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Melina Amuchástegui

1349 Modesto Maranzana St.

Arroyito, Córdoba, Argentina

TEL: +54-3576-425149




Primary School (1987-1993): Santa María Del Servellón School.

Secondary School (1994-1998): Instituto Nuestra Señora de la Merced

University Degree (1999-2004): “Public Translator of English” (Traductora Pública Nacional de Inglés), Facultad de Lenguas, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (five-year course of study)

Italian (2002-2003), Anexo Facultad de Lenguas, Universidad Nacionald de Córdoba.


  • “English at the Speed of Thought - The Secret Language of Business” (Universidad Empresarial Siglo Veintiuno, Córdoba, Argentina -15th July 2004-)

  • “Second Mediterranean Meeting of Teachers of English” (Córdoba, Argentina -4th June 2005-)

  • “Technological Tools and Resources Used in Translation” (Facultad de Lenguas, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, -12th and 13th May 2006-)

  • “Translation of Powers of Attorneys” (Centro de Investigación en Traducción, U.N.C. and the Colegio de Traductores Públicos de la Provincia de Córdoba – 10th and 11th August 2007 - 11 hrs)

  • Terminology with Prof. Dr. Klaus-Dirk Schmitz” (Online, Educational Webinar, 5th September 2007 – 60 min.)


CTPPC (Colegio de Traductores Públicos de la Provincia de Córdoba)



Legal/ Certificates

  • Official Transcripts granted by the “Universidad Tecnológica Nacional” and “the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba”

  • Secondary School Transcripts

  • Minutes of a Meeting for Important International Company

  • Official Transcript of Postgraduate Course

  • Proof of Passing Mark in Postgraduate Course

  • Several entries of birth and of marriage, certificates and sentences for agency in USA

  • Employee Confidentiality Agreement (.doc/ 3,000 words)

  • 2,734 words for the UNO Site (Treaty Bodies, HRC, ICCPR, UNWGEID and Special Rapporteurs)


  • Project of 140,000 words for Global Translation Agency.
Software and IT

  • News articles for the company Comput@r

  • Application software

  • Design software

  • List of Commands of a Design Software (260 words)

  • User’s Guide of Spam Filter Device

  • List of Commands and Instructions of Game Software

Environmental Engineering/ Engineering

  • Team work on the translation of a Green Project on Waste Disposal for the company Danisco Inc.

  • Translation of a detailed CV and other documents for Miss Amalia Mendoza, Architect, Project Manager and Specialist in Environmental Engineering.

  • Engineering students’ theses (final projects) to be presented before the authorities of the Universidad Tecnológica de Córdoba, Argentina.


  • Articles on lack of drinking water in Southeastern Europe. (pdf., 650 words)

Mechanical Engineering

  • Manual for the Operation and Maintenance of a Cooking and Depositing Equipment for the Soft Candy Plant of Arcor Inc.

Electricity/ Electronics

  • Instruction Manuals:

  1. Multimeter

  2. Insulation Tester

  3. Multitester

    • Controllers for Water Softeners (User’s Manual and Technical Specifications) – 11950 words.

Security, Safety and Maintenance

  • Team work on the translation of an Autonomous Maintenance Manual for Cartocor, Arcor Inc.

  • Documents with laboratory instructions on the checking and protection of the packages of chocolate products by Nestlé for the Quality Department of Arcor Inc.

Logistics/ Marketing

  • Company Profile Folder for SLP.

Food/ Confectionery Industry

  • Articles from the The Industrial Confectioner magazine on Sugarless Hard Panning, Functionality of High Potency Sweeteners and Labeling for the Quality Department of Arcor Inc.

  • Technical Specifications of Product -Caramel Spread- (.doc, .xls and .ppt /1690 words) for the Quality Department of Dulcor SA.

  • Process Flowchart for the Manufacturing of Caramel Spread (ppt), Control Plan of Caramel Spread (xls) and Product Specifications (doc) for Dulcor SA. (5,000 words from Spanish into English)

Medicine and Allergies

  • Articles on allergens and food allergens from scientific magazines for the Quality Department of the multinational candy factory Arcor Inc.

  • Article “Cardiovascular Effects of 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine” from the scientific magazine Brief Communication. The client, a highly recognized local surgeon, needed help with the translation in order to obtain new certifications.

  • Medical excerpts for practitioners and students of Medical Sciences.

  • Drug label for the Research and Development Department of Arcor Inc.

  • Informed Consent Form for local clinic.

  • Excel document on Allergens in Food for the Quality Department of Arcor SAIC


    • Several chapters of books on the velocardiofacial syndrome (1,000 pages approximately) Ongoing project.


    • Article on Psichopathy (.pdf, 740 words)

Chemistry /Drug Industry /Business

  • Lab manual on ionic interchange (“Rohm and Hass Ionic Interchange”) for the Department of Chemistry of Arcor Inc.

  • Translation into English of (Laboratories)

  • Translation into English of a company presentation (Savant Pharm)

  • Drug labels for well-known local Chemist’s.

  • Brand Building Training for Pharmaceutical Company
Education/ Marketing

  • Ongoing Project of more than 20,000 words (Profiles of community colleges and universities in USA, including its courses, benefits and description of the location. Information for students on how to get their student visas in the USA)

Business General / Marketing

  • Business Update for important Spanish Agency (.doc, 1,200 words)

  • Press release on new device to be put on taps for saving water. (.doc, 600 words approximately)

  • Product Lists, Professional Assessment Tests and Description of Lines of Products of a Decoration Company (Balloon Manufacturer)

  • Advertisement and description of Product (Bags and handbags Company)

  • List of Products and Instructions of Mounting of Retractable Awnings.

  • Marketing Campaign (several excel and word files) of Internet Marketing Company.

  • List of items and product description (adjustable and folding cooker).

  • Brochures advertising the importance of a healthy breakfast with cereals. (.ppt / 5000 words)

  • Fliers on Special Valves for Taps and Faucets. (.pdf, 650 words from English into Spanish)

  • Website of an Australian Company (.doc, 800 words from Eng into Sp)

  • Presentation: Brand Building Training (22000 word project)

  • Training and Self test in Information Classification and Information Security


  • Teleconferences for the Foreign Commerce Department of Dulcor Ltd.


  • 2004-Agost 2006 Escuela Dr. Dalmacio Vélez Sarsfield (Secondary School) Head teacher of the class “English IV”

  • 2004-present My English School (Private Institute of English-teaching)

Teacher of different levels –kinder, elementary, pre-intermediate and intermediate

Teacher of Business English for special groups of professionals

Couch in listening skills

Couch in speaking skills
Software and Translation Tools


MS Word

MS Excel

MS PowerPoint

MS Access

MS FrontPage

MS Publisher

Acrobat Reader

ADSL connection

Multiple dictionaries

Personal Data

Name: María Melina Amuchástegui

Degree/ Job Title: Certified Freelance Translator of English/ Spanish (Traductora Pública Nacional de Inglés)

Address: 1349 Modesto Maranzana St.

Zip Code: 2434
City: Arroyito
Province: Córdoba

Telephone Number: 54-03576 – 425149

Birth date: October 2nd, 1980

Nationality: Argentine

Civil Status: Married

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