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Gullivers Travel Associates - WBS User Guide

Login Management

The Login Management facility exists for you to create user logins for your own staff and your sub-agents (see the Sub-Agents section of this manual).
To enter the Login Management facility, click on the Login Management link in the Index Page to get to the Login Search page:

In order to search for logins for your internal staff check the box:
Client Logins Only
(If entered, all other criteria are ignored)
Then click on the ‘Search’ button to get to the Client Login List page:

You can see the users that have been set up, if they can only see gross prices and what role they have.
To create a new user, either from this page or the Login Search page, click on the ‘Create’ button or from the Login Search page click on the ‘Create’ button as long as the Client Logins Only
(If entered, all other criteria are ignored) is checked
Either way you enter the Create Client Login page:

  • Login – you can set the login of the user.

    • When any users login they will always use your AGENCY ID

      • First name and Surname - enter the name of the user

      • Password and Password – create a password for the user- this has to be repeated in the second password field

      • Role – within the Login Management facility there are various roles that can be assigned to users

Breakdown of Roles and Authorities









Create Bookings

Booking/Item Search




Own Bookings Only



ALL Bookings within Sub Agency ONLY

Information Search

Management Reports

Create and Maintain Logins

Client Booking Report

All Tariff Reports*

Only Rack Report

Only Rack Report

Create and Maintain Sub-Agents

Sub-Agent Mark-up Report

Maintain Sub-Agent Mark-ups

View Booking History

= This Role has authority to this function

  • CLTADMIN= Client Administrator

  • CLTADMWEB = Client Administrator (On Web Only)

  • CLTSTAFF= Client Staff Member

  • CLTTARIFF = Client Tariff Staff

  • CLTRACK = Client with Rack Report

  • CLTSTAFF1 = Client Staff Member (Own bookings only)

  • CLTSUBAGT=Client Sub Agent

* All Tariff Reports - New/Information/Price Enquiry – Apartments, Hotels, Regular Sightseeing and Transfers + Rack Report

  • If you are using the WBS for the first time, any members of your staff who accessed the apartments, sightseeing and transfers via our old web system (GWBS) will already be created but with the role ‘Credit Client - Call Centre’. This must be changed to one of the roles mentioned above to become valid.

      • Prices – if you want your staff only to see your marked up prices (see the Client Mark-Up section of this manual) then check the box:

Please tick if you require this person to view 'marked up' prices only.

  • Marked-up prices are only applicable to hotel items, all other service types will be provided as Gross rates

Once you have entered all the criteria, click on the create button and the login will have been created.
To amend any details in the Client Login List, click on the ‘Amend’ button to get the Amend Client Login page:

You can amend the name, Role and Prices. You cannot amend the login.
If a member of staff forgets their password an Administrator can only give them another one as all passwords are protected (with *’s).
Click on the ‘Amend’ button to amend the login.
To remove a login click on the ‘Remove’ button in the Client Login List to get to the Delete Client Login Page:

Click on the ‘Remove’ button to delete the login.

  • If the login you wish to delete has made bookings you will not be able to - you can change the password so it becomes ‘inactive’

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