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Greensboro ABC Board

Bids will be publicly opened: May 18th, 2015

Executive Office

Contract Type: Open Market or Agency Specific

Telephone No. 336-274-6304 ext. 107

Refer ALL Inquiries to: Ada M Blair- IT Manager


Using Agency Name: Greensboro ABC Board

(See page 6 for delivery instructions)

Agency Requisition No. 060115

Table of Contents

Section I. Introduction pg.4

  1. Background Information pg.4

  1. North Carolina- A Control State pg.4

  2. Our Mission pg.4

Section II. Bidding Information pg.4

  1. Instruction to Vendors pg.4

  1. Submission Requirements/ Offers and Acceptance/Execute pg.4

  2. Acceptance of Bid pg.5

  3. Delivery Instructions pg.5

  4. Basis for Rejection pg.6

  5. Notice to Vendors pg.6

  6. Late Proposals pg.6

  1. General Conditions of Proposal pg.7

  1. Read and Review pg.7

  2. Vendor Responsibility pg.7

  3. Oral Explanations pg.7

  4. Insufficiency of References to Other Data pg.7

  5. Contract Term pg.7

  6. Effective Date pg.7

  7. Rights Reserved pg.7

  8. Alternative Bids pg.7

  9. Co-Vendors pg.7

  10. Submitting a Proposal pg.8

  11. Non- Responsive Bids pg.8

  1. Evaluation Process pg.8

  1. Best Value pg.8

  2. Source Selection pg.8

  3. Best And Final Offer(BAFO) pg.9

  4. Evaluation Criteria pg.9

  5. Evaluation Method pg.9

  6. Schedule pg.9

  7. Award Of Contract pg.9

Section III. Technical Specifications pg.9

A. Hardware pg.10

B. Servers pg.10

C. Specialize Software pg.10

D. Firewall pg.10

E. Switches pg.10

F. Services Required pg.10

1. Initial Assessment pg.11

2. Point of Sale System (POS) pg.11

3. Desktop Application Support pg.11

4. Server and Workstation Administrative Services pg.12

5. Network Administration Services pg.12

6. Email, Security and Backup Efforts pg.12

7. Strategic Planning pg.12

8. Purchasing pg.12

9. Not Included pg.12

10. Statement of Work (SOW) pg.12

11. Technical Requirements Specifications. pg.12

Section IV. Cost Proposal pg.13

Section V. Other Requirements and Special Terms pg.13

  1. Disclosure of Litigation pg.14

  2. Confidentiality of Data and Information pg.14

  3. Project Management pg.14

  4. Meetings pg.14

  5. Unanticipated Task pg.14

Section VI. Proposal Content and Organization pg.15

Section VII. Contractual Terms and Conditions pg.16

North Carolina Office of Information Technology Supplemental Terms and Conditions for Software and Services pg.18

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