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Medical Supplies and Devices

325 East, 10 Th Court,


Phone: +1-786-557-0607

Email: info@hepro.us

Presentation of the company

HEPRO.US is pleased to submit a presentation of its activities pursuant to the requirements to participate in Tender offers.

Hepro.us is a company that distributes the following products:

  • Medical disposable supplies: Syringes, Protective Drapes, Gowns, Masks, Gloves, Diapers.

  • Medical Devices: Respirators, Dialysis Machines, Heart Monitors, Anesthesia devices.

  • Hospital Furniture: Beds, Tables, Cupboards, Chairs, Bed Side cupboards and Trolleys.

  • Laboratory testing items: Test Strips, Testing Kits, general disposable items.

The company is established under USA Florida laws in 2015. HEPRO.US was launched following a strategic plan that laid the foundation for excellence and established its mission, vision and values. It also articulates a long-term vision for the future of our clients and provides a road map toward improving customers health and provides better products, lower prices and quality services.

Types of goods

Every week, the purchasing department is scouring the markets in order to find new products: Disposable supplies, devices, lab equipment, hospital furniture, the complete list of products is attached in the appendix.

Capability statement

The main strength of Hepro.us is its purchasing department which allows to source better products. The capacity of the company acts mainly a Distributor of US products and some of the products are manufactured and assembled onsite in the large warehouse of Hepro.us. What HEPRO.US has to offer?:
1.- COMPETITIVE PRICES: The imported Medical products come from major manufacturers like UK, Germany, Korea, Japan, China. These foreign companies are using extensively robotic manufacturing which offers higher quality control and much cheaper products. Many large companies are starting to produce in South East Asia and our purchasing team is following up with development to get best quality products at lowest prices possible.
2.- CALL CENTER: Offering Product support, Sales team distant training, Customer care.
3.- WEB.TV: Featuring Training videos, Launching new products, Socical network marketing, Podcasts.
4.- CUSTOMER CARE: Following up with the clients, hospital physicians providing information.
5.- TAX FREE WAREHOUSE: 0% Duties & Foreign Exchange on imported/exported products.
6.- PERMANENT SHOW-ROOM: Permanent exhibition of products, distribution of samples and kits
7.- INTERNET ONLINE CATALOGS: 24H/7 permanent access to digital catalogs and digital media support documentation, users manuals, training videos, telecommunication, and regulatory guidelines.

Our major aim is to provide competitive products that allows individuals to be able to afford the best health care and make it cheaper for the health insurance companies. The goal of HEPRO.US is to secure health and promote wellness for both individuals and communities by addressing the accessibility of better healthcare.


The goal of HEPRO.US is to secure health and promote wellness for both individuals and communities by addressing the societal, environmental, and individual determinants of health. HEPRO.US aims at changes in health status and environmental quality:
1.- Expecting to achieve in the future, changes pushing towards the company vision of healthy people living in healthy communities. Furthermore, these goals will assist in enhancing the care for elderly.
2.- Allowing to replace old expensive equipment with new efficient, reliable, performing and cheaper Medical Devices the need for funding to replace and upgrade old equipment necessary to meet agency standards for collecting and disseminating data.
3.- Help searching for solutions and new more adequate Medical Devices. Hepro.us staff are in the early stages of the development an implementation of an effective monitoring, assessment and evaluation system that provides information for continuous quality improvement and accountability.
The measurement plan is the basis for benchmarking a continuous quality improvement process through establishing indicators, measures and mechanisms for monitoring, assessment and evaluation. HEPRO.US works with the technical experts to analyze the current technology products and service environments as well as a review of the trade publications.


These goals are statements of long-term changes in health status and a better quality of life. We expect to achieve in the future, changes that will move us toward our vision of healthy people living in healthy communities.

Key People

Our staff is all highly trained and our medical directors ensures to meet the requirements of the regulations in which the health care team practices. By working with the clinical supervisors and by being familiar with the scope of practice of the team members, the Purchasing Department is actively sourcing and negotiating to get best prices and selecting quality offers coming from all over the world.


Personnel has extensive training and adequate certifications. The majority of our staff is a group that possesses the best qualities and training in procurement. The purchasing managers have negotiation skills and the best comparative software to get best prices. They know medical products well and can select the best products available in the market.

The manufacturing team are all trained and supervised by onsite quality control manager.

The range of equipment available goes from thermoforming, to assembly platforms to packaging.

When large contracts are signed the Hepro.us sub-contracts with major US companies to partner in delivering best quality products. Written policies and procedures are set to make sure that the program adheres to state/provincial, national and/or local rules and regulations including licensing requirements.

Point for difference

Special populations are another key community, with HEPRO.US involved in health services provided to a multitude of programs and services designed to meet the needs of people with disabilities: Examples include efforts on behalf of maternal, infant and child issues, Aging, Cancer patients, Degenerative diseases, HIV/AIDs, and diabetes.
These communities, with help from HEPRO.US staff and supporting policies, provide input about the outcomes that are important to them. HEPRO.US partners with many groups to define with them their unique needs, addressing their problems, finding good products that respects their budget.

Compliance issues may include but are not limited to and must be included in formal education to the staff:

The compliance program set by HEPRO.US includes:
1.- Written policies and procedures

2.- Designation of a compliance officer or assignment of responsibility to a specific individual.

3.- Conducting effective training and education for staff with documentations and manuals.

4.- Developing effective lines of communication.

5.- Enforcing standards through well-published disciplinary guidelines

6.- Auditing and monitoring procedures.
The majority of the products are certified FDA, CE and ISO.


Bank of America officers and KPMG auditors confirm the evidence of HEPRO.US financial commitment to the program. Another evidence is confirmed by the administrative structure and through financial resources that supports excellence in patient care and safety.


GEICO Insurance is commissioned to offer protection against loss or damage of the products. The insurers selected are financially sound and reputable and are qualified to do business in the state(s) or country in which the service is located.

Safety - Environmental

HEPRO.US is dedicated to promote and protect the health of the public and the environment in the most effective and efficient manner.

Risk management

The Risk Management program was recognized by the Office of Insurance Reserve for the effectiveness in reducing incidents that have required premium payouts.

HEPRO.US continuous quality improvement process (CQI) will look at how things are done and how they should be done, and use information about the difference or variation in order to make improvements.

Customer service

Staff have developed customized customer service training for the different types of employees at all levels.
HEPRO.US focuses on ensuring quality customer service by developing, and requiring employees to attend, agency-sponsored customer service training.
The course focuses on helping employees define who their customers are, what good customer service is, and developing effective communication and telephone skills.

Each agent is expected not only to survey its particular customer group but also to use customer feedback to reshape and refocus what the unit does based on customer input.

Some of the longer-term requirements are also mandated by laws, statutes and regulations.
HEPRO.US participates in many professional organizations that allows to benchmark products and services. Participating in these organizations also affords staff the opportunity to take part in panel discussions, focus groups and forums where consideration of current and new trends occur.
HEPRO.US uses many mediums to share information about its services to include print, radio and television.
HEPRO.US employs many methods to determine customer service requirements, such as: satisfaction surveys, councils, boards and community groups/forums.

Market response

MARKETING AND EDUCATION FOR THE PUBLIC: The marketing strategy is to develop a channel of communication with a network of distributors in each country. Set up a channel on the internet to inform and open an interactive dialogue. The objective is to bring adequate solutions and offer appropriate products and good information and training to the nurses using the products.
Examples of Evidence to Meet Compliance: Policies may address such issues public, regulatory issues regarding marketing materials, honesty in reporting data, use of social networking sites, how ethical issues are addressed, conflicts of interest, phone etiquette.
Working with the industry - Member of Chamber of Commerce Professional association

HEPRO.US is working to develop strong partnerships with the industry institutions and Healthcare Distribution Management Association (HDMA), Health Industry Distributors Association (HIDA), Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)


Through partnerships and collaborative efforts, positive relationships are established with other health care providers, service agencies, organizations, and community groups. The key element of the partnering process is the relationship with the business community and especially the primary vendor.
Establish public/private partnerships to assure that all children from birth to 21 years of age receive risk-appropriate care.
By being the single point of contact for the agency, Business Management is able to obtain excellent cooperation from all parties involved in a transaction.
The agency keeps abreast of the needs of the business community by maintaining an excellent rapport with the State and local Chambers of Commerce major factories and distributors and hospital committees.

Core Business and marketplace

The core business of HEPRO.US is focused on Disposable supplies. The Growth of the demand will be promoted by an expanding volume of patient care activity spurred by aging demographic patterns, a rising incidence of diseases and disorders, and the extension of health insurance coverage by the affordable care act.

Types of services HEPRO.US provides

The services provided by HEPRO.US are information, training, development and translation of users manuals, Publication of educational videos and training materials, warehousing and distribution, offering follow-ups, customer care and many other product related services.

Customers what we offer

Efforts to build loyalty include our agency-wide approach to customer service - start with the customer and work backwards, meeting the HEPRO.US goals and its mission, its community involvement and trying to exceed expectations whenever possible.
Using specific guidelines, awards are made for: outstanding customer service relating to health, including customer service provided by those in Health Regulations, as well as Health Services; outstanding customer service relating to the environment, including customer service provided by those in Environmental Health as well as Environmental Quality Control; and teams providing outstanding customer service for internal customers, including those in Administration as well as those in units in programs or districts which provide support to those directly interacting with external customers.
Specific health care programs target certain customer groups based on demographics and risk, such as childbearing women, adolescents, and children with special health care needs.
Marketing is conducted through outreach activities, community development, and all service delivery activities to increase consumer awareness and utilization of services and products.
In the Health Services area, customer satisfaction for internal and external customers are routinely monitored and evaluated.

Benefits HEPRO.US provideS

HEPRO.US has established a Risk Management Committee that reviews clinical complaints and problems. Each local agent is also encouraged to develop local solutions to local problems, but to forward complaints to the committee, which assists the agency in the identification of ongoing trends.

HEPRO.US uses the Internet, community leaders, public service announcements, newsletters, our employees, community forums, schools, community groups, public hearings/meetings, agency spokespersons, electronic mail and contractual services.


HEPRO.US is promoting through its daily operation high standards of service and the distribution of a more accessible products, obtaining the necessary certification by local authorities, using IT technology to gain efficiency, sign with team of contractors to scale up, and is focusing on serving Latin America.
Type of work you have successfully completed

Sub-contracting the Furnishing of San Sebastian, San Antonio hospitals with all the furniture required

Projects completed on time and within budget

All project commissioned to HEPRO.US have been completed within budget: Wheelchairs, Hospital Furniture of Marcus clinic.

Demonstrate how you met benchmarks

The purchasing team was in direct contact with the suppliers and the clients to call and select the most competitive offer that was available.

Long term relationships with leading firms provide examples

Many companies will repeat buying through HEPRO.US because of trust that develops through loyal interaction.

New products development innovation

HEPRO.US is constantly searching for new products while in contact with top leading manufacturers.

Safety Management

HEPRO.US allows information and measurements to be structured so that staff can learn from failures, pinpoint successes and measure progress along the way.
Staff will help identify the key outputs and activities that must be tracked to assess our effectiveness, and will identify required resources, know which activities to implement, and evaluate whether the service or initiative's activities are producing the desired outcomes.


An excellent example of the role that Business Management takes in coordinating requirements and functions in a supplier and partnering process is the waste disposal program.

QUality Measurement – Quality control

HEPRO.US has put in place a system to audit and review organizational policy and procedures, ongoing safety training for all personnel (including managers), a system of pro-active and reactive procedures to insure compliance.

There is a corporate compliance officer or designated person responsible for ensuring that the service is in compliance with external laws and regulations, payer requirements and internal policies and procedures.

There is an ongoing Quality Management (QM) program designed to objectively, systematically and continuously monitor, assess and improve the quality and appropriateness of patient care and safety of the medical escort service.

Promotes the effectiveness of the QM program through active participation by management and staff in the program and by sponsoring active communication pathways bi-directionally between staff and management.

There is a written policy that outlines a process to identify, document and analyze sentinel events, adverse medical events or potentially adverse events (near misses) with specific goals to improve patient safety and/or quality of patient care.

Examples of Evidence to Meet Compliance:

Staff is knowledgeable about current compliance issues. There is a well-defined line of authority: There is a clear reporting mechanism to upper level management.

Risk Management

If the medical director is unavailable, there are other physicians (who are trained and identified by the service) with the appropriate knowledge base to ensure proper medical care and medical control during transport for all patient types served by the medical escort service.
Responsibility for supervision of patient care provided by the various clinical care providers (i.e., RN, RT, EMT, Paramedic, etc.) must be defined by the service.
All patient care personnel must be supervised by someone knowledgeable and legally enabled to perform clinical supervision.

Supporting Criteria - Community focus through corporate social responsibility

HEPRO.US Procurement Services received two awards as the "Partner of the Year" from the Chartered Managers and Business Owners Network as well as recognition by the Business Development Agency, Office for an outstanding Business Enterprise program.


General Medical Equipment and Supplies

 Syringes, cannulas, and needles – all sizes and types; including kits

 Catheters – all sizes and types; including kits

 Coils, guidewire

 Guidewires, all

 Medical tubing or hoses less than 2” diameter; including associated adaptors, connectors,

caps, clamps, retainers, brackets, valves, washers, vents, stopcocks, or flow sensors; and

peristaltic pumps with flowrates of less than 600 liters/hr for such tubing (note: does not

include tubing made of butyl rubber or greater than 35% fluoropolymers)

 Endoscopic devices including laryngoscopes, laparoscopes, anascopes, proctoscopes,

arthroscopes, sinuscopes, dematoscopes, ophthalmoscopes, sigmoidscopes, otoscopes,

retinoscopes, or colposcopes

 Blood pressure monitors, gauges, cuffs, aneroids, or infusors

 Monitor for glucose management

 Medical defibrillators

 Medical lavage systems

 IV sets, bags, and armboards

 Medical penlights

 Stethoscopes

 Speculums

 Medical scissors

 Forceps

 Single-use medical procedure trays and kits

 Medical diagnostic kits, point-of-care; including EAR99 reagents

 Reflex hammers

 Blood lancets

 Ear plugs and muffs

 Otology sponges

 Ear syringes

 Ear wax removers

 Clinical swabs, applicators, specimen collectors, sponges, pads, tongue depressors,

wooden spoons, cotton balls, or cotton rolls

 Antiseptic wipes for human use (including alcohol, antimicrobial, benzalkonium,

betadine, iodine, and witch hazel)

 Splints

 Canes, crutches, walkers, rollators

 Patient wheelchairs, chairs, gurneys, stretchers, mats, and cots

 Patient transfer chairs, lifts, benches, boards, slides, discs, slings, and sheets

 Safety poles, rails, handles, benches, grab bars, commode aids, and shower aids

 Patient vital-sign monitoring devices

 Limb prosthesis devices

 Orthopedic supports, braces, wraps, shoes, boots, or pads

 Medical casts, padding; and casting and removal equipment

 Orthopedic traction devices and tables

 Human body positioners including pads, wedges, cradles, pillows, rests, straps, supports,

and holders

 Human specimen collectors and containers (e.g., urine, blood, tissue)

 Medical bandages, gauze, dressings, tape, swabs, sponges, and burn dressings

 Surgical sutures and staples; and removal kits

 Tourniquets

 Thermometers for measuring human body temperature

 Clinical basins, bowls, baths, pans, urinals, bags, and buckets; and holding devices for

such items

 Medical carafes, cups, containers and tumblers

 Medicine cups

 Syringe aspirators

 Medical bags for medical supplies and equipment; including pre-packed bags

 Condoms

 Medical labels, labellers, stickers, forms, charts, signage, tags, cards, tape, wrist bands,

documents, brochures, and graphics

 Non-electronic patient medical record file systems and organizers

 Beds: hospital beds, cribs, or bassinets; including mattresses, overlays, pillows, and


 Medical linens (e.g., blankets, sheets, pillow cases, towels, washcloths, drapes, covers)

 Chairs: exam, treatment, surgical, dental, or phlebotomy

 Stools: designed for clinical use

 Stands: IV, instrument, solution, or hamper

 Carts: medical, medical utility, medical supply, food service, or hospital laundry carts

 Tables: operating, exam, therapy, overbed, treatment, medical utility, or medical


 Jars and containers designed for medical supplies and instruments less than 5 L internal


 Privacy screens and curtains

 Cabinets: medical supply or pharmaceutical

 Floor mats: safety, anti-fatigue or special-purpose medical floor mats

 Hydrocollator heating units

 Warmers: bottle, gel, lotion, or blanket

 Patient heating and cooling devices: pads, packs, bottles, bags, warmers, blankets,

patches, lamps, bags

 Paraffin baths

 Lights and lamps: surgical, or medical exam, magnifying

 Scales, stadiometers, rulers, sticks, tapes, protractors, volumeters, gauges, or calipers

designed for human measurement

 Patient safety devices including vests, aprons, finger mitts, limb or body holders, jackets,

belts, restraints, cuffs, straps, or protectors

 Human body or cadaver bags and shrouds

 Adhesive designed for human use

 Adhesive remover designed for human use

 Telemetry pouches designed for human use

 Bottles (prescription)

 Capnograph

 CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) systems and all components

 Medical Flowmeters, oxygen & air

 Humidifiers

 Manikin, medical training, CPR

 Medical Pumps

 Ventilator, adult and tubing and accessories

 Oxygen apparatus, all

 Pulse oximeter

 Refrigerator, compartmental for morgues

 Spirometer

 Tents, pediatric, aerosol, & mist


 Air bags and tidal volume bags

 Air bellows

 Anaesthesia circuits

 Anaesthesia machines, vaporizers, nebulizers, and inhalers designed for individual human


 Anaesthesia masks (including laryngeal)

 Anti-siphon equipment

 Block and epidural trays packaged for individual use

 Endotrach tubes

 Head straps and harnesses

 Hyperinflation systems

 In-line filters and cartridges, thermometers, CO2 detectors, sodalime canisters, and

temperature and moisture exchangers (note: gas mask canisters, other than sodalime

canisters designed for anaesthesia systems, require a specific license)

 Intubation sets, probes and related equipment

 Anaesthesiometers

 Oral airways

 Peripheral nerve stimulators

 Anaesthesia pressure tubes and controllers

 Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training manikins and lung bags

 Vibration dampening mounts


 Medical gowns, scrubs, aprons, uniforms, lab coats, and coveralls; only those without

integrated hoods

 Patient clothing including gowns, slippers, underpads, or undergarments

 Head or beard covers and nets

 Medical shoe and boot covers

 Surgical sleeve protectors

 Ventilated Safety eyeshields and goggles (does not include full face shield or indirectlyvented


 Disposable latex, nitrile, polyethylene, vinyl gloves/finger cots or other medical gloves

 Surgicalface or dust masks (does not include masks with respirators)


 Electrocardiography machines

 Ablation devices and accessories, radio frequency

 Balloon (extractor, retrieval)

 Cardiac pacemaker

 Cardiac programmer

 Cardiac monitors, implantable or external

 Cardiopulmonary oxygenation systems, devices, and monitors

 Coagulation machines

 Heart positioners, surgical revascularization

 Heart valves , surgical, transcatheter (non-surgical)

 Inflation devices, interventional

 Filters, arterial

 Grafts, peripheral bypass

Dental equipment and supplies

 Bone graft matrix

 Dentures, crowns, molds, orthodontics, all

 Dental instruments – all types and sizes

 Dental instrument cases, trays, mats or tray liners, racks, covers, wraps, stands, holders,

stringers, or protectors

 Dental and oral implants or devices

 Tooth and denture brushes

 Denture and temporary oral device containers

 Yankauers

Gynecology & Urology

 Bladder scanners

 Pouches, urostomy

 Bladder control pads, briefs, liners, underwear, pants and diapers

 Feminine hygiene products

 Fecal/stool management devices, kits, and catheters

 Enema sets

 Extracorporeal Lithotripter


 Autoclaves for medical instrument sterilization and accessories

 Flow cytometry accessories, reagents and components

 Laboratory balances and scales not to exceed 10 Kg

 Patient blood gas analyzers

 Medical specimen centrifuges

 Automated clinical chemistry analyzers for patient care

 Coagulation analyzers

 Co-oximeters for haemoglobin analysis

 Medical bone densitometers

 Medical differential counters

 Bench-top dry bath incubators

 Electrolyte analyzers

 Hematology analyzers

 Histology and cytology strainers and tissue baths

 Laboratory hot plates with less than 1.0 sq. ft. heating surface

 Clinical immunoassay analyzers

 Luminometers

 Laboratory pH meter (with or without temperature probe)

 Automated blood culture systems

 Microplate readers/washers

 Light microscopes

 Osmometers

 Pipettes

 Medical refrigerators and freezers with less than 5.0 cu. ft. internal volume

 Spectrophotometers, photometers, and colorimeters designed for clinical use

 Urinalysis analyzers

 Clinical laboratory water baths less than 10 liter


 Hemodialysis machines; and dialysis filters designed for such machines (Note: Other

dialysis equipment, filters, and parts not used for hemodialysis require a specific license

and may be controlled under 15 CFR, part. 774, supp. 1, ECCN 2B352.d)

 Hemodialysis connection or tubing kits


 Electroencephalography machines

 Neurostimulator, implantable

Obstetrics and Maternity Care

 Umbilical cord clamps

 Neonatal equipment (phototherapy, nasal CPAP, etc and all components)

 Incubator /Isolette

 Ventilator, infant/pediatric and tubing and accessories

 Infant Radiant Warmer and parts and accessories

Ophthalmology and Optometry

 Contact Lenses, corrective

 Contact Lens cleaning solutions

 Glasses, corrective

 Eyecharts

 Phoropter

 Tonometer

Otology and Neurotology

 Hearing Aids, accessories and components

Physical and Occupational Therapy

 Bath cubes, therapy

 Boots, mitts, and liners for therapeutic pain relief

 Orthopedic shoes, boots, etc

 Parallel bars

 Exercise bars

 Hand bars

 Mat Platforms

 Exercise table

 Medical Whirlpools

 Mobility platforms, parallel bars, ladders, stairs

 Balance pads, platforms, and beams

 Cognitive measuring devices and equipment

 Manipulation boards

 Dining aids

 Hydraulic dynamometer

 Scoliometer

 Goniometers

 Pedometers

 Ergometers

 Rulonmeters

 Fine motor assessment equipment designed for human use

 Tactile sensation, sensitization, and desensitization equipment

 Rehabilitation exercise, weights, band, balls, boards, and mobility equipment

 Therapeutic putty

 Aquatic floats and training devices

 Protective headgear

 Electrotherapy, muscle stimulators, and tens units

 Ultrasound stimulators

 Massaging equipment


 Computed Tomography Scanners (CT, MDCT)

 Positron Emission Tomography (PET)

 Scintillation Camera/Anger camera for medical imaging

 Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machines

 X-ray machines

 Parts and accessories for medical imaging devices above that do not contain nuclear or

chemical components.

 Medical ultrasound machines

 Medical/dental film


 Aseptic, germicidal, or disinfectant wipes or clothes for medical equipment, devices or


 Ready-to-use disinfectant in 32 oz. containers or less

 Aseptic, germicidal, or medical-grade soap, detergent, pre-soak, or rinse in 1 gallon

containers or less

 Hand sanitizer, lotion, soap, scrub, wash, gel, or foam; including dispensing devices

 Medical cleaning brushes for equipment, patients, and furniture

 Sterilization or disinfection indicator strips, tape, or test packs

 Medical instrument sterilization pouches, mats, protector guards, or tubing

 Sterilization containers or cases less than 0.3 cu. ft.

 Autoclaves with chamber sizes less than 0.3 cu. ft.; including trays, containers, cassettes,

cases, and filters for such systems.


 Cervical fusion kit

 Image- guiding surgery products, ear, nose and throat

 Orthopedic plates/screws, fixators, implants, cement

 Surgical shunts

 Tissue Stabilizer, surgical revascularization

 Surgical clips

 Surgical instruments – all types and sizes

 Surgical instrument cases, trays, mats or tray liners, racks, covers, wraps, stands, holders,

stringers, or protectors

 Stents – all types and sizes

 Surgical linens, drapes, or covers

 Chest drains

 Surgical case carts

 Blood transfusion equipment

 Surgical clean-up kits

 Wound drainage equipment

 Stockinettes

 Surgical mesh

 Surgical smoke evacuators and specialized supporting equipment

 Electrosurgery devices and supporting equipment

 Lubricant specially-formulated for surgical equipment in 1 gallon containers or less

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