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William C. ("Bill") Demmery

#24 – 612 MacLaren St.

Ottawa, ON K1R 5K9



Twitter: @crankygnome

Demo Portal:


Mr. Demmery has eight years' experience as a commercial software developer (Java, Clipper) and has been developing on his own for 30+ years, in Pascal and numerous other languages. He first began professional work as an innovator in remote-controlled point-of-sale systems, as a Software Developer with Kingscross Computer Systems. More recently, he has worked with TPG Technologies on several major (large-scale, high availability) web application projects and tools for the US Postal Service. A fast learner, an excellent writer, and knowledgeable in a wide array of subjects, he loves a challenge and isn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves and get dirty. He does math. Among his home projects, the most notable is his weather server. He is always on the lookout for opportunities to learn new things and is currently studying Java Spring independently.

Enhanced Reliability Clearance.

Valid until 2026

Parsers, emulators, REST services, CSV data storage.
Support Developer / Technical Writer

TPG Technology, Ottawa, ON

December 2016 - Present

Converted bash load-testing scripts to Java.

Designed and programmed a java-based IBM Websphere log scanner/reporter

  • Reports via email

  • User-specified time period

  • Multiple files

Authored IMbA End-User Manual (73pp)

Authored a SIT-CAT test script/walkthrough for USPS testers
Web Developer

Department of Fisheries and Oceans/Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS)

October 2015 - July 2016 (10 months)

The Government of Canada is in the process of moving over to As part of that initiative, pages are being converted to HTML5. The Web Experience Tookit, v. 4 (WET4), is being used; it includes Bootstrap and VBScript.

  • Tasks included upgrading of selected web content from CLF2 and WET 3 to WET 4 standards, applying HTML5 coding etc, and replace deprecated code.

  • Generated inventories of web pages across sub-domains

  • Generate, modify and adjust web information architecture (IA), sidebars, left menus, and searchable metadata.

  • Unlink deprecated files

  • Creating testing scenarios and implementing and applying tests of web content and applications, troubleshooting, correct errors, etc.

  • Migrating updated content to new server, creating new pages and images as part of web renewal project, and modifying metadata as required.

  • Add considerable additional functional content and links

  • Document changes made

  • Transcribe Google Analytics traffic data to Spreadsheets

  • Quality check of published content

TECHNOLOGIES: DreamWeaver, WET 3 & 4, CLF2, Bootstrap, Google Analytics, Tortoise SVN, Google Chrome, Excel, Acrobat, PhotoShop; HTML5, JavaScript, VBScript, CSS3, XML/XSLT
Java Developer (Web Applications)

TPG Technologies / United States Postal Service (USPS)

Sept 2012 – May 2015
Project Description: The United States Postal Service’s (USPS) Intelligent Mail suite of applications, a 24x7 mission critical Enterprise web application supporting over 5,500 users, multiple (in excess of 10) Stakeholders and IT Professional Representatives in over 1000 United States Postal Service (USPS) locations across the US. The applications are a large-scale, highly-available system that is expected to operate reliably for 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.
The USPS suite of applications developed: Intelligent Mail for Small Business (IMSB), Intelligent Mail REST Services (IM RS), Intelligent Mail for Internal Mailings (IMIM), Intelligent Mail for Barcode Generation (IMBG) and Intelligent Mail for Barcode Accounting (IMBA), are the next generation of web-based multi-tier (4 tiers) applications used for creating large mailing jobs (in excess of 600,000 mail pieces) for the internal and external mailing users of USPS. The application architecture of these systems is based on the latest resource-based semantic web, using Representational State Transfer (REST) approach. Users of the system can create jobs or reuse an existing job template that represent a mailing with addresses verified and cleansed using various backend systems. Advanced authentication and backend API integration is built into the application and the design accommodates future developments centered around mobile client access.
The USPS project utilized the AGILE methodology.
Mr. Demmery worked as part of the development team on the following projects:

  • AMF (fall 2012) - Automated Mailing Forms – did not progress to Production

  • Made a number of postal certificates available through an AJAX interface

  • User-data input screens

  • IMSB (spring-fall 2013) - Intelligent Mail for Small Business

  • A large, high-availability, self-serve system for generating mailing jobs of many types

  • IMIM (fall 2013) - Intelligent Mail for Internal Management

  • IMBA (spring 2014-May 2015, 2017) - Intelligent Mail Barcode Accounting

  • An internal invoicing-and-tracking tool, capable of very high-volume operations

  • IMBG - Intelligent Mail for Barcode Generation (testing 2014)

Mr. Demmery’s duties included:

  • Composed web UI pages and event handlers, components for JAX-WS application using Java, Apache Tapestry, JSP, JavaScript, Ajax, HTML, JDBC, CSS, XML

  • Authored and worked with backend services (emulator for services provided by USPS behind a firewall, XML generator, other services)

  • Coded numerous other objects and services, including working with XML and local file access

  • Worked with IBM WebSphere Application Server / Tomcat / Glassfish

  • Wrote numerous SQL queries and corresponding REST services

  • Troubleshoot and respond to user problems

  • Check deployed application status under Windows/Linux environments (IBM WebSphere)

  • Wrote unit test cases and test plans using JUnit

  • Debugging (Debugger and log entries)

  • Wrote numerous Database Access Objects for database operations (Oracle database)

  • Added to emulators for password-protected USPS-specific services (TPG RS, GAB)

  • Followed the AGILE methodology to participate in the requirement change management process

  • Developed numerous Restful Web Services and clients;

  • Worked with other team members to ensure code quality through code reviews;

  • Assisted the team in the resolution of user problems

  • Deployment of java application to Websphere application server environment

Recently Mr. Demmery was called back and has been developing tools for the IMBA application, including load-testing software (translated from a bash script) and a log-scanning utility with email capability.
TECHNOLOGIES: Netbeans, Eclipse, Java, Apache Tapestry, JSP, JavaScript, Javax-Mail, J2EE, Ajax, HTML, CSS, XML, JSON, IBM WebSphere MQ, JOOQ, JQuery, JDBC, Oracle 11g / MySQL, Agile Methodology, RESTful Web Services, Ant, Maven.
Network Administrator - Newgate 180

September 1997 - January 2012
Project Description: System administration at Newgate 180, including the administration of Windows SBS 2003 server, Cisco routers, backups and user accounts. Setting was a busy addiction recovery centre which grew from 8 staff to 25+ staff across two centres. Took on responsibilities as need arose, learning new skills as necessary. This work was carried on concurrently with the Office Manager position; I am accustomed to getting a lot of work done in a day.
Responsibilities included:

  • Administered the server infrastructure including 12 workstations (Windows XP) over two networks, WiFi access at two locations, and a Windows 2003 Server
    (grew from originally two machines, peer-peer);

  • Hardware installation, troubleshooting and servicing;

  • Installation of operating system patches in a timely fashion;

  • Configured and managed intranet web server (IIS);

  • Managed network shares, NAS;

  • Hubs, switches and cabling: installation and servicing;

  • Monitoring network server and equipment logs; responding to emergent issues

  • Creation and management of user accounts, as required;

  • Off-time monitoring of server using Remote Access, DDNS and operating system utilities;

  • Basic backups (nightly and weekly);

  • Routine maintenance including antivirus/antimalware scans, custom browser start page;

  • Took technical-support calls from Women’s Centre;

  • Maintained DDNS address for remote access for employees;

  • Troubleshoot and resolve problems (including network-related);

  • Authored orientation documents for new employees;

  • Webmaster ( manage domain and edit website, post updates, new pages, etc.;

  • Network Technician: install and troubleshoot infrastructure as required; provision machines, etc.;

  • Managed WiFi access (hidden SSID, WPA2 encryption);

  • Maintained virtual machines (VMWare);

  • Met regularly with staff and updated on new developments.

TECHNOLOGIES: Windows XP, WiFi, Windows 2003 Server, NAS, Remote Access, DDNS, VPN, HTML, SSID, WPA2 encryption, VMWare, MS Office Suite, Hardware/Software installation/maintenance.
Office Manager 1990-2012 (Concurrent)

  • General reception duties

  • Filing / Maintained filing system

  • Bookeeper / AR / AP / Payroll

  • Tracking numerous fundraising activities

  • Processing monthly expense claims

  • Created templates for frequent correspondence and client files

  • Authored/proofed program workbook and most outgoing correspondence

  • Prescreen, book appointments for and greet incoming clients; start on assessment; show to room

  • Took care of client needs during stay

  • Room assignment and tracking

  • Opened computer file and pre-filled with client data

  • Oversaw several renovations projects; total value $300,000+

  • All office equipment: troubleshooting, servicing, helping staff members

  • All gadgets; instant familiarity; write user documentation; serve as a reference

Weather Server (Personal Project) (2012-2017)

A full-fledged weather server system incorporating OCR capture of local data (GUI program; 2 locations), web capture and incorporation of remote data (29 locations in total).

- Languages/Technologies: Free Pascal / Lazarus, XML, HTML, bash, JavaScript, AWK, CGI, GnuPlot
iLog Project (Personal Project) (2015-2016)

A demonstration project for a personal logging system, accessible via the web.

- Languages/Technologies: Free Pascal / Lazarus, XML, HTML, bash, JavaScript, CGI

Author, Residential Data Management System (RDMS); 1992-1993

A data-management system for residential substance abuse treatment centers.

  • Written in Clipper / dBASE

  • Customizable Statistical reporting

  • Menu-driven

  • End-user documentation

  • Still in use @2012

RESET Magazine


- Staff writer

- Production Coordinator

- Copy Editor (Proofreader)

- BBS Sysop / Programmer

Software Developer

KingsCross Computer Systems (KCS) (4 Projects)

Developer role in a busy, small startup. Originally hired for data entry. Hmph. Each package was carefully designed to minimize the amount of typing necessary by the end-user. One-half of a team of two developers with tight deadlines. Role was to:

  • Prototype the software and user interfaces;

  • Lay out the basic program architecture;

  • Code the rough logic and data structures;

  • Participate in final coding;

  • Proofread / edit;

  • Produce professional End User documentation.

  • Language: Clipper (dBASE), Intel assembly language (for drivers)

Co-Author, Bistro 2000

  • For Restaurants

  • Optimized for minimal keyboarding

  • Networked (Novell Netware)

  • Handheld Remote Controls

  • Touch-screen access

Co-Author, Power Clean 2000

  • For Dry Cleaners

  • Networked (Novell Netware)

  • Bar-code scanner (serial)

Co-Author, PowerCash 2000

  • For Retail Stores

  • Networked (LANtastic, Novell Netware)

  • Bar-code scanner (serial)

  • Touch-screen access

Co-Author, CPC Heritage Club Software

Database software for a recognition program for long-serving members of Canada Post.

  • Menu-driven

  • Large database (1-million+ entries)

  • Bulk customized output (line printers)

  • Data-entry, -correction and -reporting screens

  • User documentation


Operating Systems

MS Windows (all versions)

Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS/RedHat, Suze, Mint, many others)

Windows 2003 SBS


GEM (Atari ST, PC)

MacOS / MacOS X



Programming Languages - Professional

Java EE (3 years)

Bash scripting (5y)

VBScript (1 y)

JavaScript (5y)

JACL (2y)

DOS Batch (10y)

dBase/FoxBase/Clipper (5y)

Programming Languages - Personal

Pascal/Delphi (30+y)

Perl (1y)

C/C++ (2 y)



Assembler (6502, 68000) (5y)




Netbeans IDE (3y)

Eclipse IDE (3y)

Oracle and MySQL db (3y)

Subversion (3y)

Adobe Acrobat (15y)

Adobe Audition (13y)

Adobe DreamWeaver (1y)

OpenOffice (15y)

MS VisualStudio (1y)

Corel Draw (5y)

Lazarus IDE (15y)

Bugzilla (client+server) (3y)

VMWare/VirtualBox (5y)

WordPerfect (10y)

Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint (20y)

Microsoft Access (1y)

Adobe Photoshop (2y)

GIMP (5y)

GIT (1y)


Apache Tapestry (4y)

JOOQ (2y)

Junit (2y)

Jquery (3y)

XML (4y)

Java Spring (1y)

Javax (3y)

JMS (3y)

IBM Websphere (3y)

HTML / CSS (20y)

Ant (3y)

Maven (4y)

JSP (1y)

Apache Tomcat (4y)

Glassfish Server (1y)

Node.JS (1y)

Bootstrap (1y)

Executive Producer, Writer, Voice Actor, Producer,
Itinerant Webmaster, Publicist, Occ. On-Air Host

Remote Planet radio show


Wednesdays @ 16:30 on CKCU 93.1 FM

- Wrting radio scripts (300+ author credits)

- Supervising/Directing Production (recording sessions)

- Voice acting

- Editing down the raw audio into a viable audio production (Post Production)

- Assembly of weekly show and transmission to on-air hosts (via DropBox)

- Occasional hosting
Private Computer Technician


Hardware Servicing/Software

OS Installation

Antivirus Cleanup, etc.

Basic Website Design

By private referral
Photographer, General Assistant, Act Out Theatre

Treasurer, Centretown Good Food Box (Volunteer)

Computer Technician, Ottawa Fringe Festival (Volunteer)

Refresher Course for Admin Assistants

Algonquin College Outreach

SASSI (Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Instrument) Administration and Scoring

ADRAO East Region

CEIC Job Skills Program (Individual Development Corporation)

Typing, word processing, shorthand, manual bookkeeping, general office skills, co-op component

Excelled in programme and was placed with the training corporation

April – December 1986
High School

Edward Milne Secondary School (class of 1983); Sooke, BC

Accelerated mathematics, Enrichment Program

Graduated with Honours

Mr. Donald Fry

Senior Project Manager, USPS

TPG Technology

Tel 613-798-7647 /
Mr. Terry Fanning

Special Projects Officer - Web

Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO)

Tel 613-998-8483 /
Deborah Brooks

Addictions Counsellor (Former Supervisor, Newgate 180)

Tel 613-255-5852 /
Mr. Sean Dyck (peer reference)

Tel 613-883-7263 /

William C. Demmery Confidential 613-230-5818

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