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Rolta India Pvt. Limited, (022) 29266666 extn 1963 (off)

EITS, Rolta Tower ‘A’, 6th Floor (+91) 9967691219 (mobile)

Rolta Technology Park, MIDC-Marol, Fax No: +91 (22) 28365992

Andheri (E), Mumbai – 400093, Maharashtra- INDIA.

OBJECTIVE: Highly motivated to attain self development, ready to undertake any challenges which may leverage my 8+years Satellite RS/GIS experience, Goal-oriented looking to obtain a position where my analytical and technical skills of Geology clubbed with RS and GIS may be used in a good working environment along with the touch of latest technologies and be a catalyst in the company’s growth.


  • Domain expertise in Microwave Remote Sensing (SAR Interferometry and Radargrammetry) including handling of various Radarsat, Envisat, SRTM data and monitoring of subsurface deformation.

  • DGPS data collection for surface monitoring in joint ISRO-DLR campaign and simultaneous processing has also been monitored by me during project tenure.

  • Optical data processing, visual interpretation and classification using ERDAS, PCI Geomatica and LPS on datasets like LISS-III, LISS-IV, IKONOS, QUICKBIRD, Cartosat-1 and aerial ortho photos.

  • Good experience in business analysis and product requirement analysis with expertise in end-to-end image processing software testing

  • Adept at problem solving and issue resolution capability (UAT issues), ability to manage and influence stakeholders and effectively manage multiple complex tasks simultaneously

  • Strong communication, Interpersonal and Client interfacing skills

  • Guest/ Invited Lectures in Universities/ National Symposia on Geospatial Technology.



Management Associate since 1st December 2007 – At present.

  • Working as Image Processing Domain Expert and Business Analyst in Image processing & Product development division on Rolta Imager, image processing product of Rolta as well as ACDS (Automatic Change Detection Suite)

  • Actively involved in product requirement analysis (SRS preparation) and documentation of nearly 60+ Image Processing Functional design, workflow definition, proposed GUIs along with additional child windows, pre-requisite conditions and inclusion of icon-based actions for software product Rolta Imager. Rolta Imager has various functionalities like Image Enhancement, File Conversion, Arithmetic Calculations based on image channels, Filter Operations, Mosaic Images and Files, Image registration, Extract particular portion of an image, Classification etc

  • Detailed critical end-to-end manual software product testing, acceptance testing and causal analysis of defect

  • Detailed workflow preparation for Image Change Detection and extensive testing in ACDS, Erdas 9.3, PCI 10.3 and FOX to analyze the changes

  • Detailed IP functionalities (both optical and microwave) comparison document between standard image processing softwares like ENVI 4.7, PCI Geomatica 10.3, Image Analyst and ERDAS Imagine 9.3

  • Detailed Acceptance testing of PCI data (6 datasets of Aerial, Ikonos, Quickbird and Ultracam) using PCI python scripts provided for analysis of color balancing along with seamlines

  • Imparting extensive lectures independently in individual classroom on various theoretical and practical aspects of Remote Sensing (RS), Digital Image Processing (DIP), Geographic Information System (GIS), Digital Photogrammetry, Utilities and Communications (U&C). Also Oracle 8i and Forms 6i training for handling utilities projects.

  • Handling master room class (dazy-chaining) on few select topics in RS & DIP and Photogrammetry.

  • Imparting corporate in-house practical training on Intergraph products (Image Analyst, Geomedia Professional), Bentley (Microstation V 7.1 & v.8), GTEC and SSK Photogrammetric suite (Z/I ISPM, ISAT, ISAE) softwares.

  • A series (3-4 lectures) of SAR Interferometry and Microwave Remote Sensing lecture prepared as required for the Rolta Thales/Defence division

  • Successfully coordinated AND project based training at ROLTA ACADEMY

  • Team member in handling USWEST (presently QWEST) Conversion Telecommunication project using customer provided landbase files in MicroStation design file format and telephone facilities raster files in ‘.tif’ format. Also team member for CPS Electrical project which involved mapping of transmission line, substation and distribution network and Louisville Gas and Electric GEMINI project, which involves the conversion of land, electric and gas facilities.

Symbiosis Institute of Geoinformatics (SIG), Pune

Lecturer 5th September 2006 – 30th November 2007.

Subjects taught:

• Advance Remote Sensing (Microwave, Hyperspectral and Lidar)

• Geosciences, Image Interpretation and Image Processing,

• Photogrammetry and Global Positioning System (GPS).

• Plus provided extensive guidance to 25+ students undergoing summer project at various institutes and GIS-based industries.

• Topics guided on include ‘Data integration and fusion of optical with microwave for change detection analysis’, ‘River Migration monitoring’, ‘Extraction of aquatic plants using various image classification norms’, etc

• Guest faculty at Military Engineering College, Pune on ‘Basics of RS’ for a span of 15 days.
Space Applications Centre, ISRO, Ahmedabad

Junior and Senior Research Fellow (CSIR) 10th May 2002 – 30th August 2006.

  • More than four and half years of research experience at SPACE APPLICATIONS CENTRE (SAC), Ahmedabad, in optical and microwave remote sensing data processing including expertise in SAR processing (SAR Interferometry) and Digital Photogrammetry. Handled Radarsat and Envisat, ERS-1/2 and SRTM data during work tenure

  • Skilful and practical experience in GPS and DGPS handling, data acquisition and data processing using Trimble Geomatics Office (TGO), Leica SKI-PRO software and TOPCON Positioning Systems.

  • Carried out extensive GPS field campaign in Gujarat and Jharia coalfield area during joint ISRO-DLR flight in September 2004. Undertook one week GPS campaign in an around Ahmedabad for Quickbird data validation with Image Processing group of ISRO

  • Good exposure to the various microwave remote sensing data processing software like ATLANTIS, SARSCAPE and DORIS (a product of Delft Institute of Technology, Netherlands), as well as SACDEM (an ISRO package for photogrammetry) and LPS along with GIS package handling (ArcGIS, ArcView and ArcInfo).

  • Extensive surface and sub-surface deformation related studies in Kachchh and Jharia coal-field belt using comparison study of ERS-1/2 and Radarsat data, LISS-IV MX supported by DGPS field survey.

  • Developed skills in visual interpretation of satellite imageries like merged product of IRS-1C LISS-III and PAN data as well as IRS-P6 (LISS-IV MX) using ERDAS IMAGINE especially for geological and geomorphological studies.

  • Detailed 7-8 thematic layer generation exclusively in ArcGIS environment. Using AHP method, finally created a detailed post-quake macrozonation map of Kachchh region.

  • Geomatics in Earthquake Mitigation – a review was published

  • Presented paper in International Workshop on Earth System processes related to Gujarat earthquake using Space Technology, 27-29 January, 2003, IIT Kanpur.

Scholastic Achievement

  • Fellowship for Research and eligibility for lectureship awarded by joint CSIR-UGC, July 2001.

  • National Scholarships Scheme, 1998, for securing 1st class marks in B.Sc Examinations.

  • TOEFL/TWI Score 280/6.0 (computer-based).

Professional Training




ERDAS Imagine 8.6

Remote Sensing data processing software

One Week

ENVI 4.0

Remote Sensing data processing software

Two days

Trimble GPS 5700

Global Positioning System

Two days

JEP-Microwave training at IIRS Dehradun

Microwave training for RISAT data processing – basics and applications in Geology and Terrain Analysis

15 days

Academic Qualification

Topic of PhD Research: Seismic Hazard Zonation of Kachchh Region Using Remote Sensing (RS) and Geographic Information System (GIS)”.



University / Board

% marks / grade

Ph. D. (Geology)


Department of Geology, University of Pune (Pune).



(Petroleum Exploration)


Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad.

4.77 OGPA~96%

(Gold Medalist)

M.Sc. (Applied Geology)


University of Roorkee, Roorkee (now IIT Roorkee).

74.5 %

B.Sc (Hons) Geology


University of Burdwan (W.B)

62.5 %

12th (A.I.S.S.C.E.)


C.B.S.E. Board

74 %

10th (I.C.S.E)


I.S.C.E Board

81 %

Software proficiency


Area of skills

Operating system

WINDOWS 95/98/2000/Me/XP/Vista, UNIX, AIX 4.3 & IRIX 6.4


Pascal, C, C++, Oracle 8.0, HTML and Visual Basic


Analytical Software

ERDAS IMAGINE 9.3, PCI Geomatica 10.3, FOX, Arc GIS 9.1 and Arc View, Envi 4.1, ATLANTIS, DORIS 3.14., SARDA, SACDEM, Grapher, Surfer and MSOffice 97, 2000., Microstation V7.1 & V8, Geomedia Professional 6.0, Image Analyst, SSK Photogrammetric suite.

Machines Operated

IBM ESCALA power PC, SGI (Octane O2, INDY), DELL & SUN Solaris.

Computer Courses

  • Internet Awareness & Web Page Creation from STEP, University of Roorkee.

  • Training Course on Programming in C++ from NIIT COMPUTERS, Roorkee.

  • Training Course on Programming in Oracle 8.0 and Visual Basic from SSI, Dhanbad.

Extra Curricular Activities

  • Certificate holder in intra-school and intra-college for football, cricket, billiards & athletics.

  • Captain of athletics team, Ganga Bhawan, Roorkee and Department of Earth Sciences, U.O.R.

  • Life Member of Indian Society of Remote Sensing-Mumbai Chapter (ISRS)

  • Life Member of Indian Society of Geomatics (ISG)

  • Member of Youth Hostels Association of India.

  • 5th year degree holder in Art & Decoration & Painting.

  • 3rd year degree holder in Instrumentation (Tabla).

Research Publication Details :-

  • Banerjee Ramanuj, Devendra Kumar., Mohanty, K.K. and Nayak Shailesh, Geomatics in Earthquake Mitigation, /nhmeq0012.htm.

  • Banerjee Ramanuj, Bahuguna, I.M., and Nayak, S.R., 2004. Extraction of Geological Features from IRS-1D Pan Stereo data for a gently sloping and low relief terrain (communicated to IJRS)

  • Banerjee R, Bahuguna, I.M. and Nayak S.R., 2006. Analysis of DEMs from across track stereo pairs for a part of Kachchh region, Proceedings of ISPRS Commission IV Symposium on “Geospatial Databases for Sustainable Development”, IAPR & SIS, Vol.36, Part 4, pg 532-536, 27-30 Sept, Goa, India, 2006.

  • Mohanty, K.K., Maiti, K., Gupta. P., Banerjee Ramanuj and Nayak, S.R., 2003. Seismo-Tectonics and Hazard Zonation Study of Kachchh, International Workshop on Earth System Processes Related to Gujarat earthquake using Space Technology, 27-29 January, 2003, IIT Kanpur, 107-108.

  • Banerjee Ramanuj, Bahuguna, I.M. and Nayak Shailesh. Analysis of DEMs from across track stereo pairs for a part of Kachchh region, Abstract accepted for ISPRS Commission IV Symposium, Goa, India, September 27-30, 2006. (

  • Banerjee Ramanuj, Mohanty, K.K and Nayak, S.R., 2005. Seismo-tectonics study of Bhuj-Bhachau sector of Kachchh – A Remote Sensing Perspective (accepted in Photonirvachak)

  • Devendra Kumar, Ramanuj Banerjee, K.K. Mohanty and S. R. Nayak., 2003. Geological studies and delineation of geomorphic changes in and around Jharia Coalfield – Using merged IRS-1C LISS-III and PAN data, Proceedings ISRS symposium, Dec. 2003, Thiruvananthpuram).

  • Devendra Kumar, Banerjee Ramanuj, Mohanty, K.K. and Nayak, S.R., 2003. Accuracy Assessment of Interferometric DEM and its Application in Drainage Analysis (communicated to Photonirvachak)


K.K. Mohanty, Devendra Kumar, Ramanuj Banerjee and R.P. Prajapati, 2005. Validating Differential Synthetic Aperture Radar Interferometric (DInSAR) Measurements Using GPS, Scientific Report SAC/RESIPA/MWRG/ESHD/SR/29/2005

  • Seminar delivered (Post Graduate): Planktonic Foraminifera and its utility in Palaeoceanographic Interpretation.

  • M.Tech Dissertation Topic: Analysis of Depositional Architecture in Parts of Shoal Area of Gulf of Cambay, Gujarat. Work carried out jointly at ISM, Dhanbad and ONGC Dehradun.


Father’s Name : Late Dr. Ramgati Banerjee

Mother’s Name : Mrs. Manimala Banerjee

Sex : Male

Date of Birth : 14th November, 1976

Nationality : Indian

Languages known: Hindi, Bengali & English

PAN Card No : AHSPB5375L

Marital Status : Married

Passport Details : A9499645
Professional References
1. Dr. Shailesh R Nayak 2. Dr. B.B.Bhattacharya

Secretary, Ministry of Earth Sciences, Senior Scientist

Govt. of India, (Ex-Director, ISM),

Block – 12, CGO Complex Lodhi Road, S.N.Bose National Centre for

New Delhi - 110003. Basic Sciences, Salt Lake Phone. +91 (11) 24360874/24362548 Kolkata —700098 (West Bengal). Email:-

3. Dr. (Mrs) Jyoti Sarup 4. Dr. T.J. Majumdar

Sr. Manager, Sci/Engr 'G',


Rolta India Pvt Ltd., Space Applications Centre

Rolta Technology Park, Indian Space Research Organization

MIDC-MAROL, Andheri (E) Ahmedabad - 380015 (Gujarat).

Mumbai – 400093 Ph. +91 (79) 26914304

Ph. +91 9322611860 Email:


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