Previews is your ultimate source for news and information on the comic book industry. In it, you'll find all the merchandise available from your local comic

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NamePreviews is your ultimate source for news and information on the comic book industry. In it, you'll find all the merchandise available from your local comic
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Previews is your ultimate source for news and information on the comic book industry. In it, you'll find all the merchandise available from your local comic book specialty retailer shipping in approximately two months. Everything you need in order to enjoy the comic book hobby is right here under one smashing cover! Hundreds of comics from a myriad of publishers, merchandise, and exclusive editorial content available nowhere else! Catalog, 8.5x11, 400+pg, PC $3.25

J. Michael Straczynski of Rising Stars and Babylon 5 fame joins Marvel Comics to write Amazing Spider-Man. Spidey cover artist Humberto Ramos (Crimson) draws a dynamic Spidey swinging into action on the cover to Wizard: The Comics Magazine #116. The alternate cover will feature the heroes of Rising Stars drawn by Gary Frank (Midnight Nation). Spend a day with Straczynski the author/Hollywood producer and find out the radical changes that he'll make to Amazing Spider-Man, the third story arc of Rising Stars and his newest Top Cow/Joe's Comics title.

Wizard: The Comics Magazine #116 is also our annual April Fool's issue. Last year we fooled you with the Wonder Twins painting by Alex Ross along with various fake ads and bits. This year we'll blow your mind! DON'T MISS IT!!

More casting and preproduction continues on the new Spider-Man film. Get the latest info on the scoop from Director Sam Raimi and others involved in this monumental comic movie event.

What are the Most Politically Incorrect Moments in comic book history? See the best/worst of them all. From anti-Japanese sentiment in Superman to anti-semitism in Captain America, you'll be shocked by how politically incorrect comics have been at times.

Get a complete John Byrne Checklist with everything from StarLord, to Uncanny X-Men, to Superman, Next Men and eveything else.

Get the latest news you need, along with the greatest coverage of every aspect of comic book entertainment only in Wizard: The Comics Magazine!


* Violent Messiahs #1/2 comic book offer from Image Comics. Written by creator Joshua Dysart, illustrated by Tone Rodriguez and colored by Travis Smith. See the prologue of the Violent Messiahs dark saga. See Cheri Major's last case on the mean streets of New York City. Stumble across the Family Man's murder scene with Detective Earnest Houston, and watch as Citizen Pain, blood still on his hands, experiences love at first sight. Magazine (Spider-Man cover by Humberto Ramos) $4.99 Magazine (Rising Stars cover by Gary Frank) $4.99

Retailers: Receive a copy of the Violent Messiahs #1/2 for every 25 copies of Wizard #116 ordered. (Caution: This incentive is not subject to a 90-day cancellations/returns policy.)

ToyFare: The #1 Action Figure Magazine presents more coverage from the annual Toy Fair industry event, with more of the latest news, photos and previews of all the new toys that premiered at the Toy Fair industry trade show in New York City.

* Our "Incoming" department will feature a special section-the best movie toys for 2001 from Tomb Raider, Jurassic Park 3, Mummy Returns, Harry Potter, Shrek and more.

* This month's Specialty Toy Price Guide features Transformers. See how Transformers toys are trading and get info/photos of the most collectible ones on the market.

* Meet celebrity toy fans from movies and television. Plus, meet The Rock from the WWF in "Backtalk."

* Mego Spidey and the cast of TWISTED MEGO THEATRE get into more trouble in another all-new sensational episode.

* Our IMPORT REPORT looks overseas at new toys from Japan and other countries. See the Import Product of the Month, Japan's Top 10 Hottest Toys, a spotlight on an amazing foreign toy line and the hilarious Horrible Knock-Off of the Month!

* ToyFare's MARKETPLACE gets you inside the latest trends, happenings and more. Get the latest Good Tip/Bad Tip, Regional Reports, a Short Pack Breakdown, the Top 10 Hottest Action Figures and more!

* ToyFare has the most complete full-color action figure price guide. It doesn't matter if you're a casual toy fan or an obsessive super-collector, you can't afford to miss this issue of ToyFare: The #1 Action Figure Magazine! Magazine (Mummy Returns Movie Toys cover) $4.99 Magazine (Shrek Movie Toys cover) $4.99

InQuest Gamer #73 is our special Harry Potter issue. Meet the designer for the all-new Potter collectible card game. How does the game play? Is the spirit of the books upheld? Can you play Harry Potter, Ron, Voldemort? Will Quidditch factor in? What are the possible avenues to victory? The feature will be packed with essential information including a "Harry Potter Monster Manual" along with a report on the new Harry Potter movie in production.

* Play Magic All-Common Decks! We'll show you how to build winning decks that are cheap and show newer players how to build a solid beginning deck. Get three all-common decks using any card from Magic- a Type I, Extended and Standard deck. Each will be kept super-cheap, but will abuse the cards from their respective time periods.

* In "Magnificient 7" we examine Magic's new basic set, 7th Edition, due out in April. What cards are the positives? The negatives? Get the scoop on the different colors and learn what's been improved and what's missing. For anything missing, we suggest alternate cards that could have been included to make a better set.

* Meet Gamers That Suck as InQuest Gamer takes a humorous approach to the stereotypes you always find playing Magic or other card games. We make fun with photos of guys like The Moron, The Shark, Mr. B.O., The Cheater and etc.

* Play your best with InQuest Gamer! Get the essential info you need as we provide the most complete news and previews on all of the latest Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon and Dragon Ball Z price guides. InQuest Gamer is THE ONLY MAGAZINE THAT FEATURES THE MOST COMPLETE MAGIC PRICE GUIDES and resources to put you at the top of your game. Magazine (Harry Potter cover) 4.99

Alter Ego #8 presents Wood's World - and Kubert's Eon! Featuring two glorious color covers, by Wally Wood & Dan Adkins, and Tor by Joe Kubert! Inside you'll find a Wally Wood Special with tons of scarce art from EC, Marvel, DC, and more, annotated by Adkins, Michael T. Gilbert, Bill Schelly, Bill Pearson, and Roger Hill! Also, there's a huge section spotlighting rare Joe Kubert art of his greatest creation, Tor! Then we present Part Three of our examination of the work of Mac Raboy, a look at Captain Marvel's many, many, imitators, examined by John G. Pierce, and Roy Thomas continues the secret origin of the All-Star Squadron (with art by Jerry Ordway, Rich Buckler, and others)! Plus, there's another FCA (Fawcett Collectors of America) section featuring Marc Swayze and C.C. Beck, Michael T. Gilbert and Mr. Monster dig through the Comics Vault, and more! Edited by Roy Thomas! (TwoMorrow's Publishing) Magazine, 100pg, b&w $5.95

Your favorite funny strips in one magazine including Dilbert, Doonesbury, Life in Hell, For Better or For Worse, Sylvia, and many more. Plus, humor features from Dave Barry and Joe Bob Briggs, to Ask Dr. Science and Weird News. Completely ad-free! (Page One Publishers) Magazine, 100pg, b&w $4.95

Comic Shop News is the most popular weekly newsletter about comics. Each issue is full color, 8-16 pages with CSNsider, news, interviews, color art, and CSN Comics - an original Sunday-style comic. Only CSN has a complete monthly checklist, which includes Previews order numbers, plus exclusive CSN Hot Picks! A new feature, a monthly checklist of all the first issues due that month called "Fab Firsts" has been added. Sold in both 50-count and 100-count bundles. (Comic Shop News) Tabloid, FC PI Ea.

Now featuring Jim Kreuger's Appendix to Marvel's Universe X each issue, Comics International enters its 11th year of up-to-the-minute award-winning US comics news coverage - over 20 pages per issue - plus reviews of over 100 current titles, new title previews, close-ups, regular columns on investment tips, comic-to-film adaptations, fantasy news, toy news, international festival guide, US and world store details, publisher index, in-depth Q&A with many answers by top professionals, heated comics debates, internet news overview and reviews, full listings of over 300 coming comics from the top 25 publishers - with full credits and story synopses, top 100 sales on last months comics plus Judge Dredd Megazine editor and Warrior/Marvelman/V for Vendetta co- creator's monthly industry overviews. (Quality Communications Ltd.) Magazine, 84pg, PC $1.95

Featuring: Tarzan at the Earth's Core by Burne Hogarth! Also featuring: Little Orphan Annie by Harold Gray, Flash Gordon by Dan Barry, Casey Ruggles by Warren Tufts, Alley Oop by V.T. Hamlin, Modesty Blaise by Peter O'Donnell, Steve Canyon by Milton Caniff, Barnaby by Crockett Johnson, The Phantom by Lee Falk & Ray Moores, Krazy Kat by George Herriman, & Buz Sawyer by Roy Crane! (Manuscript Press) Magazine $5.95

Cracked goes to war in issue #357! We'll be spoofing the blockbuster movie "Pearl Harbor," and you'll see the Cracked mascots go to war like never before! Also, a parody of the hot new movie The Mummy Returns! You'll be screaming for your mummy after this one! Plus, "Simpy Dumpkins," "The World's Most Hated Man," "Mr. Precious," "Klugg the Caveman," the "Naked Guy," and more! (American Media, Inc.) Magazine $2.95
DRAW! #1

Premiere issue! Finally, an in-depth "how-to" magazine on comics and cartooning by working professionals - for professionals and aspiring amateurs as well! Draw! features interviews and demonstrations by top artists in the fields of comics, cartooning, and animation on such skills as layout, storytelling, penciling, inking, lettering, coloring, Photoshop techniques, as well as web guides and techniques, tips, tricks, and a handy reference source - this magazine has it all! The premiere issue packs a wallop, with "How to draw" sections including: "Penciling" by Jerry Ordway, "Layout and Drawing on the Computer" by Dave Gibbons, "The Secrets of Drawing Sexy Women," by Bret Blevins, lettering by John Costanza, and an inking demonstration by Ricardo Villagran! Featuring an article by Shane Glines, plus a piece on moving from comics to the Internet with Kieron Dwyer and the men of "Channel 13," Larry Young and John Heebink on "The Bod," a cover by Blevins, and much more! Edited by Action Planet's Mike Manley. (TwoMorrow's Publishing) Magazine, 88pg, b&w $5.95

Funny Times features the best cartoons and stories by America's funniest cartoonists and writers. Besides well-known features such as Dave Barry, Molly Ivins, Life in Hell, Lynda Barry, Nicole Hollander, and also the most interesting and funny new talent. The monthly format allows for topical political humor and social satire. (Funny Times) Magazine $2.95

If you think you know all about Kirby's career, think again! Issue #32 is devoted to Kirby's least-known work, and starts with covers featuring two never-before-seen Kirby characters - one fully painted by Jose Ladronn (over Kirby pencils), the other inked and colored by Kirby himself! Inside, an examination of notable missing links in the Kirby canon, such as "The Days of the Mob #2," "Soul Love," and "True Divorce Cases!" More secrets behind "Sky Masters!" Plus, find out about Kirby's "Big Daddy of Death," and his unknown 1950's work! Features include a colossal Kirby interview, plus a new interview with Carmine Infantino about his 1940s and '50s work with Jack, as well as an interview with French sensation Arnon about his Kirby influence! And can you handle the Kirby Trivia Quiz? The new king-size format allows for even more unpublished Kirby pencil art at tabloid size! (TwoMorrow's Publishing) Tabloid, 80pg, b&w, (Note Price) $9.95

NYC Toy Fair 2001 - The big wrap-up! The remainder of the new offerings for 2001 will be showcased, as well as release dates! On top of that, there's Lee's new "Best of the '80s," a monthly series dedicated to one of the coolest decades ever for action figures and toys! Also, a look behind the scenes at the company that makes the best 1/6 scale military figures and accessories in the world - Dragon Models, Ltd.! Plus, the absolute newest Hot Wheels coming to PEG walls, the nation's #1 Hot Wheels Price Guide, Chop Shop (customized die-cast vehicles), Toy Toons, and Cool Customs. And, your next G.I. Joe (3 3/4") Vehicle file and Ultimate Soldier Command file. Don't forget the latest-breaking toy news on Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Image, G.I. Joe, and other top trading action figure lines, as well as the latest and greatest 1:64 scale die-cast vehicles. And, as always, you get your usual "Cool Giveaways," "What's Your (Bean) Bag?," "Altered States," and the longest-running and most trusted Action Figure Price Guide in the business! And now the newest and best Die-Cast Vehicle Price Guide in the business! (Action Figure News & Toy Review) Magazine, FC $5.95

From the publishers of Beckett Pokémon Collector magazine, Beckett Publications introduces Beckett Digimon Collector! Filled with colorful photos of the most popular Digimon collectibles, this great new magazine includes many popular features that have proven to be highly collectible in the Beckett Pokémon Collector magazine. Each month there are exciting contests with prizes, a Digimon hot card list, price guides for Digimon collectibles, and monthly Digimon character profiles. So don't be left behind. Step into Digiworld today with Beckett's Digimon Collector. (Beckett's Publications) Magazine, 64pg, FC $3.99

The latest issue of Beckett Dragonball Z Collector magazine is here! Each issue includes price guides and checklists, new release information, video game tips and tricks, coverage of all characters, contests, web site reviews, merchandise and cartoon reviews, and much more! (Beckett's Publications) Magazine $3.99

Each issue of Beckett Pokémon Collector offers fresh, creative, and fun articles and columns on the latest and greatest Pokémon products on the market. Fans and collectors will be able to find out not only the value of their collectibles, but also where to find conventions and shows at which they can buy, sell, or trade them, and tournaments where they can play Pokémon! Plus, readers are offered words of wisdom from some of the best and most knowledgeable writers in the toy industry. Monthly. (Beckett's Publications) Magazine, 72pg, FC $4.99

Mary Beth's Bean Bag World remains the top source for hot news in beanbag plush collectibles and is now produced under a license from Ty, Inc. This colorful bean bag extravaganza keeps readers coming back for more with the best coverage of bean bag news, events, charities, and contests. Bean Bag World gives readers of all ages loads of color photos and expert advice from Mary Beth Sobolewski, Editor-In-Chief and renowned staff writers such as Claudia Dunne, Peggy Gallagher, Sara Nelson, Janet Leopold, and many more. Don't miss out on the most accurate price guide around. (H&S Media) Magazine, 132pg, FC $5.99

The publishers of Mary Beth's Bean Bag World and Editor-In-Chief Mary Beth Sobolewski invite you to take a peek at their latest creation, Mary Beth's Teddy Bears & More. This unique publication is created for the true teddy bear connoisseur as well as the serious collector of other handmade plush. The targeted reader is the kind of collector who sees teddy bears as works of art worth investing in and preserving. Mary Beth's Teddy Bears & More provides the reader with a variety of information from the world of teddy bears and other fine plush. (H&S Media) Magazine $5.99

H&S Media Inc. has joined forces with, the hottest Pokémon website, to create PoJo's Unofficial Pokémon News and Price Guide. It provides the most comprehensive, current and in-depth coverage of Pokémon card and video game strategies, as well as up-to-the-minute Pokémon news and information. (H&S Media) Magazine, 116pg, FC $5.99

Action Figure Digest #88 features a behind-the-scenes look at a premier toy designer, another in AFD's series, with a behind-the-scenes look at the action figure toy industry, plus the second periodic feature on old manufacturer toy catalogs, showing the actual pages on which important action figure lines were introduced! AFD's regular departments on International Toy Fairs, Action News Briefs, and Star Wars Update are all included in this issue. (Tomart Publications) Magazine, FC $5.95

The monthly price guide contains prices for sports cards in singles, packs, boxes, and sets, along with prices for racing, draft picks, limited edition collectibles, and promo cards. Plus, autographs and memorabilia, as well as a Kenner Starting Lineup section. Also, lively feature stories, the latest in hobby news, and regular monthly columns from experts in the field. (Krause Publications) Magazine, FC $4.99

Dragon Magazine is the only magazine solely dedicated to D&D, so there's no coincidence that it's the finest role-playing game magazine in the industry! This magazine will feature things that are sure to excite D&D fans. (Curtis Circulation) Magazine $5.99

Articles include the Top 50 Most Influential People in the Adventure Gaming field, as well as a look at games based on movies. All this, plus over 30 reviews, "Star Quest," and more! (Dynasty Presentations, Inc.) Magazine $3.99

Every other month, Star Wars Gamer brings you all the new articles and adventures for the Star Wars role-playing game, LucasArts electronic game coverage, and Star Wars fiction by the best-selling authors, all while exploring new corners of the galaxy! This is the only magazine that puts you in the Star Wars universe! (Wizards of the Coast) Magazine $6.99

Top Deck covers all Wizards of the Coast trading card games including Pokémon and Magic: The Gathering. And, every magazine comes with an exclusive Pokémon foil-stamped card inside the polybag. If you enjoy Pokémon, this is the magazine to get! Polybagged. (Wizards of the Coast) Magazine $5.99

Join Airbrush Action as the magazine celebrates its 16th Anniversary in the May/June issue. This special edition issue will feature the 2001 Vargas Award winners, some of the brightest talent airbrush art has to offer. Also, look for a "How To" article from the legendary Craig Fraser. Don't miss our regular features, including "Ask K-Daddy," "Air News," "T-Shirt Tactics," "Nail Art," and much more! (Airbrush Action, Inc.) Magazine, 84pg, PC $5.99

CFQ takes you behind-the-scenes on The Mummy Returns, the sequel to 1999's blockbuster hit starring Brendan Fraser. Exclusive coverage includes interviews with Fraser, the "Mummy" himself Arnold Vosloo, and director Stephen Sommers from the London set. Plus, in-depth coverage of the Rollerball remake, Eddie Murphy's Dr. Doolittle 2, Disney's Atlantis, and Tomb Raider! (Cinefantastique) Magazine $5.95

Let Cinescape heat up your summer with a behind-the-scenes look at Hollywood's biggest blockbusters! The leading guide to sci-fi and action entertainment presents its exhaustive Summer Movie Preview, including a sneak-peek at Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes remake, The Mummy Returns, Tomb Raider, Jurassic Park 3, Pearl Harbor, Steven Spielberg's A.I., and dozens more eagerly-awaited films! Also, this issue offers a farewell salute to Star Trek: Voyager, a look back at the short-lived Star Trek animated series, and an insider update on Sam Raimi's Spider-Man feature film! ( Magazine $5.99

A new issue of the UK KISS magazine Clown White! Featuring exclusive interviews, news, stories, reviews, and much, much more! This issue takes a look at KISS's very first U.K. show (and first time out of North America!) at Manchester's Free Trade Hall back in 1976, including rare photos and reports. (Diamond U.K.) (Jul 00) Magazine $7.50

It's back - the latest 56-page edition of Collecting 007, the magazine of the James Bond Collector's Club. This is a must-have for any serious collector of 007 memorabilia, and the club's best issue to date! For the first time with a full color cover, this issue features articles on collecting James Bond action figures, a tribute to Desmond Llewelyn, Tomorrow Never Dies collectibles, coverage of the Derek Meddings, Las Vegas, and Texas Bond events, an interview with Bond comic writer Don McGregor, Lee Pfeiffer's "Bonding in Britain U.K. Tour," and a special 12-page feature on The World Is Not Enough, including behind-the-scenes info, on location at Pinewood Studios, the premiere and party, and of course, the promotions and merchandise collectibles. Add to this the latest news and reviews on 007 music, video, books, magazines and current collectibles, and you have, quite simply, the best James Bond fan-related publication available anywhere. (Solo Publishing) Magazine, 56pg $8.95

Review of Boris Karloff book! Curtis Harrington and Steve Reeves! Book & video reviews, film news, convention reports, Lugosi news and much more! (Cult Movies Productions) Magazine $4.95

The month ahead of cult television starts here! Plan your viewing with Cult Times' "Out of the Box" -- the indispensable listing guide of cult television programs to watch out for on terrestrial, cable, and satellite. Read interviews with the stars and features on cult shows currently airing in the U.K. Take a light-hearted but informative look at a classic series in the "Instant Guide" and review the highlights of the previous month's viewing in "Times Past." Cult Times is the complimentary magazine to TV Zone, and together they provide the ultimate guide to the many worlds of cult television. (Visual Imagination) Magazine $5.99

Doctor Who Magazine is the only official source for news, features, interviews, and comic strip action devoted to BBC Television's immortal traveller in time and space! In this issue, the Second Doctor gets frozen out by "The Ice Warriors," and there's a shock for Izzy in the concluding episode of "Ophidius!" (Panini Publishing) Magazine, 52pg, FC $6.60

The best in popular science fiction and fantasy entertainment, issue #81 will feature Terri Ryan from Star Trek! (DWB) Magazine $7.99
FANGORIA MAY 2001 #203

The horror boom continues, spurred on by the success of such recent hits as The Blair Witch Project, House on Haunted Hill, and Final Destination. This issue of Fango features coverag of Jurassic Park 3, The Mummy Returns (exclusive interview with Director Stephen Sommers), House of 1000 Corpses (exclusive interview with Writer/Director Rob Zombie), and a special report on Japanese Horror, profiling such mind-warping Eastern releases as the Ring films, Cross Fire, and more! Plus, all the latest horror news, gossip, and horror product reviews! (Starlog Group) Magazine, 100pg, FC $7.99

Film Score Magazine is the essential guide to the original film, television, and music. Every issue features behind-the-scene news, CD reviews, composer interviews, and incisive commentary. Now, celebrating its 10th year of publication, Film Score Monthly Magazine features more exclusive collector's CDs, soundtrack specialty books, and great stories about the music you love! (Disticor Magazine Distribution) Magazine $4.95

Our line-up for this issue is not finalized yet, but featured in our next few issues will be interviews with Cliff Robertson, John Agar, the stars of Dark Shadows, Ben Johnson, and many others! Expect our usual entertaining mix of interviews and features on the worlds of science fiction, horror, film noir, westerns, comedy, and classic television. (Filmfax) Magazine $7.50

Become a student of American iconoclast Charles Fort with this expansive guide to the bizarre. Features news, reviews, and research on strange phenomena, experiences, and curiosities from the intricacies of crop circles to phantom hitchhikers. It's wild, it's funny, it's open-minded yet skeptical - and it's true! (JB Publishing) Magazine, 100pg $4.95

The year is 1933 and the era of the great pulp heroes is just beginning. Flying out of the fertile minds of Popular Publications comes G-8 and His Battle Aces. A World War I flying spy who takes on the most fantastic of German foes that ever flew a Fokker. (Popular Publications) (Jun 94) Magazine $9.95

What's new, cool, or different in Asian pop and hybrid culture? Find out in Giant Robot magazine! From martial arts movies, to underground music, to junk food, it's all here. In this issue, meet Hong Kong film god Wong Kar-Wai (Chungking Express, Fallen Angels) and Cannes best actor Tony Leung (Hard-Boiled, Ashes of Time...). Also, eat Asian junk food until you explode; meet the world record-holder for escalator riding, standing on one foot, and holding a brick; learn how to bullfight with The Vandals; and visit the Moebius art studio! All this, plus comics, anime, weird travel, and ukuleles! (Giant Robot Magazine) Magazine, 88pg $4.95
LOCUS #483

The science-fiction and fantasy community's journal, with news and reviews on new and upcoming releases, as well as articles and columns by noted authors. (Locus Magazine) Magazine, 70pg, b&w $4.95

Beastmaster special! Featuring Daniel Goddard, Dylan Bierk, Jackson Raine and Marjean Holden, Lodoss' Ryo Mizuno, horror author Edo van Belkom, and Shock Rockets' Stuart Immomen. Features and articles on non-sport cards, anime, the Internet, animation, comics, manga, videos, music, gaming, and more! (Parsec) Magazine $4.25

"Is the monster man fish or devil?" Find out this and much more in the 38th "Double Zaat" issue of Scary Monsters Magazine! In this issue, Part Two of "Vampire Over London: Bela Lugosi's Last Dracula Tour" takes us back to April 30th, 1951 and Brighton, England for the opening of Dracula, the play starring Bela Lugosi. Also in this issue: an interview with Jane Rudolph, one of the stars of "The Cat People" and "Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein," two articles on famous editor and sci-fi fan Forrest J. Ackerman, and much more! (Dennis Druktenis Publishing) Magazine $6.95

In this issue, an exclusive interview with Shawn Whittaker Cooke, second unit Effects Director on Gerry Anderson's series, from Thunderbirds to UFO. Also, a look at the work of Scientific Art Studio - animatronics, prosthetics, and miniatures specialists, kit reviews, including "Edgar the Ogre" and "Beserker." There are also features on the making of Robocop's ED-209, a conclusion to the series on stop-motion models, and a visit to large-scale, super-accurate garage kit manufacturers A-B Models. Plus news, DVD reviews, and much more! (Next Millennium) Magazine $7.95

In this issue: An exclusive interview with Shanghai Noon bad guy Roger Yuan about working with and fighting Chan on the summer 2000 Disney blockbuster, his role in Lethal Weapon 4, and working in both the Hong Kong and Hollywood action movie business. Also, follow Jackie Chan to Germany, for the Cologne and Hanover premieres of "Shanghai Noon!" We've got a review of Gen-Y Cops, the new Hong Kong action flick produced by Chan's company, as well as script notes and behind-the-scenes photos. Also, a look at the DVD extras of Island of Fire, more interviews, letters, competitions, news, reviews, merchandise, and all the happenings in the Jackie Chan world! (Screen Power Group) Magazine $7.95
SFX #77

The smashing, spirited sci-fi magazine from Britain! This magazine asks and answers the burning questions on all sci-fi fans' minds. And, late-breaking news; in-depth interviews; behind-the-scene reports; multi-media reviews (books, comics, games, videos, TV); and much more. What more could a sci-fi fan want? (Future Publishing) Magazine $7.20

Every month, Shivers contains an exciting mix of interviews with the creative people of the horror world. New films are featured - this month: Wes Craven's Dracula 2000, and Valentine, starring David Boreanaz (the star of Angel in his first feature film role), as well as retrospectives on classics like Hellraiser, The Exorcist, and The Curse of Frankenstein. Regular features include write Kim Newman's outspoken opinion column, Ingrid Pitt on horror fandom worldwide, and a favorite fright from the archives in "The Fright of Your Life." Plus, up-to-the-minute news and reviews of all the latest horror on DVD, film, and TV, as well as a pull-out poster of the cover artwork! Please note this is a bumper issue. (Visual Imagination) Magazine $7.99

Star Trek: The Magazine provides news and information every month on all aspects of the four series and all the movies. It also contains detailed information from the stars, producers, directors, and writers, as well as production, make-up and costume designers, and everyone involved in the Star Trek universe - past and present. Every issue is packed with special briefings that include gatefold pages featuring technical information on the ships, weapons, and technology of Star Trek, plus in-depth studies of the characters, organizations, races, planets, and all the space phenomena related to the Star Trek universe. (Fabbri Publishing, Inc.) Magazine $7.99

With nearly 25 years of publishing behind it, Starburst continues to offer its unique blend of the latest news, features, and interviews combined with a look back at science fiction classics of the past. Plus, the finest reviews section known to man, with the cream of films, books, soundtracks, television, comics, and DVDs all scrutinized for you. (Visual Imagination) Magazine $5.99

Strap yourselves in tight and get ready for the maddest ride of your lives, as we unleash the hottest thing on two legs: Lara Croft, a.k.a. Tomb Raider, in her own comic magazine! This debut issue features an exclusive behind-the-scenes report from the set of the upcoming Tomb Raider Movie, an interview with the star of the film, Angelina Jolie, plus the latest news from every corner of the Tomb Raider universe, including a sneak peek at the hotly anticipated PlayStation 2 game! All this and 22 pages of action-packed comic strip mayhem too! The wait is over! Be one of the first to grab this jewel! (Titan)

PREVIEWS EXCLUSIVE-Magazine, 52pg $4.99

NEWSSTAND ED.-Magazine, 52pg $4.99
TV ZONE #138

Up to the minute news, features and interviews, plus continuing coverage of popular cult TV shows like Stargate SG-1, Xena: Warrior Princess, Angel, Star Trek: Voyager, Farscape, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Doctor Who. Also, our ongoing episode guides to popular series and answers to readers' questions in "Memory Alpha," along with regular news, reviews, and interviews. (Visual Imagination) Magazine $5.99

As the DVD market continues to grow, Visual Imagination's entertainment magazine -now in its second year - is devoted solely to this format. Every issue contains the latest news, DVD reviews, star interviews, production notes, and a diary of forthcoming releases. Plus, a look at the latest players. Not to be missed! (Visual Imagination) Magazine $5.99

If you're into horror, science fiction, or fantasy films; Hong Kong action cinema or 60s sexploitation; or other cult movies with an alternative bend, Video Watchdog is the magazine for you! Each 80-page issue is jam-packed with in-depth reviews of all the latest releases on VHS, DVD, and LaserDisc, including coverage of rare mail-order and import titles. Want to know if a new release is complete, correctly letterboxed, or otherwise worth your investment? Only Video Watchdog gives you the lowdown - regularly comparing new releases to earlier versions, and illustrating reviews with actual frame enlargements to show you what you're getting! And each issue is built around compelling feature articles about exciting releases, restored footage, lost classics, career interviews, and other essential reading! Now monthly! (Video Watchdog) Magazine, 80pg $6.50

The wrestling scene is hotter than ever and WOW will be there to cover all the action. Check out the hottest action photography and the most exciting coverage. WOW provides all event schedules and results, gossip, celebrity wrestlers, behind the scene action, and predictions of upcoming matches. WOW reveals personal interviews and exclusive photos. This is your complete source to the World of Wrestling. Monthly. (H&S Media, Inc.) Magazine, 164pg, FC, $6.99

WOW - World of Wrestling, the world's #1 independent wrestling magazine, is proud to present its new spin-off publication, Bill Apter's WOW X-tra! The first full-color, biweekly wrestling magazine on the market, WOW X-tra promises to deliver the extra, up-to-date information all wrestling fans need. It's the perfect tag team, WOW and WOW X-tra, the total package to keep readers on top of the world of wrestling. Bi-weekly. (H&S Media, Inc.)

X-TRA #115-Magazine, 84pg, FC $4.99

X-TRA #117-Magazine, 84pg, FC $4.99

X-TRA #119-Magazine, 84pg, FC $4.99

X-TRA #121-Magazine, 84pg, FC $4.99

The world's longest-running Twin Peaks magazine continues its coverage of the ground-breaking series, plus current projects by David Lynch, Mark Frost, and the actors! Plus, The X-Files, and the usual letters and news updates about all things Lynchian! (Win-Mill Productions) Magazine, b&w $4.50

The official magazine of the WWF for anyone who can smell what The Rock is cooking! Want the latest scoop on Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, and all of your favorite WWF superstars? The background on the hottest feuds? An update of WWF news, tours, and merchandise? Then turn to the WWF, your pipeline to the World Wrestling Federation. (Kable News Company) Magazine, FC $4.99

Exploring the rawer side of the WWF! Featuring the stunts they can't show on TV, backstage info on the wrestlers, pin-ups of stars like The Undertaker, Mankind, and HHH, plus bonus provocative pin-ups of the ladies of wrestling. Hey, why should wrestlers get all the posters? So are you man enough for Raw? Officially licensed by the WWF - and that's the bottom line! (Kable News Company) MATURE READERS Magazine, FC $3.99

How can we possibly follow up last months' exclusive interview with Lucy Lawless? Simple - who else could follow Xena, but Gabrielle? That's why this month we're bringing you an exclusive interview with the other half of the best partnership in ancient Greece, Renee O'Connor. We explore her journey from long haired blood innocent bard, to the cropped Queen of the Amazons and warrior extraordinaire, plus we get the lowdown on the future of Xena and Gabby after the season ends (rumor has it that there is one!). We've also got Emily Skopov, Xena staff writer, to reveal all her penning secrets and give us the insight into what it's like to write an adventure in the Xenaverse. There's also the first in our new series giving you a behind-the-scenes glimpse of favorite episodes. This issue we examine Lyre, Lyre, Hearts on Fire, bringing you crew notes, fascinating facts and episode information. Plus, we've got all the exclusive info and set reports you've come to expect! (Titan)

NEWSSTAND ED.-Magazine, 68pg, FC $5.99

PREVIEWS EXCLUSIVE-Magazine, 68pg, FC $5.99

Interviews, features, and news from the world of fantastic movies and TV, including Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Stargate SG-1, The Pretender, Xena: Warrior Princess, and The X-Files. Plus, all the latest movies and TV episodes reviewed. (Visual Imagination) Magazine $5.99

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