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SL13.11 is the new V-scoring machine from Telmec.

It's the result of the experience and the more than 800 machines installed by Telmec in the last 20 years in the PCB business.

SL13.11 is a machine that starting from the lower level of a convenient manual CNC machine , can be upgraded to a fully automatic system.


SL13.11 is the natural evolution of the SL13.7 and SL13.9 , two very successful scoring machines sold around the world in more than 350 units.

The main mechanics of the SL13.11 is similar to the one of the two previous models , assuring high reliability and stability in the long run.

The same concept of movements is applied to the SL13.11. It is thus easy to use and also very safe. The CNC system controls the position and the depth of the two blades ( top and bottom) with very high precision. The PCB is positioned on the machine by the use of two reference pins and moved through the machine by the conveyor which speed and position is under the control of the CNC system.

The machine is equipped with a standard PC. The interface with the operator is through an LCD display and a keyboard. A totally new Windows based software makes extremely easy the programming and the management of the machine.  

The SL13.11 is a modular machine. In fact it is  an upgradable machine that starting from the lower level of a convenient completely manual CNC machine , can be upgraded to a fully automatic system.



semi automatic

fully automatic


SL13.11 Basic features :

● manual loading/unloading 

● Jump function

● Automatic and programmable cutting depth control

● Windows based software

● Graphic Interface

● Built-In Standard PC

● LCD Display


can be upgraded to


● Automatic off-loading on the rear side

● Automatic Loader (SL13.6)

● NETworking

● External Programming on PC

● Bar Code Reader





Maximum working width

650 mm

Tolerance in parallelism

+/- 0.025 mm

Tolerance of cut position

+/-0.025 mm

Minimum distance between cuts


Tolerance of cutting depth

+/- 0.05 mm

Max Cutting speed

40 m/min

Machinable material

phenolic, CEM1 , FR4

Acceptable PCB thickness

0.6-2.4 mm

Vacuum requirement

450 m3/h

Overall dimensions

2150x1350x1600 mm


600 kg

Power consumption

3 Kw





Other available versions

SL 13.11A : same as the SL 13.11 but equipped with a special device for the handling of thin material. ( PCB Thickness Range 0.4-2.4 mm)




SL 13.11B : same as the SL 13.11 but equipped with a special device for cutting PCB with metal layer (aluminum).

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