Secret Garden & Greenhouse of Survival

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Heritage Life Skills 2018

Instructor Bio

Adam Allman

  • On-Grid Solar Systems

  • Off-Grid Solar Systems

Kerry Alzner

  • Land Navigation

  • Operations Orders

  • Patrol Movement Techniques

Retired Special Forces Weapons NCO, 26 years US Army. 14 years as Private Military Contractor, Security Specialist, Executive Protection. Military Special Skills Instructor. Current Certifications in Survival, Firearms Instructor and Force Protection Specialist.
Rick Austin

  • Secret Garden & Greenhouse of Survival

  • Secret Livestock of Survival

Rick Austin is known as the Survivalist Gardener, and is a preparedness, homesteading and off-grid living expert. He is the author of Secret Garden of Survival-How to Grow a Camouflaged Food Forest which is now the #1 Best Selling book in Garden Design. Rick is also the author of the Secret Greenhouse of Survival, How to Build the Ultimate Homestead and Prepper Greenhouse.
Rick has been featured on National Geographic Channel’s Doomsday Castle, Doomsday Preppers, the documentary film Beyond Off Grid, as well as in Newsweek, American Survival Guide, Prepper & Shooter Magazine and in Mother Earth News (twice).
You can also hear Rick on his radio show Secrets of a Survivalist where each week he talks with the world’s best survival experts that share their own secrets of survival.
Eric Bellin

  • Homestead Planning

  • Moving Water

  • Rain Water Catchment System

Drew Bishop

  • Bow Drill Fire Starting

Spencer Bolejack

  • Edible & Medicinal Plants

  • Fire Starting

  • Tool Sharpening & Care

  • Trapping

Spencer 'two dogs' grew up on a North Carolina farm and developed a love for the outdoors at an early age - following 10 generations of backwoods Bolejacks before him. After his youth as a tiger cub, cub scout, webelo, and Boy Scout, he spent his high school years (A.C. Reynolds) gaining an appreciation for the native American approach to survival and primitive living. His first professional guide job in 1993 started the LOTSWild vision. Part Cherokee, Spencer honors this tradition by hosting guest teachers in language, lore, crafts and skills native to our area.

An apprentice of the renowned Eustace Conway in 1998/99 on Living Appalachian folk skills, Spencer has studied with and worked for the Turtle Island director over the past 15 years. Putting what he learned to the test he moved into the woods living almost three years without modern convenience deep in the Appalachian wilderness. He has also enjoyed primitive living in the Carribean bush learning with Rastas and roots teachers of the islands.

An NCDPI licensed educator and NC Teaching Fellow (History, Social Studies grades 6-12), Spencer holds instructor ranks in Korean Tang Soo Do (SMAA), Budo Taijutsu / Ninjutsu (Go Dan), Koizumi sword, Qi Gong, Kenpo, multiple stick styles and continues these as well as Integrated Martial Arts with Grandmaster Brian Adams. His 25 years of training has covered many styles and perspectives. Bolejack has taught classes at Appalachian State, Warren Wilson College, UNC-A, Black Mountain, Arden, and area private schools. He choreographed the award-winning Golden Blade series (movie) and specializes in several unusual studies including knife throwing and forging. He does his best to offer classes that are engaging, thoughtful and geared toward a variety of learning types/levels.

Bolejack is a Combat Engineer USAR veteran, has been published in the professional education Best Practices curriculum showcase, received state-wide awards from Veterans of Foreign Wars for his teaching, and has been given numerous other accolades from various organizations including the Asheville Citizen-Times Hometown Hero nomination. An alumnus of Appalachian State and UNC-A, Bolejack taught middle school for four years in Buncombe County where he also served as a wrestling coach.

Caleb Burress

  • Making a Knife Sheath

Caleb Burress, Owner and Craftsman at Animal Husband Handcrafted Leather & Steel, was born and raised in the Southern Appalachian Highlands in and around Haywood County. Growing up in his father's smithy, he quickly honed his skills as a smith and leather worker to help the family business. Caleb has over twenty years of experience in these respective crafts and has taught classes for over a decade in each area. He currently resides in Haywood County with lovely wife and two children.
David Burress

  • Blacksmithing: Fundamentals for the Homestead

  • Junkyard Steel: Identification and Use

David Burress, owner and head smith at Calerin Forge. I have been around metal working as long as I can remember. My Dad had a welding shop in front of our home and a Machine and Fabrication shop in town when I was growing up. My brothers and I all grew up working in the shop and on the farm, and I developed a love for both. I became interested in forging iron in the late ‘80’s having spent several years in industrial welding. I had studied fine arts at Western Carolina University and blacksmithing provided the vehicle to blend my knowledge of metal craft with artistic expression. I have been blessed to spend the last 20 odd years honing the craft that still has more mysteries and discoveries ahead than those I have mastered.

Cecilia Burress

  • Canning Meat

  • Canning Fruits & Vegetables

Kevin Carraway

  • Build Your Cache

  • Principles of Leadership

  • U.N. – The Agenda for One World Government

Kevin Carraway has been involved in preparedness for over 25 years. Mentored by a Vietnam-Era Green Beret, Kevin began studying communism and its aggression around the globe, which led to further research in political thought and American World History. Mr. Carraway was involved in the 2010 TEA PARTY m ovement and worked as a volunteer for several political campaigns. Kevin is a staunch political conservative and an Constitutional Originalist. During his political involvement, he researched the United Nation’s Agenda mantras, both 21 and Agenda 30. Kevin attended Wayne Community College and American Military University where he majored in Forestry and Intelligence Operational Studies with a Central Asian/Middle Eastern concentration. Kevin has an expansive library of books and research papers with a collection of Military History, political science, intelligence and espionage and authored a Novel “Jefferson’s Ghost, five days of the third American Revolution”.
Mr. Carraway has three daughters with his wife, Vivian, and resides in eastern North Carolina. He is the owner of Karsee Logistical Inc., a full-service logistics company soecializing in expedited freight and warehousing and holds several supply chain certificates.
His interests include off-roading, camping, reading, historical studies, teaching, and fishing.

Rich Coulter

  • Simple Machines

Rich Colter is an Eagle Scout who proudly served in the US Air Force and the Army National Guard for 11 years. He was a ropes course instructor for over 15 years. He is a Ham Radio operator and has been prepping for many years.

Rich is a Certified Airframe and Power plant Mechanic. He currently is in charge of maintenance at 10 large retail establishments. Rich loves finding solutions to problems and using tools to complete the job. He recently moved a 5000 pound shipping container using nothing but hand tools.
Sam Culper

  • Area Intelligence

  • Strategic & National Intelligence

Samuel Culper is a former military intelligence NCO and contract intelligence analyst. He spent three years in Iraq and Afghanistan on intelligence missions, and now runs Forward Observer, a company that provides training and intelligence solutions for SHTF preparedness.

Richard DonDiego

  • Prepper Show and Tell

Jennifer Elswick

  • Food Storage

Jennifer Elswick has been working in Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Relief since 1992. She specializes in helping and teaching others about long term food storage from basics to beyond. Jennifer touts the benefits of canning, couponing and home food storage as well as commercially prepared freeze-dried and dehydrated food options. Jennifer has been featured on The Secrets of a Survivalist Radio Show; The Doctor Prepper Radio Show; Surviving on Shoestrings and Real Food Living.

Jennifer’s passion is helping families prepare themselves from the unknown, saving money and getting through the tough times one can of soup at a time and how to Thrive!

Jennifer has been sharing the message of preparing for years in events as varied as Prepper Camp, Heritage Lifeskills and The Sensible Mountain Prepper Conference. Jennifer’s passion is helping families prepare themselves from the unknown, saving money and getting through the tough times one can of soup at a time.

Jan & Tim Emore

  • Easy Wine Making

  • Everyday Carry

Jan and Tim have been building their homestead since 1989. Raising chickens, working horses, growing gardens, fermenting wine, butchering, inoculating mushrooms are all current interests on the farm. Tim grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of VA on a self-sufficient farm. Tim attended forestry school in Virginia before moving to North Carolina.

Jan apprenticed with master saddler, Joe Ponder, from age 8 until 2001. Jan and Tim started leather working business together in 1985. They worked together to help people solve their every day carry problems since they opened. A combined 60 years professional experience in custom made pouches, bags, sheaths, holsters, belts, etc. provides the insight to help simplicity every day carry systems for their clients. Now retired, they enjoy making and teaching how to make wine. “We enjoy sharing the century old recipe with anyone interested”. Jan and Tim continue to strengthen their self-sufficient lifestyle. Always interested in learning more techniques to simplify life on the homestead.
Butch Erskine

  • Bugging In – Urban

  • Family Communication Planning

  • Preparedness 101

  • Risk Analysis & Management

  • Sheltering & the Bug Out Plan

Butch Erskine is a decorated U.S. Air Force Veteran of 20 years and public speaker on Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Recovery. With over 33 years of experience in all facets of global security, vulnerability assessments and emergency planning, Butch continues his efforts to focus on the spiritual and psychological foundation of the family and individual preparedness.

Butch is a native West Virginian and has resided in Huntsville, AL since 2007. A 1979 graduate of Greenbrier East High School, he entered the United States Air Force in 1983. Butch completed an Associates Degree in Industrial Security from the Community College of the Air Force in 1990, a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from Park University in 2003, and a Masters of Arts Degree in Emergency and Disaster Management with honors from American Military University in 2012. Butch is a Defense Contractor working in the Emergency Management developing emergency plans, processes, and procedures. Throughout life he has promoted Christian values and Constitutional freedoms.

The last eight years of his military career were spent serving special duty as a Security Advisor to U.S. Air Force Special Operations Command in support of U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), U.S. Joint Special Operations Command (JSSOC), U.S. Special Operations Command Europe (SOCEUR) and U.S. Special Operations Command Pacific (USSOCPAC). Traveling over 300 days per year, Butch developed security and anti-terrorism plans in over 50 countries and supported the U.S. Counterterrorism Program to the United States State Department by conducting Risk Analysis and Vulnerability Assessments for numerous U.S. Embassy’s in Eastern and Western Europe and Africa. Butch often shares stories during the period when the Soviet Union collapsed. He was working in several former Soviet countries where citizens would stand in the snow and trade their shoes and gloves for a single Bible being boot-legged from Russia. Today, he finds it a disgrace and heart wrenching to watch citizens turn their back on God and destroy the same flag so many died to protect.

Over the past years Butch has made it his mission to reach out to citizens to help them develop their preparedness and spiritual foundation. He believes the decline of morals, personal freedoms, as well as the increasing attacks on Christians, should alert every family to immediately develop emergency plans. Butch has completed numerous Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Courses. He graduated from the National Incident Management System (NIMS) FEMA Course to obtain a national certification and recently a graduate of Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings, a FEMA/ATF In-Resident Course.

Butch and his wife Marsha take pride in their two daughters and four beautiful grandchildren. When not working and supporting Whitesburg Baptist Church, they volunteer at the Huntsville Inner City Learning Center mentoring and helping third graders with school assignments. They also support the Center’s efforts during fund raisers and programs for the children. While Marsha enjoys singing in the church choir and playing tennis Butch spends free time raising a garden, reading, and supporting residents in the “crawl, walk, run” steps of Preparedness. They will eventually retire near the Great Smoky Mountains. Most recently, Butch was a guest speaker at The Madison Institute (TMI) 2015 for the “Preparedness” series and again speaking on “The Culture of ISIS” in 2016.
Forrest Garvin

  • Survival Groups

Chris Gibson

  • Hand Tools

  • Weapons Capabilities

Tim Glance

  • Shelters on the Go

  • Programming & Using Your Ham Radio

Tim is the owner of the Old Grouch's Military Surplus, a traditional old-school military surplus store that specializes in real military surplus. Tim grew up in the family business, their store has been in its current location in downtown Clyde NC for 25 years. Tim is also a US Army veteran, he served in Afghanistan and recently retired from the US Army Reserve as a Chief Warrant Officer 3. Tim has also been a ham radio operator for 10 years and has been involved in prepping since he was a teenager.
Jonathan Glauser

  • Colloidal Silver for Emergency Preparedness

Jonathan Glauser, the creator of Mountain Well-Being, is a leading expert in the field of colloidal solutions and natural health. He’s been passionate about healthy living for most of his life and strongly believes that well-being is a direct result of proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Jonathan is skilled in organic and aquaponic gardening and grows the majority of his own food. Living as sustainably as possible, he is a steward of the Earth and loves spending his free time outside surrounded by nature. He keeps physically active by biking, paddling, hiking and skiing.
Grannie Pam

  • Cheese Making

  • Meals in a Jar

  • Sourdough Bread Baking

Grannie Pam has been cooking, canning, and baking since she was 10 years old.  She was raised by her grandparents who were farmers and raised and processed their own food.  She was taught by her grandmother to can and bake.  After reaching adulthood she continued her quest to learn to be more self-sufficient by taking classes in cheese making and working with sourdough.  She also does food fermentation and food dehydration.  
David Grasty

  • Hobo Stoves

David is a retired 20 year Air Force Combat Vet, with assignments ranging from Iceland to Iraq. He is the Lead Instructor at The Woodsrunner School of Self Reliance. David is the Owner/Operator of "WNC Bushcraft and Survival”. He is a certified Self Aid/Care Under Fire instructor. Mostly self-taught in outdoors/wilderness survival and preparedness.


Tony Haney

  • Knots for Survival

Tony Haney (aka Ropeman)  has been tying knots and working with rope, since he was very young. His passion for knot tying has grew and he now helps others learn the ropes. You'll never find him without some type of cordage. He has taught classes to local boy scouts, as well as instructing at conferences across the area. He is also a member of the International Guild of Knot Tyers. 

John Hemingway

  • Weapons Capabilities

Don Heres

  • Respiratory Protection

Don Heres is a 30 year veteran of the Fire Service, serving both as a career and volunteer responder, retiring as an Assistant Chief. Don has held positions with the NC Office of the State Fire Marshall, where he acted as the Lead Instructor for the Hazardous Materials Certification Program, and as the Hazardous Materials Coordinator for Wake County Emergency Management. As the owner of Hazard-Risk Management Associates, he provided safety and HAZMAT response training to many industries including pharmaceutical companies, nuclear power plants, and the US military. Don and his wife Liz have recently formed Escape 2 Survive to offer education and innovative survival solutions to the Preparedness Community, Industry, Law Enforcement, and the military.
Franklin Horton

  • Building a Home Survival Manual

Franklin Horton lives and writes in the mountains of southwestern Virginia. He attended Virginia Intermont College and Virginia Commonwealth University. In his spare time, he pursues outdoor adventures with his wife and two children. His interests include camping, kayaking, backpacking, mountain biking, and shooting.
Scott Hunt

  • Sustainable Infrastructure

Scott Hunt is a sustainable living design engineer. He specializes in off- grid water and energy systems. His expertise in mechanical engineering combined with good old-fashioned know-how gleaned from experience “on the farm and in the woods” has enabled him to draw closer to that goal of a fully sustainable lifestyle.

If he isn’t installing a prepper system for a client, speaking at a conference, consulting via the phone, then you will find him in his shop tinkering on the next cool project.

Scott has worked for the last 4 years as a consultant for National Geographic on the shows Doomsday Preppers and Doomsday Castle. Scott has also appeared on the Sportsman Channel’s America Unplugged.

Find out about Scott’s new book Practical Preppers Complete Guide to Disaster Preparedness, attend his book signing...and get his new DVD Home EMProvement.
Johnny Jacks

  • Long-Term Survival Considerations

Johnny Jacks was born in Alabama six months before D-Day to semiliterate sharecropper parents. His family lived self-reliantly the first ten years of his life off-grid, off city water, without indoor plumbing, and without assistance from the welfare state, which did not exist then. On his 17th birthday, he enlisted in the Air Force, later transferring to the Army, where he became a Special Forces soldier and began a career serving on Special Forces A-Teams in Europe, Asia, and Central America, including a combat assignment to Special Forces A-Team 102, Tien Phuoc, Vietnam, 1967-1968. He became proficient in guerrilla warfare strategies and tactics, radio communications, intelligence gathering, and guerrilla group organizations and operations.

After retiring from the Army in 1982, Jacks worked for several government agencies over the next 25 years in national security and emergency preparedness programs. Those roles provided him with knowledge of the national security policy related to continuity of government and continuity of operations, with insight into what will take place with America’s senior leadership when the Schumer hits the fan and the nation falls into a state of anarchy. Jacks lives with his wife on their farm in the Appalachian foothills of North Alabama, where he enjoys gardening, animal husbandry, and writing. His hobbies include traveling, gold prospecting, hunting, and fishing.
Libby Jones

  • Tinctures & Salves

Marsha Jones

  • Beekeeping

Marsha Jones is a realtor and licensed general contractor located in Cashiers, NC. Beekeeping was introduced to Marsha as a child. As an adult, Marsha sought out to continue learning about bees. Through trial and error, reading books, taking classes, and discussing topics with fellow beekeepers, Marsha has learned how to be a successful beekeeper.

Bradley Jowers

  • Basic Wilderness First Aid

  • Tanning Hides

Pierce Kibbey

  • House of Worship Security

  • Situational Awareness

Julie Kidd

  • You Have 5 Minutes to Evacuate…. Or not

I grew up in a remote area of Western NC where we could be without power for days or weeks. My parents taught us to be self-sufficient by teaching us “by example”. We had a large garden, meat animals, chickens, guineas, bees and we also foraged as a family. I began preserving with my mother and grandmother before I started school and I learned to work the bees, take care of the animals and so much more from my dad. After I married I stopped practicing self-sufficiency. Several years ago, I renewed my interest and began taking classes to refresh and improve my basic knowledge. I continue to take classes and practice my old and new skills. My chosen career has exposed me to the darker side of society that I find I also need to be prepared for. My mission is to provide information to anyone who is wanting to begin their journey into becoming better prepared by sharing my personal experiences in collecting emergency supplies, developing emergency plans and learning how to stay informed. I continue to live in Western NC with my husband of 36 years.

Roger Lehet

  • Tiny House – Reduce Your Grid Dependency

David & Kim Lippy

  • Dehydration – Beyond Beef Jerky

The Lippys are both Western NC residents and deeply involved in homesteading. After retiring from a career in aeronautical engineering in 2009, David and Kim hiked the southern contiguous 550 miles of the Appalachian Trail. This, combined with their passion for good eating, prepping, and living a self-sustaining life style was a natural lead in to becoming Western North Carolina’s most popular presenters on the basics and beyond of dehydrating food. They have taught this class every year for Heritage Life Skills, and always come breathing new life and skills into their topic. Both are graduates of the University of Central Florida. They live in Otto, NC with their Great Pyrenees names “Otto”.

  • Cold Smoke Meat Preservation

  • Raising Rabbits Naturally

  • No-Sew Hammock Making

John MacEntyre Allen, known as MacEntyre, runs a business and a farm in Jamestown, North Carolina. The Molly Mac Gear workshop is where MacEntyre makes gear for being outdoors, including backpacks, hammocks, insulation, tarps, anoraks, mukluks and more. MacEntyre also sells pedigreed rabbits. As Park Director at New Garden Park/Farm, MacEntyre is helping to establish a Permaculture Farm and Aquaponics facility.

MacEntyre was has been a commercial fisherman, a sailor on traditional Tall Ships, and Mate on the Tug Whitefoot. He has a degree in Chemical Engineering, and has worked in manufacturing plants in the US and Europe. As a teenager, he raced motocross, got his pilot's license before he got his driver's license, and managed the waterfront at a summer sailing camp. He has been self employed for 30 years. An avid hiker and backpacker, he may be found often in the remote corners of the Birkhead Wilderness and Linville Gorge.
Mindy Milton

  • Pioneer Foods

Neal Morris

  • Cast Iron Cookware: Acquisition, Care, and Maintenance

Neal Morris is a lifelong avid outdoorsman who enjoys fishing, camping and backpacking. He spent 6 years in the US Marine Corps and has been an Operating Room Nurse for the last 22 years. He grew up learning to cook with cast-iron in the family home, as well as over an open fire. His extensive cast iron collection Includes pieces from the 1800s to present that have been restored to usable condition. It’s the thrill of the hunt, and the excitement of bringing a crusty and rusty piece of decades old cast iron back to life.     

Paul Munsen

  • Sun Oven Cooking

Laura Rice

  • Bread Baking

  • Gluten-Free Baking

I have been baking bread, rolls, and cinnamon rolls for over 50 years. Having grown up in a Mid-Western farm family, I spent my summers with my grandmother cooking and baking. I love to experiment with various kinds of flours and other ingredients to make variations of recipes. I bake bread regularly for my family so I know what is in the bread, and to keep out undesirable ingredients like GMO’s and preservatives.

Over the years, my favorite tradition has been to make cinnamon rolls and “Pluck It” bread for Christmas and other holidays. The tradition has been passed on to my children, niece and nephew, and recently to my grandsons. For me, baking is a time for talking, sharing, and creating delicious products for the whole family and friends to enjoy.
Russ Rice

  • Sharing the Harvest

Since age 12, Russ Rice has enjoyed the art of garden planning, cultivating, growing and harvesting his family’s vegetable garden. His love for plants and gardening has endured his lifetime. In addition to a bachelor’s degree in marketing, Russ holds an associates degree in horticulture, and has earned a Master Gardener Certificate for the state of Florida. In the late 70’s, Russ taught horticulture at North Central High School in Indianapolis, Indiana. He founded City Slickers Backyard Bounty in 2006, an educational program designed to teach families how to convert their backyards into edible, sustainable landscapes. In addition to teaching his education program, Russ is a gardening consultant, lecturer, grows and sells open-pollinated seeds, enjoys fishing, hunting, woodworking, and traveling with his wife of 44 years, Laura.
Cheryl & Perry Robinson

  • Indoor Farming & Microgreens

Tim Ross

  • Aquaponics

  • Cyber Security

  • Kombucha Tea

Tim Ross is no stranger to hard work, having spent 12 years as a CEO and a martial arts instructor, computer support specialist, entrepreneur, computer security specialist, web designer, beginner in aquaponics. He is a third-degree black belt in American Ninjutsu which he has been teaching for 20 years and came up with his own business model and started it in 2005 as a small online business and in 2010 it went corporate.

Tim has more than 20 years of computer experience. Prior to starting his online business, Tim spent 5 years as a web designer and sales representative. Before opening User Manual Archive Inc. in 2010, Tim worked for 22 years for a diverse range of organizations, including Card Service of the Carolinas, Manuals Ink LTD, and Papa Johns. In these roles, Tim was responsible for web design, internet security, customer support and sales.

Jillian Serio

  • Self Defense

Jillian is a 4th-degree black belt in the Korean art of Han Mu Do. She is a Han Mu Do instructor in Waynesville, certified by the world Han Mu Do association. She also holds rank in Taekwondo and Hapkido. Jillian has studied martial arts with some of Korea's most skilled martial artists in their home temples in Korea and has lived and taught her art in Mexico.

Skinny Medic

  • Stop the Bleeding

Skinny Medic on YouTube is a full-time paramedic. He has been in 911 EMS for 12 years. He postes videos that can help you in a wilderness situation, or in a situation where you have little to no medical help.

Skinny Medic is the owner of Medical Gear Outfitters, LLC. Medical Gear Outfitters provides affordable IFAKS (Individual First Aid Kits) for people who love to spend time outdoors. The first aid kits are great for people who hunt, hike, fish, or people who are looking for a first aid kit for their bug out bags.

“You never know when you will be the first responder”.
Dr. Linda Sparks

  • Homeopathy for Beginners

Dr. Sparks graduated with honors from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, AZ.  She is passionate about helping patients achieve their optimal state of health through one on one patient visits and teaching nationwide. Dr. Sparks specializes in Clinical Nutrition, Bio-therapeutic Drainage, Mind-Body Therapy, Homeopathy and Botanical Medicine.  She sees the entire picture, looks for the root cause and supports patients in walking the path to wellness that best suits them. She is currently practicing outside Asheville, NC and focuses on Women’s Health, Autoimmune Disease, Skin Issues and Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders    
Survivor Jane

  • The 10 Biggest Mistakes in Prepping

Jane is a former city-girl turned prepper. She is the creator and editor of the #1 disaster survival and preparedness website for women:

Her mission, as a public speaker, writer, and social media persona is to help educate others on how to prepare by sharing her personal experiences and research in easy to understand language on different topics of disaster survival and preparedness.

As an additional outreach, Jane created the internationally used hashtag #PrepperTalk which has resulted in the Largest Prepper Community on Twitter bringing preparedness-minded people from all over the world together to share their ideas, suggestions, and information on preparedness with one another.

She is the author of the books: What Could Possibly Go Wrong??? How to Go From Completely Clueless to Totally Prepared; Where There is No Cosmetic Counter and the 1st revision: Survivor Jane's Guide to Emergency/Survival Hygiene: A Prepper's Cookbook for Making Personal Survival Hygiene Products. Since infection and germs are the #1 cause of death in a disaster situation, in her opinion, hygiene is one of the most overlooked areas in preparedness.

Jane has also appeared on the hit television series, National Geographic Channel's Doomsday Preppers; receiving one of the highest scores given in the series history and, was featured in the Special Newsweek Edition: Off-Grid alongside such notables as "Survivorman" Les Stroud.

As a writer, Jane has contributed to National Geographic Channel's BlogTV, Prepper and Shooter Magazine, as well as Prepare Magazine and many other periodicals.

When she is not writing, you will find Jane on her homestead-practicing what she preaches - because for Survivor Jane, "Preparedness is a lifestyle ... not a hobby".

Suzanne Upton

  • Fermenting for Preppers

Suzanne Upton is a North Carolina native homesteader and a second generation Prepper. She grew up in a large family with acres of gardens, harvesting and preserving food as naturally as possible. She began canning with her mother at seven years old and learned sustainability from ‘mountain folk’ grandparents. Her homestead now is a happy little mix of chickens, goats, raised vegetable beds, cold frames, herbs gardens and fruit orchards designed make the most of a sustainable lifestyle.

Over the years she began delving into food preservation by fermenting; the centuries-old art of preserving food with lots of wonderful flavors, healthy probiotics, and extra nutrition. This includes wine making, big crocks of kraut and fermenting her harvests of vegetables, as well as homemade vinegar and herbal tinctures. From fermented krauts made with foraged foods found in the wild, as well as spring-to-winter harvests, fermenting includes vegetables, seasonings, aged cheeses, meats, and fruits with salt or honey. It’s a natural food diet and a big part of a sustainable prepper lifestyle.

Suzanne’s focus is on healthy, sustainable prepping. She believes prepping is more than just stocking instant foods in a pantry. Being able to quickly replace nutritional food in a time of disaster is key. And making sure that food is healthy, delicious and plentiful as well as frugal is so important in any stressful prepper-type situation.

Suzanne readily passes on her growing, harvesting and preserving abilities, teaching others about healthy preservation techniques of canning and dehydrating for survival, but especially concentrating on fermenting for sustainable prepping.

There is so much more to see and learn at her homesteading and video website,

Katie Swanger

  • Primitive Survival Shelters

Paul Valone

  • Gun Laws for Preppers: Getting Ready – Not Arrested

F. Paul Valone is the founder and director of Grass Roots North Carolina (, the state’s primary gun rights organization. He has been involved in drafting and passing firearms-related legislation since 1994. GRNC has been heavily involved in drafting and passing North Carolina's original concealed handgun law, concealed handgun reciprocity, Castle Doctrine (including "Stand Your Ground") and other measures contained in House Bill 650 in 2011, the dramatic expansion of concealed carry in HB 937 in 2013, and further improvements in 2015 via HB 562.
As a handgun competitor for more than thirty years, Paul Valone is an NRA firearms instructor who has been certified by the state of North Carolina to conduct concealed handgun training, is federally deputized as a law enforcement officer, and has received advanced defensive training at Thunder Ranch, Smith & Wesson Academy, Front Sight Firearms Training Institute and elsewhere.
Valone wrote for, until it ceased publication, as Charlotte Gun Rights Examiner. Additional publishing credits include 200+ newspaper columns and magazine articles published in The Charlotte Observer, the Raleigh News & Observer, the Durham Herald-Sun, the Greensboro News & Record, the Asheville Tribune, Asheville Citizen-Times, and elsewhere.
Valone can be reached at or (704) 907-9206.

Sherry Verse

  • Treadles & Hand Cranks

Sherry has been collecting, buying, selling, refurbishing, and servicing antique and vintage sewing machines for 16 years.
Richard Walsh

  • Meals & Cooking on a Bug Out

William White

  • Primitive Survival Shelters

Tina Wilson

  • Soap Making

A homeschooling mother of two with a Masters Degree in Holistic Science. As a Master Herbalist, I found myself being more critical of not only what my family put in their bodies, but what we were putting ON our bodies. After years of making various chemical-free products for personal use, I began researching homemade soap. It was love at first batch! Eventually my hobby turned into Dixie Soapworks, LLC. I have been making and selling soap for seven years. In addition to bringing awareness to the benefits of using more natural products, I also enjoy exploring the history of this valuable life skill.

J.R. “Coby” Yacobi

  • Constitutional Coversation

Thirty-five plus years of active, Reserve and civilian service the Coast Guard. Service afloat and ashore. Retired now. Federal Law Enforcement officer as senior Boarding officer. Experienced tactically and strategically in both use of force and rules of engagement. Experienced in maritime engineering and logistics. Enjoyed a couple of commands and several deployments; mostly Caribbean drug ops or support to same. Two joint assignments to include Joint Staff (J-5 APAC and NMCC). Studied strategic aspects of information warfare and infrastructure protection (in detail/SCF) under the tutelage of the National Defense University. Later a Professor of both Political Science and Behavioral Science teaching at NDU. Student of life; hopefully still learning every day.
Linda Zern

  • Pioneer Foods

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