This review is from: Acer Iconia Tab W500-bz467 10. 1-Inch Tablet (Silver) (Personal Computers)

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NameThis review is from: Acer Iconia Tab W500-bz467 10. 1-Inch Tablet (Silver) (Personal Computers)
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This review is from: Acer Iconia Tab W500-BZ467 10.1-Inch Tablet (Silver) (Personal Computers)

First off, I'll say my review is based on the fact I bought the W500 to replace an Acer laptop, which I use almost entirely for running my small business. Aside from my monster PC used for editing videos, I run my business and personal stuff pretty much entirely with Google Apps, and OpenOffice for editing/creating MS Office compatible work. So I don't need a big hard drive, 6-core processor, or automatic features that let me tell all my pretend friends on Facebook how much I need a cup of coffee.

I don't play all...on the computer.

I work from home, so I don't need 4G in my computer. I have a wireless router. I use Google Voice for telephone service, and Google Video Chat for videoconferencing, both of which are completely free. Both work exceptionally well on the W500, using my wireless router and cable internet.

I didn't want my tablet PC to be a 4G Android or iPhone junk. I don't need "apps". The only "apps" I use are Google Apps, which I use to run my small home-based business, through the Google Chrome browser. Email, Calendar, Documents, Blogger (my website), Youtube for video hosting, telephone service, video conferencing, and more, all free and work exceptionally well on the W500 using my wireless router and cable internet. When I do need a cellphone, I use a cheap prepaid that cost me about $30 a year for all the "minutes" I need.

For even better sound quality, I picked up the affordable Logitech USB Headset H360 (Black) headset, which makes voice/video calls sound amazing.

I find the 32gb hard drive plenty big. About the only thing I have loaded besides Windows 7 is OpenOffice, Kindle for PC, and Google Chrome/Voice/Video. The drive is less than half full! All of my docs, pictures, and videos are hosted on the web.

I deleted the mounds of crap the W500 came loaded with, and removed/turned off a bunch of the Windows 7 garbage. Acer has some sort of "social jogger" application which I deleted first. I think Facebook is pretty silly, and don't need to tell a girl I sat next to in 3rd grade that I had tacos for dinner. After deleting all that junk, turning off a bunch of services, and letting Windows spend the day updating itself, the W500 is lean and runs fast. I think it boots up in like 15-20 seconds. Yes, updating a new install of Windows is a always is. Just buy a case of beer, and spend the day getting them all installed so it will quit bugging you and let your computer perform like it should.

I think the battery life is awesome. Checking email throughout the day, browsing Amazon, checking my bank accounts, and finding a place to eat, the battery will last almost all day! Then again, I'm not comparing this to a's not a's a tablet PC. My Acer laptop doesn't last a couple of hours...with a NEW battery. And then the batteries die after a few months, at which time you have to replace them. My Acer laptop pretty much had to stay tethered to the AC power cord, which defeated the purpose of having a mobile PC.

Plus, a laptop is so heavy, it's not like you can carry it when running errands/grocery shopping. I maintain my shopping list in Google Docs, print it to a PDF onto the W500 desktop before I leave the house, and drop the W500 into my small messenger bag. No more printing paper shopping lists. Wanna browse the internet in the local coffee shop/bar? No need to clear a table and setup a whole office with a laptop...just pull out the W500.

I'm not sure what all the negative comments are about the keyboard are either. It's ingenious, and works great. No, the screen angle isn't adjustable...but it's already at a perfect angle for me. I leave the keyboard in my den, along with a wireless mouse and mousepad, to use the W500 when I'm out of my office. Then I just pop the tablet off the keyboard when I go down to the bottom floor to the kitchen. It's totally mobile...unlike a heavy/cumbersome laptop. Wanna take the keyboard with you? It doesn't take a bunch of difficult steps, like some suggest. The tab pulls straight up catches/releases to press. Then you just lay it face down on the keyboard. one side is automatically locked with two magnetic pins that pop out, and the other end has a manual lock, to keep it from being accidentally pried apart. The whole process takes about 2 couldn't be any easier. If you're using the keyboard on your lap...then you probably should buy a "laptop" instead. Yes, it will obviously be top heavy when on your lap...why wouldn't it be?

The software keyboard works great, especially with a stylus. I got one of these, that also has a regular pen in it. Works perfectly: TouchTec® II Capacitive iPad Stylus and Ball Point Pen for Apple iPad 2, iPhone 4 and Droid Phones - 7mm (Black)

It has a full sized SDHC card reader, which is awesome for uploading photos/video straight to my photo/video host website from anywhere with a wi-fi connection. I put a Transcend 32 GB Class 10 SDHC Flash Memory Card (TS32GSDHC10) in there "just in case", but haven't put anything on it yet. I may use the card to store my library of CD's, which I have converted to MP3. (Yes, I still buy all of my music on CD, convert to MP3, then store the CD for safekeeping. I'm old, I guess!)

The full sized HDMI connection is also really cool. I plugged it right into my big flat panel TV, and the picture was absolutely amazing! It would probably be really cool to use for video conferencing from my den, on the big TV.

Yeah, both of the USB ports are on the bottom...which are blocked when the keyboard is attached...but the keyboard has two USB ports on it. I only use my USB mouse and USB headset when I'm using the keyboard anyways, so that works fine for me.

The touchscreen works great for me. For better accuracy than my fat fingers can produce, I use the stylus.

Screen flip/rotation works great. Most importantly, it has a manual locking switch on the bottom, so the screen isn't flipping all around when carrying the tablet in my hand. I only need it to be oriented one direction at a time! ;) Also, when you have it locked in portrait position, it will automatically go back to landscape when attached to the keypad.

This thing has been a great investment for my home based business. I can run my business on it from any room of the three-story loft, and reply to emails from potential clients instantly, which is VERY important in landing jobs. If you actually have a personal life (or pretend one on FB) and a real day job away from the house, and want all the fun and games "apps" can bring, a cellphone tablet running Android and a battery that lasts for days might be a better option. If you need a full blown Windows 7 personal computer to take care of your professional and household operations, that you can carry with you anywhere in a small pouch, I don't know of a better option out there. I love mine!

I bought this tablet for my wife after searching for a few months for a tablet that is not only fun but could also prove useful for normal business tasks like word and powerpoint. Nothing beats the iPad for the cool factor but after the wife played around with it she quickly realised no matter how cool it was, ultimately it would just end up as a toy for playing games only. She needed something that could do real work and that means office - hence android was also out of the question.

- Well built although abit plasticky but not shoddy - feels solid and that it would last
- Surprisingly fast performance for a netbook tablet - the C50 really is a great APU. The SSD is also blazing fast and loads Win7 pretty fast. Note that for graphic intensive apps, although performance is acceptable, its not blazing. Booting from cold takes less than 50 seconds and if you tweak windows you can get it down to 30+ seconds. Going to sleep and waking up from sleep is blazing fast - a matter of seconds hence we always put the tablet in sleep mode for quick access. Summary, faster than an average netbook but slower than an average business laptop
- The screen is bright and responsive. Viewing angle is also amazing. Rotation is just ok with some lag when you rotate to/from portrait - not iPhone smooth but acceptable and hardly impacts the experience
- Touch on Win7 is surprisingly good. Not sure why people say its not acceptable. I am an iPhone user and so is the wife and the touch experience is comparable to the iPhone although not on par. Think about it, Win7 was not built from the ground up for touch and considering this, the experience it provides for touch on such a machine is amazing!
- IE 9 is also surprisingly good with responsive and really smooth scrolling. I had IE, Firefox and Chrome with touch addin. IE 9 was the best for touch and I was surprised since I have been a Firefox fan. Chrome was the worst performer with jittery scrolling
- Handwriting recognition is also surprisingly good. One of the reasons the wife wanted a tablet instead of a normal laptop is so that she can take handwritten notes in meetings. For this the tablet works wonders. I bought the wife an elago stylus which had a string and plug that you could attach to the earphone jack. Once you rotate the tab in portrait, you can take handwritten notes right away in Word or even in Notepad. But i do recommend OneNote since it makes taking and organizing notes so much easier
- Productivity. What can I say? Out of the box the tablet has Office Starter that was good enough. I installed Office and the tablet was elevated to a whole new level - it wasn't a toy anymore, it was a real computer. Pair it with the keyboard and you have a tool you can use to make corrections to your presentations and documents
- Full range of real software - be it games (I have installed all sorts of games that are touch friendly - Farm Frenzy, Montezuma, Angry Birds and even afew others for my daughter like Dora etc), Office, photo editing (Art Rage). You can even mount ISOs
- Full file transfer and sharing capabilities - just stick in a USB and you can transfer your file. Or if you're on wifi, create a mapped drive and you can do your pc-to-pc transfer or even use bluetooth if you so wish. If you're wondering how to install software from CD/DVD there are two ways. 1. Get an external USB DVD drive. 2. Connect to a wifi network where there is also a second PC with a CD/DVD drive connected on the same network. On the second PC, share the CD/DVD drive and on the tablet find this share and map it as a drive - its that easy. 3. you can always make a copy of the CD/DVD on a usb stick. Ah, I almost forgot to mention P2P - load up your favourite client and you are sharing files in no time!
- Expansion with an SDHX/SDXC is just a memory card away - an SXHC 64GB card is only $115+. Cheap!
- Battery life is also good enough. 4-5 hours of normal use and a bit less with heavy video and graphic intensive games

- Well the tablet is not perfect - the first gripe is the keyboard. The keys have good feedback but some of the keys are too small especially the arrow keys - so if you're trying to play games that require them, forget it! Next the docking mechanism although is workable is a bit flimsy. Once docked and on a flat surface, you're ok. but if you're using the laptop on your lap, although its still possible to work, you will also have to balance the laptop at the same time. Also, its difficult to transport the tablet when docked since if you tilt the tab the wrong way even a bit (towards the keyboard), the tablet will pop right out!
- The built in SSD is small for Win7. Although you can expand with an SD, it would have been good to be able to upgrade to a larger drive
- It would be nice to have a faster processor but for this price range, the C50 is hard to beat - good enough but not blazingly fast. Also Win7 as configured and shipped on the tablet is not tuned properly and hence makes the tablet slow. But once you load the latest updates, drivers and firmware, and remove and turnoff unnecessary bloatware - the tablet is much quicker and gives a whole new experience
- Both the built-in cameras are bad. Haven't played around with the settings but picture quality is subpar and the camera tool is too slow!
- Weight and thickness. I am nitpicking now but wouldn't it be great to have a Win7 tablet that is as light and thin as an iPad? Now that would sell like hot cakes!
- The lack of accessories is also a problem. I am still unable to source a nice leather folio case to my wife's taste as there are only two that i can find on the market - one on ebay from China which people have said is a bit plasticky and one from Tuffs which although is leather looks a little pedestrian

All in all, this has been the best gadget purchase in years. Not only can we consume content like watch movies or play games or browse the web, we can also create and produce content using familiar standard tools like Office without having to worry about compatibility and conversion etc, all at the same time and most of the time with multiple windows open at once - nothing beats a real OS in multitasking and hence in being productive. Its not the perfect tablet but its the tablet that makes most sense for both having fun and being productive.

UPDATE - 26/7/2011
Desktop Enhancement Software
In my quest to make the start menu more user friendly and to make the tablet interface look more like a standard tablet, I have installed both ObjectDock and Winstep Nexus to allow easy access to certain menu items. I have hidden all desktop icons, so that the tablet can showcase the wallpaper in full effect and have kept Winstep Nexus dock for the app launcher. Winstep Nexus allows grouping of shortcuts into groups (sub-docks) which makes the desktop neat.

Educational Software
I have a 5 year old who is used to our iPhones and picked up using the W500 in no time. But I wanted her to not only watch videos or play games but to really use the W500 for learning. And when I browsed Amazon for children educational software I was pretty disappointed that there is not alot of titles available that were not published after 2006! All the great reviewed edu-software were created for older windows OS i.e. XP/2000 and some even for Win95/98!

But I did take a chance and installed Reader Rabbit and that has been proven a hit! Although made for XP, everything works well and now we have to fight over usage of the W500 when its laying at home.
Reader Rabbit 1st Grade Capers On Cloud Nine

UPDATE 28/9/2011
I have installed Windows 8 Developer Preview on the w500 and it's amazing! The tablet is now blazing fast and IE10 provides such a smooth experience dare I say surpassing the ipad. Boot time is only a few seconds (seriously about 5 seconds!) and ALL the apps including MS Office runs faster. I am amazed that it took MS so long to come up with this OS. The touch response is also much much more responsive and handwriting recognition is also improved. Battery life also has improved (no formal testing though). Now Windows 8 is still in developer preview so it has some small minor bugs but I have decided to keep it on the W500 instead of loading the backup Win7 image - it's that good! I can't wait for the full release of Windows 8!

Very nice tablet. Have had no problems with it, am getting decent battery life (about 5 hours or so) and runs all my Windows programs. Did upgrade to 4Gb ram.
For those looking for a folio case, I purchased a Fujitsu Q550 folio case and it fits perfect. Even the cutouts on the sides are almost all exactly where they need to be. Also has a pen holder and doubles as a stand, very slick indeed.

First of all, I would like to say that I had the iPad for two years, and now I owned this Windows 7 tablet. So what I will compare directly between the iPad and this Acer W500 Windows 7.

+This tablet is not for gaming, I'm pretty sure about that. On the IPAD, you can find thousands of games that help you to entertain. But with this tablet, I can barely find some Flash games, or 2d games that compatible with the touch screen only (and most of them are pretty old actually, Bejeweled 2 for example :) This tablet is not for gaming, if you really love those mini games, don't get this because you will soon be disappointed because of its limitation.

+HOWEVER, if you play the games with the keyboard and mouse (I offer the bundle of wireless mouse + key), it is a completely different issue. I've tried to run some online games, yes serious online games like World of Warcraft and League of Legends at minimum setting and it worked perfectly to me but some people may not like playing with minimized graphic. I've also tried Red Alert 3 on it at minimum setting, it work fine but it lagged sometime when there were too many NPC. Those are serious games, but you may not like it when it fit on a 10" screen.
NOTE: when I turned everything off and run only WoW or LoL or RA3, the cpu is about 50%, 60% and the memory is about 80%, but when the game get busy, the CPU heated up to 80%, 90% and when it hit 100% the game get small lag or freeze. So if you want a Windows 7 tablet that have fun games, get a wireless mouse and it still have potential for you to enjoy many great games.

+I'm talking about the MICROSOFT OFFICE here, not the Lite version, not the minimized Page version on the iPad. Microsoft Words and Microsoft PowerPoint (both 2007) worked perfectly to me at low hardware usage. I forgot about my old days when I have to use pages on the iPad for emergency stuffs, it really hard and very limited for what you can do on it. But in this W500, I felt like I carried the whole PC with me when I do the Office.
NOTE: Sure thing, you will need the keyboard when you type on this because of how wide it is it wont allow you to hold the tablet with two hands and type with two thumbs.

+This is when it get exciting: PHOTOSHOP. I installed the Photoshop CS4. I used the HD images at the size of 1920x1080 or around that for this review. You may not like it when you need to PTS those heavy 15MP images, but resize it in around half, it will be fine. How did I photoshop it? I created several layers (4 or 5) and did all those works in there, included: Cropping, resizing, Texts, Blending layers, changing HUE, changing Light, free transformation, Lasso tool, Marquee tools, Magic Wand tool, BRUSH tool... so many thing to list so just image yourself using the photoshop on it (with TOUCHING). on the iPad you WILL NEVER find an app the give the power of the Photoshop itself. I remembered I collected around 30 apps that contained every tiny tool in each app and I still not feel like I can photoshop with the iPad. When I photoshop with those images, the CPU usage is around 60%. But when you get to the 3D, Wrapping tool for example, it heated the machine up, but still worked fine.
Conclusion: This is why we should get the Windows 7 tablet for, they give you the fully operated software, not those tiny app. I love photography and with this I can finally have a real Photoshop artwork when I'm go out.

INTERNET BROWSER: I highly recommended you to get Google Chrome. It worked way faster than Internet Explorer. Oh yes, FLASH. Now I can play youtube video without worrying about limitation. Apple keep telling me that I dont need Flash in the tablet, but that is a false statement. FLASH give you the fully and perfected experience when you browse the web. Now I can check in with my Facebook games, watch the Youtube videos, dont have to worry about "Flash is not supported" when I need to use a webpage to work. Oh, I opened Youtube with 3 360p videos or one 1080P video and the CPU usage is around 80%, no delay and freezing.

MUSIC AND MOVIE: PERFECT, just PERFECT. on the iPad, if I want to play 1080p movie, I have to convert and sync, those two steps took me a long long time and I had to worry about the memory usage too when one 1080p Movie cost my around 25% of my iPad memory usage (8gb in a 32gb).I played MKV 1080p Movie with Media Player Classic and the codec pack. Some of us may find difficulty when trying to watch the 1080p movie in here but do some research and you will get there. It work perfectly at around 80% CPU. If you worry about how heavy those files are, get the portable external hard drive (1tb is good?) and you will never have to delete any files again. 1080p movie + Dolby speaker system gave me the perfect experience, just perfect. Those Dolby speakers have strong bass, solid sounds, clear and loud in any direction you pointed it to.

+Battery: sad thing first, the battery it kinda WEAK. iTunes playback at 50% volume gave me 4 hours. 2.5 hours on 1080p Movie, 3.5 hours on 720p movie (with the speakers on and medium brightness). It saved alot of battery % when you use the headphone, earphone etc.

+Touchscreen: very responsive and high resolution. but it kinda have pixelated dots when you stare at it extremely close since it had the different screen display compare to the iPad. One thing about the touch screen, some people have problem with the touch screen with it not working and move randomly, I never have to experience that. but However, sometime the screen does not response when I turn it up from Sleep mode, I had to restart the machine to get it work. ( a little bit of worry!?)

+MEMORY USAGE: the SSD gave you 32gb. I believe those gigabytes are only for software like Office, Photoshop, Windows OS (Windows itslef took 13gb), or any others programs, but not video, music, and may not even games. I installed the games, video, music, pictures in the memory cards or external hard drive. You can "upgrade" your memory % any time by getting a new card. The 32gb SDHC card is around $50, way cheaper than when I had to upgrade the iPad memory usage($100 for 16gb). BY THE WAY: it read SDXC too (the fast cards that worked with the DSLRs).
NOTE: you may not like the external hard drive when you use it and it eat all of the battery when you dont charge the machine.

+KEYBOARD DOCK: it give you only two option, you dock the tablet up around 135 degrees. or you put it completely down. you cant rotate around when docking. Only one position. The keyboard included the "mouse" like the red dot in those Thinkpads. It is a full-sized qwerty, responsive and big-enough buttons.

+CAMERA: HORRIBLE to be honest, it is slow and laggy when I take 1024x720 images, but it is fine if you reduce the resolution.

LAST NOTE: this is not the dependent machine, it work completely independently. They dont give you the USB cable to connect btw the Tablet and the PC because there is no output for that. Oh here is the funny thing, I synced the iPhone with this Tablet, yep, iOS may have to be depend on this (iPad have to be dependent on a Windows 7 tablet?!). This is the tablet for anyone who would bring there works outdoor, but one more time: you may not like the gaming part of it.


UPDATE: I actually forgot about one thing, some may like it but some may not: The battery charger is long,(about 6ft), way better than the iPad's charger, but it is a little bit bulky ( way bigger than the iPad's). ONE MORE GOOD THING: it is designed to plug to the electric outlet BOTH VERTICAL AND HORIZONTAL WAY.
I tried to give my best shot in this review. feel free to ask me anything I will try my best to answer them. Sorry for any spelling and grammar errors. :)

UPDATE 2: Someone asked me to try Pogo and I did. I found many games on it that I can play with. However, I could not play some games without the mouse, most of the game in there is compatible with the touch only (which is the left-click on the mouse), but again, I need the mouse for the right-click or the scroll wheel(for setting the amount of bet in Monopoly for example). Yeah, I think you can play all the games in there if you have the mouse.
**One more thing: I installed Java and tried the Pogo games first with Google Chrome, for some games it worked just fine(Scrabble) but some others(Monopoly) it worked a bit slow (about 8 frames per second or so). Then I switched to Firefox and Monopoly I played just fine.

This review is from: Acer Iconia Tab W500-BZ467 10.1-Inch Tablet (Silver) (Personal Computers)

To start things off, I am a big fan of across multiple platforms. I enjoy Windows / Google / and Apple products in work and at home. Now when I first saw this I thought this was the tablet for me. It has Windows 7 and multiple ports not including the keyboard. Unfortunately there wasn't any retailer selling this unit. I took the plunge and bought it. In the end I am glad I did but this tablet was not a match for me.

Review of specs;
Screen is a beautiful 10.1 (1280 x 800) - A
AMD Processor - A
2 GB of memory - A
Windows 7 - D (that's where things take a turn, see below)
32 GB hard drive - B (would be nice if it were 64 GB)
Graphics - B
Webcams (1280 x 1024) - B+ (takes nice pics)
Port connections - A+
Keyboard - C+ (creative, and it works)
Touch screen - C (the biggest downfall)

I originally was looking at this device for work purposes. When I fired it up, the system seemed peppy and responsive. The Windows 7 desktop is a great desktop/laptop/netbook operation system. The keyboard works and that is how I first started using it.

It is when I undocked it that I was a little disappointed. The touch screen is buggy and when selecting points on the screen, it sometimes misses or doesn't register. The rotating of the screen was poor, the device seemed confused and would orient correctly fifty percent of the time. When I started reviewing PDFs, the touch screen went a little batty. It would scream through the document, a wee bit out of control. I adjusted the touch screen settings, but no luck. Another funny item was my son found angry birds and downloaded it on Chrome. While playing, the touch screen would take him to the previous webpage, very upsetting to a toddler (lol), so I tested it and again the same results.

If you are using this device as a netbook/notebook and docked, you will be happy, it is at the point of undocking that you will need to be patient. My concluding thoughts are that Windows 7 isn't ready for touch screen gig yet. In the end after testing for several days on different programs, the five hundred plus cost wasn't worth it to me.

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