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A1.0.1 SCOPE
This specification covers a new commercially produced surface emergency medical care vehicle(s), herein referred to as an “ambulance” or “vehicle”. This vehicle shall be in accordance with the Ambulance Design Criteria of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, United States Department of Transportation Washington DC. This specification is based on current KKK - A1822 - E revision. It is the intent of this agency to purchase vehicle(s) that are professionally engineered and designed. It is paramount to this agency that vehicle(s) presented be built by a reputable manufacturer with considerable experience in the ambulance manufacturing field. To this end, this agency requires that each manufacturer provide the following:
1] A statement of fact, signed by an officer of the manufacturing company, disclosing that the manufacturer has delivered five hundred (500) ambulances within the last twelve (12) months of the date of this bid.
2] The size and location of manufacturing facilities and number of production staff.
3] Interior pictures to verify plant facilities.
4] A list of on-site engineering staff with educational accreditation.
5] ISO 9001:2000 Certification.
Failure to provide this agency with the documentation required will be deemed non-responsive.
The purpose of this document is to provide the manufacturer with a set of specifications and test parameters that will meet the criteria to manufacture a vehicle as set forth by this agency. This agency seeks a vehicle that will deliver “fair value”. Fair value is defined by this agency as the manufacturer's ability to provide a safe, functional, and practical ambulance conversion that will work in junction with the chassis specified at a reasonable cost. The specifications within this document are a basis to deliver such a vehicle to this agency. This agency at its discretion shall assess the intangible assets of the manufacturer such as, but not limited to, after quality, delivery support, customer service, parts availability and warranty turn around time.
This specification calls for the following type of vehicle in accordance with the current KKK-A1822-E revision.
This is an engineer, design, construct and deliver type specification meeting the needs of this agency. Attention has been given to the engineering and design aspect of this specification that will attain our goal of fair value. It is the manufacturer's responsibility to deliver a product meeting the criteria as set forth. This agency reserves the right to increase the equipment quantities that are specified. In addition, other agencies will be permitted to purchase equipment under this contract as a result of this specification, unless prohibited under law.
Other than the chassis, specified accessories, and raw materials such as aluminum, wood, etc.; all shops and sub-shops shall be within the complex(s) that are directly owned and controlled by the primary manufacturer. Any assemblies including, but not limited to, upholstery, fiberglass, cabinetry, electrical, structural and paint application, that are performed or supplied outside of the primary manufacturer's location(s) must be noted. The name, address, and contact person supplying the primary manufacturer with the assemblies must be provided in writing to this agency. Non-disclosure will be sufficient grounds for rejection of bid or termination of contract. Ambulances or chassis' imported for consideration of this specification into the United States under the North America Free Trade Act must provide documentation of compliance with all United States laws applicable. Further, any import ambulance must be independently certified and tested within the United States to meet KKK-A1822-E certification.
It is incumbent on each manufacturer to be thoroughly familiar with the specification contained herein. The specification will require a “YES” or “NO” or when requested a definitive answer to each section or subsection. Sections or subsections not marked with a “YES” or “NO” or answered shall be deemed incomplete and considered non-responsive. A “YES” answer constitutes a complete compliance to the section or subsection as written. A “NO” shall indicate noncompliance and does not eliminate a manufacturer from competition. A manufacturer may object or counter to a specific section or subsection. A manufacturer must indicate in writing, as an attachment, the section or subsection in dispute. The manufacturer must include the verbiage as written, new verbiage presented, explanation of verbiage with consequences and supporting tests and documentation. Failure to comply will be deemed as non-responsive. This agency reserves the right to determine compliance.
A1.1.3 DEFINITIONS: The following definitions shall apply with regards to these specifications.
A1.1.4 PURCHASER: The end user of the equipment specified or the applicable purchasing agency acting on behalf of the end user.
A1.1.5 CONTRACTOR: The individual, firm, partnership manufacturer, or corporation to whom the contract is awarded by the Purchaser and is subject to the terms thereof. For bidding purposes the contractor, vendor, bidder, manufacturer are synonymous.
A1.1.6 EQUAL: This agency supports the design, engineering, quality and materials as specified in this document. This shall not prohibit the bidding of unlike product. However, any deviation from the specification must be marked and submitted per section A1.1.2. Failure to do so shall be deemed non-responsive.
A1.1.7 MANUFACTURER: The manufacturer within this specification shall be considered the “primary manufacturer” of the ambulance conversion. The chassis requirement as set forth in this specification is the responsibility of the primary manufacturer to procure. This agency considers the chassis platform as a conveyance for the ambulance conversion. It is imperative that the primary manufacturers procure the exact chassis from the chassis manufacturer. After market modifications by the primary manufacturer to achieve chassis specification will not be tolerated. This agency will require documentation from the chassis manufacturer pertaining to the chassis requirements for this agency. Failure to provide documentation after award and prior to construction may result in the termination of the contract. Expenses to re-bid will be the responsibility of the manufacturer in default.

The primary manufacturer shall have in operation two factories, each in separate cities adequate and devoted to the manufacture of vehicle(s) described herein. Both factories shall be operated by the same company with the company name.
It is not the intent of these specifications to call for an unusual or experimental vehicle(s ). The primary manufacturer shall have a minimum of 10 years of uninterrupted manufacturing of similar or identical vehicles to the specifications set forth in this bid.
If requested by the purchaser, the primary manufacturer shall supply upon request a list of fifteen (15) agencies that have purchased similar or identical vehicles within the past year from date of bid. The list will have contact names and phone numbers.
For the purpose of this section, if the bidder of record and the primary manufacturer are separate business entities, then each shall be required to submit financial, insurance, and/or licensor to conduct business within this jurisdiction. Failure to provide proper documentation with the bid response may result in any bid being deemed non-responsive.
The primary manufacturer shall be ISO 9001:2000 certified. No Exceptions.
The primary manufacturer shall employ full time a Quality Control Manager whose primary function is to monitor quality. No Exceptions.
A deposit may be remitted with the order not to exceed ten percent (10%) of the total contract amount. This agency reserves the right to issue a binding municipal Purchase Order in lieu of a deposit. The choice to submit either the deposit and/or the binding purchase order will be that of this agency.
Prepayments or progress payments for any part or material after contract award may result in a termination of the award. The contract will be given to the next responsible primary manufacturer. It is the intent of this agency to do business with a company of sufficient financial means to meet the financial burdens necessary complete and delivery the vehicle as specified.
Unless otherwise requested, the primary manufacturer shall arrange over the road delivery of the completed vehicle to this agency’s designated local address under the vehicles own power. Costs of transportation and preparation are to be included with the price as bid. The primary manufacturer may as an option, offer a line item credit for pick up by this agency at their place of manufacture.
Payment in full will be made upon delivery once an inspection of the vehicle by this agencies authorized representative(s) confirms compliance with the specification. The delivery, acceptance inspection, and payment shall take place on the same day. In the event it is deemed necessary for this agency to inspect the vehicle(s) at the primary manufacture location, a temperature controlled inspection area separate from the production facility shall be available.
All bid prices and conditions must be specified on the Bid Proposal Form.
Bid prices shall be valid for sixty (60) days. In the unforeseen circumstance that this agency requires the primary manufacturer to extend pricing requirement; then it will be at the discretion of this agency to request in writing from the primary manufacturer any deviation in prices quoted. The primary manufacturer may revise pricing and state in writing reasons for any change and certify the amended pricing for sixty (60) additional days.
Bids received shall be evaluated by the Purchaser. This evaluation will be based on the following:
Completeness of the proposal

Manufacturing and Delivery schedule

Primary manufacturer's demonstrated capabilities and qualifications

Primary manufacturer's past performance on similar Bid Proposals

Primary manufacturer's maintainability and recommendations

Primary manufacturer's logistical and service support
Bid proposals taking total exception to these specifications will not be accepted.
Bid proposals that do not comply with the prescribed method to take exceptions listed in paragraph A1.1.2 will be rejected without further consideration.
This agency seeks the highest level of value for the cost. To assure this agency is receiving such value the primary manufacturer must submit evidence of compliance with KKK-A1822-E testing parameters. The testing is to be performed by an independent testing facility and verified by person(s) with the standing of Professional Engineer. If further testing is required by any lawful agency of the Federal or State Government then it shall be incumbent upon the primary manufacturer to provide this agency with certification required.
This agency also recognizes Ford Motor Company's Qualified Vehicle Modifiers (QVM) accreditation. Therefore, regardless of chassis specifications the primary manufacturer must include with this proposal their current QVM certification.
Internal testing performed and certified for a primary manufacturer will not be considered by this agency.
The primary manufacturer may submit certification of all “member in good standing” of any public or private association that may have bearing on this specification i.e. AMD, NTEA.
To insure that this contract is awarded to a primary manufacturer who has the resources to meet the performance and warranty criteria specified herein, the primary manufacturer shall state in the bid proposal if it is a public or private company. If the primary manufacturer is privately held then it shall include the most current financial statement by a Certified Public Accountant not more than twelve (12) months old, or current financial statement of the parent company. If the primary manufacturer is a publicly held company or wholly owned by a publicly held company then it shall state what stock exchange and under what symbol it is traded under. Bids not meeting this requirement cannot be accepted.
Note: In performing the evaluation, only information contained within the primary manufacturer's written proposal will be considered.
The Purchaser reserves the right to increase the number of vehicles or equipment specified under this contract. If awarded, the primary manufacturer agrees that additional agencies may purchase under the same terms and prices afforded by any contract arising from the bid award, unless prohibited by law.
The purchaser has the right to waive any informalities, irregularities, and technicalities in procedure.
This agency is concerned with the ability of the primary manufacturer to warrant the conversion after delivery. This agency expects a minimum of a fifteen (15) year modular construction warranty and twelve (12) months and twelve thousand (12,000) mile full warranty on the conversion. In addition, each manufacturer shall submit their various warranties and warranty options, if applicable, with the proposal for evaluation. Also, each primary manufacturer will supply the name and phone number of a contact person in the event this agency requires clarification of the submitted warranty documents.
The primary manufacturer will provide the location of the closest approved warranty center. Indicate to this agency, in writing, to be included with this proposal; the process to initiate and file a warranty claim.
Due to the high demands on a pre-hospital care vehicle, this agency demands the primary manufacturer have available a twenty-four hour a day technical assist service. This 24/7 service must be staffed by the primary manufacturer's service personnel, include telephone number: __________________.
The primary manufacturer will provide in writing to accompany this document a proposed delivery time. The delivery time proposal will include the transit time of the finished vehicle.
Bid proposals shall be accompanied by a Surety Bond in the amount of ten percent (10%) of the total price of the bid proposal. The Bid Surety shall be made payable to this agency and conditioned upon the primary manufacturer acceptance of award. In the event of failure or refusal to comply, the Bid Surety may be forfeited as liquidated damages because of such failure of default.
This agency reserves the right to seek a one hundred percent (100%) performance and payment bond as a condition of award. A letter must be included from a certified bonding agency stating that a performance bond can be issued on behalf of the primary manufacturer. Failure to comply may be deemed as non-responsive.

This agency seeks to mitigate future liability exposure; therefore, all primary manufacturers will submit their Certificate of Insurance for evaluation. This agency will only consider a primary manufacturer with a minimum of Ten Million United States Dollars ($10,000,000.00 USD) that is based on a PER INCIDENT basis. This insurance shall be issued by a company rated “A” or better as reported in the current edition of Bests Key Rating Guide, published by Alfred M. Best Company, Inc. Aggregate liability coverage will not be considered regardless of amount. Failure to comply will be deemed non-responsive.
The primary manufacturer will be familiar with all Federal, State and Local laws, ordinance, code rules and regulations that may in any way effect the work. Ignorance on the part of the primary manufacturer is not acceptable.
The successful primary manufacturer shall be required to hold a pre-construction conference with representatives of this agency to finalize construction details. In the event it is deemed necessary by both parties that the conference be held at a location other than at this agency; the following shall occur. The primary manufacturer will provide adequate transportation, lodging, and meals for two (2) designated personnel from this agency. Further, if the location is in an excess of three hundred (300) miles from this agencies location, the transportation shall be by a commercial air carrier. Private or corporate aircraft may not be used.
The primary manufacturer shall provide a set of drawings that accurately depict the vehicle as specified. The drawings will show all exterior and interior planes with dimensions. Failure to comply will be deemed non-responsive.
It is mandated by the United States Government that all employees currently and to be employed during the duration of this contract are not discriminated against because of their race, creed, color, sex, nationality origin and disability. Further, this agency must be satisfied that the primary manufacturer's labor pool is treated in a fair and equitable manner. Therefore, it will be the responsibility of the primary manufacturer to include a human resource statement outlining employment status, working conditions, and benefits.
By signing this bid, the primary manufacturer agrees that this bid is made without any understanding, agreement or connection with any other person, firm or corporation making a bid for the same purpose and this bid is in all respects fair and without collusion or fraud.
Does your bid comply with this requirement?
Yes ( ) No ( )
The ambulance and the allied equipment furnished under this specification shall be the primary manufacturer's current commercial vehicle of the type and class specified. The ambulance shall be complete with the operating accessories as specified herein. It shall be furnished with such modifications and attachments as necessary and specified to enable the vehicle to function reliably and efficiently in sustained operation. The design of the vehicle and the specified equipment shall permit accessibility for servicing, replacement and adjustment of component parts and accessories with minimum disturbance to other components and systems.
Does your bid comply with this requirement?
Yes ( ) No ( )
The ambulance shall be a Type I, Class I, and shall be a chassis furnished with a two (2) door conventional cutaway cab. The chassis shall be suitable for subsequent mounting of a modular (containerized), transferable equipped ambulance body conforming to the requirements herein.
Does your bid comply with this requirement?
Yes ( ) No ( )

The design of the vehicle shall utilize floor plan “A” loading arrangement of patients into the patient compartment. All litters shall be loaded into position with the heads of the patients forward in the vehicle.
Does your bid comply with this requirement?
Yes ( ) No ( )
The emergency medical care vehicle, chassis ambulance body, equipment, devices medical accessories and electronic equipment to be delivered under this contract shall be standard commercial products, tested and certified, to meet this specification. The vehicle shall comply with all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) and United States regulations applicable or specified for the year of manufacture. The primary manufacturer shall procure the chassis, components, equipment and accessories as specified and be the current technical data and materials of all suppliers.

Does your bid comply with this specification?
Yes ( ) No ( )
Materials used in the construction shall be new and meet the quality conforming to this specification. Materials shall be free of defects.
Does your bid comply with this specification
Yes ( ) No ( )
The following is a description of the cab and chassis that will meet the requirements of this specification. In addition, the chassis will comply with paragraphs 3.4.1 through 3.6.14 of Federal Specification KKK-A-1822E.
Does your bid comply with this specification?
Yes ( ) No ( )
The chassis shall meet the requirements of this specification. It shall be a 2005 Freightliner M2.
Does your bid comply with this specification?
Yes ( ) No ( )

Model: M2 106 Conventional Chassis

Front axle load: 8,000 lb.

Rear axle load: 12,000 lb.

GVW Capacity: 20,000 lb.

Engine: MBE900-230 6.4L

HP: 230 HP @ 2200 RPM

Torque: 660 LB/FT @ 1200 RPM

Oil Check and Fill: Engine Mounted

Air Cleaner: Donaldson, Firewall Mounted

Alternator: 270 Amp. Leece Neville, 4949PA

Batteries: (2) Alliance 1031 Group 31, 12V MF 1520 CCA

Exhaust: Exit Forward of Rear Tires, Left Hand Side

Fuel Filter: MBE

Radiator Aluminum 870 Square inches, -34 F rated ethylene glycol

Fan Drive: Horton Corsair EC450

Engine Heater: Phillips Temro 1000 Watt/115 service

Transmission: Allison 3000 HS Automatic Transmision, No PTO Provision

Shift: Push Button, Electronic Shift Control, Dash Mounted

Rear Axle: 4.30 Axle Ratio

Brakes: Bosch Hudraulic Brake Package with Optional Air Supply, 460-008 Air Tank Mounted inside frame rail

Rear Suspension: 12,000 lb. Airliner air suspension with manual dump valve

Wheel Base: 168 inches

Front Bumper: Chromed steel, three piece with collapsible boxed ends

Fuel Tank: Right hand 50 gallon, Aluminum, with Alliance fuel/water separator

Tires: 2 front 4 rear, Michelin XZE 245/70R 19.5 12 ply

Wheels: 19.5 x 6.75 inches Accuride, Aluminum

Mirrors: Door mounted dual bright West Coast, LH/RH 8" Convex mirrors mounted under primary mirrors.

Interior:Custom Gray vinyl, A/C, Driver and Passenger seat Bostrom Talladega 910 high back air suspension with dual driver and passenger seat inboard arm rests. Tilt and adjustable power steering, leather wrapped steering wheel, Business Class gauge package, hour meter, Delco AM/FM/WB radio and cassette with two speakers, Wind shield wiper control with delay.

The modular body shall be attached to the cab chassis by means of a rubber bellows with one hundred and fifty square inches of open viewing area.
Does your bid comply with this requirement?
Yes ( ) No ( )

Lettering shall be XXXXX.
Does your bid comply with this requirement?
Yes ( ) No ( )

The following radios shall be installed prior to delivery.
Does your bid comply with this requirement?
Yes ( ) No ( )

An OEM air suspension system shall be ordered with the chassis. The ambulance manufacturer shall install a switch in the cab console and an additional leveling valve. The suspension shall lower the modular box only when the vehicle is put in park or neutral. There shall be an OEM air gauge in the dash of the chassis.
Does your bid meet this requirement?
Yes ( ) No ( )
A diamond plate fuel tank cover shall be installed.
Does your bid comply with this requirement?
Yes ( ) No ( )
Two grip strut steps shall be installed on the passenger side of the cab to allow for easy entry into the cab.
Does your bid comply with this requirement?
Yes ( ) No ( )
Nomex heater hoses shall be installed.
Does your bid comply with this requirement?
Yes ( ) No ( )
The driver's compartment shall be furnished with the environmental package as set forth in section 3.6. This agency is committed to keep safe our staff and patients by technology available in today's market place. Therefore, it shall be incumbent for all primary manufacturers to provide the maximum protection from airborne pathogens and eliminate obnoxious odors that can create discomfort for staff and patients. The patient compartment shall be heated and air conditioned by the following method:

  • The air conditioning and heating unit shall be accessible for service through a tilt out access panel in a dedicated environmental cabinet on the bulkhead.

  • The air conditioning and heating system shall employ a three stage filtration system.

  • The first stage filter shall be one hundred percent Dacron fiber pre filter with an applied microbial system which destroys microorganisms with which it comes in contact.

  • The filter shall remove particles ten microns and larger at thirty five percent efficiency.

  • The second stage filter shall be activated charcoal dispersed over a fiber medium to assist in the removal of odors.

  • The third stage filter shall be a high efficiency particulate air filter that removes particles of decimal three microns and larger at ninety nine decimal ninety seven percent efficiency.

The air delivery and return system must be a sealed system to not allow the passage of air other than through the three stage filter. The conditioned air shall pass through a multi-directional vent capable of dispersing high volumes of conditioned air at low velocity. This system must meet KKK - A -1822E performance parameters 3.13.4 and 3.13.5. Testing must be certified with filters in place. Primary manufacturers shall submit drawings and testing documentation from an independent laboratory with this proposal. The air conditioning unit shall include an additional external condenser mounted below the module with a pressure switch and an accumulator.
Does your bid comply with this requirement?
Yes ( ) No ( )
Battery cables shall be a minimum 2/0 AWG or as supplied by the chassis manufacturer. If the batteries are relocated other than the factory location, cables shall be upgraded to a minimum 3/0 AWG. This is required to maintain compliance with SAE J541 specification for starter motor circuit voltage drop for heavy duty applications.
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