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Welcome to the documentation for vBActivity, a vBulletin add on.

The following pages will contain instructions on how to install, configure and administer the software.
This is a feature packed shop modification for vBulletin. This version was built to work on vBulletin 3.8.x, 4.0.x and 4.1.x.

Lite Version only:

· Front-End

o Purchases

§ Custom Item

§ Username Colour

§ Usertitle Colour

§ Username Change

§ Usertitle Change

§ Immunity from changes

§ Usergroup Permissions

o Stealing

§ Attempt to steal other peoples points.

o Lotteries

§ Buy tickets

§ Review past lotteries

o Bank

§ Store points

· AdminCP

o Create Currencies

§ Multiple currencies supporting a wide range of points addons

o Create Categories

§ Item categories for sorting purposes

o Create Shops

§ Set common shop info

§ Set items this shop sells

o Create Items

§ Icons

§ Per-item permissions

§ Itemtype-specific form fields

§ Per-shop settings

§ Set stock

§ Set price

§ Set currency

§ Notification on item purchase

o Lotteries

o Lottery prizes

o Settings

§ Total control over points

§ Stealing Settings

· Default %age chance of success

· Default %age of points stolen

§ Bank Settings

· Theft protection for bank funds

Pro Version also features:

· Front-End

o Transaction Log

o Purchases

§ Forum Access

§ Usergroup Changes

§ Gift items to others

§ Custom Item input areas

o Donate Points

o Items

§ Immunity from theft.

§ Increase chances of theft working

§ Steal higher %age of persons points

o Bank

§ Gain daily interest from points in the bank

· AdminCP

o Create Shops

§ Set owner

o Create Items

§ Set item as giftable or not

§ Set duration

§ Set max stock

§ Notification on item configuration

o Set default usergroup access

o Items

o Increase chances of theft working

§ %age chance boost

o Lottery

§ Recurring lotteries

This system is built inside of vBulletin and uses the existing template systems. No modification of existing vBulletin templates are necessary as its own templates are imported through the installation.

99.9% of the language is displayed through the vBulletin phrase system and is easily editable.

If you find a bug please report it so it can be fixed.
The vBShop Concept

Thank you for purchasing and using vBShop. We at DragonByte Technologies are confident you will find this product useful and effective in encouraging your users to participate more in your website. To help you make the best use of our vBShop (called vBS for short) we will take you through the administrative side of using it. We have also included documentation that will help your users to get the most out of vBS.

First things first, let’s take you through the main concepts of vBS, before we detail how to manage them.

For a community driven website to survive, it needs participation from its userbase. Keeping users active in posting content is certainly a challenge, and so providing an incentive or reward system can be instrumental in making this happen. vBShop is designed with that challenge in mind. Designed to allow users to collect points (internally or through a points system) that they can then spend on items, varying from upgrades of their usergroup to gaining access to more features, or even custom items that allow for many other items types both online and offline.

Additional to that core frame around which vBShop is built, there are also more fun features such as lotteries, banking and stealing and more, which allow users to choose what they want to spend their points on.

Whether things are more frivolous or serious in nature, vBShop allows users to make their visits to your site unique to their tastes and likes.

To begin with the administrative side of vBShop, let’s take you through the installation process.
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§ Username Colour iconUsername

§ Username Colour iconUsername

§ Username Colour iconUsername

§ Username Colour iconUsername

§ Username Colour iconUsername

§ Username Colour iconInstructions for the use of colour composer

§ Username Colour iconUsername and Password 1

§ Username Colour iconUsername = admin

§ Username Colour iconThe Colour Of Magic Terry Pratchett

§ Username Colour iconUsername admin password 7

§ Username Colour iconUsername (caps): nouvellec3

§ Username Colour iconUsername (caps): nouvellec3

§ Username Colour iconUsername (if different from email address)

§ Username Colour iconInterview of rafi saab in 1978 in colour

§ Username Colour iconAqua Blue Metallic exterior colour

§ Username Colour iconResearches in colour vision and the trichromatic theory

§ Username Colour iconResearches in colour vision and the trichromatic theory

§ Username Colour iconLeather interior in special colour cocoa

§ Username Colour iconUsername jsgrou1 password 7 XXXXXXXXXXX

§ Username Colour iconUsername admin privilege 15 password 0 cisco


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