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RDRS Bangladesh

Terms of Reference (ToR)


Developing Human Resources Management Information System (HRMIS)

This Terms of Reference (ToR) relates to the fixed term consultancy agreement between RDRS Bangladesh and the selected consultant for developing a need based customized software on HRMIS for RDRS Bangladesh.

1. Context

Since 2001 RDRS Bangladesh had been using customized software for PMIS, written in ACCESS. In 2007 RDRS developed a new PMIS in Visual Basic 6.0 platform with SQL server 2000 database system and connectivity frontend and backend data link layer for managing RDRS HRM information and functions. The workstation for the software was Pentium 4 with operating system: MS Windows 95/98/2000 Professional or Windows NT and Windows XP service pack 2 and 3. Currently Windows XP is obsolete and Windows 7 is globally recognized operating system. In this situation the present PMIS is not working properly and RDRS Bangladesh needs to develop a new software on HRMIS for the better management of Human Resources Information.

About RDRS Bangladesh

RDRS Bangladesh has been working in northwest regions since 1972. The initial focus was on relief and rehabilitation as a response to the humanitarian needs of a newly independent country. Gradually it has emerged as a national development organization and now it concentrates its programme focusing on four mainstream programme priority areas which are:

  • Active Citizen, Civil Society and Justice

  • Quality of Life: Health and Education

  • Food, Environment and Disaster Resilience

  • Economic Empowerment

To fulfil the abovementioned programmatic requirements the organization has more than 3,000 employees working in RDRS in different projects, programs and sectors. The organization presently is functioning in eighteen districts across Bangladesh, primarily in the northwest, namely; Kurigram, Lalmonirhat, Nilphamari, Rangpur, Gaibandha, Dinajpur, Thakurgaon, Panchagarh, Jamalpur, Moulavibazar, Sylhet & Natore. The Head office is in Dhaka and all the programs are being coordinated by the central coordination office in Rangpur.

2. Purpose/Specific Objectives
RDRS needs an automated human resources management information system with requirements for interfacing with department heads, coordinators/ managers and the Executive Director.
The Purpose of HRMIS:
To provide information by generating different reports related to employee information required by the RDRS Management. These reports and information will support the Management to see records of staff, information about staff trainings, leave status and find out staff who are performing better or underperforming. This information will help the management to take right decision about employees also make work and system faster and manage the human resources in an efficient way. Also the HRM unit of RDRS will perform their job timely, systematically and provide different information to the management in a professional way.
The specific objectives of the HRMIS

  • Windows and Web based (cloud based)

  • Integrated system of different modules (recruitment, payroll, PF & Gratuity, Training, leave, Attendance and Performance Management etc.)

  • Linkage with system modules like online recruitment, payroll, PF & Gratuity, Training, leave, Attendance and Performance Management

  • Comfortable with future technology

  • Scope of online use of the software

  • User friendly and highly secured system with easy and attractive graphical representation

  • Preserve and use staff records from previous database

  • Dynamic Report generating system.

3. Scope of Work
HRMIS will keep the previous staff record so that the organization can search and find its old employees and check their records. The Consultant will develop HRMIS which will include the followings:
1. Recruitment System: Provision of submitting online job application, processing and sending online messages, generating of written & oral test result, automation of different letters including joining etc.

2. Human Resources Management System: Employment, Promotion, Transfer, Deputation, Designation Change, Department Change, Increment, appreciation, Disciplinary actions like warning, sternly warning, show cause, Increment held up, temporary salary deduction, suspension, processing of termination, resignation etc.

3. Attendance and Leave Management System

4. Staff Performance Management System

5. Payroll system

6. Provident fund & Gratuity system

7. Staff Training Management and Information System

8. The system will generate different dynamic reports as per requirement

9. Online controlled access of individual users

10. Online entry and dynamic report generating system from different geographical location

11. Facility of export data to excel & access platform.

4. Approach of Work
The consultant is free to choose any method which is necessary to fulfil the stated objectives of the HRMIS. However, it is expected that they will listen to the key persons of the RDRS Management in Dhaka, Rangpur and Field Offices, overview different systems of HRM department also review the previous software, data and all relevant documents. After considering all these, the consultant will develop the new and updated HRMIS. It is very much expected that after over-viewing the existing situation and organizational needs the Consultant will share their concept of software architecture before starting work on the software.

5. Finalizing the HRMIS Software

After developing each module of the software, the Consultant will demonstrate it before RDRS Management. The Consultant will incorporate the suggestions given by the management team for further enrichment of the product. Subsequently, after getting final consent of RDRS Management the Consultant will install the software in appropriate location in time.

6. Documentation

A detailed user friendly manual will be provided by the Consultant explaining day to day operations of the system.

7. Training

Training will be provided to respective HR employees of RDRS at RDRS Rangpur. Costs for Training and Logistics will be borne by RDRS. No additional fees will be paid to the Consultants for this training.

8. Software Installation Location:
The HRMIS system will be installed and maintained in RDRS Rangpur Office. Data entry will be performed in field offices as well as in Rangpur office. So, the software will be installed in RDRS Rangpur office.
9. System Refactoring & Updating
After installation of the software, the consultant will provide required services for system refactoring and updating which should be free of cost for at least initial 6 months.
10. Confidentiality


Each party acknowledges that it may periodically disclose to the other party certain information that the disclosing party regards as proprietary and confidential (the "Confidential Information").  Accordingly, the receiving party will take commercially reasonable measures to prevent unauthorized disclosure including, but not limited to, employment of precautions for the protection of Confidential Information received which are no less stringent than those employed by the receiving party to protect its own proprietary information. "Confidential Information" shall mean any information:

  1. Concerning customers, trade secrets, methods, processes, procedures or any financial or business information of RDRS Bangladesh or this is identified as proprietary of confidential.

  1.  With respect to all such Confidential Information to be kept confidential. The consultant will not provide or make available the Confidential Information to any person other than those employees who have a need to know in connection with the performance of the services;

  1. Not reproduce the Confidential Information except for use reasonably necessary to the performance of this Agreement;

  1. Return or destroy all such Confidential Information, and any copies thereof, upon the request of RDRS Bangladesh or termination of the agreement.

11. Warranty
The services will be performed by appropriate qualified and trained personnel with due care and diligence and in accordance with all applicable professional standards for the field of expertise. Any Deliverables under this Agreement shall be free from defects in material, workmanship and design; shall conform to all applicable reports, setup documentation; shall be suitable for their intended purposes; and, shall be free from all liens and encumbrances.

12. Budget and Payment
The budget will be negotiated between the consultant and RDRS Bangladesh based on their response to this Terms of Reference. The consultant should submit a proposal on how s/he intends to address the ToR with an attached budget breakdown. The payment shall be made in three instalments. 20% of the payment will be paid at the time of signup the service agreement, 50% will be paid after handover the software and completion of training and remaining 30% will be paid after warranty period.

13. Consultant’s Qualification
Individuals, Software Development firms, coalitions, (referred to as Consultant in the document) are eligible to apply. Considering the magnitude of the tasks, it is expected that the software will be developed by a team consists of at least three to four software programmer, skilled and experienced to develop similar type of software.
Profile of qualities and characteristics of the consultants:

  • The Consultant should have registered trade license;

  • Have experience to generate HRMIS Software ;

  • Previous Experience to work with different large companies;

  • The Consultant and team members have sufficient qualification and training to perform the job.

14. Acceptance

After primary selection of the Consultant, the two parties will sign an Agreement for developing software and related services regarding this. The agreement will include all the terms of this ToR and such other things about consultancy period, completion timeframe, installation, fees/ payments, warranty period, maintenance, after delivery services, etc and RDRS Bangladesh will issue ‘Work Order’ to the consultant.

15. Consultancy Details

Consultancy Assignment

Consultancy period

Expected time of handover the final product

Contact Person

Telephone number and email

Develop Automated HRMIS for RDRS Bangladesh

within 3 months

Head of Human Resources, RDRS Bangladesh

Jail Road, Radhaballav, Rangpur
Mobile no. 01730 328006;


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