This is a mod catalog for the game 3d custom Girl(3dカスタム少女), and is an attempt to catalog as many mods in existence for the game as possible. It is a work in

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NameThis is a mod catalog for the game 3d custom Girl(3dカスタム少女), and is an attempt to catalog as many mods in existence for the game as possible. It is a work in
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Futaba Temporary Uploader(tim)

tim0001-5 Heavy saves or images
tim0006 A(camera?) effect somehow having to do with peeping? Untested
tim0007 Effect -- Video camera(switch to it with e?)
tim0008 Arin from Pangya
tim0009 Update to Arin from Pangya? Made a few hours later
tim0010-17 Heavy saves or other images
tim0018 Update to camera effect from tim0007
tim0020 .tso model containing a bridal hood
tim0021 .tso model containing a.... bridal kerchief?
tim0022 Hard save or other image file
tim0023 Save of a normal-looking short-haired girl with short jeans
tim0025 Alters pose mode bgm
tim0026 A pair of baggy military camo pants. (TAC0700 has more colors/patterns)
tim0030 7 poses(male-only poses included), intended to be grouped together for a 7-some.
tim0031 pulled-back hair(flat texture), with a bonus hair band.
tim0032 Nanoha weapons/items: a large broadsword, some rollerskates, and armored gloves/knuckles.
tim0033 Front hair. Pullback hair with small bobs of hair in the front
tim0035 School chairs. Ropes attached on two
tim0036 Guro set, contains models with their limbs cut off at varying points
tim0037 Sushi; a male mod that replaces the male with a stick of sushi included
tim0038 Several sailor shirts with matching long and short skirts
tim0039 Turns male to skeleton
tim0040 A rocking horse
tim0041 The stand with a hole through the middle that's often seen in Japanese bathrooms
tim0042 Minotaur male mod
tim0043 Traffic cones
tim0045 Male mod, changes male to marlin fish
tim0046 Male mod, changes male to demon
tim0047 Male mod, changes male to bear
tim0048 Male mod, changes male to strange looking hamster
tim0049 Seems to be a bunch of cards or effect-like items?
tim0050 Test tiara/crown
tim0051 Glossy hair for Tamaki from TH2, untested
tim0052 Three hard saves; can't identify characters
tim0053 "Pachiten"/patiten; some kind of sailor-ish long shirt with two cherry objects in front. Apparently from a series called "Twin Angel"
tim0054 Fight ring
tim0055 Male mod; turns male into pike fish
tim0056 Male mod; turns male into Special Ops agent
tim0057 Male mod; turns male into Special Ops agent, tailored for/with Kazan
tim0058 Male mod; turns male into minotaur skeleton
tim0060 Iron maiden
tim0061 Male mod pack containing both skeleton and minotaur skeleton
tim0062 "n568 school"; normal looking school map? looks like the default one, chairs arranged
tim0063 Hard save with a blonde haired girl with an "Antec" headband and computer fans for hairpins, some kind of strange picture of a guy, and a computer tower.
tim0064 Long muffler(scarf)
tim0065 Male mod, turns male into Asimo robot
tim0067 Hard save, Zange from Kannagi
tim0068 Scene save; skunk boy fucking a blonde haired girl?
tim0069 Male mod, changes male to scorpion
tim0070 Mithra ears from FF11
tim0071 Female police officer outfit; old-style police?
tim0072 Heavy saves with maids, one with blue skin; entitled "doragon"
tim0073 "iretaisougi"; physical education shirts(bloomer shirts), but not sure what's different about them from normal ones. untested
tim0074 Male mod, see-thru man
tim0075 Custom Girl tank
tim0077 Custom Girl tanks again
tim0078 Update to tim0053? "Patiten" mod, contains magical girl-like outfits for "Aoi" and "Haruka". Apparently from a series called "Twin Angel"
tim0079 Contains a hardsave for a special ops girl much like the special ops man in an earlier tim zip file
tim0080 Contains a hardsave; Saku-test, some kind of robot looking thing I should probably know about
tim0081 Custom Girl tanks again; looks a little better this time
tim0082 "Aozai"; white chinese dress. Chinese(female?) Doctor's garb?
tim0083 Custom Girl tanks again... set D
tim0084 Robot dog girl with a pose that has it assembled; works with poses since every body part of the dog is a different joint of the girl
tim0085 Bamboo balance-pipe fountain
tim0086 Dragon Quest outfit with a male mod of a guy with a cape+attached full head hood with only eyes revealed, wearing nothing else but boots and a near-speedo
tim0087 Wedding ring; "helps with that mourning look"
tim0088 Custom Girl tanks set E
tim0090 Changes TDCG loading screen to another picture, and contains omake placard items with the TDCG logo. Untested
tim0091 Seems to have been made to test fur... also contains really thick pubic hair
tim0093 Crossbow, one for each hand?
tim0095 Hard saves... seem to be staves. Untested.
tim0096 A grav mode of some sort with a hard save of a body that looks like the Monolith body
tim0097 tso2toy alpha r5
tim0098 Hard saves of the cardboard box character
tim0099 More Saku robot hardsaves; two colors this time
tim0101 Passworded files, but they appear to be gun hard saves; it appears that "custom" is not the password
tim0102 Gun saves, this time not passworded
tim0103 Male mod; replaces male with torpedo? untested
tim0110 Replaces male with vibrator
tim0112 Yami from TLR, a short, curved ponytail hairstyle, and a hard save of a girl I don't recognize(folder name is Shadowlady_mod)
tim0122 Fancy underwear; from AG3?
tim0129 10 or so different hairband
tim0130 Reup of Yami from TLR/Shadowlady_mod? Can't see any changes, file sizes and dates are the same
tim0131 Ninja weapons. Shuriken, for one
tim0132 Unique hair bands, includes a pineapple and demon hair band amongst other variations
tim0133 More hair bands
tim0136 Assault set A
tim0137 Assault set B
tim0138 Assault set C
tim0138 Assault set D
tim0140 Assault set E
tim0140 BG Shinto Alter
tim0168 BG Pro Wrestling ring, Pro Wrestling ring item, ring mats
tim0186 Male mod; turns male into marlin fish
tim0243 Gymnastics top
tim0309 Pills
tim0316 Body wrapping? Paint? Color that wraps around the body in a somewhat unordered fashion.
tim0322 A hammer-type weapon. More like a morning star, really.
tim0323 TDCG manga/SS collection.
tim0325 TDCG manga/SS collection. [some sort of futa sentai/masked heroine squad?]
tim0327 A shower hat.
tim0329 BG; School music room ala K-on!. Appears to be the same music room as tim0734. Same file, size, and creation date.
tim0332 Same file as tim0329. Reup?
tim0336 TDCG manga/SS collection. [continuation/redo with text of futa squad manga in tim0325, plus short with alt-form Summon Night 3 Aty]
tim0351 Item; appears to be one of those futuristic anti-gravity flying skateboards. There's a pose to go along with it.
tim0360 A bunch of different hard saves. Nothing particularly bad and it contains some things like a gundam helmet, but overall the girls just look outdated at this point.
tim0361 Chains designed to suspend a character's arms to a wall.
tim0362 BG; Shopping mall.
tim0366 TDCG manga/SS collection. Contains two pose files as well. [some sort of high school girl slave auction]
tim0368 "White fairy." Two scene saves of a girl getting raped(?) by fairies.
tim0372 Hard save of a mecha-suit girl and a few gif animations to go along with her. [more futa sentai squad manga]
tim0379 TDCG manga/SS collection. Continuation of tim0366, and also contains pose files. [scat]
tim0380 A few SSes and a hard save(demon girl). The guy apparently saw fit to name his hard save "system.tdcgsav", so I suggest renaming it.
tim0384 D-category hair that's intended to mimic Saya from Saya no Uta's ear-like hair tufts.
tim0387 A flaccid penis intended for futa, dubbed the N403 penis.
tim0389 A skintight suit. Appears to have some kind of relation to Gundam; physalis?
tim0391 An update to the N403 penis including more colors.
tim0392 Another update to the N403 penis.
tim0395 A bunch of hard saves of demon eyes.
tim0399 A toolset with a screwdriver. Comes with an omake that seems to be some kind of weird gadget belt, a sword, gun, and what looks like a card reader.
tim0401 Same as tim0399.
tim0549 Room with a walkway on an upper level with chairs and a stage. Meeting hall?
tim0550 "Magical cane with evil properties." A cane that has a skeleton hand at the end grasping an orb. Looks like it may be a reference to something.
tim0551 The Japanese type of loincloth strip called a "fundoshi."
tim0552 Some kind of Japanese cylindrical doll that looks like a Matryoshka called "Mingei Kokeshi" for the hand-held items slot and/or as a male mod.
tim0553 A bunch of different types of food and utensils.
tim0554 Eggplants as an item and male mod
tim0556 A space shuttle launcher platform and a figure stand. The space shuttle/platform appears to be movable using the girl's bones. Also contains a pose.
tim0557 Three heavy saves; a girl and(seemingly) "super futa" forms of the girl and her sister. The super ones are old versions(see tim0605).
tim0558 "Chapa's weapon set." Contains a bunch of weapons as tso files, some medieval-ish and some modern guns. They look pretty good.
tim0559 Papers for a paper delivery girl as hard saves.
tim0560 TDCG manga/SS collections.[some futa]
tim0561 Hard saves of a brawler type girl. Old versions.
tim0562 A rerelease of the figure stand in tim0556 along with some interesting wings.
tim0565 Multiple hard saves of some plain looking girls and what appears to be their super sentai forms.
tim0567 Color variations of the fundoshi, presumably from the same modeller of the one in tim0551.
tim0568 Color variations of for the upper wear for the fundoshi in tim0551. According to the note, these fundoshi-related mods(this and tim0567) are alterations of the mod XPC00667.
tim0571 A number of different colors for a pumpkin head mod for category P.
tim0572 A number of hard saves for seemingly random characters. Mostly old versions, I believe there are some unique to this pack, however(at least they've got different file names).
tim0574 About 6 hard saves, mostly of girls in high leg swimsuits.
tim0575 More random-seeming hard saves.
tim0576 Two random hard saves and an accompanying ss.
tim0579 Lots of poses. They all appear to be based off that Futaba high-leg swimsuit meme where the girl takes a stiff squat-like pose with her hands pointing below her crotch. Can't say I understand the meme.
tim0580 TDCG manga/SS collections. [continuation/expansion of tim0560]
tim0581 Several pose files. Seems like they need to be renamed to be used as they don't end with .tdcgpose.png.
tim0584 More of the girls in tim0572. Still old versions. Once again, there are some that have different file names, I haven't checked to see if they are actually new or not.
tim0586 A red(fighting?) robot. Looks pretty well done. [composed of multiple red bikes]
tim0587 These appear to be window frame items which cause clothing viewed through them to become transparent. There's no readme file, so I'm not sure if it works with all clothing or not. Different frames may work for different types of clothing(they appear on multiple item categories) or have different transparency levels; I've tested and at least one only seems to work with full body garments and another works with both full body and upper body garments.
tim0591 An acoustic guitar, apparently designed after the Yamaha brand.
tim0596 High heel shoes.
tim0597 Four hard saves of someone's seemingly OC character(Filis Eizel?). Possibly old versions.
tim0599 Test curse-marks. Some are just dirty markings, it seems(such as "pig.")
tim0602 "Lady"(Ojou) set. Three hard saves of random-looking characters.
tim0603 Two hard saves and some accompanying sses. One has a cape.
tim0604 Seems like penis mods which are colored to match the shiny highleg swimsuit set.
tim0605 "Metallic mask sisters"; these are two hard saves, same as the ones in tim0557.
tim0607 Shiny full body jumpsuits. These match with tim0604. These appear to be old versions.
tim0609 Semen splatterings which match the color of the suits in tim0607.
tim0610 TDCG manga/SS collections. There are two videos which are essentially gifs. Appears to show the past few tim mods(0604-0609) put to use.
tim0611. More highleg swimsuit stuff. Appears to be a modification of mod0276; the author says that mod0276 is required and to install it before installing this.

tim0612 Flintlock model handgun. Looks pretty good. If this is an actual model maybe somebody can ID it.
tim0615 Two hard saves of girls from one of the SS collections. Pretty plain.
tim0619 TDCG manga/SS collections. Titled "Fox Bullying." [futa]
tim0620 TDCG manga/SS collections. [shota, scat]
tim0625 A modified version of the coat in TAC2236, which it requires according to the modder. Very shiny, looks metallic, and has a metallic blue glow to the back. I don't think the effects that were added look very good, but the coat itself looks nice.
tim0629 A transparent shield and blade made for custom girl(they have TDCG logos on them).
tim0630 "Jien Driver," or "samefag driver,"(joke name) a futuristic looking pistol.
tim0631 Some kind of red warlord helmet. Looks like a reference to something, but I'm not sure.
tim0635 Yakunaka Fusuko, seems like an OC. Two hard saves; one has star nipple pasties.
tim0637 An update to the Jien Driver weapon in tim0630.
tim0640 Another update to the Jien Driver weapon in tim0630.
tim0641 TDCG manga/ss collection and hard saves of the brawler-looking girl mentioned in other files. I believe her name is Ayo. There's also another girl who's wearing a trenchcoat whose design(not sure about the texture) doesn't look bad.
tim0642 Seems to be a complete collection of the shiny highleg swimsuit mods starting with
tim0604. Includes a full body jumpsuit, mask, penis, and... dick nipples? All shiny with the same

colors as the swimsuits.
tim0643 A retexture of the default full-body nurse outfit.
tim0644 BG; A stage with a rainbow-colored grid and moving illumination.
tim0646 Hand-held school swimsuit
tim0649 Two hard saves, one of a normal blonde schoolgirl and the other of her in an Ultraman-like suit.
tim0650 Two hard saves, described only "Shin TS Red and Black."
tim0653 Looks like an old version of the ZSS characters in tim0972.
tim0654 BG; appears to be a weapons storage room. The readme warns that if you use this mod, it will override(not overwrite) the gym stage.
tim0655 A fix for the BG storage room stage. You should be able to fix it by opening up the stage tah(BG.tah by default) in TDCGExplorer, renaming all files that start with sc45500 to sc45510, writing out the entire tah, and then pasting the icon and tbn in tim0655 into the appropriate folders(you'd might as well delete the ones that were there originally as well).
tim0656 BG; weapon storage room 2
tim0658 Retexture for the school swimsuit.
tim0659 Two hard saves of someone's OC.
tim0660 Two hard saves fo dick nipples.
tim0661 More hard saves and SS collections of Ayo , the brawler-looking girl in tim0641, along with the trenchcoat girl.
tim0662 Repost of the futa in tim0557(and later ones).
tim0664 Two hard saves of a white-haired girl in black/red clothing.
tim0667 Four hard saves, two are the character from tim0659.
tim0669 Two more hard saves of the girls in tim0662, this time pregnant.
tim0670 Tights with a bit of a grainy texture that sort of resembles netting(but isn't netting). Various colors.
tim0671 Pulled-up default sailor sweaters.
tim0673 TDCG manga/ss collection. [scat]
tim0675 Two hard saves of a white-haired girl in black/red clothing. Same as tim0664.
tim0677 TDCG manga/ss collection featuring the futanari from tim0662.
tim0678 Update to the hard saves from tim0667.
tim0679 A lot of tights meant for use with highleg swimsuits.
tim0681 More hard saves of the futanari from tim0662.
tim0682 tso2toy r3 and r5. I highly suspect there are more recent versions.
tim0683 Two hard saves of a Mecha-girl and one pose save. He names this girl Ji-kurinde(Jiikurinde) in later files.
tim0684 Five or so hard saves of various random girls. One looks like Ayo from previous files?
tim0686 TDCG manga/SS collections. [loli flashback]
tim0687 Hard saves featuring the girl(s) in tim0686.
tim0688 Four screenshots.
tim0689 Versions of the shiny highleg swimsuits with holes in convenient places(such as the nipples and crotch). Produced an error in my TDCGExplorer for whatever reason, but it worked in-game(although the ones with heart-shaped holes seemed to have broken icons.
tim0692 TDCG manga/SS collections. Seems like shota rape.
tim0695 Two hard saves of a blonde haired girl. Fairly good-looking character, has a frilly skirt some may not have. Her name appears to translate to Knight of the Lakeshore, Merial(or some permutation of that)[湖畔の騎士メリアル, kohan no kishi meriaru)
tim0698 Two hard saves of a futa demon, and a new color for a penis mod as an omake.
tim0699 Four hard saves of the girl from tim0662.
tim0702 Some cash cases(like the ones you see used to exchange goods/cash in crime movies).
tim0703 Six hard saves; three girls and versions of them with dicks. One has a back garment with the head of that one male wolf mod, fairly interesting characters overall.
tim0706 Two hard saves+pose file of the girl from tim0683.
tim0707 Hard save of a demon girl, the one from tim0698 but without a penis.
tim0709 Animation for the high leg swimsuit Futaba meme.
tim0710 TDCG manga/ss collection. [continuation of tim0673]
tim0712 Several pose files and a movie showing what it looks like when you animate them together using TMOComposer(or a similar program). It's for a girl holding out her sword and then sheathing it. Doesn't look half bad, but you'd have to put them together yourself.
tim0713 Three more poses which look suitable for animating.
tim0715 Three hard saves of the girls from tim0703.
tim0717 TDCG manga/SS collection. Contains... uh... dick scat.
tim0720 TDCG manga/SS collection of two lesbians in a nurse room.
tim0721 The same six hard saves as tim0703; three girls and versions of them with dicks.
tim0722 Hard save of a blonde girl. Looks pretty good from the thumbnail, reminds me a lot of the character in tim0695.
tim0724 Scene save collection of copyrighted characters.
tim0730 TDCG manga/SS collection.
tim0732 Back hairstyle; short side ponytail, like Misty from Pokemon. Also contains a hard save of her.
tim0734 Appears to be the a music room in a school. From "K-on!"? I know the person who made a K-on mode for sale used this room to take his screenshots.
tim0739 Hard save of a blonde girl in armor with a lance.
tim0741 Two hard saves of a girl, one with white hair and a magical girl cane. Also a good frilly upper garment.
tim0743 Retexture of the gym shirt.
tim0744 Hard save of a girl; "gedolf."(ゲドルフ)
tim0748 A nurse uniform with the front lifted up; apparently designed for futanari, but could be

used for more general purposes.
tim0749 Magic effects as items; old version.
tim0750 TDCG manga/SS collection. [some futa]
tim0754 Retexture of the China suit.
tim0755 A set of high-leg swimsuits. Shiny.
tim0761 Three hard saves of futanari characters. Blond. One is a demon.
tim0769 Appears to be an mqo file for somebody's first attempt at a mod. I don't know what they

are for sure, but oneis titled "can." The other is titled "kongou."
tim0770 TDCG manga/SS collection. Textless. Slightly torture related.
tim0772 More textless TDCG manga. Has about 6 hard saves of the characters in the manga as well, but they are fairly basic except for one. Titled "Maidley(meidorei)". [futa]
tim0773 Contains three hards saves. The characters appear to have cat ears or hair that is designed to appear like cat ears.
tim0776 Textless tdcg manga entitled "Hennou cable." "Hennou" is short for hentai sennou, I believe, or loosely translated "brainwashing someone to be perverted." [some futa at the end]
tim0778 More textless tdcg manga, this time with some pose saves attached of a brawler-looking brown-skinned girl. Titled "Ayorisu."
tim0779 More textless hennou manga. [now with text!]
tim0788 Contains some colored penises and semen used in the hennou manga in tim0776 as tah files.
tim0789 Contains a mod file of full-body jumpsuits that are shiny. Various colors.
tim0792 Two tah files containing many sound files. I'm not sure what all they contain for sure(difficult to test at best), but they do contain alternative music to TDCG's normal music. The voice of the girl is also replaced. I suspect this has something to do with Card Captor Sakura, but I'm not sure.
tim0797 Lesbian TDCG manga/SS collection, textless.
tim0801 TDCG manga/SS collections. [futa schoolgirls in the nurse's office]
tim0803 According to the readme, it appears to be some kind of flash file in an EXE. Seems like it's a movie. I'm not testing it. Untested
tim0804 Contains a body mod with a gigantic stomach and a huge, gaping, open vagina. Judging by the background folder inside of it, it's intended for use for a pixie fucking fetish(the ones where a normal-sized man fucks a tiny girl when his penis is about the size of her entire body).
tim0806 TDCG manga/SS collections. [girl's basketball team]
tim0808 TDCG manga/SS collections. [funny]
tim0815 TDCG manga/SS collections.[weird stuff that goes on in the kitchen]
tim0816 Scene save collection of copyrighted characters.
tim0817 Metallic(I.e. shiny) full body jumpsuits. Appears to be an updated version of tim0789.
tim0818 A bunch of scene saves involving wrestling scenes. I don't see anything rare(or anything even uncommon) in any of them.
tim0825 TDCG manga/SS collections. [compiles previous chapters of tim0673, now with text]
tim0834 TDCG manga/SS collections. Very guro and torture-oriented(probably the most I have scene so far).
tim0835 Code Geass set. Contains C.C. in her original costume(the white one), Kallen in her fighting outfit(the brown and red one), and Shirley in a school swimsuit. Also contains a starting attempt at Zero's outfit. The mods are fairly well done and unique, I believe they are Ocean Works' stuff.
tim0838 TDCG manga/SS collections of a weird, creepy looking loli. I had to actually look at all of these, they look so weird/poorly done that they're funny. Some torture is involved.
tim0845 Color variations of leotards.
tim0847 Bodies with perfectly round, distinctly solid-colored nipples like you might see in some hentai(as in, the nipples do not blend in with the surrounding skin at all). They do not come as tah files, you have to pack them yourself.
tim0849 TDCG manga/SS collections. [some earlier beach girl/shota action]
tim0851 TDCG manga/SS collections. [accidentally spying in gym equipment room]
tim0855 A fuzzy leotard as a tah. Kind of weird looking(at least in the preview SS), but well done I suspose.
tim0862 TDCG manga/SS collections. 300 pages or so. [looks like a re-up of tim0825]
tim0863 About 6 character hard saves of characters, some of which are used in TDCG manga which I have seen in other tim files. The hard saves themselves are also located in other tim files, and I believe they are older versions.
tim0869 Contains a scene save of a girl who is apparently from Touhou. Toramaru Sei? Planet Toramaru? Has a tiger tail and skirt, floating shawl, lance, pot. I think her mods are all unique.
tim0873 "Murasaki." Contains about 5 hard saves of a black-haired girl in various outfits. One has a gothic lolita dress I don't think I've seen before.
tim0883 TDCG manga/SS collections. [vs demon girl, futa]
tim0885 Two vaguely android-looking hard saves. They just have robot parts equipped, but seem normal other wise.
tim0888 TDCG game entitled "Suimin Kaizou Shoujo", or "Hypnotic Reconstruction Girl."
tim0903 TDCG game entitled "Ane to Otouto", or "Big Sis and Little Brother". Newer version in tim0926? Untested.
tim0905 Contains hard saves of a lot of things I'm not sure I recognize but I am fairly sure are from Final Fantasy. Mog, dragons, etc. The folder is "Areku san da," and obvious pun on "Alexander."
tim0906 TDCG manga/SS collections. Guro.
tim0907 TDCG manga/SS collections. [futa]
tim0908 Scene save collection of copyrighted characters.
tim0915 "Ji-kurinde." Three hard saves of a Mecha-girl. Fairly well done, although I don't like the body mod.
tim0917 TDCG manga/SS collections. Uses the character in tim0915.
tim0926 Appears to be a newer version/redistribution of the game in tim0903.
tim0930 TDCG game entitled "Z-queen(test product)".
tim0931 TDCG manga/SS collections.[futa]
tim0932 Somebody's collection of various hardsaves. No copyrighted characters. Includes a(possibly updated?) hard save of the girl in tim0915.
tim0933 Two hard saves of seemingly random girls.
tim0940 Male mod; changes male into DQN Nii-san(blonde haired, brown-skinned guy). Faceless.
tim0951 Screenshots with some text. Appears to have no purpose.
tim0952 Two hard saves of seemingly random girls. One is wearing spats.
tim0953 Apparently an expansion to the retextured school swimsuits in tim0658 to include see-thru versions. The readme says that if you have tim0658, don't install the TAH with ダミー in its name.
tim0957 Male mod; contains another DQN Nii-san from tim0940, this time with a face.
tim0961 A TDCG game entitled "Nijiura Gakuen 1".
tim0968 TDCG manga/SS collections.[reup of some earlier beach girl/shota action?]
tim0972 Scene save collection of copyrighted characters. Seems like it's probably from a different guy than the usual one. Appears to be an attempt at creating a bunch of ZSS characters.
tim0973 "Mahora-zu." Scene save collection of copyrighted characters. Same notes as tim0972, but this time from the Negima series.
tim0974 A TDCG game entitled "Nijiura Gakuen 2".
tim0975 A well-textured, white school swimsuit with varying levels of transparency.
tim0986 Male mod; another update to the DQN Nii-san in tim0940.
tim1005 Seems like a game featuring some snapshots from TDCG
tim1008 TSO containing a background file of some guarded entrance to a room
tim1010 Huge breasts(down to waist or more?) that go in the bra slot, don't seem well designed(they attach at a seemingly small point); untested
tim1011 Futanari School, short TDCG manga. You can probably imagine.
tim1012 Chitsujyo Mama Sentouin, some kind of futanari manga.
tim1013 Contains a skeleton. "deadfighter"
tim1014 Another manga, this time about a pair of maids. One sexually abusing the other.
tim1016 Manga, seems to be about a futanari school again
tim1017 Yet another futanari manga
tim1021 Foldable chairs used at beaches/pools
tim1023 Two movie files; couldn't open, but description is "Vid of me using MMD"
tim1024 Transparent glass?
tim1030 OP pics for Touhou TDCG threads
tim1033 A save of a girl I don't recognize and a hard save to go with her; hard save supposedly contains male mod? untested [included male mod - textured male, red eyes]
tim1034 Venus fly traps
tim1035 Another game like tim1005
tim1036 Contains a manga about a perverted newscaster
tim1041 Contains a collection of Touhou characters in a hard pose save
tim1042 Contains a collection of Touhou characters in soft character saves
tim1045 Heart-shaped nipple covers
tim1047 Dirty(words) writing on body
tim1049 Bunch of different Touhou characters in one pose save
tim1050 Contains a fish-girl; not sure of the typical fantasy lore name
tim1052 Bondage ropes. They go around the crotch and breasts, but don't actually seem to restrict anything.
tim1054 Zero mask from Code Geass
tim1056 Contains some character saves, possibly from something I don't recognize. One's wearing a frilled dress coat, one's wearing a chinese dress.
tim1057 Testicles designed for the tail slot
tim1059 Two characters with a bunch of dirty writing over them; "bitch" 1 and 2
tim1062 Male mod; turns male into some kind of black demon
tim1063 Male mod; turns male into weird guy(probably not intended to be human) with a somewhat deformed head; may be from a series
tim1064 Another Touhou character collection as a scene save
tim1065 Set of items for manga facial expressions, such as facial shadow and anger marks
tim1066 High heels, the same male mod as tim1063, two hard saves with a girl in different outfits, and some pictures of her. Supposed to be some kind of witch/light dominatrix?
tim1067 Two hard saves with leopard bikinis
tim1068 Male mod; turns male into a more human, muscled version of Sakura from Card Captor Sakura's familiar thing(kerochan?)
tim1072 Two lines that move in circles around a center like you might see on a typical video game boss
tim1073 Vid of a girl dressed in a samurai outfit dancing to some manly Japanese song
tim1074 Strange bathroom stall BG; looks similar to the other stall bg
tim1075 Bunch of insect stuff
tim1077 Contains a save of some blonde girl with a black cat-ear hoodie and a shirt that says "Bariundo"
tim1079 Another(?) game like in tim1005; untested, may be an update or a new part in the series
tim1084 Some manga about a girl getting tortured by other girls with insects
tim1086 More insect shit
tim1087 Some sort of device for forcibly leaving the nose open with an omake that has cloth for all four limbs, one with a chain attached to it
tim1088 Eyebrows
tim1090 Shota hard saves
tim1091 Diaper
tim1094 Body that is meant to be shaped like an onahole(masturbation tool) with a face attached to it
tim1097 Hard save with a bunch of copyrighted characters
tim1098 Komori Aimi(?) hard saves
tim1100 Two hard saves containing schoolgirls
tim1101 Micro bikini
tim1102 Short action manga; "kakobana"
tim1104 Bunch of futanari hard saves
tim1105 A vertical strip of a shirt which has a tie and doesn't cover the breasts
tim1106 Bunch of hard saves of two action-series looking girls
tim1107 Manga featuring the same girl from tim1066
tim1108 Hard save of a moving golem)
tim1109 Male mod; turns male into a demon of some sort with wings and a cartoony head. Shadore? Seems like I see the character a lot on Futaba-related things
tim1111 Hard save of some crazy looking cyborg maid with a Shiva(?) statue behind her
tim1112 Body that looks like a robot; "WAW"
tim1114 A settings file with a lot of different options, such as motion blur, bloom, etc.
tim1128 Futanari sex(enslavement?) short image manga. "ChitsujyoxShota"(no text)
tim1129 Bunch of hard saves of a school girl, teacher/professor/doctor, and a demon with a few images to go with it
tim1133 Continuation(?) of the tim1128 futanari manga(no text)
tim1136 Image set/manga with two school girls who were in tim1129
tim1138 New version of the huge breasts mod in tim1010
tim1139 Two poses; untested
tim1140 Two blue twin-tail haired girls that look like they came out of a fantasy RPG
tim1142 Manga of the girls in tim1106
tim1144 Lesbian(?) SM manga
tim1145 Shota hard saves; used in the tim1133 manga
tim1147 Bunch of hard saves of fairly interesting characters; I think they're original characters(not copyrighted)
tim1150 Pose save containing Sakura from CCS in a bunch of different outfits
tim1151 More manga from the guy making the series in tim1133 Manga again
tim1154 Same as tim1151
tim1157 Heavy saves of body graffiti with semen
tim1158 Same as tim1157
tim1161 Soft saves seemingly intended for a chess game--not exactly sure what test.css does
tim1164 Ocean Works 505's heavy save of a girl I think is from SRW Sha**muu
tim1165 Seems to give an explanation on TDCG's bone system
tim1166 Little bat character; "Demota"
tim1168 Ant-hat with heavy save
tim1169 Bunch of character hard saves, mostly with frilly short dresses; also contains an omake with... mahou shoujo shoes? untested
tim1172 Fish-girl related heavy saves; animated(poorly textured) water?
tim1173 Heavy save of hall with pillars on both sides
tim1174 Heavy save of a cottage
tim1175 Heavy save of someone's OC(?) Hina. Has a nice dress with a kimono-style top and Western bottom
tim1178 Heavy save of a slightly strange looking veranda
tim1179 BG; Hard saves of things intended for use as backgrounds. The rainbow one and the fire one are pretty good looking.
tim1180 Nose hooks for use in bondage.
tim1188 Textless TDCG manga/snapshot collection involving two loli Touhou characters.
tim1192 Three hard saves of a girl outfitted with a a bunch of robot equipment.
tim1198 8 or so hard saves of seemingly random characters. At the very least, looking up their names on Wikipedia gives nothing.
tim1199 Another big scene save character collection.
tim1206 More heavy saves of girls like/including the ones in tim1140
tim1207 BG; A pretty cool, well-done gothic mansion hall BG as a hard save
tim1210 "Brain Washing Capsule." Reminiscent of life support capsules you see in sci-fi.
tim1211 "Ruiida's Sake House." Some kind of game. Untested. [some sort of DQ-styled brothel?]
tim1216 Some bug/insect mods of some sort. Untested.
tim1225 BG; A castle as a hard save. "Be warned; it's huge."
tim1228 Some male mods a guy made using girl2man. See tim1230, it has the same stuff and more.
tim1229 "3d Custom Girl's Body Measuring [Session]." I'm really not sure what this is for, but it appears to be a method of measuring the girl's proportions using Metasequoia as a reference for size. Contains a few hard saves of the default girl at various breast sizes.
tim1230 Some male mods a guy made using girl2man. Also contains heavy saves of: Kagamine Rin, Sanzenin Nagi, Marisa, Reimu, and about four other characters I don't recognize(one seemingly from Touhou).
tim1231 Long, oblong eyes for use with NMM bodies.
tim1232 Some eyelashes. Made by Ocean Works?
tim1233 BG; Wooden platform object/stage, kind of like the ones stereotypically used in depictions of pre-industrial slave trade.
tim1234 Older version of the Deep One male mod.
tim1235 A TDCG manga/snapshot collection involving a futa.
tim1236 Male mod; turns male into a wolf with its mouth constantly frozen open. "Wolf man." Pretty much a classic, a lot of Futaba images seem to use it.
tim1240 A textless TDCG manga/snapshot collection involving some shota and a girl wearing elementary school clothing(although she looks of age).
tim1241 Large amount of manga/anime characters in one pose save
tim1248 An MMD video using TDCG girls entitled "Ri-ze L&J". Not sure what Ri-ze is referring to(probably the name of the character) but L&J refers to Love and Joy.
tim1252 Color variations of a frontal hairstyle from XPC1354.
tim1255 Some gang rape scene saves and SSes(three each) from the ichinichi ichiero guy.
tim1259 Hard saves of two seemingly random girls. A little plain.
tim1260 Four hard saves, two of which appear to be the same ones from tim1259. They don't look particularly special.
tim1261 Voodoo set involving a doll of a Touhou(I think) character. Has Marisa's hat, but I don't think it's Marisa.
tim1262 An update to the N460 one-piece swimsuit set. Current?
tim1263 A bunch of hard saves of relatively plain looking girls(for TDCG) with alternative superhero-looking outfits.
tim1265 A textless TDCG manga about a girl who encounters a monster. Very similar(as in at a glance it seems to be a character switch) to the manga in tim1274. [some guro towards the end]
tim1266 A nearly 300 page TDCG image collection/textless manga. Involves futa. Titled "Shame on Houtou [Island]"(Houtou Ryoujoku), may be slightly inaccurate.
tim1267 Rather buff futanari girl, named "Chinmusu." This is an old version.
tim1268 Two hard saves of a(two?) grey haired girl(s). One is in a maid outfit, the other looks sort of like a Touhou outfit. Should be ID'd if it is a copyrighted character.
tim1269 More TDCG manga. Involves futa.
tim1273 An update to the N460 one-piece swimsuit set. Appears to be outdated.
tim1274 Textless TDCG manga about a cat girl who encounters a tentacle monster. Seemingly Continued in tim1275.
tim1275 A TDCG manga about a catgirl(huntress?) who becomes the unfortunate prey of a tentacle-looking monster. Contains guro.
tim1276 Appears to be a re-up(perhaps an update?) of tim1266.
tim1277 Three hard saves of fairly well done girls. A girl with butterfly wings, a country girl(summer dress, sun hat, etc.), and a dark-looking "I made myself as a 2d girl" girl.
tim1278 A rather muscular futanari. I believe it's a male mod?
tim1279 A few game consoles. Famicom, I think.
tim1280 Scene save character collection
tim1281 Two blank hard saves...? I have no idea what these are. Maybe I'm missing a shader? It just says "Use as you please" in the readme.
tim1282 Three hard saves of seemingly random(but well done) girls. The dresses on two of them are nice and I'm not sure if I've seen them before.
tim1283 Scissors
tim1284 Male mod; changes male into Deep One(merman with more fish; think sahagin or murloc?).
tim1285 Looks like pottery, but fleshy. Ridged base ending in a either concave or convex cone. But it looks kind of fleshy? I actually have no idea what they are at all.
tim1288 Zaru soba? Monkey soba? Appears to be a soba noodle set, but I'm not powerful enough to know exactly what "zaru" soba is supposed to be.
tim1289 An update to the frilled one-piece swimsuit collection.
tim1290 "Telescopic Distance" and "Wide-lens" toonshader filters. I believe they're camera effects usable with the "e" key, but I can't tell from the readme. Related to

tim1320. Untested.
tim1291 Clothes from "Working!!" Newer versions are available.
tim1292 "SS collection of scene save character collections to date." Documents which characters have been in the scene save collections up until the point it was released.
tim1293 "Mokona." Little rabbit creatures. Cute, I suspect they're from a series.
tim1295 Male mod; turns male into a cheerleading baton with a hand attached.
tim1296 Two hard saves of seemingly random characters. One has a kind of unique, odd looking ninja outfit.
tim1299 Hard save of a "Working!!" outfit. There are newer versions(in mod form).
tim1301 Some kind of game entitled "Yuyu-sama."
tim1302 A two-lensed camera. No one will be suspicious of a bright pink plate.
tim1303 Clothes and the yellow caution sign with forks from "Working!!" There are newer versions.
tim1304 The red warning tape from "Working!!"
tim1305 "Bug room." Presumably an older version of tim1315.
tim1308 Two hard saves involving a Touhou character, titled "You suck it, bitch!" and "I'll suck it!"
tim1312 Hard saves of Cusjiru bodies. One is a pregnant body.
tim1313 More "Working!!" stuff. Clothes and the trademark red tape. There are newer versions.
tim1315 "Bug room." Doesn't actually seem to have much to do with insects, it's a fleshy circular room with a tentacle-like pillar in the middle.
tim1316 Explanation of how to superimpose a girl onto a background. Not really needed if you've got much experience with photoshop.
tim1319 Blood attached to various positions.
tim1320 Seems to be a perspective/unzooming mod of some sort, probably one of those effects that you activate with E. May have been outdated by a more recent toonshader that allows you to zoom out as far as you want, because it was apparently made to attempt to get around the camera zoom-out limit(no longer a problem due to a toonshader update). Derived from tim1290.
tim1321 They appear to be wrist blades of some sort for the wrist slot, one for each hand(or both as one item).
tim1322 BG Village stage. Presumably an old version of tim1344.
tim1323 BG Item version of the village stage. Presumably an old version of tim1344.
tim1325 Waitress clothes(and more) of the Wagneria(sp?) cafe from the manga Working!!
tim1327 Short TDCG manga about titled "Fallen(falling? the kanji seem odd) Knight" or 騎士堕.
tim1328 A bunch of characters in hard saves. Some of the same characters as tim1346.
tim1330 Files for TAHHair. If you have the one from /jp/, I don't think this is needed as it only contains the same files(albeit named differently, which is bad).
tim1331 An older version of tim1334.
tim1334 BG A lot of stages as hard saves. The ones I tested seemed to look pretty nice, such as an outer space/starry sky scene, and an indoor wheat farm(from what I could tell).
tim1335 A TDCG short eromanga with futa, huge breasts, and pregnancy(I think).
tim1338 Scenes saves of an aircraft carrier stage.
tim1340 Appears to be a camera effect(activated with e?) of a camera view at different angles(30, 20, 10).
tim1341 Appears to be a camera effect(activated with e?) of a camera view at different angles.
tim1342 Three Touhou characters as lolis in a scene save. I'm not sure who they are(someone identify?).
tim1344 BG A very good looking village stage. Contains an item version as well. Unfortunately, the stage itself bugs for me.
tim1346 Some character hard saves. One has a pretty nice star-patterned China dress and one looks like Barasuishou(I think) from Rozen Maiden, but it's found in many other tim files as well.
tim1347 Ball gags for the mouth(untested, but it seems undoubtable).
tim1402 Tips on metaseqouia in Japanese
tim1403 Spandex gymnastics top
tim1405 Panties with heart patterns and Sailor Moon's face on the back.
tim1406 TSOBoneEditor. Seems to be a test/preliminary/beta version, so look for a newer one.
tim1408 Segways and a pose file to go along with them.
tim1409 Hard saves of life preservation capsules like you see in sci-fi.
tim1410 "Shin girigiri purin costume." Looks like a female wrestler outfit with exposed cleavage. Blue, green, and white.
tim1452 A bunch of images involve TDCG Touhou girls which the Futaba guys use to start their threads.
tim1454 Some seemingly blank t-shirts, apparently for the second-year anniversary of TDCG. For flat chests. Perhaps they're blank for easy texture editing?
tim1455 Canned meat or something.
tim1456 One of those mousepads with attached breast bumps, featuring a Touhou character(Kochiya Sanae?)
tim1458 "Vulgar panties test." A bunch of thongs with beads running along the bottom where cloth would normally be.
tim1459 Pose heavy save of some kind of crystal fighting robot. "Bonyou madou shouhei," "general-purpose magic crystal warrior?"
tim1460 Weird, kind of cute little bean creature. Looks a lot like the animal things the Futaba guys put with their girls all the time.
tim1462 Bolero for flat chests. They're furred. They're like mini-vests and expose the lower part of the upper body.
tim1465 Male mod that looks like a Mexican wrestler.
tim1466 A bunch of poses. Well done.
tim1468 Mod that apparently gives the UI a new look. I haven't tested it, but that's the description.
tim1504 Wrist watch with a rounded face.
tim1505 Another edit to the N460 one-piece/frill swimsuit set.
tim1506 Weekly Futaba magazine volume 7
tim1534 Old version of the NJX bikini set.
tim1535 A bunch of Futaba-meme and general joke themed t-shirts.
tim1536 A lot of screenshots of some sex scene between an orc and a fairy(Cirno?).
tim1540 T-shirts with a bunch of(futaba meme-related?) logos.
tim1542 Collection of characters in a scene save.
tim1543 Somebody's model of themselves as a girl from the "nijigen jyotaika" randomizer thing. Contains a body mod and hard saves.
tim1619 Body with big eyes, cute? Updated version of mod0446 body or related to it?
tim1620 Body with big eyes. "Eyeline body." Similar to 1619.
tim1622 Four hard saves of NMM/NMN eyeline bodies. Some of them are pregnant models with pretty excessively large stomachs.
tim1623 "Test public restroom." Pretty much what you'd expect, and similar to other restroom maps except this one has versions with dirtied toilets and stall writing.
tim1625 4 hard saves of characters/items used in someone's manga. One in a futa encased in stone, another looks like a chess piece, etc.
tim1884 Images of an NTR sex scene involving a girl named Ai(?)
tim1885 Black Magician Girl(Yugio) outfit
tim1886 Seem to be some heavy saves of some guy's old Touhou mods; one looks like a pregnant miko outfit
tim1889 Bicycle racing sports shirts with logos?
tim1898 Contains the NMM body. Looks high quality, seems to be the body used by the poser of a certain drill-haired princess(I think?) on futaba.
tim1919 Some poses plus a short image manga
tim1920 Some poses
tim1921 Monthly futaba magazine
tim1922 Monthly(really?)(8) Futaba TDCG "magazine"; contains some shirts with logos
tim1923 More monthly Futaba(9)
tim1925 Hard saves of a bunch of manga sound effects
tim1927 Hard save of a twin tailed girl made by a Futaba poster
tim1928 Texture files, purpose unknown
tim1929 Some poses
tim1930 Bunch of hard saves of random(?) girls
tim1931 Colorful sunglasses
tim1932 Bunch of hard saves of random(?) girls; may be from a series, probably not
tim1933 Hard saves of a random(?) girls
tim1934 Texture files, purpose unknown
tim2023:A set of hardsaves of touhou tops
tim2024:one pose made for that smiley thingie
tim2025: a set of poses made for that sminey thingie
tim2026:Looks like a yellow dress i saw worn on a character of a ps2 rpg,cannot remember the name
tim2027:Metal gear rexupper torso and head hardsave
tim2028:A face model, probably to be merged with a body model
tim2029:Ice cream Boxes and a market fridge
tim2030: A model named N331ICEI_Z05.tso
tim2031:Empty pose files ?
tim2032:Maribel hardsave
tim2033:Lots of Leotards
tim2170 An armor set. There's also a version with a lot of color variations, but I'm going to have to look for it. It's still up on the tim uploader so grab it now if you want it.
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This is a mod catalog for the game 3d custom Girl(3dカスタム少女), and is an attempt to catalog as many mods in existence for the game as possible. It is a work in iconFirearms catalog for jan. 31st 2014 (final catalog as of 1/28/14)

This is a mod catalog for the game 3d custom Girl(3dカスタム少女), and is an attempt to catalog as many mods in existence for the game as possible. It is a work in iconCricket has always put itself forth as a gentleman’s game. However,...

This is a mod catalog for the game 3d custom Girl(3dカスタム少女), and is an attempt to catalog as many mods in existence for the game as possible. It is a work in icon1 a fat brown one of these runs the Happy Lucky Lottery game and...

This is a mod catalog for the game 3d custom Girl(3dカスタム少女), and is an attempt to catalog as many mods in existence for the game as possible. It is a work in iconFor an idea of what a game is all about, read the following cartridge...

This is a mod catalog for the game 3d custom Girl(3dカスタム少女), and is an attempt to catalog as many mods in existence for the game as possible. It is a work in icon30 years ago, Rubic’s Cube was the most popular puzzle game worldwide....

This is a mod catalog for the game 3d custom Girl(3dカスタム少女), and is an attempt to catalog as many mods in existence for the game as possible. It is a work in iconGolf Course Auction Catalog

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This is a mod catalog for the game 3d custom Girl(3dカスタム少女), and is an attempt to catalog as many mods in existence for the game as possible. It is a work in iconCatalog for Auction: June 16, 2018

This is a mod catalog for the game 3d custom Girl(3dカスタム少女), and is an attempt to catalog as many mods in existence for the game as possible. It is a work in iconSales Catalog for Team Video

This is a mod catalog for the game 3d custom Girl(3dカスタム少女), and is an attempt to catalog as many mods in existence for the game as possible. It is a work in iconCatalog: All Products Price List

This is a mod catalog for the game 3d custom Girl(3dカスタム少女), and is an attempt to catalog as many mods in existence for the game as possible. It is a work in iconSales Catalog for Celltech Power

This is a mod catalog for the game 3d custom Girl(3dカスタム少女), and is an attempt to catalog as many mods in existence for the game as possible. It is a work in iconSales Catalog for Everett Pattern

This is a mod catalog for the game 3d custom Girl(3dカスタム少女), and is an attempt to catalog as many mods in existence for the game as possible. It is a work in iconSales Catalog for Atlantic Video

This is a mod catalog for the game 3d custom Girl(3dカスタム少女), and is an attempt to catalog as many mods in existence for the game as possible. It is a work in iconSet-Up Instructions and Parts Catalog for

This is a mod catalog for the game 3d custom Girl(3dカスタム少女), and is an attempt to catalog as many mods in existence for the game as possible. It is a work in iconSales Catalog for Atlantic Video 2

This is a mod catalog for the game 3d custom Girl(3dカスタム少女), and is an attempt to catalog as many mods in existence for the game as possible. It is a work in iconSales Catalog for FlexTech Pkg. Ltd


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