The Sports Performance Cookbook

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The Sports Performance Cookbook
“Performance Cuisine Made Easy”

I have tried hundreds of recipes. As a competitive bodybuilder and powerlifter, my diet has often been restrictive. This style of training requires a great deal of focus on gaining muscle and losing fat. How a person eats will really determine the quality of the weight that is gained or lost. The old adage of “just eat more food” only goes so far. It doesn’t take long to realize that the quality of the food eaten is just as important as the amount. I often felt like I was eating the same food, at the same time, cooked the same way everyday of the week for months on end. I often wondered, “Isn’t there a recipe book out there that is full of healthy meals that taste good, but doesn’t require the assistance of Martha Stewart and the Iron Chef to create?”

I counseled hundreds of athletes of varying degrees of ability each year. Whether it is a basketball player or an elite-level Triathlete preparing for the Ironman, one commonality shines through in nearly every consultation. “I don’t have time to cook!” This makes a lot of sense. Have you ever seen the schedule of a collegiate or top-level amateur athlete? Between practice, weight training, conditioning, treatment, meetings, classes, tutors, study tables; and social life, there is no time to cook. With this in mind, we wanted to develop a series of recipes that were very high in food quality. That task is simple. The hard part is making these high quality protein and carbohydrate food choices taste good. In this recipe book you will find hundreds of exciting and fun recipes to explore. Rather than eating the same old “white rice and chicken breast” that so many bodybuilders over the years have forced themselves to choke down, try some of the varied recipes in this book. The recipes are simple to follow and require few ingredients and utensils.

Open up our performance cookbook and learn how to create a dish that is both easy to make and tantalizing to the taste buds. More than just a cookbook, this book is a manual for success! All of the recipes are grouped in such a way to follow our famous Traffic Light System. The Traffic Light System is a smart way to plan your eating schedule. Each menu item is labeled “red light,” “yellow light,” or “green light.” The red light choices will contain more fat and the green light choices are very low in fat. If you are trying to decrease your percent body fat, focus more on “green light choices”. If you wish to gain more muscle mass and need additional calories, take a look at the “red light choices”.

To make things even easier, each dish has an accompanying side dish that we recommend to round out the meal. Remember, it is important to balance out your meal with both protein and carbohydrate. These side dishes are just suggestions and it is in no way imperative that you stick to these. Feel free to use your creativity when using this manual. With the hundreds of different recipes contained in our performance cuisine cookbook, you will have thousands of meal combinations to choose from.

Finally, there is also a sample menu guide to help you reach your caloric goals. Let’s say you know you need to eat 3500 kcals a day to reach your target goal, but you don’t want to look up every recipe to figure out which ones to combine to meet your needs. To solve this potential problem, just follow the Sample Menu, which will lay out an entire days worth of meals for you to give you an example of what to eat and when to eat it to reach your goal!
Aaron Shelley, MSS, SPN, SSC, CFT

Copyright 2001

The Traffic Light System
This sports performance cookbook offers at least thirty selections for each: breakfast, lunch, dinner, sides, snacks, and desserts. The recipes in this book are divided into a “Traffic Light System.” The Traffic Light System is a simple approach to nutrition that gives you an easy guideline to follow for your personal weight management. The Traffic Light System is a visual symbol that tells you which foods to choose or avoid.

Your color category is based on what your goals are. If you are looking to loose bodyfat, your color is green. If you would like to stay where you are now, your color is yellow. If you want to gain mass, your color is red. Green food choices contain the least amount of fat per serving, 0-4g. Yellow food choices contain a moderate amount of fat per serving, 5-8g. Red food choices contain the highest amount of fat per serving, 9g or more. The green food choices are, of course, the best for you. However, the yellow and red foods are still nutrient dense, low in fat and overall not bad choices.

This method allows you to choose foods for breakfast, lunch, dinner, sides, snacks, and desserts from, but not limited to, your color category. Allow yourself to choose foods from the other categories sometimes. For instance, if you are in the green category, allowing yourself to eat a food from the yellow or red category a couple of times a week is fine and allows you to vary your diet.

By following this simple method, you can eat healthy and still eat a wide variety of foods. Using the recipes in this book and exercising regularly will allow you to reach your weight management goals. Now that you have the recipes, START COOKING!
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