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Lt. Don Atwood’s Daily Diary

From 21 January 1967 to 16 December 1967

While serving with Alpha Company, 70th Combat Engineers

2nd Platoon Leader

(Edited and interpreted by Anthony Durbin)
Daily Diary, Book #1

21 January 1967

Look at Highway 19 & see how to do it—use cold mix on it. Password: Lounge-Dark

—Gen Duke– take it easy 1st 16 *check for (No) 3rd 14 C Krenshaw on waiver
22 January 1967

(Sunday) Password: Pineapple- Social

—Class on survival at 08:15

—New men now PFCs
23 January 1967

1st and 2nd Platoons; 22 (from 1st Platoon + 14 from 2nd Platoon = 36 men)
24 January 1967

—Came in to look at area – (Maybe General Duke above)

—Alert in 5 to 10 days. Equipment: 5 ton & 3/4 ton; Password: Caesar-Worm (maybe Scissor-Worm)

1st Platoon, 20 men; 2nd Platoon, 12 men; 3rd Platoon, 14 men
25 January 1967

* 19:30 Quiz on maintenance

Password: Friendly-Persuasion (Rasian)

No Equipment; 2nd Platoon, 13 men, 1 NCO (or Officer); 1st Platoon, 22 men, 1 NCO (or Officer); 3rd Platoon, 11 men
26 January 1967

Equipment: Grader from the 630th; Loader from the 20th; (WOW!) 5 trucks from 511th ; A Company dozer. Question: Will VC work through holidays. F. Tomasky to tank farm at 07:30. Password: Triple-Daisy 30 men, 1 NCO (or Officer)

27 January 1967

Equipment: Loader from the 20th; Grader from the 630th ; Dozer from A Company.; 3 5-ton dumps from the 511th; Low boy for all day. 0700 on all 5 tons. Where and Status: Battalion Motor Pool at 0900. ½ hour, Sgt. Hartley. Password: Coach-Planet 15 men, 1 NCO (or Officer); 20 men total
28 January 1967

Equipment: None; Daily Maintenance Report

To go to group from 1200 hours, Saturday to 1200 hours, Sunday(??) What vehicles

Deadline at beginning of period & when, why, what corrective action taken & what option to take if off deadline & keep it off. Did it Deadline during reporting period. 1200 hours Sunday first reports

Password: Iodine-Scotch 37 men, 1 Officer
29 January 1967 (Sunday)

—No work—

509th Signal S-3 want blasting done -call them & then let our S-3 know what we need and when we do it

Password: Average-Windmill

Weapons inventory at 1900hours by S-1
30 January 1967 (Monday)

Workers: 33 men; 1 officer; Perimeter - 5

Go to S-3 today & tell them about blasting
31 January 1967 (Tuesday)

Check HHQ MP at 0900 about air-compressor; might get equipment about Friday for 3 or 4 days

—Pay at 0730 hours —Court?? From Battalion-

Meeting at 1930 in XO’s (Executive Officer’s) hooch (cancelled) Password: Hostess-Manual

Workers: 4 men; 1 officer; (5-perm)

*Cpt. Ghering 1900 hrs*
1 February 1967

*Clean out A-24T ASAP

Group Maintenance Inspection on 8th, 9th & 10th.

Get on people about dress, especially hats—sleeves down at 1800 hours.

Password: Buffalo-Sahara

Class on 2404s at 0630

Workers: 28 men; 1 officer
2 February 1967

No Equipment *Caution drivers on speeding. Early run on trash by 0730

Password: Before-Hive 33 men; 1 officer
3 February 1967

Password: Dowel-Gush

*Check for Robinson about December pay

29 men; 1 officer
4 February 1967

Password: Judge-Howl

Motor Pool 0800 26 men; 1 officer
5 February 1967

Password: Sugar-Record

CP 81 to 102 (maybe Check Point 81 to 102). 2 meals on road

2-8 at 1330. 34th S&S Battalion, 33men

Meeting 34th at 1700 hrs 1 officer on call for barrier guard 9 EM from other platoon

Towers 2 to 12 attached to Cpt Macyka?? Area Fog — Take over for first Company that moves out.

Barrier guard with 34th SS

13th signal to tower 11 augmentation support (platoon) Frequency (City Hall) 40.55 34th

-Battalion Net Primary 36.40 (Foot Locker)

-Alternate 59.15 (same)

—15th SS (Row Boat) 57.65

—15th Administration (Paper Clip) 43.65

Check List for men —

Weapon (with ammo), Protective mask, Mosquito net & repellant, Gear (all) Mess gear. 8 men from 1st & ???P4’s
6 February 1967

Battalion Guard 8th Feb. 3rd Platoon, 6 men, 1st Platoon, 15 men, 2nd Platoon, 11 men, 1 officer OK
7 February 1967

An Khe off limits from 0800 hours on 8th to 0800 hours on the 12th of February.

*A-20 for Navy Captain from 3 to 5 (1500 to 1700 hours)

Password: Action-Crown

1st Platoon, 8 men, 2nd and 3rd Platoons, 21 men, Motor Pool, 10 men

8 February 1967

Password: Berlin-Agree

1st Platoon, 7 men, 2nd Platoon & 3rd Platoon, 5 & 9 men, 1 officer
9 February 1967

—No Equipment—
10 February 1967

Password: White-Trumpet

—No Equipment—

People with M79s come to supply to clean. M14s on Sunday
11 February 1967

—No Equipment —

Password: Boxer-Leave

*Get vehicles T.I.ed and 2404s turned in

*Skill saw at Supply room
12 February 1967(Sunday)

—No Equipment —

Password: Freedom-Expose

(12 February 67—Choice Steal)(This was either an alternate password, or should be Choice steak)

*Keep (Get) vehicles (to) slow down
13 February 1967

Motor Pool, 13 workers —No Equipment —
14 February 1967

Drivers to Motor Pool at 1300 for licenses

—No Equipment —

Password: Tread-Print

Promotion Board 0900

EM (Enlisted Men) Club – Ruffin (to work)

8 men + 8 men +6 men + 1 officer = 22 men + 1 officer,

+ 8 men (from the) Motor Pool = (30 men, 1 officer - workers)
15 February 1967

—No Equipment —

Password: Pigmy-Jewel

111 P-5 (unsure what this was),

2nd Platoon, 6 men, 1 officer, 1st Platoon, 8 men, 1 officer, 3rd Platoon, 8 men

Workers 24 men, 2 officers
16 February 1967

Password: Ball-Ace

Equipment —None

Motor Pool, 10 men, 1st Platoon, 11 men, 2nd Platoon, 5 men, 1 officer, 3rd Platoon, 10 men

(Gen Cassi???) (maybe to inspect motor pool)
17 February 1967

Equipment —None

Password: Shock-Farm

1st Platoon, 13 men, 3rd Platoon, 11 men, 2nd Platoon, 10 men, 1 officer

* Add 3 workers (to 18 Feb)
18 February 1967

Password: Sting-Remove

Equipment — Grader (to or from) HHC, 1 truck to 1st Platoon. Workers: Motor Pool 3 men,

1st Platoon, 14 men, 2nd Platoon, 9 men, 1 officer, 3rd Platoon, 10 men (36 men, 1 officer)

Grader: dead lined
19 February 1967 (Sunday)

Password: Right-Among

Equipment —None

Workers: Motor Pool, 1 man;

2 trucks on sand run for Capt. Fulton of B Company. 1 truck on crusher
20 February 1967

Password: Fender-Turn

Equipment —None

Workers: Motor Pool; 5 men -2, 1st Platoon, 15 men, 6 men Perm (perimeter),

2nd Platoon, 10 men, 1 officer, 3rd Platoon, 10 men (plus some ARVN men, maybe)

+NGUYVEN XUAN MAI SN 327754 + Tang Vinh - 171063
21 February 1967

Password: Mate-Starch

Equipment — D7 Battalion on Barrier Road

*Work tomorrow night (maybe)

Hong Cong (mountain) top

*Lay off for night work about 3 Ems (Enlisted men)

Rte 19 until noon –whole platoon

Workers– Motor Pool, 2 men -1, 1st X, 2nd X, 3rd X

337—385 (unsure what all this meant)
22 February 1967

Password: (unknown)

Motor Pool—2 men -1, Equipment –night– Dozer (sanitary fill)

6 men to 1st Platoon at 0900 * 1 Dozer (day) Same (sanitary fill) Motor Poll, 4 men -2
23 February 1967

Password: Strange-Oyster

Equipment —Dozer (night)

*See Lt. Lukavich for Battalion Air compressor.

*Maybe one from Page (Communication)

Workers —Motor Pool, 2 men -1, 3rd Platoon, 4 men,

2nd Platoon, 16 men, 1 officer, 1st Platoon, 16 men, -5
24 February 1967

Password: About-Knife

Equipment: Air Compressor tonight, Dozer from 511th, Grader from HHC, 8th Engineers

Workers: 6+9+8+1+2-1 (26 men plus 1 officer), Fuel

Phone lines on East Road

White R&R (Rest and Recuperation)
25 February 1967

Password: Breed-Front


*1st Platoon, 10 AM Crusher site

*Air Compressor – C Company Motor Pool

*Tonight 1st Platoon Air Compressor back at 0700 *Fill available tonight at 630(1830 hours)

and tomorrow *Weapons check on Sunday 0720

Workers: 6+5+5+2-1 (18 men, 1 officer)

*Kelly (SP5 John E) needed at dispensary DSV 178th letter on Cannabilingst???
26 February 1967 (Sunday)

Nothing - Password: Grace-Fifty

Equipment: 511th dozer, check S-3 (26) 8th Engineers Grader
27 February 1967 (Monday)

Air Compressor C Company at 0730 (A-25 broken axle 26 February)

Motor Pool 4-2+4+4+5 (19 men)
28 February 1967

Password: Unite-Though (?)

Equipment: 511th dozer day & night

ESCs 8th Engineers Grader; 511th 2 5-tons; C Company Air Compressor

EM (Enlisted Men) Club show at 2000 hours

No W-2 tomorrow. See drivers before ESC. Get Motor Pool Drivers at Maintenance Tent at 0630

???Ledum & TAavng miz??? (unreadable)

Workers: 4+2-1+3 (10 men)
1 March 1967

Password: Park-Berry

Equipment: 511th dozer & our dozer at crushers at 1900 tonight; 630th lowboy

1 mar HHC Dozer with own transportation, 511 dozer on Hon Cong,

8th Engineer Grader, 511th 2 trucks, check with C Company for Air Compressor

Workers: 3+11+2-1 (16 men, 1 officer)

???(numbers)?? 114 sticks 57 lbs. (unsure what this means)
2 March 1967

Password: Note-Plum

Equipment: tonight: 2, A Company dozers, 1, 511th dozer,

HHC dozer, 8th Engineer Grader, C Company Air Compressor
3 March 1967

(Fill 630) Password: Motor-Hypo

Equipment: Night: 2, A Company dozers & 1, 511th dozer,

Day: 511th dozer, 8th Engineer Grader, Air Compressor 1300, 630, 200 CFM

Workers: 5+7+3+1-1 (16 men, 1 officer)
4 March 1967

630 Loading… Password: Bell-Painter

Equipment: Barrier Road, Night: 511th dozer… Day: 8th Engineer Grader

1st and 3rd squads on crusher site

Move 5 tons over so B Company can park too

Put up an attic in wood hutch (list of names below may have done the work)

Ruffin (Henry E 9/67), Kelly J. (John E 9/67), Gibson (unknown), White (Either Dewayne S 4/68 or Grover T (12/68), Kendall (Donald E 5/67), Self (Jerry L 4/67), Clark E (Emmet T 8/67).

$40 Panasonic Brown Case (possible purchase by Atwood)

Check for magazines (may have been missing some M-14 magazines)

Workers — 10+2-1

R & R (Rest & Recuperation) May have been available openings

1 Hong Cong… 29—3 April

2 Lumpar, India… 27—1 April

2 Panngi … 16—21 March

1 Panngi… 21—26 March

2 Tokyo… Last of March

3” 3/4, 2” 1/4, 4” 5 ton
5 March 1967

Password: Iron-Poets

Equipment — Night—None

Day—None (9:15 –9:30 CO’s time)(May have been 15 minutes with Capt. Hall)

*Wire around tool rooms
6 March 1967

Password—(none listed)

Equipment –Night—Day– Grader 8th Engineers. 1/2 day Grader 299(th Engrs.), on Rte 19;

HHC MP (Either equipment was in Motor Pool or this was a motor patrol). No Asphalt distributor (?)

*Electrical Inspection

Workers— 2-1+6+9
7 March 1967

40 AIKs Per day…Pickets on Hon Cong (AIK, aid in kind, civilian workers maybe)

Password: Sore-Warm

Equipment —Night—511th dozer & A Company’s; B Company Lowboy 7:15

Day—HHC Distributor, 299th Grader, HHC MP(motor pool or motor patrol)

Supplementary pay C Company.

1900 — Ashby (Bobby J. 2/68), Leyser (Vince Jr. 2/68), Rubel (Ruble, Lance 2/68), Rebarsic (Rubarczyk, Louis J. 2/68), Murphy (Jack R 1/68), Pikeref (Either Peizert, William R 2/68 or Pekarcik, David S 2/68), Mecarsik (unknown), Watkins (Charles D. 2/68) (Maybe new guys in Platoon)

*Briefing for Col.& Folder, Col. Brucher & More to visit sites

*List of persons needing hard hats tonight. Report work done to come with equipment request.

*S-3 — 509 Signal

*3 workers to CP (Perm.)

*17 AIKs to work motor stables — every officers and NCO

*Company area—areas neat and clean at all times or will be put off pass list by C.O. *New men held to company area.

*Safety —Supervisor responsible in all cases—! * Commo (Communication) stables daily—1st echelon *Weapons have to be locked *Trash by old tool room—No

*Square tool room away!!

Workers — 2-1+7-1+5
8 March 1967

Password: Dice-Finger

Equipment—Night—511th dozer, B Company lowboy, 1 A (Company) dozer. Day—299th grader, HHC grader *Get B/84th at crusher

*(Gibson—equipment on floor)(Maybe same guy on 4 March, short timer who left before April roster)

*PRC-25s to commo at 1930

*Stakes on Hon Cong

Workers (24-2)—2-1+4-1+10+8
9 March 1967

Password: Forget-Effect

Equipment—Night—A Company dozer, B Company Lowboy.

Day—299th Grader Rte 19, 8th Grader B-Rd.

*W-2 - 1900 hrs Mess Hall

*Get OVM tools out of area (OVM, on vehicles material)

Workers 7-1+2-1+8
10 March 1967


Day—511th Dozer, 8th Grader, Culvert

Leach Lake, Lt. Col. Murphy


11 March 1967

Fill —630th

Password: Mail-Stamp


Day— 2 Rome Plows

*3rd squad in MP (motor pool) *CQ on Sat & Sun only (CQ, charge of quarters)

*5 KPs (Kitchen Police, mess hall workers) now *Pick foot lockers at 1900 new men *Radios in commo 1900 tonight. Workers—17+2-1+6

OD (Officer of the Day) 11 March 67
12 March 1967 (Sunday)

Password: Eye-Glass

Equipment—Night-none; Day-none
13 March 1967

Password ?? Bad Day (written in bold letters across words, everything & D/L also appear on page) Equipment Night and Day (nothing)

Movie: Raising Fever???
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