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BIDDER NAME: Digital Resources Group, LLC


  1. The Written RFR Response must be submitted using this “RFR Response Template” as posted on the “Forms & Terms” Tab of Comm-PASS. This Template is being used so that all Responses appear uniform and consistent for selection purposes and to enable posting on Comm-PASS once selection is completed.

  2. This WORD document must be used and may not be altered, reformatted or changed in any way or the Response will be subject to rejection.

  3. Bidders must enter, or copy and paste information into the spaces provided for each question. The space will expand to accommodate the data entered. The Bidder may open the “footer” and add the Bidder’s Name to print on each page of the Response.

  4. Bidders may not refer to outside attachments for key information related to answering the questions unless the Attachment is one of the Required Attachments for the RFR Response or is an attachment that must be completed as specified under the “Forms and Terms” tab for this RFR on Comm-PASS.

  5. Each item must be addressed specifically by entering information in the required space. If an item is inapplicable, the Response must indicate "N/A" or “Not applicable” or other appropriate explanation.

  6. Bidders are responsible for reviewing the “Forms & Terms” tab under this RFR in Comm-PASS for all the listed specifications and the required Forms that must be submitted with the RFR Response (in order to be considered for selection) or upon contract award and execution. Failure to submit the required Forms with the RFR Response, as specified, will be considered sufficient grounds for rejection of the Bidders Response.

Submission Of Responses

Number Of Copies Of Responses

  1. (1) One Original hard copy of the Response. All Attachments with original signatures must be included with the Original.

  2. (2) Two Photocopies of the Response, including attachments.

  3. (10) Twelve CDs each with a copy of the entire Response (attachments do not have to be included).

Format Of Hard Copy Responses:

  1. Bidders must submit RFR Response using the WORD document “RFR Response Template” posted on Comm-PASS using a standard (10 point or higher) font. See INSTRUCTIONS above.

  2. Printed hard paper copy format; 8½ x 11 paper. All Responses and copies should minimize or eliminate use of non-recyclable or non re-usable materials such as plastic report covers, plastic dividers, vinyl sleeves and GBC binding. Responses should be bound in such a way that allows easy access for copying and recycling of paper materials, such as 3-ring binders, folders clips or staples.

  3. All copies should be printed double sided.

  4. Submittals if possible should be printed on recycled paper with a minimum post-consumer content of 20% or on tree-free paper (i.e., paper made from raw materials other than trees, such as kenaf). Bids should note whether recycled paper or tree-free paper is being used.

  5. Marketing materials, samples, attachments or documents should not be submitted unless specifically requested in this RFR.

Deadline for Submission: Submit Responses by mail, hand delivery by the submission date listed in the RFR, or as amended, to:



c/o Eric Berman, Procurement Team Leader

Office of the Comptroller

One Ashburton Place – 9th Floor

Boston, MA 02108
Fax or electronic responses are not acceptable



A-1. Authorized Representative and RFR Contact. Please complete the information below for the Individual who is an Authorized Representative of the Bidder, who can legally bind the Bidder during the RFR Interview and subsequent negotiations, and who shall serve as the RFR Contact for any questions or communication necessary during the procurement.

Bidder Name: Digital Resources Group

Mailing Address:1710 S. Amphlett Blvd, Ste 112 , San Mateo, CA 94402

Authorized Representative/RFR Contact Name: Jim Cowing



Email Address:


A-2. INTRODUCTION: Please provide not to exceed 3 pages in length the Bidder's understanding of the request for response, the requirements of the work the firm is bidding on, the work to be performed and bid upon, and provide an overview summary of the Bidders' qualifications and experience to perform the work requested. Please reference if the Bidder is, or will intend to subcontract with or use resources from small, minority or women business owned entities.

Bidder’s Introduction:

DRG is proposing services to assist the Commonwealth in the following areas:

  1. Consulting services to identify and scope the requirements for PCI compliance as it relates to the Commonwealth, its agencies, merchants and services providers;

  2. Scanning services to meet the PCI scan requirements for those same entities, including scheduling, analysis of remediation, false positive reporting, and reporting of compliance to both a centralized Commonwealth entity as well as required reporting to Acquirer Banks and/or Card Brands (including AMEX and Discover).

  3. Education and training of all stakeholders in completion of the Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ).

  4. Review and determination of compliance of the SAQ submitted by each entity.

  5. Online access, monitoring and reporting on a centralized basis for all entities related to the SAQ and scan status.

See B-1 Firm Profile for an overview summary of DRG’s qualifications and experience to perform PCI and related security compliance and consulting service.

DRG is willing to, but at this time, does not intend to subcontract with or use resources from a small, minority or women business owned entity located in the Commonwealth of Mass.

A.3 Bidders are not authorized to condition execution of a contract with the Commonwealth upon the Commonwealth’s execution of a Bidder contract form, or require that other Bidder Terms and Conditions automatically apply to this contract. Any additional terms and conditions that the Bidder seeks to apply to this Contract must be specified below.


No additional terms and/or conditions will be required by Bidder (DRG) in order to execute a contract with the Commonwealth

A.4 It is expected that any legal review of the required contract forms and attachments will be done prior to submission of the RFR Response and that objections to any language in the RFR, RFR Response or attachments will not be raised after selection and during contract negotiations. Therefore, if the Bidder has any questions related to the interpretation of any language in the required forms or Attachments, these questions must be identified as part of the on-line forum for this RFR and may not be raised at a later date. Any issues or concerns with the language in the Contract forms or Attachments, or proposed additions or clarifications must be identified below, which will be evaluated as part of the selection process, and may not be raised after selection.

ANSWER: Our questions were not about the legal contractual forms but there were numerous questions related to the scope of work especially as it relates to the scan requirements and the anticipated process for SAQ education and agency report reviews. We anticipate such questions will be clarified in follow-up discussions with the Commonwealth.

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