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(Scope of Works, Technical Specification)






1. Introduction
1.1 Information about the site :

The site for Proposed J.C.Ghosh & P.C.Roy Science Block is located inside the campus of Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. All tenders are advised to visit the site and collect necessary information from site with prior approval from EPIL prior to submission of the tender.


The proposed building is comprising of ground floor and seven floors. All floors are basically to house different Laboratories, Class rooms, faculty rooms, administration sections and other activities as required for an Science department.

The scope of work covers the entire construction including the followings:

  1. Civil and Structural works excluding foundation work for the main building.

  2. Complete Internal and External Finishing Works

  3. Internal and External Electrical works.

  4. Internal and external Sanitary, water supply and drainage works.

  5. Installation of passenger lift

  6. Fire fighting and Prevention systems.

  7. Area development, UGR, Septic Tanks, roads and pavement.

  8. Other misc. works as required for making the building functional.

The scope of work covers the entire construction work as stipulated above and as mentioned in BOQ/ drawings/ specification and handing over the project to EPIL /IIT.

2.1 The work in general shall be carried out as per CPWD specifications, 2009 (volume I to IV) (updated with correction slips issued up to last date of submission of tender), general specification 2005 for Electrical works (updated with correction slips issued up to last date of submission of tender).

2.2 All Electrical installation shall comply with the requirements of Indian Electricity rules, 1956 and Indian Electricity Act-1910 as amended up to date and bye laws of authority of State Government or any other department.

2.3 All mechanical works related to Public Health Engineering will conform to the requirements of manual of Water Supply by the Ministry of Urban Development and various Indian Standards as listed there-in.

2.4 All electrical works will conform to various Indian Codes as listed in the Technical Specifications.

2.5 For the items not covered under the specifications as stated above, the work shall be done as per relevant IS Codes.

2.6 For the items not covered under any of the specifications stated above, the work shall be executed as per Manufacturer’s specifications/ General Engineering Practice and / or as per direction of Engineer in Charge.

In the absence of any definite provisions or any particular issue in the aforesaid specification, reference to be made to the latest codes and specifications of BIS, IRC, BS, ASTM, AASHTO and CAN/CAS in that order. Where even these are silent, the construction and completion of works shall conform to sound Engineering practice as approved by Engineer in Charge. In case of any dispute arises out of the interpretation of the above, the decision of the Engineer in charge shall be final and binding on the contractor.

Where ever reference is made in the contract to specific standard codes to be met by the materials, plants and other supplies to be furnished and work performed and tested, the latest edition or revision of the relevant codes in effect shall apply, unless otherwise explicitly stated in the contract. Where such standards and codes are national, or related to a particular country of region, other internationally recognized standards which ensure a substantially equal or higher performance than the standards and codes specified will be accepted subject to the Engineer in charge prior review and written approval. Differences between standards must be fully described in writing by the contractor and submitted to the Engineer in Charge at least 15 days prior to the date when contractor desires the Engineer in Charge ‘s approval. If the Engineer in Charge determines that such proposed deviation do not ensure substantially equal performance, the contractor shall comply with the standards specified in the documents.

3.1 RECTIFIED TILES (400X400, 600X600)

The fixing procedure of tiles will be as specified in CPWD specifications for fixing of ceramic floor tiles. The tiles shall conform relevant IS standard. The size and thickness of tiles will be as specified in Bill of Quantities. Only matt finished tiles will be used.


The specified gap of the expansion joint to be made uniform by cement mortar of appropriate strength, after curing is over, the mortar surface to be cleaned from all dust, dirt, lump of mortar, any grease materials etc. The depth of the expansion joint to be adjusted as per specified depth with suitable filler board. The surface of the expansion joint to be painted with manufacturer’s approved primer. Polysulphide based sealant compound shall be used as per specified width X depth to seal the joint. The total process of execution shall be as per manufacturer’s specification and instruction of Engineer in Charge. The work shall be carried out only through authorized vendors/ applicators of the manufacturer.

Interconnected tiles will be of cement concrete of minimum crushing strength of 45 kg/sqm with air entraining or other admixture, approved colouring pigment etc. high pressed with hydraulic pressing machine. The tiles should have sufficient strength to with stand traffic load. The surface of block shall be non skid and abrasion resistance. The thickness of tile shall be min. 25mm.

The tiles will be fixed over 25mm thick base of cement mortar 1:4 ( 1 cement : 4 coarse sand) and all the joint to be filled with white cement and matching colour pigment.

Staircase railing shall be made with Stainless steel seamless tube of grade 304, continuously welded and grinded smooth polished smooth/ rough, bend/ curved at turning as per design, fixed/ welded with the Stainless steel balusters complete as per architectural drawing. All members of railing shall be machine cut, machine polished to get the best finishing. The balusters to be fixed with floor/wall as the case may be with hidden type metal fasten of approved make and approved size. Base of baluster shall be covered with 2mm thk SS covering as per design.
The Structure of the structural glazing will be designed with powder coated aluminium section of INDAL/ HINDALCO/ JINDAL make. The spacing of mullions and transoms will be in accordance with the elevation drawings provided by B&R. However the maximum spacing of the mullions shall not be more than 1000mm C/C. The vendor to submit structural design calculation as per latest revision of IS code along with shop /fabrication drawings with all details and get it approved by B&R/ NITA prior to execution of the work.

Structural Glazing system to be provided as per drawing and BOQ. Tempered glass of specified make and colour shall be provided as per specification for both single and double Glazing.Glazing to be fixed with aluminium section with structural silicon, either DOWCORNING 995 or WAKER SG-18 or similar equivalent.However the contractor to tale previous approval of the structural silicon. The run of sealant to joint between the frame and structure shall not be less than 6mm or three forth of the gap, whichever is more. Joint fillers and backup materials shall be Polyethylene foam or sponge neoprene for each specific application. Glass wool of required thickness, of density not less than 48kg./cum, covered by indestructible tissue on one side and aluminium foil on other side, to be provided to arrest the heat gain.

Fastners including all screws, bolts, nuts, anchor fastners and other similar items required for connecting aluminium to aluminium shall be fabricated from stainless steel. GI coated MS brackets to be fixed as per drawing at every floor/slab level.

EPDM structural gaskets with high registance to aging, prolong period of compressive strength, ability to recover from compressive or deformation and to allow joint movement to be used.

Top hung openable casement glazing panels (windows) to be provided matching with the elevation and overall glazing pattern with associated fittings like stainless steel friction stay hinges of appropriate size, EPDM gaskets, window handle with latching arrangement (all fittings and assessories will be of Ebco make) and no exposed aluminium sections would be visible from outside. Glazed door wherever indicated in elevation of glazing to be provided with floor springs, locking arrangement, door handle and it shall be matching with the glazing system. Both windows and doors will be with toughened double glazing system.

The glazing will be perfectly water proof and there would not be any leakage whatsoever from the glazing or betweens the joints of openable portion of glazing or between wall/civil structure and the glazing, during rain, storm, thunder shower etc. Aluminium flushing to be provided where external glazing terminates and elsewhere as required to make it a completely water-tight installation.

The contractor to execute the glazing work through any of the approved specialist vendor and submit drawings, designs, detailing etc to be prior to start of work and necessary approval may be taken from EPIL.

3.6 Vetrified Tile Facia Cladding

Vetrified tile facia ( Topaz basalt / Topaz Basal / Topaz slate or simillar colour and texture of Pavit or equivallent make) to be provided over rough base plaster (1:4) of min. 12mm thickness. The tiles to be fixed on the rough plaster with adhesive of approved quality (Latecrete / Balendura /Sika seram or equivallent). Joints shall be filled with matching coloured grouting compound (Latecrete / Balendura). Size of tiles will be 300x300/ 400 x 400 as approved. Work will be executed by trained masons having expertise in similar works and all lines and levels of cladding work shall be perfect and best of aesthetic quality.

Load – Kgs

680 (10-Persons)

Speed – mps



Ground Floor to Seventh Floor

Stops & Openings

8 Stops, 8 Openings (All openings on the same side)

Power Supply

400 Volts 3 Phase 50 Hertz. Alternating Current


A.C. Variable Voltage Variable Frequency


Duplex Full Collective (with/without Attendant)


Gearless, Machine room less elevators

Car Panels

Stainless steel

Handrails on three sides

Stainless steel

False Ceiling

Stainless steel panels with diffuse lighting and noise less fan.


Vitrified tiles or simillar

Car Entrance

Protected by centre opening sliding stainless steel door.

Size ( W x H) – mm

900 x 2000

Hoistway Entrances

Protected by centre opening sliding stainless steel door .

Size ( W x H) – mm

900 x 2000

Door Operation

Automatic with ACVVVF Door Operator & Multi Ray Electronic Door Detector System


1. Combined luminous hall button with digital hall position indicator at all floors

2. Full height Car operating panel with luminous buttons, seven segment digital car position indicator combined with direction arrows, overload warning indicator

3. Battery Operated Alarm Bell & Emergency Light

4. Fireman’s switch at main lobby

5.Automatic Rescue Device


This specification covers supply of materials, fabrication, and erection, testing and commissioning of Electrical Switch boards, wiring system, light fittings and other associated items required for successful completion of the work. Any equipment, device, component or work not specifically mentioned in this specification but considered essential for proper design and operation shall be included by the tenderer in his offer. Applicable provisions and conditions of contract shall govern the work under the Section.
All supply and installation work shall be carried out as per specification and in accordance with the construction drawings and shall conform to requirements called for in the Indian Electricity Rules 1956 with its latest amendment, Indian Electricity Acts and all relevant codes and practices issued by the Bureau of Indian Standard as amended up to date. The work shall also comply with the provisions of the general or local set of legislatures and regulations of any local or other statutory authority which may be applicable.
The Contractor for electrical work must possess valid Electrical contractor's License endorsed by the Licensing Board, Directorate of Electricity of concerned State Government for the type of work he shall execute.
The work to be provided for by the Contractor, unless otherwise specified, shall include but not limited to the following :
i: Furnish all labour, supervision, services, materials, supports, scaffolds, construction equipment, tools, plants and transportation etc required for the proper execution of the job as per drawings, specification and schedule of items and get all necessary tests on materials and work conducted at their cost.
ii: Not withstanding the electrical layout shown in the drawing, the contractor shall obtain further approval of the layout at site from the Engineer in Charge before commencement of the work.
iii: Furnish samples of materials on display board at site for approval including arranging necessary tests on samples, as directed by the Engineer in Charge in an approved Laboratory.
iv: To extend facilities to the Engineer in Charge to inspect work and assist them to obtain samples, if they so desire.
v: Furnish general arrangement drawings of the switchboard and other fabrication items, which the Engineer in Charge may direct for their approval.
vi: To employ a full time experienced supervisor having electrical supervisor's certificate of competency endorsed by the Licensing Board, Directorate of Electricity of concerned State to supervise the work. The Engineer in Charge have the right to stop the work if the contractor's supervisor is not present when the work is being carried out.
vii: To keep the appropriate Electrical Inspector & supply authority be informed from time to time as per the execution programme of the work shall be the responsibility of the contractor and he shall be responsible to ensuring that all work passes their approval.
viii: To provide all incidental items not shown or specified in particular but necessary for proper execution of works in accordance with the drawing, specification and schedule of items.
ix: To maintain the work and keep them maintained till handed over to the owner in proper working condition.
x: Co ordinate with all agencies including those engaged by the owner for proper execution of the job.
Materials shall be of the approved make & quality. A list of materials of approved brand and manufacturer is indicated in the annexure. If the list of materials mentioned above stipulates two or more or alternative brands/makes of any product, the decision as to which brand/make shall be used in the work shall be taken by the Engineer in charge and the contractor shall provide the brand/make so selected without any extra cost.
In case, materials are required to be obtained from any manufacturer other than those listed on account of non availability then prior approval from Engineer in Charge will be necessary, supported by relevant test certificates qualifying the required standard. Further tests as directed by the Consultant shall also be carried out by the contractor at their own cost, if required.
Contractor shall obtain approval from the Engineer in Charge of sample of all materials before placing order and the approved sample shall be carefully preserved on the display board in an appropriate manner at the site office for verification by the Engineer in Charge.
For standard bought out items, the sizes manufactured by the firms listed shall prevail when there is discrepancy in the sizes mentioned in the schedule without any financial adjustment.
Unless specifically mentioned otherwise, all applicable codes and standards published by the Bureau of Indian Standard and all other such publication as may be published by them after construction work starts, shall govern in respect of design, workmanship, quality and properties of material and method of testing.
All equipment shall be complete with approved safety devices wherever a potential hazard to personnel exists and with provision for safe access of personnel to and around equipment for operation and maintenance functions.
Special care shall be taken to ensure against entry of rats, lizards and other creeping reptiles, which may create electrical short circuit inside live equipment.

On completion of all work the contractor shall furnish three copies of Ammonia print along with the original tracing of the following “As built” drawings to the Engineer in Charge without any extra cost.
I: Wiring diagram for final power / lighting distribution system showing the rating/ size of switchgear, cables, conduits, lighting fixtures and all accessories for individual installation.
ii Detailed general arrangement drawings of the switchboard complete with dimension in metric units.
iii Drawings showing the route of conduits and cables with sizes, lengths, sources and destination of all cables with the circuit designation number, etc.
iv Drawings showing the balancing of phases with connected load in each circuits, etc.

Unless specifically mentioned otherwise, the contractor shall furnish, in duplicate, Manufacturer's Test Certificate with the delivery of the equipment to the Engineer in Charge and Instruction Manual in English for operations and maintenance of equipment wherever required.
Before each field test, the contractor shall obtain the permission from the Engineer in Charge and all tests shall be conducted in the presence of duly authorised representative. Records of each test shall be prepared immediately after the test and this record shall be signed by contractor's representative conducting the test and the site engineer attending the test. Copies of their record in quadruplicate shall be handed over to the Engineer in Charge.
A certificate in quadruplicate shall be furnished by the contractor countersigned by the certified supervisor under whose direct supervision the installation was carried out and the Engineer in Charge. This certificate shall be in the prescribed forms in addition to the test certificate required by the Local Electric Supply Authorities
Each item of the electrical work shall be considered as complete in all respects only after obtaining permanent service connection from local power supply authority, energising, testing and final commissioning of the complete installation as directed by the Engineer in Charge.
Payment on each item of electrical work shall be made as per measurement and proportionate to the quantum of work completed. In the event of any dispute with regard to the proportion of work complete, the decision of the Engineer in Charge shall be final and binding to the contractor.

The successful tenderer shall carefully go through the Clauses of Invitation to Tender, Specification, Schedule of Work and drawings and shall include in his rates any sum he may consider necessary to cover the fulfillment of the various clauses contained therein. Unit prices stated in the schedule of work against the item of work shall be inclusive of all installation, accessories and consumables necessary to complete the said work within the contemplation of the contract. Beyond the unit prices no extra amount will be paid for incidental contingent work and materials.
The quantities mentioned in the schedule of work are probable quantities and it must be clearly understood that the contract is not a lump sum contract, that the probable quantities, the value of the entire tender are only indicative and Employer does not in any way assure the tenderer or guarantee that the actual quantity of work would correspond to the probable quantities in the tender.
No change in unit rate will be admissible on any variation of quantity.

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