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Welcome to the documentation for vBMail, a vBulletin add on.

The following pages will contain instructions on how to install, configure and administer the software.

This is a feature packed Mailing List modification for vBulletin. This version was built to work on vBulletin 3.8.x, 4.0.x and 4.1.x.

Feature List (Lite):

· Mailing List Directory

o List all mailing lists

o Links to send mail / view mail history / (un)subscribe

· Send Mail

o Uses the full editor in vBulletin

o Works with 4.1.4's CKEditor

o Uses vBulletin's Mail Queue system to avoid overloading servers / avoid "maximum mails per hour" server restrictions

· Mail History

o Displays a list of all mail from that mailing list

o View the mail in full HTML

· (Un)subscribe

o One-click to add or remove from a mailing list

· AdminCP

o Create unlimited mailing lists with per-list usergroup permissions

o Create keywords for people to subscribe to

o View list of bounced mail

· Scheduled Tasks

o Hourly collection of bounced mail

o Hourly checks for number of bounces above the threshold

Feature List (Pro):

· Send Mail

o Ability to save as draft (temporary) or template (permanent)

· AdminCP

o "Bounced Mail Test" page to check your mail server's capabilities against the most common mail providers

This system is built inside of vBulletin and uses the existing template systems. No modification of existing vBulletin templates are necessary as its own templates are imported through the installation.

 99.9% of the language is displayed through the vBulletin phrase system and is easily editable.

 If you find a bug please report it so it can be fixed.
The vBMail Concept

Thank you for purchasing and using vBMail. We at DragonByte Technologies are confident you will find this product useful and effective in promoting a more integrated mailing system into your website. To help you make the best use of our vBMail (called vBM for short) we will take you through the administrative side of using it. We have also included documentation that will help your users to get the most out of vBM.

First things first, let’s take you through the main concepts of vBM, before we detail how to manage them.

Getting the latest information to users who have not logged in recently or who access a site sporadically is important to all webmasters. Email (and mailing lists) has been the prime way of doing this since the beginning of the internet, but in recent years the increased prevalence of spammers and phishing on the web has led to the stricter enforcement of anti-spamming policies. All too often forum emails can fall into the category of ‘spam’ and contribute rapidly to the negative reputation of a website or its associated IP addresses. The solution to this problem is vBMail with its powerful but simple solution to the mailing list problem.

Built to comply with anti-spamming policies, vBMail not only provides a simple way of writing and sending emails through the built in vBulletin mail handling, it also contains a sophisticated bounced email handling system. This system not only collects and sorts bounced emails, but it can automatically deactivate the email settings of users whose emails are returned and unsubscribe them from the mailing lists they are part of. Mailing lists can be configured to allow default subscription, opting in and out, and letting usergroups manage sending out mail through vBMail, as well as the function to mark emails by keywords for users to opt to receive them or not.

To begin with the administrative side of vBMail, let’s take you through the installation process.
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