 13 Jul 00

This resource would not have been possible without the help of countless folks throughout the Internet. Not just T owners, but mechanical sites and others as well. I found it only fair to give credit where credit is due. If I left out specific names I apologize in advance, it’s mostly done for brevity of the document. Please let me know if you desire credit in the future and I will endeavor to add you in any revised printing.

Thank you Adrian Winget or

Information and Points of Contact

Important People and WEB links on T’s

(underlined addresses would be “hot links” in the computer.)
Don Lang at (978) 297-2126. Don is a former school shop teacher who now supplies Model T parts to the hobby. He always has a supply of rebuilt coils for sale.

Don Lang, 212 School Street, Winchendon, Massachusetts, USA 01475 Rebuilds Coils: Ron Patterson

MEDWAY, MA Phone 1: 508 533-5222 Fax: 508 533-0484 Mark Williams of Williams Auto Restoration, Chesapeake, VA (757)377-1398 lives in Chesapeake, Va. and rebuilds model T coils, starters and generators.
Magneto Web page: Check out “Buzz Coils”
" Ford-N-More " Spokane, WA at N.2225 Dollar Road, 99212

Phone 509-535-7196 toll free (in '96 at least) is 800-327-1469
Tony’s Speed tips “Montana 500”

Factory Drawings:

Thanks to: Trent Boggess, Plymouth, NH TRENTB@OZ.PLYMOUTH.EDU
Copies of the original factory drawings can be purchased from Ford’s research center if you send them a request (and $) The parts drawings are identified primarily by the factory number of the part.
The Research Center

Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village

PO Box 1970

20900 Oakwood Blvd.

Dearborn, MI 48127-1970
Example, to order the original full dimensional drawing for:

  • The Bumper bars Ford Factory Symbol number T-3112.

  • The flywheel for the starter cars used from 1919-27 carries the factory number T-701C.

Wood Body Plans:

Mel Miller

2030 South Geary St.

Albany, Oregon 97321

Include a SASE and be very patient.

Books to buy:

-Send $23.50 US to Vic Zannis at:Model T Powerplant,---735 Montgomery Hwy. Box 337, ---Birmingham, AL. 35217. Ask for his book: Rebuilding the Model T Ford Powerplant-- Everything you need to know.
-Western Auto reprint catalog (1919) that has page after page of every conceivable device to make the T safer, faster etc.
-TT truck owners: "Ford Trucks Since 1905"
-Model T Ford Parts identification Guide volume 2 by Gail Rodda

TT Truck Owners e-mail addresses: Erik & Julie Barrett. I have the high speed gears you need. I just have not been able to pull apart the rear ends I have in stock to give you an accurate description or their condition. The high speed set has 6 teeth on the worm gear. The low-speed set has 4 on the worm gear. High-speed ratio is 5.25:1 low-speed is 7.5:1 Carl W Jenkins (830)303-9385 has truck, needs set of Hasslers for rear. 159 Twin Oak Rd., Seguin, Tx. Brian Davis 208-362-2103 h 208-333-3639 w has TT Truck Howard and Carol Ondersma. Has three TTs. One 25 with a Muncie over under direct aux. trans. This one has the driveline shortened and is standard wheel base. Another is a 27 with a Muncie 3spd, a little different ratio, with the frame cut and extended the length of the Muncie. I have completely over hauled both these worm drives and have disassembled numerous others to get enough parts to build mine. The other TT is a basket case that is in my things to do basket. Has some TT wheels for fixer uppers, might have other parts. C Cab top seeker Mark Golding, Pleasant Mount, Pa. has 1926 TT Dump Truck SN 13,550,607, built April 21,1926 and has a Great website as well.

I am always looking for more stuff to save from extinction. I have been working on restoring center ball tie rods and some of the other early parts, This coming winter I plan on releasing some redone TT parts and special tools. I am working on a "Roadside Rim Spreader" and a TT and T bushing removal punches and tools. I am planning on offering rebuilt TT Axles and NEW Worm and ring gears as soon as I get the time for the engineering. I am working with a gear manufacturer who is trying to come up with HIGHER speed worm set up to fit the original housings. I now have remanufactured steering shafts with new threads and taper and key both 5:1 & 4:1. I have Rebuilt Drag links and Pitman arms.
Marylin & Carl Jenkins in Seguin Texas Friends of Julius & Marvin Neunhoffer (830) 257-8168 that have a 1924 TT C-Cab in Kerrville

Texas. They attended swap meet in Texas, ’99 where two brothers had a new C cab wood top for sale. The quality was great. Mark Stewart Bakersfield, Ca, has a 23 TT one ton truck undergoing restoration and a touring car. Tom Osborn, Bakersfield, Ca. May have a truck. Iowa, Has TT Closed Cab Truck he’s restoring, 1918 TT gravity dump no cab,1926 TT closed cab flatbed I don't have the stakes the 26 has high speed ruxtell. lots of parts intend to build 3-4 if I live long enough. Web site:
1924 TT C-cab, Bob and Pat Meneely in Santa Clara Valley Model T Ford Club, in Saratoga, Ca. meets in the Cortez Room at 686 Willow Street, San Jose,Ca. Kevin F, Westpoint, Ut. My TT is a 1925, closed cab, flatbed stake sides. Basically original with a brush repaint sometime in her past. She has the Universal transmission, Bennett brakes, a King waterpump, anti-rattlers on the front, and APCo tie rod and radius rod caps. All of the accessories were installed long ago. I use a bent nail to start her, and never mind that whirring sound! Seeking a Universal TT transmission. This is a rear mounted transmission (mounted in the drive line), made in Seattle Washington. Pt. Orchard. Wash. Designed a TT truck body for his TT. will use an 'expess panel body' My own design extrapolated from pictures. Ellsworth township in west central Wisconsin, I have 23 TT sn 7541345. Non Electric, with grain box. The truck is mostly original except for depression seat covers and paint. Has a 3 speed Warford. Jenison MI., I've got a 25 with a milk delivery body on it and a 27 in restoration that will be a flat bed. I also have a 25 basket case. Mark Stewart, 1923 1 ton truck. Bakersfield, Ca.

Was putting outside rear band brakes on his TT. Calvin Watts, Fairmount, Ga. I have a 27 TT Flatbed that I restored in 1980. It was the truck that got me started with Model t's as it was my first old car. I also have a 1925 with the factory cab and bed. I need the stakes for the bed if anyone has any for sale. I don't have my 27 on my web site but the 25 is. I have a 1925 1 ton TT truck with factory made (not Ford) hubcaps with the grease fittings made on the hubcap. The zerk fitting is recessed so it will not get knocked off. Works great! Possible other address: Ed Jeff Miller, Bel Air, MD. Assembling a ‘26 TT . Last year, my brother Jeff and I purchased a rough but restorable '26 closed cab "TT", sans bed, for restoration. After a slow start, we are making some progress. Unfortunately the rear of the cab was rusted out. We opted to sell the doors (very restorable), chop the cab at the cowl/windshield line, saving this section for rebuild, and junk the rest. We have started building a wooden new wooden cab with doors and windows to meld with the steel cowl and windshield. An express bed will follow. Please visit our WEB site and take a look at the truck. (e-mail did not work) Has a 23 and 25 TT maybe Kyle Sands Lyle Hegsted, Olympia, Washington, 25 C-cab, Jumbo four speed trans. (Needs coupling from the engine side) Has five pickup loads of parts, they vary from rusty junk to new in the box. Ruckstell assembling, been apart many years. Gary Winterbottom, 1925 C-Cab (In Austrailia) Red fenders w/white body. (built on car chassis from assorted parts)

(Can’t accept LARGE e-mail files)
Rick LeVesque Had TT for sale “under restoration” 714-563-0604 Kurt File, Louisville 25 TT stake bed. It has been in the family for at least the last 35 years. When I was 14 my grandfather asked me if I wanted the old truck that had been in the backyard since I was born. It didn't take long to let him know. YES. About 9 years later he had it about 65% restored (it was in real rough shape from years in the back yard) all the parts were there (more or less). I picked it up about 3 years later. Froze tighter than a drum. I got the truck running, but didn't have time to finish it. Last year I was entered into the Nationals held here in Louisville, KY. The Nationals are for vehicles at least 50 years old or older, and 99% are Hot Rods. I thought that an original would be fun. And it was a blast. I had more looks and stares with my truck than most of the Hot Rods. There is even a picture of it in the January 2000 issue of America Rodder magazine. After the show I started to really enjoy this truck. We go for rides 2-3X per week, but never very far because it's not licensed. Bill B., beautiful downtown Lebanon (Ohio?) I got a beauty. It was voted best of show at the prestigious Mystic Seaport Museaum transportation show last summer.

Jeff J., MPLS, I've been working REAL hard on mine this year and I'll be a lot

closer this year, maybe even win. (responding to the above) Victor & Charles Patterson, Grande Cache, Alberta, Canada 1926 TT Closed cab Grain truck, Engine number,- C691427, Chassis number,- C538707, Restored. Doug Joksch, Marysville CA, Looking for a conversion kit to modify a driveline for a Warford trans. John Lee, Bartlesville, OK, I am working on 1924 TT flatbed. I also have a 1924 TT dump truck with a Warford transmission and power takeoff to raise and lower bed.
alan, wpb, fl. 22 TT with Ruckstell
Herb Iffrig, St. Peters, Mo., I have A 1918 Model TT Hucksters Truck. I've Had it since 1974. I got it right after highschool. It took years to get it running. I remember my dad thought I was crazy to mess with something that. But years later when we were going to a parade he liked to set up front. It's been fun using it in parades and weddings. It's not a show grade vehicle. But it is one where a truck load of kids can have a good time. It's got an original body on it. I've seen one other like it on a horse drawn wagon. When I got this one it had a wind shield and doors so I know it was really a truck. We really get the TT experience as it has solid rubber rear tires. I also have a start on a 1926 TT flatbed with a TT Ruckstell rear. Not much of a cab though. I have a TT era fuel tanker body I need another truck to put under. Model T's are fun. Bob M. Plain City, Ohio, 26 with the steel cab TT has a Jumbo 3 speed transmission with reverse. The overdrive let's you roll on the road, but just don't miss a gear shifting or you lose your brakes. If I drove it much, it would have a set of Rocky Mountain external brakes. I can't find a serial number on the engine so I assume the engine has been replaced at some time. I know the son of the first owner and I bought it from the third owner. I don't know that it has ever been over 20 miles from Plain City where the Chapman Ford agency sold it. They are still in business but at a new location ten miles away. 23 & 25 TT owner. Just starting resto, has WARFORD overdrive. Gary DeRoehn, Mexico, Maine, I restored a 1923 Model TT about 3 years ago now. It took 2 years to restore. It has a 2-speed Ruckstell. The cab and box were made out of ash. It originally was owned by Alden Ice Co. of Gorham, Maine. It was later purchased by Audway (Stubby) Treworgy of Gorham,Maine where it sat in his barn for over 40 years. When I finished the project I took the the truck to Gorham, Maine and took Stubby for a ride in the Old Home Days Parade in Gorham. I believe he was 93 years old at the time. It made his day.
Dave Lawrence, Greer,SC. I got a 27 closed cab grain side that I have been working on for about 2 years. Soon I’ll have a rolling chassis with Ruckstell rearend and engine/trans rebuilt. Ken Burlile, Wasilla, Alaska, I have a 25 TT stake bed. It has a 26 engine. It's the only one I've heard of in Alaska! Clayton Reames, Isabella, OK., Needs help finding C Cab truck doors.

1925 Model T Truck. has complete rebuilt engine and transmission
Jack Putnam, Bluffton, Ohio, asked if anyone could help with the rewooding of a TT C Cab. Plans? or a good picture of a C Cab under restoration showing the top wood would help. Any C Cab owners out there?? Gary Tillstrom, TT 901-837-1608 218 Millie LN, Atoka, TN Steve Schreppel 315-826-5623 771 Old State Rd, Poland, NY

Parts needed for a 1922 Model TT.2 De-mountable rims for 1 ton rear end, 2 lower brake shoes Rt and Lt, Round gas tank,1 Hub cap for 1 ton rear end. tim bailey 765-643-5221 after 5:30pm 2423 sheffield ave., anderson, IN. For Sale: TT truck ruckstell two speed rear end with wood wheels in primer paint shifter no drive shaft good shape $800.00 also have other TT parts call for your needs.
JeffGates@FCLASS.HILLIARD.K12.OH.US Jeff Gates Hilliard, Ohio: I have a 1927 TT- rusty, no interior, no top, runs like a charm, with a Ruckstell and an extra one on the bed. Chris Hansen, Unionville, Mi.: I have had my TT since I rebuilt it when I was 16 years old. I found it in the woods with a tree growing through the frame. All I could salvage was the rear

axle, warford, rear tires, wheels and rims, and frame. I found a steel cab in near perfect condition for $10 my dad had a spare front axle, spring, and motor. The most expensive part was the wood for the bed, which we purchased at the local hardwood lumber mill (white ash).

It was my introduction into restoration of model T's (my Dad had always had one since 1927). I'm now 52 and I don't think I would let my TT go for love nor money. Gary Tillstrom, Atoka (near Memphis) TN: I bought a 22 off of ebay earlier this year for $455. I had to replace the rear tires, radiator, spark plug wires (now using barbed wire fence) and a few other small items. The sheet metal was in very good shape and still had traces of paint. Runs strong and starts on mag with 1/4 pulls every time. All that truck needed was the carb and gas tank cleaned out.

Virginia T Owners Mark Williams of Williams Auto Restoration Chesapeake, VA (757)377-1398 or 451-1992. I live in Chesapeake and I rebuild model T coils, starters and generators if your interested. Also, starting a Model T club in the Hampton Roads area. I know of at least 20 in the area. Jim Harwood, Norfolk, VA. 26 Tudor (Car) Ken Ward in Williamsburg, Va. (Car) Richmond, Va. T owner.
Pete Owens at 757-566-4364 in Virginia, has many "T" parts. Norfolk, Va. Wants to start a club.
Parts Wanted wanted, 5 ea 30x31/2 blk tires new or used. wanted matched pr 1922 va license plates. ken ward < > 800-363-3687

107 rich neck rd, williamsburg, va USA - Saturday, July 15, 2000 at 21:14:25 (EDT) Adrian Winget Hampton, Va. 1926 TT C-Cab flatbed. Beginning reconstruction.

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