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Setting Up PowerPoint Presentations at the IMB
Need help? Call IT support immediately on 62233

Quick-Start Instructions:

NOTE: If you run into problem a list of technical problems and PowerPoint specific problems are listed on the next page.
Step 1: Turn on data projector

Room specific instructions:

Main auditorium: Go to main reception & ask for the keys & speaker kit (contains microphones, pointer etc). Touch the speaker touch screen & follow prompts to activate everything. The projector will take 2 minutes to turn on.

Large seminar room (level 3): At main reception they’ll give you the remote control (which also has button for laser pointer). Hold down the power button on the remote long enough for lights to flash and project to turn on.

Small meeting rooms (2 on every level): First flip the black power SWITCH at the SIDE of the projector to on, then hold down power button until it starts making noise.
Step 2: Connect (VGA) cable from project, and plug it into your laptop

NOTE: This (VGA) plug is usually blue (see below), & will plug into the back of your PC laptop into a blue output socket.

Mac laptop: Most Apple laptops won’t have this (VGA) socket, but in the laptop’s case there should be a short (usually white) adapter cable  one end plugs into your laptop, the other into the VGA plug.

Step 3: Turn on laptop

ALSO: Copy your PowerPoint file/folder across to desktop from pen drive if necessary (will run faster from hard drive).

If you have movies, be warned that movies are “linked” from PPT files, so should be kept in the same folder.

NOTE: Usually you can get away with turning on the laptop FIRST (then connecting the VGA cable) but if you have time connecting FIRST (before turning your laptop on) is the safer option.
Step 4: Tell laptop to output to projector  press “Detect Displays” (Mac) or “function key” + “F4/F12” (PC)

Mac laptop: Click main apple icon (top left) > “System Preferences” > “Displays” then “Detect Displays” button. This should recognise and show the projector. Be warned you may have to fiddle with the display settings: most projectors in the IMB have 1024×768 resolutions, and will want to display the same resolution on both displays (the laptop & projector)… if it doesn’t get the correct resolution automatically you’ll have to set it manually. If you can only see your desktop background on the projector select “Turn on Mirroring”.

Windows laptop: If [function key] + [F4] or + [F12] doesn’t work try closing and opening the lid. If this doesn’t work ask the audience... sometimes it helps to restart the computer with the plug connected, but this costs time.

Step 5: Set projector mode to read/find laptop  toggle “input/mode button” to “RGB”  wait several seconds and you should see your display on the projector

Main auditorium: On the touch screen, there should be an input option  select “laptop”, & that should do the job.

Large seminar room: I believe the remote control has an RGB1 option (although typically this is set by default).

Small meeting rooms: On the projector there is a button labelled "INPUT” which will cycles through available inputs with each successive push  toggle through the options slowly, but you will probably want “RGB1” or “RGB2”.
Step 5: Open and start PowerPoint presentation.

Use “F5” as shortcut key. Make sure you do a run through of your slides before your presentation. If you encounter problems refer to the later sections.
Shutting down: (1) unplug cable, (2) shut down laptop (3) turn off laptop*.

* This will be specific for the room you are using, but usually the idea is to hold down the power button and wait for it to warm down and then shut off. Now turn off the lights, and don’t forget to return any keys you’ve borrowed!

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