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PedCath 8 Release Notes

Revised 1 June 2018
Version 8.4.6

  • Measurement Log – PedCath will generate a hemodynamics measurement log for all hemodynamic monitoring systems during the import. The log will include all pressures, saturations, and other hemodynamics as well as procedure notes along with timestamps if available. The log will be saved to the document manager and there is also an interface available on the Edit screen to pop-up the log to view the hemodynamics for the active hemoset (View > Measurement Log (F11).) PedCath will allow you to copy values from the log to the edit screen boxes (on the hemodynamics tab, user fields tab, and calculation overrides) by clicking and dragging the individual measurements. PedCath will also allow you to copy all pressures (syst/dias/mean) at once by clicking and dragging the site label from the log to the site name on the hemodynamics tab or the site name on the user fields tab.

  • Imports

    • Added direct data import for Schwarzer kardiotek Evonatal.

    • Updated user interface layout on the Import review screen (e.g. The Import button is now on the right side of the screen to be more consistent with other forms).

    • A date range filter has been added to the Direct Data Import Utility. This will allow you to view only files exported from your hemodynamics system within a given date range. Click “Filter Options…” to set the filter.

    • The mapping button is now hidden for all users by default. To make the mapping button visible for your account (an administrator account is required):

      • Tools > Options > User tab > More button

      • Check “Show import mapping configuration button”.

    • The lab name is now shown as a column on the Direct Data Import Utility to show where each import file originated from.

    • Fixes to setting up registered labs (Lab Licenses).

    • CardioLab (EP) improvements - Updated interface to make IMPACT registry data more easily readable on the import review screen.

    • If the import file does not contain the radiation dose or total DAP, PedCath will now set the units to the default units specified in the options.

  • IMPACT Registry

    • Removed Arrhythmia Spontaneous Resolved field under the Events panel.

    • When using the IMPACT codes on the PedCath report, it’s possible that the fundamental diagnosis code would be listed twice if it was also set in the pre-procedure diagnoses list. The code will now be included in the list only once.

    • The generated IMPACT Dx codes list on the Dx form, that will allow you to copy them to the Dx comments would always list “Hgb Prior to Transfusion: ...”, whether it was set or not. This has been fixed.

    • The IMPACT registry panel will now show automatically rather than the hemodynamics on the PedCath Edit screen, if the study is specified as an EP Cath or EP Ablation Procedure.

  • C3PO Registry

    • Some user interface updates to submission form.

    • Fixed some issues where the submission files would contain schema errors under certain conditions, and would not be accepted by C3PO.

  • Changed registry check to occur on value saves rather than startup. This will allow PedCath to run without write access to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE after the registry values (such as the network data path and import path) have been set by an administrator. The error message will now only shown when values are attempted to be changed and fail.

  • For 2-logo header layouts: Repositioned the “signed by” text so that it doesn’t overlap with the account number (if present) on the bottom of document pages.

  • Fixes to some date formats with a non-numeric month (such as dd-MMM-yyyy). The HIPAA logging did not work correctly and the report signed-by-message wouldn’t show when using this format.

  • When locking a cath report, a summary of cath resources (e.g. diagrams, images, documents) will be displayed for review prior to locking.

  • Fixed issues with auto-increment cath number (affected 8.4.5 only).

  • Ability to update one or more global settings by applying a .P7S file in the administrative console.

Version 8.4.5

  • Added procedure total time with start and end times to the cath report and exports.

  • Browse screen views:

    • Added ability to set the default view used on the Browse screen.

      • Tools > Options > User tab > More > Default View

    • Added additional views on Browse screen:

      • View By Recent Cath – Will show the 30 most recent cases. Scrolling to the bottom of the grid will load additional cases.

      • Patient Filter Search – Will allow searching for patients based on Name, ID or MRN. No patient records will show in the patient grid initially.

  • Added option to use the date/time of the server for cath locking. (Tools > Options > Administrator > Report Locking)

  • Mullins Atlas updates

    • Ability to log in directly to the diagram atlas to print and edit temporary copies of diagrams, without viewing any patient data. The login is (u: atlas p: atlas). This is a licensed feature.

    • The add patient template to cath feature has been added directly to the Diagram Manager screen. It was also moved to the top of the Atlas screen.

    • Added ability to filter the User atlas and longer descriptions are now supported.

    • Diagram supplement updates are available. (Click the Update Atlas.Supplement and choose View Updates under the Update Supplement section).

    • Fixed issues with mirroring function when switching diagram variations.


    • Fixed schema conformance errors with submissions of follow-up data.

    • Fixed Rad Dose (Air Kerma) could incorrectly show as out of usual range on the completeness report.

    • Fixed issues where the IMPACT module would always prompt you to save under certain conditions when leaving the module.

    • The procedure start/end times are now entered on the PedCath report. If they are entered they will automatically flow into the IMPACT module and will be not be editable there.

    • IMPACT integer-value fields taken from the PedCath report (such as the radiation values) that are entered between 0 and 1 will be rounded up to 1 when sent to IMPACT.

    • 11103 TPVR Final Balloon Pressure had the incorrect units (it was mmHg, and fixed to be atm(s)).

  • Data Reports:

    • Added procedure start, end and total times as searchable fields.

    • Made the Total DAP and Rad Dose fields in the CSV extract match your default units and labeled them in the header.

  • Exports

    • Fixed HL7 issues when including the contents from Document Manager documents. Line breaks would not be stripped out of the text correctly causing split OBX segments.This affected versions 8.4.3 and 8.4.4 only.

    • Added option to include document manager contents in the XML file.

    • Updated FTP transfer control.

  • Fixed Lafarge age reported on the top of the O2 consumption calculator. The age reported may not match the age used in the calculation, shown in the calculation details (which is correct) over a couple day time span before the birthdate.

  • Import Fixes:

    • Fixed issues with PedCath losing the import path when set the same as the PedCath network directory.

    • Fixed issue for Merge and McKesson imports where the import files could not be automatically deleted after the import giving error 220-55.

    • Fixed: MacLab custom fields won’t import if Show Files of Type was set to All Licensed Import files. Setting that to MacLab .h7c will work as a work-around in previous versions.

    • Support for Sensis modified cath date format.

  • Billing codes

    • The description text within the coding tree, search, and cath codes list are now wrapped to show the entire descriptions without scrolling. The highlighted item’s text is no longer shown at the bottom of the screen.

    • Fixed the -22 button. It was not always updating to show the value of the selected code.

  • Added some efficiency improvements.

  • Additional Fixes.

  • Admin Console Updates

    • HIPAA updates - Ability to resize the forms, view the original file ordering, and save results to a csv file.

    • Added ability to print a PedCath workstations list to show all machines that have logged into PedCath. This can be helpful in determining what machines use PedCath for updating/maintenance purposes.

    • Added ability to back up HIPAA logs during the database update, to reduce the active file size. The HIPAA viewer will include the backup files.

    • Added ability to merge duplicate staff records.

Version 8.4.4

  • The last edit time of a cath report and staff member are shown on the Edit screen status bar.

  • IMPACT updates

    • The supporting definitions are now shown on the main IMPACT forms.

    • Fixes to patient merge and move cath report functions.

    • The EP Targets and Catheters tabs are now hidden for EP diagnostic caths where an ablation was not planned or performed. Also the EP tab is now shown in the follow-up section when either an ablation or EP cath was done (it was not being shown for EP cath in prior versions).

  • Updates to Command line interface

    • Ability to import a hemodynamics file with the filename

    • Ability to load the IMPACT forms directly for a patient.

  • Diagram Editor updates

    • Option to always save the diagram to the network when the save button is clicked (rather than just to the local cache). To enable this choose Options > Always Save to Network from the menu within the diagram editor.

    • Fixed issues with save reminder.

  • Added SSH support for LDAP (LDAPS) and fixed issues connecting to ports other than 339.

  • Fixes to login handling.

  • Added staff record modifications and error reports to the HIPAA log.

  • Full-Edit staff members will only be able to edit accounts of No-Access records.

  • Fix when importing documents during MacLab import (a blank row would show in the associated files in earlier 8.4 releases).

  • Fixes to Merge import (affected 8.4.3 only).

  • Admin Console Updates

    • Added ability to re-index tables at startup if the admin console didn’t shut down properly. This is necessary if an index is corrupt.

    • Fixed issue where packing tables in maintenance wouldn’t work correctly when certain options are selected.

Version 8.4.3

(Database Schema v3.1.5)

  • Radiation fields (Contrast, Fluoro Time, Radiation Dose, and Total DAP) now allow both blank and 0 values. Legacy cases where the value was 0 will be set to blank.

  • IMPACT Registry updates

    • Includes v2.0.1 updates - updated coding instructions and valid ranges for several fields, and some other checks.

    • Added PA systolic field in calculation overrides (if the IMPACT PA systolic shouldn’t come directly from the PA systolic site, enter it in the overrides section and it will transfer to IMPACT).

    • IMPACT transfer module. This will allow the IMPACT data for individual cases to be automatically saved (XML format) to a share folder (when the IMPACT data is saved or checked off) to share with third-party systems or for backup. This is a licensed feature.

    • Ability to import calculations files into the IMPACT 3 calculation fields during a legacy import. When loading the IMPACT case if any of the 3 calculated values exist from the cath report, they will override what’s in the IMPACT fields. If any values involved in the calculations are later changed on the Edit screen, the IMPACT fields will be overwritten when the cath is saved.

    • Added ability to import/export IMPACT xml files for individual cases.

    • Added validation for invalid device id’s based on the study type.

    • Fixes

      • Fixes when showing IMPACT procedures listing, so that folder names aren’t repeated.

      • Added additional v2 elements to IMPACT completeness check.

      • Fixed Genetic/Congenital Conditions and History of Risk Factors positioning in data reports.

      • Fixes when suggesting existing episode of care records with new cases (only the most recent will be shown).

      • Guamanian/Chamorro, Samoan, Other Island (sub choices of “Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander”) would all be set to 0 (No) in the IMPACT submission file if “Native Hawaiian” wasn’t checked also.

      • The IMPACT status icons were incorrect when viewing by cath. It would show the status for the next cath in the list.

      • Fixes to validation checks.

      • PedCath will now automatically remove IMPACT follow-ups records when the associated Episode of Care is deleted.

      • Took out space from IMPACT follow-up submission file name.

  • C3PO Registry updates

    • Contains IMPACT v2 data elements in submission.

  • New EPIC Cupid inbound interface. This interface is accessed through the Direct Data Import Utility and will create a new patient and cath report (with any available cath-level fields), and generate a formatted, customizable procedure log.

  • Importing updates

    • Ability to show all licensed import files types at once to facilitate importing from multiple systems.

    • When importing a case you will be able to customize the default selections by using a configuration file (1 config file per import system type). This will allow you to define which sections are included (e.g. never pick up the staff list) in the initial import, and as well as overwrite options when importing into an existing case. This can be used to facilitate importing from multiple systems to specify what should come from each system.

    • Ability to automatically insert documents from the hospital templates as sections within the procedure notes.

    • Ability to automatically insert predefined headers as sections within the procedure notes, with optional text (up to 100 characters).

    • Ability to view the source code of a hemodynamic import file.

    • Ability to import Siemens Sensis files with Unicode encoding.

    • PedCath will import Microsoft Word (.docx) formatted files during the import if present.

    • Ability to choose staff overwrite options (merge vs delete and replace), when importing into an existing case.

  • Lumedx Apollo updates

    • IMPACT transfer module.

  • Document Manager Improvements

    • Ability to insert case diagrams/templates, case images, and hospital documents within the Document Editor.

    • Ability to reorder report documents and template documents (hospital/my documents)

  • Data Reports Updates

  • Expanded CVIS / Command line options

    • Ability to retrieve and update staff listing

    • Ability to import IMPACT data.

    • Added CVIS ID as export file field name (when CVIS interface is enabled).

  • Option to prevent patient demographics from being changed if there are one or more locked cases. (Set on the Report Locking tab in Administrative Options).

  • Added Thermo CI next to Thermo CO on the report (before it would only show if “Use Thermo CO” was checked in the overrides).

  • Fixed middle name fixer for patients with two, non-hyphenated last names.

  • The Billing Codes can now be edited even if the cath is locked, since they’re not included on the cath report.

  • Other usability improvements and fixes.

Interface Changes

HL7 – Added 10001-11^TOTALDAP OBX segment.
Administrative console

  • Added IMPACT 2 and some other tables to database maintenance reindexing.

  • Fixes to patient name formatting on some HIPAA logs.

Version 8.4.2

  • Fixed Data Reports issues with CSV output

    • Fixed run time error Error 508-9: Subscript out of range when including Adverse Events in CSV output.

    • Added IMPACT 2 new procedures and adverse events to CSV output.

  • Fixed IMPACT user interface issues on Edit Screen

    • When first creating a PedCath cath report the IMPACT diagnoses screen may not show the new IMPACT 2 procedures boxes, and when viewing some of the existing procedure-specific data panels, some of the data fields are greyed out.

    • On the IR panel on the lower half of the Edit screen, several of the yes/no choices would not grey out or remove dependent choices until the case is saved and reloaded.

(A work around for both issues in prior versions would be to save the cath report, exit and reopen the Edit screen).

  • Fixed IMPACT issue: The “Not Assessed” boxes were not saving on the Pulmonary Valvuloplasty study.

Version 8.4.1

  • Several IMPACT Registry and other fixes.

Version 8.4.0


    • Support for IMPACT Registry version 2

      • IMPACT v2 new data fields included in Data Reports, including followup data.

    • Ability to export multiple csv extracts at a time.

    • Removed IMPACT Adverse Events from the cath report.

    • Added Favorite Closure Methods list for quick selection.

    • Additional fixes and improvements

  • Added Total DAP field to cath report. The units are configurable in the options. Units for Rad Dose can be changed as well.

  • Exports

    • Added Advanced Text report options

      • Option to embed document text from Document Manager.

      • Option to suppress diagram export.

    • HL7

      • Ability to send a canceled message on cath deletion.

    • Ability to suppress superscripts in exports.

  • Imports

    • Siemens

      • Added support for Thermo CO

      • Fixes to the procedure log document creation.

  • Improvements to Document Manager Editor

    • Improved image handling

    • Added MS Word docx support for imports

    • Fixed issues when attaching a multipage PDF document to the cath report.

    • Other fixes and improvements

Version 8.3.1

  • Support for Active Directory/LDAP user management and authentication. This is a licensed feature. White paper available.


    • Added option to allow Full-Edit users to submit the IMPACT data:

      • Under Options > Administrator tab > Personnel link

      • Check "Allow Full-Edit users to submit IMPACT data."

    • Dx Comments are now available to users of the IMPACT coding for the PedCath report.

  • C3PO export fixes.

  • Exports

    • XML exports (version 3.1) now include document exports and billing codes. Also includes the ability to export the diagrams and images in their original format.

    • HL7 export fixes.

      • Including institutional staff id with each PERSONNEL OBX segment.

      • The Embedded PDF will be forced to be within one segment by default.

      • Admin option to allow users to manually set the placer order number.

      • Added escape encoding to PDF report reference.

  • Imports

    • Fixed Siemens Sensis import error 147-9: Subscript out of range, when no conditions are included.

    • If the hemodynamic import path is relative to the PedCath network directory, it will be saved as a relative path, to facilitate database migration.

    • Improvements and fixes when importing PedCath XML files. Added ability to choose which sections are imported into existing cases. Ability to import XML version 3.1 files with documents and billing codes.

  • Data Reports

    • Better formatting of PDF results.

    • Fixed Cath ID and Patient ID columns to sort numerically rather than alphanumerically.

    • Added "Last Edited" field to Data Reports csv export in the cath fields section.

  • Ability to connect to a network directory at startup, from predefined list in a config file.

  • Billing Codes

    • Added ability to email the billing codes sheet.

Version 8.3.0

  • C3PO Registry Export – PedCath will package a C3PO-formated transfer file from data entered into the PedCath report and IMPACT Registry module, to upload to the C3PO web site. All data common will be filled in automatically. This feature is included with the PedCath IMPACT Registry module.

  • Improved CVIS Integration. CVIS systems will be able to specify user and case/patient context and specify export parameters through the command line. An administrator option is available to permit the CVIS to manage staff and patient/case information directly. PedCath can also directly load administrative tools including options, staff management, IMPACT administration/submission, and data reports.

  • Fixed report printing issues – under certain conditions the report would not be printed or show a preview.

  • Added Patient Merge feature.

  • XML export 3.0. Additional fields added. (Documentation available).

  • Ability to import a PedCath XML file.

  • IMPACT Registry improvements

    • Fixes to saving/validation.

    • IMPACT functions available on Edit Screen.

    • When using IMPACT Dx for PedCath Report Coding

      • Prior Surgeries and Prior Procedures added to the Dx form.

      • Recent procedures and surgeries now show up on the PedCath report with status post tag “(sp)”.

    • Recent Surgeries Date button fixed.

  • Improvements to import into current cath (cath section now checked by default).

  • Database backup tool added to the Administrative Console.

  • Added option to include hemodynamics and IMPACT Adverse Events in Data Reports CSV export.

  • Fixes to PedCath Live when running on multiple monitors.

  • Additional improvements and fixes.

Version 8.2.3

  • New Accession Number and GUID fields. Both can be set from the import if available. The GUID field can also be auto generated for each case (configurable in the Misc Admin options). Both are available as fields in the export file name. There is a new Administrative Fields panel available from the Edit Screen that allows you to view those and other fields (View > Administrative Fields).

  • Added Account Number and Cath Number to document pages of the PDF report.

  • Data Reports updates

    • Added query for number of case Diagrams, Documents, and Images.

    • Added support to search for status post procedures.

  • Diagram Editor – added diagram save reminder. You can turn that on and set the time limit on the Options > Save Reminder (min) menu in the Diagram Editor.

  • Added reminder message to lock a report after changes have been made to the report and saved. (At least 1 diagram must exist and 1 set of hemodynamics). This is a per user setting and can be turned on in the Options on the User tab.

  • Billing Code Module:

    • Support to retain code descriptions for codes that have been deleted.

    • Support for 2014 set updates (included).

    • Ability to import CPT codes (currently for Sensis only).

  • Admin Console Updates

    • Added database maintenance options to clean up import folder.

  • Demographics sync prompt during import.

  • Fixed a few issues.

Version 8.2.2

  • ICD-10 support (see white paper for details).

  • Image Editor

    • New Crop Tool

    • Ability to make a duplicate copy of an image.

  • Report

    • Fixed issue with saving Global report options.

  • Data Reports

    • Fixed issue when searching for billing codes.

  • Imports

    • MacLab only: Ability to import from MacLab custom fields into PedCath hemodynamic or cath level elements (user’s guide available).

    • Ability to import into the OBR-4 field on a case by case basis, to be passed along in the HL7 export message.

    • Some other fixes and efficiency improvements.


    • Ability to import more than one file at a time.

Version 8.2.1

  • Imports

    • Fixed issue causing PedCath to hang when loading a particular import case.

    • Other efficiency improvements (import mapping tables are loaded on demand).

  • A few minor bug fixes.

Version 8.2.0

  • Report

    • Global Report Options – Administrators can set the report setup options for all users, and optionally allow users to save their own settings.

    • Auto-Select Documents – This will allow you to choose titles of documents in the document manager that will be automatically included in the report. (This will also determine what documents are included in the Text and HL7 exports).

  • Imports

    • Ability to import into a current cath from the main Direct Data Import Utility tool. If a matching case is found you will be given a choice to import into an existing case or create a new one.

    • The Import Into Current Cath feature will auto-select measurement fields that will change throughout the case to be overwritten by default (such as total contrast, flourotime/dose).

    • Added option to allow you to turn off the auto-selection of images on the import screen. Contact Scientific Software for assistance setting this option.

    • When mapping staff, in addition to the login, the staff members’ names are now shown on the drop down list and are ordered by last name.

    • Fixed issue when adding new mappings for Siemens and Philips/Witt imports. New mappings would show up as blank lines. This was an issue with version 8.1 only.

    • Fixed mapping issue when importing HeartRate from Siemens systems. Earlier versions of PC8 would require the site name as part of the mapping (CN\AO Desc HR), now the default mapping of (CN\HR) will work, and will allow you to view the list of all sites measured.

  • Exports

    • Last edit time added as field for the export filename format.


    • Web update for closure methods and device lists.

    • Added Default options and other improvements when importing IMPACT data from other vendors.

    • Only Administrators may submit IMPACT data.

    • When viewing old cases, PedCath would occasionally say case data has been changed when you exit out of the Edit screen. This was related to IMPACT/PedCath shared data and has been fixed.

    • Fixed IMPACT report status updates when editing data on the Edit Screen.

    • Fixed validation/save issue when saving Demographics screen.

    • Fixes when deleting an IMPACT case (report status). IMPACT procedures, Dx, and events are left alone if you are using IMPACT coding for the PedCath report.

    • Any patients with Episodes of Care records found with no associated cases will be ignored when creating the submission file. This would cause a validation error on the NCDR web site. Those records will also be listed in the validation report.

  • Data Reports

    • Added IMPACT Post-Procedure section.

    • When searching for cases by procedure code, PedCath now ignores codes that have status-post set.

    • Previously when searching for Hispanic=False, null entries would be included.

    • Fixed issues with some cath date searches (inclusive searches, and month/quarter searches).

  • Several bug fixes

    • If "Use Thermo CO" is checked off on the override section, but there is no value set for the Thermo CO on the hemodynamics tab, you will get an error when exporting an HL7 file.

    • Fixed issue where Hemodyanamic values (such as ThermoCO and the blood gases) would not save when the value is 0.50 or below. This will affect any value on the Hemodynamic tab where a decimal value can be entered. (Most of the pressures and sats are integers and are not affected.)

    • Fixed issue when you load the move cath report function and the patient grid is sorted by MRN.

  • Added Ability to set default page size and margins in the Document Manager.

  • Improved Unicode Support / Upgraded third-party controls.

  • The Studies (MAGIC) tab is now shown to be able to view legacy data.

  • Updates to HeartSuite interface.

  • Support for Multilingual (coming soon).

Version 8.1.1


    • Fixed IMPACT Edit Screen save issue.

  • Exports

    • Added patient name fields to the export file name configuration.

  • Administrative Console

    • Support for Scientific Software to inspect/modify the database during remote assistance sessions.

  • Update Wizard 2.1.1 release

    • Shows current version of PedCath used on your network. Will allow you to upgrade to your current network version through the web update feature.

    • Support for upgrading the multilingual version of PedCath.

    • A few minor fixes.

Version 8.1

  • New Data Reports module

    • Expanded data elements available, including hemodynamic and IMPACT data.

    • Ability to load query results on the Browse screen.

  • IMPACT updates

    • IMPACT pre-procedure and procedure data now easily accessible from the Edit screen.

    • Reenabled IMPACT submission/export for non-admins

    • Surgeries included in Dx list.

    • Performance improvements when loading closure methods list.

  • Imports:

    • Ability to import into User/Institutional sites.

    • Ability to set cath-level field mappings (e.g. cath number).

    • Ability to import mappings from a file.

    • MacLab Only: Bug fix where angio images would not import correctly (bug in version 8.0.5 only).

  • Administrative Console

    • Ability to back up and clear out HIPAA logs based on a date range.

  • Document (PDF) Sweep function (licensed feature) - this module will allow PedCath to automatically import a document narrative from your hemodynamic into the PedCath document manager. The narrative may not be available when the hemodynamic import is first run – the sweeper module will facility the transfer when the narrative becomes available and will sync the document to the PedCath report if it is later updated on the hemodynamic system

  • Ability to configure the fourth header line on the report.

  • The Order number is now shown on the Edit Screen status bar if it was set during a hemodynamic import.

  • Several UI fixes.

Version 8.0.5

  • IMPACT Updates

    • Includes coding instructions update. Use the Auxilary 3 field to specify whether there was a surgery prior to the cath during the hospital visit.

    • Ability to choose the hemoset sent to IMPACT on the Edit Screen. The first set is chosen by default.

    • If you are using Thermo Cardiac Output for the PedCath report (is checked off in the override section), the Thermo Cardiac Index will be sent to IMPACT for the Cardiac Index value.

    • A batch middle name checker will run prior to creating a submission file, to help move middle names to the middle name fields.

    • Checks database schema for number of decimals for hemodynamics sent to IMPACT.

    • Ability to sync data definition tables from the network.

    • Speed enhancements to loading cath grid when report checkoff is turned on.

    • Added a lock to prevent users from modifying IMPACT data concurrently, which without could case database issues.

    • Fixed a few typos.

    • Added Patient level Other ID field and administrative option to link it to the MRN.

  • Imports:

    • Ability to register labs to import from.

    • The auto-increment cath number feature will now work for hemodynamic imports.

    • Siemens Only: Ability to handle multi-column documents for the Sensis procedure log.

    • Philips/Witt Only: Middle names getting deleted during import.

    • McKesson Only: Allow mapping for account number.

  • Exports:

    • HL7: The numeric prefix was missing from the text-based report wrapper: 10012-01^TEXTREPORT

    • HL7: The top OBR header could be missing some fields based on your export configuration.

  • An Administrative login is now required to run a database update.

  • Fixed diagrams changing to greyscale when saving.

  • Rad Dose will not be listed on the report if it’s 0.

  • Fixed issue with initial form positioning.

  • Various other bug fixes.

Version 8.0.4

  • HL7 Updates

    • Ability to send the HL7 file to a different folder location than the other exports.

    • Ability to embed the Text-based report within the HL7.


    • Fixes to Devices and Closure Methods csv import.

  • Fixes to Login Framework relating patient locks when PedCath is improperly shut down. Admin Console will now show records with patient locks even if there is not a staff member associated.

Version 8.0.3

  • IMPACT fixes

    • Fixed issue when printing validation results report.

    • Several validation fixes

    • Fixed issue when using IMPACT codes for PedCath report.

  • Fixes/improvements to Login Framework (PedCath and Administrative Console).

  • Exports: Additional fields now available for export file name format.

  • Fixed installation issue regarding ImageMan8 dependancies (IMACTX80.OCX).

  • Better checks for forms loaded off screen, due to shared user environments.

  • Other minor fixes.

Version 8.0.2

  • IMPACT module updates

    • Added a field to indicate that an IMPACT case is complete. This check-off is for user-tracking only and is ignored by the IMPACT submission Module.

    • Added the ability to override the systemic systolic and diastolic pressures (on the PedCath Edit screen calculation overrides, for the IMPACT hemodynamic set)

  • HL7: Options to choose what is used for the Filler and Placer order number.

  • Added the ability to flip each diagram horizontally, for Dextra-Cardia patients.

  • Fix to vein/artery report overrides.

  • DB update 3.0.2

Version 8.0.1

  • Added completeness icons for data sections in the IMPACT module.

Version 8.0

  • Added IMPACT Registry module.

  • Ability to add PDFs to the Document Manager and print with the cath report.

  • Import improvements:

    • Ability to import more than one cath per day, if a patient has multiple caths on the same day.

    • Added automatic import for the Philips/Witt PDF narrative.

  • Exporting improvements:

    • Option to include documents from the Document Manager within the HL7 and Text files

    • Option to strip out all of the HL7 OBR segments except for the first.

    • Option to rename the first HL7 segment

    • Option to create a PDF-only HL7 export, that contains the PDF link or Base64 embed, and not the discrete case data.

  • Ability to change diagnostic code sets, while retaining your old codes.

  • Administrative Console updates:

    • Will allow you to see what hosts have PedCath open (even if not logged in), and boot them out of the system.

Version 7.7.3

  • Improved the Import Into Current Cath feature. You can now run the Direct Data Import Utility from the Edit Cath screen at any time to bring in any missing data for the current case, or bring in document/image resources that were not available when the report was first started. PedCath will allow you to check off the desired sections to bring in and set overwrite options for cath and hemodynamic level data fields.

  • Added institutional Staff ID field.

  • Better support for mixed language workstation environments.

  • Added option to prevent users from adding staff on the Cath Edit screen.

Version 7.7.2

  • Web/CD installation for Atlas updates.

  • Added 2 x 3 layout for report images.

  • Fixed issue where the Image Manager editor would not always load the selected image (issue with 7.7.1 only).

  • HL7/XML fixes. Greater support for exporting to HIS systems.

  • Several hemodymanic import fixes/improvements.

  • Extended radiation dosage field to the thousands place (xxxx.xx).*

* If you are currently at version 7.7.1 you will need to rerun the 2.6.2 database upgrade to get the radiation dosage field extension. Choose the “Clear DB Version Data” option in the Administrative Console maintenance section, and open PedCath to run the update.
Version 7.7.1

- Enhanced report options

- Ability to select what Image Manager images will appear on the report and retain those choices for future printouts.

- Option to print the hemodynamics rather than calculations on summary pages with more than one associated hemoset. Also added the ability to hide empty hemodynamics grids.
- New cath-level radiation dose field. The account number is also now shown on the Edit Screen.
- Support for additional Atlas variations for every diagram (Left SVC to Right Atrium, Left SVC to Coronary Sinus, and Right Aortic Arch). An updated atlas library is required to use this feature.
- For AE users: Ability to enter a description for unlisted adverse events.

Version 7.7.0

- MAGIC improvements

- Batch submission tool

- Summary report.

- Ability to edit MAGIC studies in a resizable window.

- Support for additional controls
- Added Direct Data interface for Horizon Cardiology Hemo system.
- Added configurable age-based default to the Oxygen Consumption calculator.
- Administrative Console 1.1.5

- Ability to set up an institutional-wide upgrade. By specifying an update file, PedCath will update itself upon startup, everywhere on the network. You can also block users from upgrading to a later version on their local machine. PedCath 7.6.9 or later is required for the updates to be installed automatically.
- Batch case lock feature gives you the option to lock your cases only, where you had a given role.
- Update Wizard 2.0.9

- Ability to install an update silently.
- Fixed issue where the account number may have an initial value when creating a new cath report.
- Added the ability to save any report page as a clipboard image.
- Cleaned up Options dialog.
- Account Number shown on report, if used.
- Added the ability to add multiple images at once into the Image Manager.
Version 7.6.8

- Added ability to manually send out files configured on your auto-export list. This can be useful to send out a preliminary report or to resend locked reports. This feature can be found on the File menu on the Edit Screen.
- Added ability to move a cath report from one patient record to another. This can be useful if a patient was imported with incorrect demographics. This feature can be found on the Edit menu on the Browse screen and requires administrative privileges.
- Added option to prompt for password to lock a case. A different user may also lock the case. Options for these features can be configured from the “Cath Locking” section of the administrative options.
- Added ability to retry a failed database operation and to disconnect/reconnect before retrying.

Version 7.6.7

- Diagram recovery feature.

- Several changes to the HL7 export. Please refer to the HL7 specification for details.

- Added a data field for the Account Number. This field can be set through the Edit menu on the Cath Edit screen. This number can be brought in through a hemodynamic import and there is an administrative option to require this field be set before an export.

- Option to print diagnosis and comments only once.

- Fixed staff filter for Camtronics and Philips hemodynamic system imports.

Version 7.6.6

- Support for the new Mullins alternate/wide diagrams with extended pulmonary arteries.

- Added ability to install supplemental atlas diagrams directly from the web or a package file.

- Manual save now uses the same file name format as the auto-export

- Fixed issues with the auto-increment cath number feature.

- Added the ability to link or embed the PDF in the XML and HL7 files. The embed feature will encode the report in Base64 and requires that Internet Explorer 6 is installed.

- Fixed issues when importing more than one Word document during a hemodynamic import.

- Fixed issue with cath number when multiple cases are imported.
Version 7.6.5

- Expanded command line options.

- Fixed image imports from the MacLab (issue with earlier versions of 7.6 only).
Version 7.6.4

- PedCath now supports the ability to run in a multi-user application server/remote desktop type environment (such as over Citrix Presentation Server). Several options must be set to enable this functionality.
Version 7.6.3

- The auto-export feature can be configured to export the report both when it is saved and when it is locked (rather than one or the other).
Version 7.6.2
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