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Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit

User Manual

This Himbox Bluetooth car kit is developed for easy installation in motor vehicles to enable hands free operation of mobile phones and use of individual features. With this kit, you can use the car stereo to relish the music saved in your cell phone and answer incoming calls without having to pick up your phone. As a big bonus, this car kit is equipped with dual USB ports, so while it is working you can have a digital device juiced up.

I. Product Appearance

II.How it works?

  1. Power on. HB01 is in pairing mode when turning it on. If no device is paired within 3 minutes when HB01 is in pairing mode, it will enter sleep mode automatically with the light ring flashing blue once every 5 seconds.

  2. HB01 will connect the pair cell phone automatically.

  3. The blue light keeps on when HB01 connects with devices.

  4. The blue light will flash when receiving incoming calls.

III. Button Instruction

  • Long-press the button 5 seconds enters into Bluetooth paring mode.

  • Play/pause when listening to music.

  • Answer function when receiving an incoming call

  • Initiate Siri when press the button for 1 to 2 senconds.

  • Apply to iPhone4 /iPhone4S /iPhone5 /iPhone5C /iPhone5S /

The new iPad(iPad3)/iPad mini/iPad Mini 2 /iPad Air/iPod touch

  • Double-press the button dials the last call.

  • Short-press: next track

  • Long-press: Volume up

  • Short-press; previous track

  • Long-press: volume down

IV. Initial setup

Connect to Power and AUX

  1. Insert the adapter plug into your car’s 12V/24 power outlet(a.k.a the cigarette lighter)

  2. Plug the audio cable into your car’s 3.5mm AUX input port.

  3. Switch on your stereo and toggle the input source to AUX.

NB: Either the 1A or 2A output port can be used to power the car kit.

Place the Button

  1. Select a convenient location with a level surface on the dashboard.

  2. Remove the protective backing from the adhesive on the back of the mounting disc and stick it to the dashboard.

  3. The controller will magnetically adhere to the mounting disc. The controller can be easily removed and stored when not in use.

Pair your cell phone

  1. Press and hold the button for about 5 seconds until the light ring stars flashing rapidly, indicating the Bluetooth car kit has entered into pairing mode.

  2. Turn on your phone’s Bluetooth and search for the Bluetooth car kit “HB01” and select it.

  3. If asked for a pass code, type in”0000”.

  4. When paring is finished, the light ring will turn solid blue.


  1. If no device is paired within 3minutes when HB01 is in paring mode, it will enter sleep mode automatically with the light ring flashing blue once every 5seconds, At this time, if you want to pair your device with HB01, simply repeat the above steps.

  2. HB01 will connect to the last paired phone automatically when it is turned on.

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