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SQLCentric Draft v1.23

SQLCentric Quick-Start Checklist
This checklist is meant to serve as a Quick-Start guide to prerequisites, installation, configuration and initial running of SQLCentric. It is an aide, not a substitution for the full documentation. Please refer to the SQLCentric Installation and User Manual for full details.

SQLCentric Components

  • Database – SQL Server database used for Master SQL Server for SQLCentric. Can be local with or separate from the Application & Web components. Database collation case-insensitive (default)

  • Application SQLCentric Main Application

SQLCentric Administration Module

  • Web – SQLCentric web .ASP and .HTM pages (Internet Information Services/Internet Services Manager –(IIS/ISM))


  • SQL Server - Since this application is Microsoft  centric, the application must run on Microsoft’s SQL Server RDBMS, version 7.0 or higher. We recommend that you apply the latest service pack as well.

  • Operating System - The recommended operating system is Windows 2000 Server, Standard or Advanced. You may also use Windows NT 4.0, service pack 6. However, you will need to install the Scheduler from Windows 2000, as well as IIS.

  • Domain User Account -It is necessary to create a domain user account that will have local administrative access to all the SQL Server boxes that you wish to monitor with SQLCentric.

It is also recommended that this domain user account be used to authenticate your web site in IIS/ISM.


  • Install SQL Server v.7.0 or higher – SQL Server Client tools must be installed on the server where SQLCentric is installed, if the app is installed separately from the SQL Server.

  • Install IIS (Internet Information Server)/Internet Services Manager

  • Install and ensure that SMTP Service is running under the Control Panel – Services.

  • Configure Domain User account for the Master SQL Server, its services, and the servers SQLCentric will monitor - see Appendix B in user manual.

Installation (pages 2-10 in User Manual)

  • License Key – Key is case-sensitive and must be entered exactly as it appears. Leave no trailing spaces before or after.

  • EULA – Choose to accept the license agreement terms.

  • Application Destination – choose the destination path/folder for the SQLCentric application.

  • Web Component Destination – It is highly recommended that user accept the default (C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\SQLCentricWeb).

If you don’t, you will need to point your IIS/ISM web server’s home directory to this path for creation of virtual directory

  • SQLCentric Master SQL Server – here you will enter the host name or IP of the SQL Server you intend to use as the master server.

  • Installation Progress/Database & Schema Creation – assuming all the prerequisites were followed and a valid SQL Server entered, the SQLCentric database and schema will be created.

  • Congratulations! – Click to exit installation program. You may be prompted to reboot the computer.

Administration & Configuration

  • Configure IIS/ISM Web Server – see Appendix A in user manual for more info.

    • Configure Home Directory
    • Configure Directory Security

  • From your browser, you should view the default static page SQLCentric.htm at your local intranet address: (i.e. http://YourWebServer/SQLCentric.htm)

  • From the program menu, launch the SQLCentric Administration Module (SQLCentric_Admin)

  • Click <> to populate IP server table (refer to pages 13, Appendix C.)

  • Click <> and select the servers you wish to monitor by marking them as Active/Enabled, once selected, click

  • From the Admin Module form, click and configure your

NOTE: Modify & use the first record as your ‘from operator’, i.e. the operator from which all outgoing email alerts will be received, using SMTP.

  • Add a NEW record, and as many as desired, to create new email operators to receive alerts – (for more info see pages 19 in user manual.) Don’t forget to mark them as Active.

  • Finally, to enable Email Alerts, mark the master switch from the configuration run-time parameters form.

  • Tip: You should first run the SQLCentric main application from the program menu, with all master switches unchecked. The Run-Time configuration parameters can be viewed in the SQLCentric Admin Module by clicking on

Although it is not necessary to do this, it is recommended to confirm that the application has successfully ran, with the simplest configuration mode.

  • For continuous on-going monitoring, use Windows Scheduler to schedule SQLCentric to run at your desired interval (ex: every 15 minutes). Point the scheduler to the SQLCentric_RTM1_2.exe in the SQLCentric folder. A new SQLCentric.htm page should be generated with your server information.

Quick-Start Checklist -- Copyright 2003

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