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Resource and REferral


Martha Delaney

Volunteer Lawyers Network

Updated February 15, 2012

This handbook is written as a resource for attorneys. Persons who are not lawyers are advised that this handbook provides information about the law and legal services designed to help lawyers provide quality legal advice and referrals. This book is not the same as legal advice – the application of law to an individual’s circumstances. If you are not an attorney, we recommend you consult a lawyer for professional advice and application of the law to your situation.
This packet is continually being updated. Please contact Martha Delaney with suggestions for additions or changes. The most recent version of this handbook is located at http://www.volunteerlawyersnetwork.org/volunteer/clinic (look for the maroon font).

VLN Resource and Referral Handbook Table of Contents

Preface – How to Use This Manual 6

Section 1: Summary of Information for Most Frequent Referrals 7

United Way--First Call for Help – All Social Services Referrals 7

Lawyer Referral & Information Service (All Issues – Metro area) 8

Legal Access Point (walk-in) Legal Services Clinic (LRIS and VLN) 9

Legal Aid Society (Many Issues) 9

LegalCORPS (Business Issues) 10

Legal Rights Center 10

Estate and Elder Law Services (Formerly MAO Legal Services) 13

Volunteer Lawyers Network Services by Legal Issue 13

Administrative Law 14

Birth Certificates 14

Consumer/Bankruptcy – Full Representation 14

Consumer/Bankruptcy – Advice Services (statewide) 15

Consumer/Bankruptcy – “Stop Contact” Letters to Creditors (statewide) 15

Car Title (seven county metro area) 15

Consumer – Debt Collection Lawsuit Defense (statewide) 16

Consumer – Debt Collection Lawsuit Defense (Hennepin County) 16

Criminal Expungement 17

Employment Law Phone Advice (statewide) 18

General Civil Issues (garnishment, conciliation court appeals, district court lawsuits) 18

Real Estate 18

Spanish Legal Services (FKA Linea Legal Latina) (statewide) 19

Tax – Minnesota Department of Revenue Disputes 19

VLN Clinics Located at Courthouses 20

Bankruptcy Clinic (St. Paul and Minneapolis Federal Courthouses) 20

Conciliation Court (Minneapolis City Hall) 20

Family Law Clinic (Hennepin County Family Justice Center) 21

Housing Court Project (Hennepin County Courthouse) 21

Legal Access Point Clinic (Hennepin County Court - Collaboration with HCBA/LRIS) 22

VLN Clinics Located in Community Centers 23

Brian Coyle Community Center (Somali speakers) 23

CAPSH Clinic (general advice clinic) 23

CAPSH MIRA clinic (Spanish speakers) 24

Dignity Center Clinic (general advice clinic) 24

Park Ave Methodist Legal Clinic (immigration law, employment law) 25

Sexual Violence Center (issues related to sexual violence) 25

Youth Law Clinic (youth issues) 26

Tubman Center 26

Self-Help Center – Fourth Judicial District 28

Self-Help Center – Statewide 30

Section 2: Main Links for Legal Resources 31

Section 3: Court and Social Services 37

Section 4: Greater Minnesota Legal Resources/Referrals 41

Legal Advice Resources List 41

Legal Aid Offices 41

Section 5: Areas of Law 48

Administrative Law 48

Adoptions 49

Annulments (see also Family) 49

Appeals 49

Attorney Complaints 50

Bankruptcy and Debtor’s Rights 51

Business 54

Car Impoundment 55

Car Title Transfer 56

Child Protection (see also Juvenile) 58

Civil (see also Conciliation Court) 59

Civil Rights 60

Child Support (see also Family) 62

Collecting a Judgment 63

Commitment 64

Conciliation Court 65

Criminal 66

Criminal Expungement 67

Disability Law 70

Domestic Abuse 71

Driver’s License 73

Education Law 75

Employment 75

Family Issues (see also Annulments, Child Support, Domestic Abuse, Paternity) 77

Foreclosure/Predatory Lending/Equity Stripping 82

Garnishment 84

Government Benefits 86

Housing 87

Housing – Government (see also Housing) 90

Housing – Discrimination (see also Housing) 90

Identify Theft, Mistaken Identity 91

Immigration 91

Insurance (see also Civil) 94

Juvenile / Youth Law 94

Non-Profit Organizations 96

Paternity (see also Family) 96

Real Estate (See also Foreclosure) 97

Senior Issues / Elder Law / Wills & Probate 98

Service Of Process Issues 99

Social Security 99

Tax 100

Third Party Custody/Grandparent Rights 102
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