2nd Operation Plans 2007/08

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2nd Operation Plans 2007/08

Part 1 (a)

Training Calendar

Human Resource Development


    Training Management

    Based on the HRD Concept Training Calendar 2007 to 2008

    from ‘ASEM/InWEnt Planning WS in February 2007

(Draft for 2007 to 2008 - Version 2nd March 07)

    amended 24th July 2007

    Submitted to:



    Signature and Date

    24th July for InWEnt

Table of Content

Introduction to the HRD Operation Plan 2007/08 4

1.1 The general sequence of the HRD Thrust Area operational planning process: 5

1.2 Explanations of used Keys and Fields including the OP Chart 6

1.3 The ASEM Thrust Areas and covered Training Fields in Overview 7

1 HRDP 10

1.1 Coordination and planning activities for HRDP 10

1.1.1 Operation and Action Planning 11

1.1.2 Reporting 12

1.1.3 Dissemination and Visibility 13

1.2 Training managers internal qualification and tool development process 14

1.2.1 Training Management Skills Training 14

1.2.2 Training Needs Analysis 16

2 Environmental Planning 17

2.1 Developing Pilot Eco Industrial Estates in Andhra Pradesh 18

2.2 EcoCity Project - X Plan Projects of CPCB 52

2.3 EU Tsunami Upgrade Environmental Infrastructure by Restoring Livelihoods (RELIVE) 54

2.4 Others, not directly emerging from ASEM Projects 56

3 Waste Management 58

3.1 Establishment of National Reference Laboratory at CPCB 59

3.2 Indo German Swiss e-Waste initiative and Indo European e-Waste Initiative (Asia pro Eco) 62

3.3 Co-incineration of Hazardous Waste in Cement Industry 67

3.4 Contaminated Sites 69

3.5 Development of Guidelines for Design, Operation, Tail Gas Treatment and Emission 71

3.6 Standards for Chemical/Hazardous Waste Incinerators 73

3.7 Eco Electroplater’s Industrial Park, Karaisalkulam, Tamil Nadu (Incl. EU Asia Pro Eco - Integrated Waste Water Management Concept) 75

3.8 HAWA 76

4 Air Quality Management 79

3.9 Remote Monitoring of Emissions from Refineries/Power Plants/ Incineration 79

3.10 Air Pollution Source Apportionment 80

3.11 Establishment of mobile Monitoring Laboratory 83

4 Public Private Partnership – PPP 85

5 Clean Process Technologies 90

6 Environmental Accounting 93

7 Environmental Policy, Law, Information and Education 95

8 Consumer Protection 97

Training Providers – Proposals and Networking 98

8.1 DMI 98

8.2 Madhya Pradesh Pollution Control Board 102

8.3 NPC – Andhra Pradesh No. 1 111

8.4 NPC – Andhra Pradesh No. 2 121

Please note:

In this draft, not all activities have been described in full detail.

Introduction to the HRD Operation Plan 2007/08

The presented plan is based on the HRDP concept and training calendar derived from the planning workshop of MoEF – InWEnt – GTZ the 13th of February 2007 in Delhi.

The 2007/08 HRDP - Operation Plan consist of 2 parts:

  1. ‘Text Part’ 1a: The description of different training events (workshops, hands-on, train the trainers, skills trainings, Training-cum-Visit international study tours and other). The training events are coded and give the full title, describe the scope and target groups and give some comments on sequence, duration and other characteristics.

  2. ‘Chart Part’ 1b: The Gant-Charts for each training area with information on the time and sequence, preparation phase, milestones, the project they are related to and the project contact person.

The operation plans are framework plans and have the purpose to provide a broad overview. Operation plans have to be updated frequently (bimonthly) after constant interaction with the projects which need the training / workshops for their performance and implementation.

The proper Knowledge Management of the information produced and to be coordinated needs an Information Manager within ASEM.

The terminology and concept used here is based on a sequence of planning steps:
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