Roto 240v splitters 2x pcs

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NameRoto 240v splitters 2x pcs
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Roto 240V Splitters 2x pcs

Oxy Acet gauges combos 6 pairs

Stihl TS400 gas cutoff saw S/N55171

Oxy Acet barrel and heads Sets 5 pcs

Oxy Acet hand x 1 pc

1x str cut barrel

Rodmor Acet gauges x 3pcs

Victor Oxy gauge x 1pc

Brasing tips x 4pcs

Rosebud x 1pc

Cutting goggles 2 pcs

Dewalt core drill w 6 extension, base and 2x2, 3x2, 3 1/2x1, 4x1, 4 1/2x1, 6x1, 9x1

Lincoln ranger 305G welder S/N 41061009337 w/50 grand, 50 stinger and rolling cart

Miller trailblazer 302 w/ cage and cart S/N LF192114 w/ 50s grand, 50 stinger, new stand

Miller trailblazer 302 w/ cage and cart S/N LH2205960

Sala Yo Yo 50’ S/N 63314

Sala Yo Yo S/N 21005

Sala Yo Yo S/N 48???

Thunderbolt Yo Yo S/N 1100E020

Miller mighty lite Yo Yo 65’ S/N 08328D

Miller mighty lite Yo Yo 65’ S/N 08345D

Miller mighty lite Yo Yo 50’ S/N 9345940

Guardian Yo Yo 50’ S/N 112416

Guardian Yo Yo 50’ S/N 112945

Guardian Beamer 2000 series x 3pcs

Sala Beamer Glyder 2 x 1pc

Knack 36”x24” gear box

Sala Beam wraps x2

MSA Beam wraps x2

Miller Beam wrap x1

Arctic Cat ZR800 VIN#4UF015NW81T130512

Knack Boxes Model 89 Storage master chests 60x46x30

New and Used Hougon bits 44pcs

New and Used reams 1’ up 10pcs

Centering pins 15pcs

Huntsman 951P x 2pcs welding hoods

Jackson JP175CE x 2pcs welding hoods

Lincoln Electric 225 Precision tig welder w/gauge, ground and foot pedal S/N410

Dewalt 272 screw gun w/case S/N 9842-PR drill

Milwaukie ½’ holeshooter S/N 532B502182417 drill

Milwaukie ½” holeshooter S/N ?????????????1961 drill

Milwaukie ½” holeshooter S/N 0574236130 drill

Milwaukie straight body ½” magnum holeshooter S/N 6280606140129 drill

Hilti-DX 860-HSN stand up joist gun S/N 000463

Hilti-DX 860-ENP stand up beam gun S/N 0011014

Dewalt DW 272 screw gun w/case and 25’ cord S/N 20050649

Black & Decker 2073 VSR screw gun S/N 74462

Dewalt DW290 ½” electric impact wrench S/N 74423

Porter cable XHD ½” heavy drill motor S/N PC778

Dewalt DW296 1” electric impact wrench S/N 10426

Makita 9031 sander S/N 144001

Bosch 1873-8-7 grinder S/N 883000091

Dewalt 7’ grinder S/N 70841

Milwaukie ½” magnum spade drill S/N 5821389617

Dewalt ½” HDW131 spade drill S/N 0323F014

Milwaukie 18g unishear S/N 5508595430916

Verco Pneumatic punch lok S/N NP2147

Dewalt D78407 4’6” w/case S/N 730610

Dewalt D28402 4 ½” grinder w/case S/N 730610

Central hydraulics 10 ton puller model 33611

Eagle pneumatic needle scaler S/N 5492?

Misc spray guns 10pcs

Radnor 25’ new tig torches x2 17V-25-R

Miramar PN 745 button punch

Button punch

Milwaukie straight drive 556A394190085

Hilti TE 76 10-00231327 w/ adapter

Hilti TE 56 02-0117237-JJ-07 w/adapter

Hilti TE 60 01-0024001-ML09 w/adapter

No case TE 60 01-0031007-GM-10

No case TE 60 01-0023931-ML-09

TE 56 02-00106773

TE 40 08-0010996-JJ-07

Bosch split drive no S/N w/ 10bits and straight drive adapter

New bits

Used bits

New rebar cutters

Used rebar cutters

Roto laser chippers 9pcs

Torc wrench EZ 90 w/lugs S/N 0906592

Torc wrench EZ60 w/lugs S/N 06046630

Torc wrench EZ90 w/lugs S/N 0906527

Milwaukie deep cut bandsaw S/N 769F405020172 w/ 3 blades and case

Dewalt sawsall S/N 509901 w/case and blades

Milwaukie sawsall S/N 962D300111599 w/blades and case

Ridgid drill w/ case S/N G044652671

Topcon Horiz lazer RL-H3C w/stand and 1 stick

Topcon Horiz and lazer RL-VH3D w/stand and 1 stick

Hilti ST1800 auto seed stand up screw gun S/N 02-0126214-AK-08

Hilti ST1800 auto seed stand up screw gun S/N 02-0059831-GG-05

Stihl TS400 cut off saw

Dewalt 4 ½” grinder w/case S?N 433423

Dewalt 4 ½” grinder w/case S/N 804615

Thermal arc no tig welder w/guage, torch and ground S/N C6020097W103066B

Hilti DX76 Beam gun w/case S/N 005434-06

Hilti DX460 joist gun w/case S/N 121457-05

Hilti DX&^ beam gun w/ case S/N 010929-07

Dewalt DW266 screw gun w/case S/N 70918-9919E

Hougan HMD904 w/case S/N 3808110

Hougan HMD505 w/case S/N 2005238

Hougan HMD 904 no case S/N 485037

Hilti PMP34-F w/soft case S/N 28107040

Hilti PMP 34-F w/soft case S/N 31007112

Hilti PM24 w/soft case S/N 645922

Hilti PMP34F w/soft case and hard case w/handgers S/N 26207160

Hilti PD32 rauge finder w/softcase S/N 32204544

Hilti st 1800 screw gun S/N 02-0069454-LG-05

Stihl BR45C backpack blower S/N 256117072

Guardian harnesses x4

Miller harnesses x2

Harness soft stop straps x3

Baileigh RMD 150 auto stop pneumatic pipe bender w/1 ½” and 2” dies S/N37892997

Baileigh M600 notcher w/holesaw, hougan cutter, and drill chucks S/N 37895713

Magna Beam clamps 2x2 ton

Magna Beam clamps 4x1 ton

Magna Beam clamps 2x10 ton

Magna Beam clamps 6x3 ton

Magna Beam clamps 1x5 ton

Klein 2x ½”-1” cable pulls 8000lbs

Campbell ¾”-1 1/6”x 1 ton plate clamp

Renfroe 0”-3/4”x ½ ton plate clamp

Shackles 6x ½”, 2x 5/8”, 9x ¾”, 5x 7/8”, 3x1”, 2x 1 1/8”

1 pallet misc straps

Eye bolts 2x1” cast 3x ½” cast, 1x ¾” cast

Welding lead 18 x50’, 1x 85’, 1x 78’, 1x 80’, 1x50’, 1x25’, 1x20’

Fuel safety cans x9

Propane bottles 1x35gal, 2x 7gal, 4x 5gal, 1 helium balloon bottle

Fab table 8’x7” x 6’-10”x ¾” w/ casters and supports

30’ 10K spreader bar

Fab table 5’x6”x20’x ¾” plate w/supports and casters

Millrite horizontal and vertical milling machine S/N 62121

5 ton press brake shop built

Wilton 3410 horizontal and vertical bandsaw S/N 080817230

Lincoln sp200 wire feed welder w/2 full bottles of steel mix

CDI torque wrench w/case 600lb

CDI torque wrench no case 300lb

Proto torque multiplier w/case

Enerpac P-391 10,000lb porta power w/ 5’-8’ ram

Evolution 9” steel circular saw w/laser guide, case and extra steel blade

Evolution EVO-Raptor 14” steel chop saw w/steel blade and 2 stainless blades

200’ airhose

3’ sheet metal brake

Rigid pipe stand

Miller thunderbolt 220 welder

Manuel tubing bender w/ dies

Dryrod rod boxes 2x50lbs, 1x25lbs, 1x100lbs

Bil-jax baker scaffold x2 w/railing

Rope-grab fall restraints 1x75’, 3x50’, 1x100 and 2 extra rope harness connectors

Guardian beam wraps soft x3

Miller titan fall harness 6x fall suppression straps

Welding stingers 50’, 6’, 6’, 15’ rotory ground, 10’ rotory ground, 50’ brass

Jumper ground clamp 50’

2x Miller extreme 12-VS-digital, 3x Lincoln LN-256

Radrov Pro 4000 Air Arc

Knack 4824 gang box

1 pallet misc new wire rolls and stick

2x Miller 110 volt welders

110 volt Air compressor

Stainless steel timer saver sander S/N 5150 extra drive belt and 6 new sanding belts

Harper pneumatic torch cart

Harper hard tire torch cart

Radnor hard tire torch cart

2x Ashland 10’ roll cases

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