6. 2 Submission of Merchandise Invoices

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Sample freight Invoice

Freight Charges Previously

Included on Merchandise Invoices
Freight Invoice
Vendor: ABC Group. Invoice #: 1234567

125 Main Street Invoice Date: August 30, 2004

New York, NY 10001 Carrier: UPS

Terms: Net 30

Bill To Address: TRU Freight Payables Dept. Remit To Address: ABC Toys Group

One Geoffrey Way 125 Main Street

Lake Building, L3N197 NY, NY 10001

Wayne, NJ 07470

1. PO #: 444555 Ship Date: 08/01/04
Location Number of Cartons Cost

5601 10 $12.75

6301 13 15.80

9501 9 10.95

2. PO #: 444666 Ship Date: 08/01/04
Location Number of Cartons Cost

5601 3 $6.75

6301 10 19.65

7801 5 8.82

3. PO #: 444777 Ship Date: 08/26/04
Location Number of Cartons Cost

6301 10 $23.14

7801 8 12.22

9501 12 14.03


Freight Total Due: $123.71
As stated in the Toys “R” Us Master Purchase Order Terms and Conditions, the payment due date is calculated based on the receipt of goods date, in accordance with the terms of the Order.
• Payments are issued via Check, or Open Account.

• Checks are normally mailed on Friday of each week for all payments due through the following Monday.
6.5.1 – Determination of Amount to be Paid on an Invoice
Receipts reported by the Distribution Centers and Stores are compared to the amount invoiced for the Purchase Order.
Payment for items listed on an invoice will not exceed the item cost reflected on the Purchase Order, and payment for the invoice will not exceed the invoice amount.
6.5.2 – Calculation of the Amount to be Paid
The amount issued on a check will reflect invoices currently owed, less adjustments for deductions that include but are not limited to:
• Allowances

• Shortages (Quantity or Pricing) Chargebacks

• Defective/Returned Goods

• Compliance Charges

• Other Payment Discounts
6.5.3 – Documentation Provided with Payment
The remittance advice portion of the check will provide a detailed listing of the invoices and any adjustments included in the check.
Deductions due to pricing and quantity shortages will have a prefix of CB-, allowance deductions will have a prefix of A-. Other transactions have a unique reference number, with the corresponding dollar amount, that identifies each invoice and adjustment.
No other documentation will accompany the check and remittance advice. Documentation for adjustments (such as pricing and quantity shortages, etc.) will be sent separately via e-mail on a weekly basis.
6.5.4 – Support
Detailed information is available on the Merchandise Vendor Payable Portal (MVPP) application that can be found on the Vendor Extranet. Please refer to the MVPP guide that is available under the Accounts Payable Reference Center on the Vendor Extranet. A Toys “R” Us Merchandise Payables Vendor Representative is available to assist the Vendor with questions that cannot be answered by the tool. Please refer to the Accounts Payable Contact list within this Guide, for your designated support associate.
Notices of chargebacks, i.e., notices of deductions against Vendor accounts, are e-mailed separately from Vendor checks. These chargeback notices are e-mailed weekly. Vendor Partnership chargebacks, pertaining to the ASN Integrity Program and ETA Management Program and ITEM Compliance Program DO NOT follow this process. See the Vendor Partnership section for details.
For changes to the address for receipt of chargeback notices, the Vendor must send a letter to the attention of Toys “R” Us Accounts Payables department at the following address:
Toys “R” Us

Accounts Payable Department

One Geoffrey Way

Terrace Building, T2N050

Wayne, NJ 07470-2035
For disputes concerning a deduction, the Vendor must submit a dispute through our Merchandise Vendor Payable Portal (MVPP) that can be found on the Vendor Extranet.
6.6.1 – Vendor Disputes
Merchandise Vendor Payable Portal (MVPP)
Toys “R” Us requires all Vendors to use the Vendor disputes to be submitted through our web-based tool MVPP that can be found on the Vendor Extranet.
This tool provides visibility to all transactions posted to the Vendor’s account as well as the ability to download the transactional data via Excel for ease in reconciliation.., Disputes must be received in the MVPP no later than 24 months from the check date with the disputed transaction. We strongly discourage submitting disputes via mail, e-mail or fax notifications.
Do NOT use the Vendor dispute claim forms for disputes pertaining to:

• Marketing

• Advertising

• Audit Transportation

• Salary/Demo

• Vendor Partnership Programs

6.7.1 – Merchandise Allowance Agreements
Merchandise Allowance Agreements are to be negotiated between the Toys “R” Us Merchandising Organization and the Vendor. Annual Master Allowance Agreements are to be negotiated, agreed upon and approved within the ‘Vendor Deal Portal’ by both parties no later than April 1st of each year (unless an agreement is designated as perpetual). All annual Master Allowance Agreements – based on volume purchases – are required to be deducted from the invoice. In addition to volume arrangements, allowances may be negotiated for other allowance types including but not limited to: advertising, temporary markdown, coupons, fixtures, signage etc. All allowances must be documented and approved by both parties within the ‘Vendor Deal Portal’ for each allowance contract.
6.7.2 – Additional Allowance Program Requirements

  • Toys “R” Us Credit Allowance contract must be approved within the ‘Vendor Deal Portal’ by both parties and returned electronically to the Toys “R” Us buyer within 10 business days from the Credit Allowance creation date. At the end of each fiscal quarter for TPR Over and Above allowances, the Credit Allowances must be approved within the ‘Vendor Deal Portal’ by both parties no later than 5 business days after the quarter end.

  • All allowance types require an approval within the ‘Vendor Deal Portal’ for each contract by the Vendor or authorized sales representative. It is the vendor’s responsibility to maintain the authorized approvers.

  • Allowances negotiated for payment by product – in lieu of a cash deduction – require that Toys “R” Us receives these goods no later than the agreed upon due date. A cash deduction will be taken from the next available payment if these goods are not received by the due date or by the end of our fiscal year.

  • Allowance deduction terms cannot be dated past the current fiscal year for non off-invoice contracts.

  • All annual Master Allowance Agreements/Contracts – considered perpetual – require an initial approval by both parties, but do not require additional annual approval unless either party changes the terms of the agreement.

For more information or questions regarding Merchandise Allowance Agreements please contact your Toys “R” Us Buyer.
6.7.3 Credit Allowance Contact List


Vendor Relations Representative



A through and R through Z – except Radica

Shaila Shah



E through L - except Hasbro and Little Tikes

Brenda Lowery



M through Q and Arco & Hasbro

Mike Margolin



Through participation in either the Allowance RGD program or the Non-Allowance RGD program, the vendor is responsible for the expenses associated with defective merchandise. There are two RGD options:
Option 1: Allowance RGD (True-up) Pre-negotiated % withheld from each invoice;

Annual true-up to actual defect rate
Option 2: Non Allowance RGD Cost of goods + 10% flat charge + return freight
Upon initiation, vendors are required to participate in the Allowance RGD program unless granted a specific exception from TRU. The Allowance RGD program substantially reduces costs associated with handling, processing and freight for both the vendor and TRU.
6.8.1 - Allowance RGD (True-Up)
Defective merchandise is recorded at our stores and then disposed of by the Toys "R" Us, Inc. distribution centers. The expense is offset by deductions from vendor invoices. This program works on the basis of a percentage withheld from each paid invoice in anticipation of defects from vendors. The rate established is based upon the vendor's historical Return Goods Defective (RGD) performance or the average RGD performance trend of vendor’s category of merchandise. Rather than having defective goods returned to the vendor, allowance defective merchandise is disposed of after receipt at Toys "R" Us, Inc. distribution centers, reducing handling, freight, and processing costs.
The payables system will automatically deduct the allowance from each invoice's gross total, provided Toys "R" Us, Inc. has a signed RGD Allowance Agreement. It is important for the vendor to reflect the invoiced unit costs at the gross amount in order to coincide with the Toys "R” Us, Inc. stated unit costs on the purchase order. This will facilitate a more accurate and timely payment process since the unit cost on both the invoice and the purchase order will match. It will also help avoid the potential of a duplicate deduction. However, the vendor is encouraged to show the aggregate amount of the Allowance RGD deduction as a separate line entry on their invoice(s) in order to facilitate the vendor's record keeping process and to minimize any post-payment disputes between the Toys "R" Us, Inc. payment amount and the net amount the vendor maintains on their receivables system.

The vendor's account will be reconciled annually after the close of the TRU fiscal year end to determine the vendor's actual defect performance, and an adjustment to true-up will be made accordingly. The vendor will be notified of this adjustment (debit or credit) and any appropriate change in the future RGD allowance withholding rate, through an RGD letter.

Please contact the Toys "R" Us RGD Department at rgdsupport@toysrus.com with any further questions or concerns.
6.8.2 - Non-Allowance RGD
Typically, non-allowance merchandise consists of higher-ticket items such as electronics, bicycles, etc. Toys "R" Us, Inc. records the data in the point-of-sale system by item and vendor and utilizes a third party to process defects, which includes, generating the credit request and disposition of defective merchandise based on instructions from the vendor. The vendor will be charged back on credit requests for defective merchandise, 10% handling costs, return freight charges, and inbound freight, if applicable.

A credit request is the first and last notice the vendor will receive regarding the specified defective merchandise. A copy of the credit request is available via the Merchandise Vendor Payable Portal (MVPP). The dollar amount shown will be automatically deducted from the vendor's next invoice due for payment. The vendor must provide a return authorization number for the merchandise to be returned. In this case, the vendor will pay for the freight charges to a vendor's designated location, as well as the freight cost, if any, that Toys "R" Us, Inc. has incurred for the original in-bound shipment. The vendor must provide return authorization along with instructions for disposition to cecile.ritchie@toysrus.com.
If disposition advice is not received within 30 days or if the vendor does not want to incur freight expense for the return, the defective merchandise will be destroyed.
Please contact the Toys "R" Us RGD Department at rgdsupport@toysrus.com with any questions or concerns.
6.8.3 – Return Goods Contact List
Toys R Us | RGD Department

Terrace Bldg, One Geoffrey Way, Wayne, NJ 07470-2035

Fax # (973) 617-3028




Allowance RGD (True-up)

Mariann Goodell


(973) 617-3814


  • Rate Inquiries

  • True-up (Shortfall/Over collection) Inquiries

  • SKN/Item Exclusions

Non Allowance RGD

Cecile Ritchie


(973) 617-3822


  • RGD/RTV Credit Request (CR) Questions

  • Proof of Delivery Request

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