Description of issue: Wrong terminology used for Oracle database

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NameDescription of issue: Wrong terminology used for Oracle database
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Please Read: Before starting the Control Center upgrade/uninstall process, you mu­­st backup the entire "conf" directory found under Control Center install location. Please follow the steps below before upgrading: The following instructions apply to maintenance upgrades.

1. Stop Control Center engine

2. Back up \conf directory found under Control Center install location.

3. Proceed normally with installing the latest version of Control Center in original .

(The installer would automatically un-install the previous version - but all of the configuration data will still be there).

4. On Unix, Linux platforms, run
List of Fixes (or Enhancements) included in Control Center iFix01 (Released 06/07/2013)

1. R360587

Description of issue: Control Center reporting fails to work on Redhat Linux 64-bit, version 5.5 and above due to missing libraries.

Description of fix: The 32-bit C++ libraries are not pre-installed with 64-bit version of Redhat Linux, and when BmtMDProviderMain tries to resolve the libraries, it cannot find the, and therefore will not start properly. In order to resolve the issue, install the 32-bit libraries as a root user. Verify if the 32-bit libraries are installed, by following step-1. If not, install the libraries by issuing the command in step-2.

1. rpm -qa | grep libstdc++ (This will show if the installed libraries are 32-bit or 64-bit)

2. yum install libstdc++-devel.i686 (If the 32-bit libraries aren't installed, install them using the command as


2. IC89556

Description of issue: Wrong terminology used for Oracle database.

Description of fix: configCC will prompt for Service Name for an Oracle RAC, or SID if not.
3. IC89419

Description of issue: The link for IBM Sterling Control Center 5.4 Documentation Library from the SCC launch page does not work.

Description of fix: Corrected the link in the launch page.

4. IC 89572

Description of issue: When "Remote Server" is selected in the Select Statistics, the filter value is only processed correctly if the remote C:D server is the SNODE.

Description of fix: Modified the SQL query to qualify the remote server as either SNODE or PNODE.
5. IC 89487

Description of issue: The "Monthly File Transfer Activity Report" does not allow for anything beyond 2012 in the filter selection (both start year and end year).

Description of fix: Updated the corresponding properties file with additional years 2013-2016 to be displayed.
6. IC 89850

Description of issue: Control Center does not support Oracle Single Client Access Names.

Description of fix: Added support for Oracle SCAN configurations. When running configCC, if the user specifies that it’s an Oracle RAC node, and provides information for a single node, Control Center accepts it.
7. IC89925

Description of issue: The stopEngine shell script does not stop Cognos processes.

Description of fix: Added a system property WAIT_TIME_FOR_COGNOS_TO_STOP, which when specified as part of the runEngine shell (UNIX or Windows) or the runEngine$.lax file on Windows (add to as -DWAIT_TIME_FOR_COGNOS_TO_STOP=
will wait for the positive integer amount of time, in order for Cognos Container to gracefully shutdown.
Note:Depending on how the engine is initiated, the system property must be added to the appropriate file. Shell script or Batch script if invoked from command line, or the .lax file if invoked as service on Windows.
8. IC90162

Description of issue: Using the CD Stats Log Report, the user attempted to query all processes which did not have Secure Plus enabled (i.e. SECURE_ENABLED | Doesn't match | Y ). This filter resolved to a SQL clause of SECURE_ENABLED <> 'Y'. This will return records which have the field filled in with 'N', but not if NULL (meaning Secure Plus is not licensed / available).

Description of fix: Modified the DB report program to alter the query from: SECURE_ENABLED <> 'Y' to: (SECURE_ENABLED <> 'Y' OR SECURE_ENABLED IS NULL).
9. IC90087

Description of issue: Numerous "Ambiguous rule match for /event" errors were filling up the engine log. In this case the customer defined a large number of rules. When the compiled rules require more than 64K, a particular rules parser (saxon) is invoked. SCC erroneously omitted the insertion of a priority value in each rule, which ensures uniqueness, causing the error message.

Description of fix: Added logic to generate a unique priority number for each rule, when using saxon to compile the rules.
10. R366692

Description of issue: When SCC production database was configured with Oracle database whose SID and Service Name are not equal, reporting engine(Cognos) was not able to connect to production database and it caused reports not to run.

Description of fix: Updated JDBC URL to use correct syntax when SID is used to connect to the database.
11. IC90512

Description of issue: When SCC monitors a Conntect:Enterprise z/OS server (v1.5), SCC throws an exception and issues error: CNCE051E License Information message text field (APKEY) contains an empty string. This is due to the fact that beginning with C:E z/OS 1.5, the AP Key file is no longer used, and therefore not sent in the heartbeat message to SCC.

Description of fix: Modified the SCC C:E z/OS node service logic to treat a CEzOS bluewash version (no APKEY) as having a valid APKEY license.
12. IC90669

Description of issue: Executing configCC shell, changes the permissions for runEngine shells, if there is a user defined entry for MAX_HEAP_SIZE in the file.

Description of fix: Added code to set the correct permissions for runEngine shells, after the heap size has been adjusted.
13. IC90700

Description of issue: Seeing errouneous non resolution actions from linked rules begin taken.

Description of fix: Logic that handles the reprocessing of statistics from Connect:Direct servers fixed to avoid any events previously processed from being processed again.
14. IC90701

Description of issue: Automated reports do not work due to a bug that was introduced in release.

Description of fix: Fixed the code to check if the report is being executed by the engine, as is the case for an automated report.
15. R369184

Description of issue: Due to the search sequence Liberty does to locate language bundles, there are numerous resource sccResource.js not found errors in the Liberty log

Description of fix: Put copies of sccResources.js in nls/en-us and nls/en libraries to prevent error messages in Libery Log.

16. R363801

Description of issue: Web UI Active and Handled Alerts Monitor not showing all alerts when dvgs are used. Also not all icons for all alert types (process, slc, control center, communications and server) were being display.

Description of fix: Modified REST Services to properly generate alerts when events contain dvgs attributes. Modified icon mapping to include all icon types.
17. IC90899

Description of issue: Occasionally the Web UI dashboard gadgets fail to load.

Description of fix: Allocate needed libraries directly in gadget instead of using Open Social templates.
18. R368591

Description of issue: Invalid SQL generated when a DVG restricted user clear the filter on a Web UI Select Statistics monitor causes the SCC Engine to go down.

Description of fix: Modified code that gets Select Statistics data to generate the proper SQL for DVG restricted users.
19. R369057

Description of issue: Classic UI gets error 'Rule Engine is null" when attempting to update a rule by adding a newly created DVG.

Description of fix: Modified the Rule Engine Update Rule method to create a DVG Rule Engine for the new DVG if it does not already exist.
20. IC90902

Description of issue: Node information for an existing node is missing when viewed from the console.

Description of fix: Added validation logic to Simple SLC group creation, as it would create rules with invalid IDs which would further mess up the node service start up.
21. IC91146

Description of issue: When a user attempted to configure a secure connection in the console, the following exception and stack trace message occurred: java.lang.RuntimeException: Unknown JVM vendor ...Oracle Corporation. When a HTTPS console connection is attempted, the JVM vendor is first determined, in order to continue with the proper processing. Beginning with java 1.7, the JVM vendor was changed from Sun to Oracle.

Description of fix: Added Oracle as a valid JVM vendor. If so, it is treated the same as Sun.
22. IC91553

Description of issue: When a user attempted to update a node service definition with no password, an exception occurred and the exception text written to the engine log file includes the updated definition's password in the clear.

Description of fix: No exception is generated now, but if one was, the password in the updated server's definition would be obfuscated before being written to the engine log file.
23. IC91651 (NOTE: This is a placeholder – This will be revised after final fix confirmed)

Description of issue: It seems that SCC loses the ability to connect to SEAS via SSL after
running for a while. It's almost seems like SCC loses it's SSL certificate details or internal certificate passphrase cache expires.

Description of fix: Reinstantiated a copy of the proxy object used to communicate with SEAS, in addition to, instead of simply, disconnecting and attempting to reconnect.
24. IC91892

Description of issue: Deadlock/timeout/sql error occurs while partition rotation is done. SQL INSERT operations and partition rotation compete for the table and cause this issue.

Description of fix: Added code to lock the table while the partition rotation is done.
25. IC91896

Description of issue: Filtering on license expiration column in the server list view does not work.

Description of fix: Added code that retrieves license information for nodes in the server list view.
26. IC91931 (NOTE: This is a placeholder – This will be revised after final fix confirmed)

Description of issue: SLC events did not contain all triggering event elements such as Connect:Enterprise batch ID or batch Number.

Description of fix: From now on, instead of just a using a few select elements from events that trigger an SLC event, all of them will be used to form the basis of SLC events generated.
27. IC91966

Description of issue:Date/time stamps in an automated report are displayed in UTC, rather than the engine's time zone.

Description of fix: Modified the code in order to sign onto Cognos with a dummy user and the engine's time zone when signing on with the Cognos SDK.
28. IC92046 (NOTE: This is a placeholder – This will be revised after final fix confirmed)

Description of issue: User with view only permission for SLCs may be able to enter update mode for an SLC but get an error when they try to save it.

Description of fix: Added code to insure users with view only permission for SLCs can only see SLC definitions in view only mode.
29. R370514

Description of issue: Currently the GUI console Welcome message is displayed in a fixed text area that adds a scroll bar if the message is too big for 3 rows. This fix, changes this text box to adjust based on the length of the message.

Description of fix: Modified the welcome message text area to display 3 to 15 rows (keeping the current width) depending on the length of the message. If the message requires more than 15 rows, the width of the text box will increase too.
30. R364280

Description of issue: Cognos BI Server 10.1.1 fails to start properly due to missing operating system libraries on Red Hat Linux-64 bit.

Description of fix: Added a shells script as part of Control Center installation, that would stop the user from configuring Control Center, unless the dependencies are resolved.

31. R372891

Description of issue: Selecting the Select Statistics option from the Web UI Completed Process Monitor for a process with a process id greater than +/-9007199254740992 resulted in no Select Statistics being shown when the data exist..

Description of fix: Modified Web UI Select Statistics Monitor to treat process id as a string instead of a number.
32. R369336

Description of issue: Database Events report in Control Center no longer shows the XML_STRING information similar to what was displayed in previous versions of Control Center.

Description of fix: Modified the code to display the complete event information in the XML_STRING column.
33. R369374

Description of issue: Sterling File Gateway reports do not display the correct file size.

Description of fix: Modified the code to retrieve the file size from the appropriate record from the file gateway event.
34. R369307

Description of issue: Control Center classic console does not allow multiple servers in DVG criteria.

Description of fix: Modified the validation logic in order to allow multiple servers in DVG criteria.
35. R368806

Description of issue: In Web UI Active and Handled Alerts Monitor, alerts without a node type, node id or process id should have the context menu item "Select Statistics" disabled.

Description of fix: Disable the 'Select Statistics' context menu option if an alerts does not have a node type, node id or process id.
36. R368038

Description of issue: Web UI monitors getting view.rowIndex errors when attempting to select a row using Internet Explorer 8.

Description of fix: Modified Web UI monitors to put listeners on grid instead of using dojo.connect.
37. R371417

Description of issue: Web UI was passing unused time zone name parameter.

Description of fix: Removed unused parameter timeZoneName from login.jsp.
38. R368407

Description of issue: If userid is not sent on Web UI login request, the login servlet gets a java substring error.

Description of fix: Modified Web UI login servlet to work correctly when userid not passed.
39. R371874

Description of issue: Null pointer exception in engine if user has empty profile.

Description of fix: Modified Alert History to use default time zone if user profile is empty.
40. R367024

Description of issue: Web UI not able to add comments or handle alerts with a DVG set.

Description of fix: Modified Web UI and REST Services to properly set DVG when adding alert comments or handling alerts.
41. R368408

Description of issue: Sample test.html was left in Web UI code.

Description of fix: Removed test.html from Web UI code.
42. R374125

Description of issue: Web UI icons do not default to English if locale not found.

Description of fix: Modified Web UI to default to English icons if locale not found.
43. R374912

Description of issue: Not allowed to specify an asterisk ("*") for remote user ID value for Connect:Direct User Proxy.

Description of fix: Modified field validation logic to permit value.
44. R368900

Description of issue: Contents of completed process viewer gets out of synch when process interrupted events occur.

Description of fix: Stopped adding processes that end with process interrupted to the completed process cache..
45. R372689

Description of issue: Contents of B2Bi node's checkpoint file ignored after upgrading from 5.3 to 5.4 Sterling Control Center, which results in data not being collected from the point Sterling Control Center is stopped to when it is restarted.

Description of fix: Node service logic looks for existing checkpoint file before assuming it should resume monitoring from the current point in time.
45. R373275

Description of issue: Alerts generated by non global rules are not processed correctly resulting in alert badges not being displayed correctly.

Description of fix: Alerts generated by DVG rules are now categorized correctly and displayed right by Sterling Control Center user interfaces.
46. R373693

Description of issue: When alerts are handled in one Sterling Control Center user interface it the fact was not reflected in other user interfaces.

Description of fix: Generated an event when alerts were handled.
47. R372818

Description of issue: The green checkmark that indicates a comment was added to an alert was not being displayed consistently.

Description of fix: Logic in engine adjusted to correctly store the fact a comment was added to an event.
48. Connect:Direct Browser User Interface included.
49. IC91891

Description of issue: Automated reports do not send e-mails to multiple e-mail lists.

Description of fix: Corrected the bug that did not format the e-mail addresses correctly
50. R365105

Description of issue: Unit of total file size is missing from reports.

Description of fix: Added unit (bytes) to file size display in reports.
51. R 372893

Description of issue: Web UI Dashboard shows two more processes than Completed Process Viewer.

Description of fix: Changed Completed Process Viewer to display failed processes with return codes not equal to 0 instead of greater than 8 so that processes with return codes of -1 would be displayed.
52. IC92155

Description of issue: Statistic records corresponding to secure connection failures are not captured by Control Center.

Description of fix: Added the statistic record to the statRecordIds file.
53. R372958
Description of issue: If SCC engine gets error running report for Web UI, the report wait icon does not go away on the Web UI report monitor.
Description of fix: Modified Web UI Report monitor to stop the wait icon once a error is returned from the SCC Engine.

54. R361659

Description of issue: Sterling B2B Integrator grouping shows up in classic GUI node tree twice.

Description of fix: Modified Control Center Proxy to get node types from agent call.
55. R377882

Description of issue: When adding a new FTP Server via the console, the final Confirm Choices dialog panel has a key value (such as addserver.newOsType.controls.cattype_ftpxferlog.rlabel) in the Server Type field instead of the server type (such as “File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Server – Xferlog”).

Description of fix: Changed server type key to match key in properties file so server type label shows on Confirm Choices panel instead of the key.
56. R378033

Description of issue: If an active or handled alert has a DVG id that has blanks, like "NY ACCT", then the alert cannot have comments added or be handled by the Web UI.

Description of fix: Modified Web UI so that alerts with DVG id’s that have blanks can have comments added and be handled.

57. IC92036

Description of issue: When a notification is generated with a log date that is out of the partition date range, the resutling SQL INSERT error causes SCC to initiate engine shutdown.

Description of fix: Added logic to verify the log date falls within the partition date range. If not, shun the node and do not attempt to log the event.

List of Fixes (or Enhancements) included in Control Center (Released on 12/14/2012)

1. R336415 / IC81856

Description of issue:SI monitoring SCC gets farther and farther behind. Sometimes as much as 2 hours (120 minutes) or more

Description of fix:Added code that keeps track of the number of BP records retreived from SI, in order to determine whether to use the catch up logic or not.
2. R349799

Description of issue:When the web UI dashboard is translated to a non-english language, the title of the dashboard does not fit on the gadget.

Description of fix:Increased the size of the dashboard the menu gadget.
3. R353280

Description of issue:On the Web UI, the keyboard combination Shift+F10 does not invoke the context menu for the list viewers.

Description of fix:Modified the code to correctly identify the key combination and select the correct row in the grid so that the context menu will be displayed either using a right-click of the mouse or the key combination Shift+F10.
4. R353392

Description of issue:When a user is logged on through the web client, the client count total was is not updated.

Description of fix:Added code to count web client consoles. Code decrements count on logout and when session times-out.
5. R354309

Description of issue:C:X (Connect:Express) log table row count is not updated correctly. C:X stats were erroneously counted as C:D (Connect:Direct) adds, but the deletes were counted as C:X deletes. This caused the total number of C:X stats to go negative during production purge processing.

Description of fix:Corrected the statistics counts (i.e. add items to the C:X total).
6. R354310

Description of issue:When navigating to the Web UI monitor screen via dashboard drill down, Filter Dialog did not match filter setting.

Description of fix:Applied fix to the Dojo Filter plugin to properly set Filter Dialog when filter has been set programmatically.
7. R354789

Description of issue:When trying to monitor very busy B2Bi systems, customers are monitoring it with multiple SCC node services, typically 3, with one configured to just get BP data, another to just get SFG data, and another to get just protocol (AFT) data. That way instead of having SCC get that type of data from the B2Bi node serially, it can be retrieved in parallel. We want to get the data serially with a single GIS node service. Also, when SCC is unable to keep up with a busy B2Bi system, it is difficult to know why. We want to expose where the time is being spent in the GIS node service so we can know if we're spending most of our time waiting on GIS for data or inserting data into our database or processing the data received from GIS

Description of fix:Added extra threads in the GIS node service via timer tasks to get the various types of data from a B2Bi server in parallel, plus another task to generate metric events on the hour, every hour, that are both broadcast, as well as logged to a new engine log file, that includes enough information to ascertain where SCC is spending its time monitoring a B2Bi server.
8. R354966

Description of issue:For Sterling Integrator/Sterling File Gateway Reports, if the user specifies criteria that is part of the XML_STRING column, a legacy bug in the GUI code caused the engine to shut down

Description of fix:Added code so that for criteria that's specific to SI/SFG, the query will look in the XML_STRING column.
9. R354977

Description of issue:Need a warning before allowing a role to be demoted from an admin role type.

Description of fix:Warn the user if updating a Role that is an admin and the update will make the the Role not an admin.

10. R354984

Description of issue:On the Web UI, when following the links from the dashboard, the list viewers display the unfiltered data then refresh immediately with the filtered data.
Description of fix:Modified the code to display the filtered data immediately with no initial refresh.
11. R354985

Description of issue:When reports are run against a large amount of data, it takes longer than it used in previous releases.

Description of fix:Instead of building a temp table, pass a SQL query to the Cognos engine to issue directly against the database for the following reports: Connect:Direct Process Statistics Details Report, Connect:Direct Process Statistics Summary Report, Connect:Direct Statistics Log Report, Connect:Enterprise Batch Statistics Details Report, Connect:Enterprise Batch Statistics Summary Report, Connect:Enterprise Statistics Log Report, Database Events Report, Connect:Express Process Statistics Details Report, Connect:Express Process Statistics Summary Report, File Agent Process Submission Report, FTP File Transfer Report, Quick File File Transfer Report and Quick File Users Details Summary Report

12. R354986

Description of issue:From the Web client, a user is unable to view a B2Bi Server adapter's service configuration.

Description of fix:Fixed the code to return the B2Bi server adapter service configuration to the web client.
13. R354988

Description of issue:The Add Server wizard does not have the ability to define a Connect:Express z/OS server.

Description of fix:Modified the code to enable the Add Server wizard to allow adding Connect:Express z/OS
14. R355155

Description of issue:JMS Event Emission sends duplicate events and new elements will break Monitor Models.

Description of fix:SCCNotification has been changed to use the array in SCCNotificationAttr to know whether it should emit the element as an element or as the simpleContent element.
15. R355158

Description of issue:Improve web UI performance. CSS style sheets and icons were being loaded individually.

Description of fix:Combined and compressed CSS and use sprite for icons.
16. R355167

Description of issue:The Web UI does not work for Internet Explorer 9 unless the document mode is manually set to IE9 Standards.

Description of fix:Modified the code to force the document mode to be IE9 Standards even if the website is on the compatibility list or internal or all sites are set for compatibility mode.
17. R355855

Description of issue:When no dashboard port is specified (it is optional), an array index out of bounds exception occurred.

Description of fix:Handle the case where no dashboard port is provided for a cluster node.
18. R356192

Description of issue:Quick File reports are slow. It is impossible for users to create their own reports with data as it was stored only in the EVENTS table.

Description of fix:Added a new view, V_QF_STATS_LOG, for customers to use for their own custom reports, and a new table, QF_STATS_LOG, which the View utilizes.
19. R356217

Description of issue:Using dollar sign or backslash in Cognos configuration fields causes error in configCC.

Description of fix:Added special treatment for string fields in Cognos configuration.
20. R356993

Description of issue:When configuring the engine’s JMS parameters ActiveMQ was specified as the JMS type, but when the confirmation display was presented, IBMMQ was displayed.

Description of fix:Changed the code to correctly display the specified JMS type.
21. R356994

Description of issue:Web UI monitor grids allow for column width change and column location change but these settings are not persisted beyond browser session.

Description of fix:Added code to save the column widths and column locations in cookie when monitor grid columns are changed.
22. R357252

Description of issue:When filter is set on Web UI monitor grid, the data is not refreshed

Description of fix:Modified refresh logic on each of the Web UI monitor grids (Active Alerts, Handled Alerts, Completed Processes, Queued Processes, Select Stats, Adapter Status, Daemon Status, Report List, Server List, Group List) to check if filter is set and if so, reset filter flags prior to re-rendering the grid.
23. R357548

Description of issue:In the GUI, the UTC offset display is inconsistent. For example, the stats viewer displays UTC -6 and the completed process monitor display UTC -6:00.

Description of fix:Changed the code to display consistent values (eg. UTC -6).
24. R357587

Description of issue:With certain user preferred time zones, the web UI Active Alerts Dashboard sets the wrong date in the filter when a popup link is selected to go to the Active Alerts Monitor or Handled Alerts Monitor.

Description of fix:When determining the date to set in the dashboard drill down filter, use the current date and time based on the users preferred time zone.
25. R357757

Description of issue:Queued Activity Monitor shows processes for B2Bi servers that have ended.

Description of fix:Corrected the code to only show processes in the Queued Activity Monitor for B2Bi servers for which the starting event was seen.
26. R358677

Description of issue:The web UI can't filter by CD PNum in Completed Process Monitor.

Description of fix:Changed the data type to be "string". The condition fields will contain normal string conditions (contains, starts with, is not, etc).
27. R359022

Description of issue:The web UI Server List does not return expected data when Filter set on Monitored, Managed, Secure+Enabled or Type columns.

Description of fix:Modified data returned from REST Services instead of depending on client side code to format.
28. R359999

Description of issue:Add support for C:D Tandem/Nonstop "QCHO" stat record processing in SCC. The QCHO stat record represents a process add to the Hold Queue.

Description of fix:Added in the QCHO statRecord element in file statRecordIds.xml file. This will cause SCC to pull those stat records from C:D Tandem/Nonstop servers.
29. R360203

Description of issue:During configCC, the Location variable (which is only used for DB/2 z/OS) does not persist.  The user adds the location during production, it does not show up in Cognos configuration. Also, if the user reruns the configCC, the location variable has to be re-input.

Description of fix:Propogate the SCC DB2 z/OS location to the Cognos definitions.
30. R360241

Description of issue:Password is not being obfuscated in QuickFile Server Properties Summary tab.

Description of fix:Added code to make sure the QF password is masked.
31. IC87592

Description of issue:When SCC does a select stat command, error returned, bad/invalid process name. SCC the nodes monitoring is unstable. SCC can show the server is down, but it is not down. This was caused by allowing the limit to exceed 99,999.

Description of fix:Set limit at 99,999 (instead of 999,999).
32. IC87312

Description of issue:Description of issue:Getting alerts when a BP ran successfully on the SI node. The BP runs successfully, but is run with full persistence and there are a few steps that have status "JMS Queued" and "BP queued" which equate to WF_STATUS 11 and 12. These statuses are being passed to Control Center as "inError true", which in turn causes a RC=8, thus causing alerts to be issued (a rule is set up to alert if return code is not 0).

Description of fix:Added status codes 11 and 12 to a table in Control Center. These entries indicate to treat these conditions as successful.
33. IC88267

Description of issue:The report wizard does not launch from the classic console when the time zone where the console is invoked cannot be determined.

Description of fix:Added code to prevent the array out of bounds exception, when the reports wizard "+" button is clicked.
The following times zones will be used to generate the report, in order of precedence:

1. Get the time zone of the client's Console Preferred Time,

2. Get the next closest time zone to #1 above. 
3. Get the UTC time zone
4. Get the first entry in the CCTimeZones list (index 0, which is GMT)

34. IC88269

Description of issue:Control Center reports incorrect node name for the perimeter server status.

Description of fix:Modified the code to update the event notification to reflect the node name from where the event originally generated.
35. IC88080

Description of issue:Frequent erroneous out of compliance alerts are issued for CE Unix servers. The monitor rest time is specified in units of minutes (all other server types use seconds). The method which determines if a server is out of compliance always assumes monitor rest time is in seconds.

Description of fix:If the server type is CE Unix, convert monitor rest time to seconds when determining if the server is in/out of compliance.
36. IC89030

Description of issue:Cognos support for Oracle RAC. Control Center wouldn’t allow the user to configure Cognos with an Oracle RAC instance.

Description of fix:Added support for Oracle RAC.
37. R369373

Description of issue:Rule match parameters key list does not have all SFG event elements.

Description of fix: Rule match parameters key list drop down has a newer option to show all B2Bi event elemements.

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