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William F. Minick

209 Cambridge Ct. Oswego, IL 60543

(c) 630-740-9451

bminick@comcast.net bminick.com www.linkedin.com/in/bminick
TECHNICAL SUMMARY: IT Professional with over 25 years experience supporting corporate enterprise computing infrastructures.

15+ years supporting Sun/Oracle based systems and storage, 13+ years supporting HP based systems and storage.

15+ years experience implementing and supporting Veritas Foundation Suite and Veritas Cluster Server.

10+ years designing and architecting customer infrastructure needs and solutions.
Operating Systems: Solaris (2.x, 7, 8, 9, & 10), HP-UX (9.x, 10.x, and 11.x), MPE/iX, Windows

Hardware: Sun Enterprise and Workgroup Servers (sun4u & sun4v), Sun Workgroup and Modular Storage Arrays, Brocade &

Cisco Fibre Switches, HP9000 (800 & 700), HP3000, PCs

Software: Solaris Volume Manager (DiskSuite), NFS/Automount, NIS +, Sun LDAP, HP LVM, Veritas Foundation Suite, Veritas Cluster Server, SAMBA, HTML
4/2013– Present --- Symantec Corporation, (Security and Information Management Software), Oak Brook, IL

Sr. Systems Engineer:

  • Software Portfolio Sales Engineer representing entire Symantec catalog of software products.

  • Responsible for performing and scheduling Symantec software product demonstrations to customers and strategic partners.

  • Act as a customer service representative as related to escalation of customer support cases, as well as assisting customers with software upgrades and licensing when performing those upgrades.

  • Work with strategic partners to enable their knowledge with Symantec software products and the sales plays to increase sales and revenue.

  • Build relationships with strategic business partners, customers, and sales account managers. Provide technical support to account managers with presales, implementations, and post sales follow up.

7/2011– 4/2013 --- Computer Science Corporation, (IT Consulting Services), Joliet, IL (started as a contractor with The Computer Merchant)

Sr. Systems Engineer:

  • Support client IT infrastructure.

  • Provide systems administration, upgrading, and trouble shooting of over 600 Solaris, AIX, and HP-UX based systems, across multiple data centers.

  • Perform maintenance on Veritas Foundation Suite filesystems.

  • Perform server-side SAN Switch Migrations.

  • Recommend, modify, and update VCS service group configurations.

  • Perform hardware break fix and system upgrades on server components (CPU, Memory, Disk, etc.)

  • Troubleshoot and resolve system performance issues.

  • Build positive relations between application teams, DBA teams, and infrastructure teams though communications, knowledge transfers, and training.

  • Participate in Disaster Recovery Exercise.

4/2010– 7/2011 --- HSBC, (Banking & Financial Services), Mettawa, IL

Asst. Vice President, Consultant Communication Systems Services (Sr. Systems Engineer):

  • Provide systems administration, upgrading, and trouble shooting of over 800 Unix based systems, across multiple data centers. Servers are running Solaris, Redhat, and SuSE operating systems.

  • Perform operating system upgrades, break/fix patching, and Veritas Foundation Suite and Cluster Server support activities.

  • Design solutions for upgrading to newer server and storage hardware platforms.

  • Team Lead for host based SAN migration of 10TB from older model EMC frame to new model EMC Celera frame using Veritas Foundation Suite.

9/2009– 3/2010 --- IT Project Contractor

Sr. Systems Engineer:

ComSys-Contracted to West Monroe Partners (1/11/2010 – 4/18/2010)

  • Migrate application server environment from Santa Cruz, CA to Milford, PA

  • Responsible for T5120 and M4000 server builds running Solaris 10 Update 8, patching, access to SAN volumes, configuring filesystems and security, and ILOM/XSF interfaces.

  • Assist with data loads on new server environment.

TekSystems, Inc.-Contracted to Allstate Insurance Co. (1/25/2010 – 4/2/2010)

  • Perform virtual server builds on M3000, M5000, T5220, T5240, X4600, X4450, X6250, and X6270 hardware platforms.

  • Install assorted software products on virtual servers.

Technology Services, LLC-Contracted to SunGard Financial Systems (8/31/2009 – 9/14/2009)

  • Perform analysis of M8000 XCF firmware versions in order to upgrade to most recent SPARC64 VII 2.52GHZ processors.

  • Perform CPU and memory upgrades of production M8000 and M5000 processors at 2 US locations.

  • Add new resources to exiting domains.

9/2006 – 6/2009 --- Continental Resources, Inc., (IT Solutions Provider), Chicago, IL

Sr. Systems Engineer:

  • Architect and design computing and storage solutions for clients in the government, education, health care, online retail, web hosting, and manufacturing business sectors for UNIX, Windows, and VMware environments.

  • Install, configure and upgrade Solaris SPARC, CMT, Intel, and AMD based servers (Mx000, T-Series, and X-Series).

  • Install, configure, and upgrade Midrange and Modular storage platforms (6540, 6140, 2540, 7x10).

  • Visit customer sites to conduct site surveys and make computing environment evaluations and recommendations.

  • Provide technical support to account managers with presales, implementations, and post sales follow up. Build relationships with business partners, customers, and sales force.

  • Perform storage upgrades and data migrations using Veritas Foundation Suite.

  • Update VCS configuration service groups with newly added volume, filesystem, and application resources.

  • Implement new servers and configure Solaris Volume Manager for internal disk mirroring and importing volumes for manual failover.

  • Install Solaris operating system and perform CPU and Memory upgrades on M8000, M5000, T5220, T2000, T1000, X4200.

  • Perform XSF configuration on M8000 and M5000 servers.

5/2006 – 9/2006 --- Laurus Technologies, Inc., (Subcontractor for Sun Microsystems, Contracted to ABN AMRO [Global Futures Trading Division]), Chicago, IL

Consultant – Sr. Systems Engineer:

  • Install & configure Solaris 10 and Veritas Foundation Suite 4.1 on T2000 servers.

  • Prepare servers for ORC trading application. Work with ORC application engineers to define computing environment needs.

  • Configure IP Multi-Path on T2000 servers resulting in higher network availability and redundancy. Implement and test automatic failover of IP addresses across NICs.

  • Install StorEdge 3510-disk array subsystem on T2000 servers. Implement and test manual failover of shared disk volumes.

  • Back out Solaris Volume Manager (Disk Suite) configuration on V490 production server and install & configure Veritas Foundation Suite 4.1.

  • Install and configure HP SecurePath software on V490 for access to HP EVA5000 SAN devices.

  • Configure Solaris Volume Manager on V240 test server, mirroring internal disks for higher availability and redundancy.

  • Implement custom scripts for capturing server performance data (CPU, Memory, and Disk I/O) and Network Interface Card status.

10/2005 – 5/2006 --- Encore Consulting, Inc., Contracted to Mesirow Financial (Financial Services), Chicago, IL

Consultant – Sr. Systems Engineer:

  • Troubleshoot server problems on existing production and development server environments.

  • Make recommendations to client to improve computing environment with the goal of increasing server uptime and server redundancy.

  • Update UNIX server infrastructure by implementing new Sun servers and redeploying older servers comprising of Sybase Database servers, Java application servers, using batch processing. Computing environment consists of 20 Sun servers.

  • Implement performance data collection scripts on servers to generate graphical performance data.

  • Install software and drivers for access to network printers from UNIX servers.

  • Establish software & patch archive depots.

  • Implement FLash ARchives for faster server builds.

  • Install source code version control software (Perforce, CVS) for developers to test and evaluate.

8/2004 – 10/2005 --- FTD.com, (Web Hosting & Direct Marketing), Downers Grove, IL

Sr. Systems Engineer:

  • Technical lead for UNIX server infrastructure, comprising of Oracle Application servers, Oracle Database servers, e-mail campaign servers, and development server of the same. Total of 50 Sun servers in the computing environment.

  • Mentor and train Junior System Administrator to attain more advanced knowledge in the areas of Solaris, Veritas, SAN and networking technologies. Report progress of Junior System Administrator to upper management and provide input with performance appraisals.

  • Implement scripts to collect server performance data, enabling upper management to generate & view graphical performance data.

  • Expand 2-node Oracle Database RAC environment to a 3-node Oracle Database RAC environment.

  • Migrate 3-node Oracle 9i RAC environment running on Sun V480 servers, to 2-node Oracle 10g RAC running on Sun V1280 servers.

  • Project & Technical lead for updating and replacing entire email campaign environment. Starting with 6 Sun Ultra 10 systems as mailers and a Sun E480R as the data warehouse server, replaced 6 Ultra 10s with 5 Sun 280R servers and replaced the E480R with a V880. Migrated 3510 disk subsystem from the E480R to the V880 using Solaris and Veritas commands and tools.

  • Project & Technical lead for SAN Implementation Project. In a 4 week timeframe, reviewed multiple vendors, compiled technical information, documented a SAN recommendation, received management approval, made purchase, installed fibre fabric and Sun Microsystems 6920 SAN with RAID 10 configuration, migrated/mirrored both Production and QA/Test data from old architecture disk to the 6920, broke off old architecture mirrors, and went live on new architecture.

  • Work with developers to design UNIX solutions to support Oracle Application hosting needs.

  • Perform various upgrades of servers including Solaris Operating System, patching, firmware upgrades of servers and disk subsystems.

8/2000 – 7/2004 --- Acxiom Corporation, (Outsourcing Division-Client Server Management), Downers Grove, IL

Associate – Unix Systems Engineer:

  • Work with customers to design UNIX solutions to support their application hosting needs.

  • Lead effort to establish project plans and implementation of UNIX infrastructure designs.

  • Install, configure, troubleshoot, and support over 250 Sun servers in web hosting, PeopleSoft, and custom application environments. Hardware includes Sun Microsystems Sun Fire 6800, 4800, 3800, & 280, Sun E4500, E450, E420, E250, E220, Ultra 5-10, all running Solaris 2.6, 7, 8 & 9.

  • Design, install, configure, and maintain LDAP as a naming service (replaces local host files, NIS or NIS+).

  • Install, configure, and maintain disk subsystems on Sun servers, including EMC, Hitachi, and Sun arrays.

  • Install, configure, and maintain disk mirroring with Solstice DiskSuite. Document procedure for setting up disk mirroring.

  • Install, configure, maintain and troubleshoot configurations using Veritas Foundation Suite (Volume Manager & File System).

  • Install, configure, maintain and troubleshoot Veritas Cluster Server on Oracle database servers and application servers. Document procedures for manual system failover.

  • Implement & integrate multiple Sun Ultra-10s as console servers for the Unix environment enabling remote console support.

  • Write and administer customized scripts for remote console access.

  • Implement NFS & automounter on console servers for remote filesystem access to Sun desktops. Implement Solaris patch and software archives.

  • Install and configure SAMBA on desktop Unix system for integration of Unix file systems to Microsoft NT systems.

  • Implement business unit web server for centralized department documentation.

7/97 – 8/2000 --- Lucent Technologies, Broadband Switching Concept Center Department (JR1B0BH00), Naperville, IL

Member of Technical Staff – Systems Engineer/Administrator:

  • Provide technical support to development environment consisting of over 75 Sun Solaris systems and over 350 PCs running Windows 9x, NT, Solaris x86.

  • Install, configure, and troubleshoot Sun servers and desktop workstations.

  • Provided support to HP-UX environment consisting of 58 Desktop Workstations, 4 Development Servers, and 50 PCs running Windows 9x.

  • Install, configure, and troubleshoot Hewlett-Packard Unix servers and desktop workstations.

  • Coordinate and perform Y2K upgrades on Solaris and Windows based systems.

  • Develop, coordinate, and manage process to migrate non-departmental personnel and their computing equipment to non-departmental network environments.

  • Upgrade NIS+ master and replica servers from Solaris 2.4 to Solaris 2.6.

  • Provide web-based documentation for system and network configurations.

3/96 – 6/97 --- Zurich-American Insurance Group, (Commercial Insurance Co.), Schaumburg, IL

Systems Specialist – Advanced Systems:

  • Team Leader for Unix Support Team.

  • Provide administration, maintenance, and support to production and development environments consisting of HP9000 Unix servers and desktop workstations (4 “K” class servers, 3 “D” class servers, 1 J210, 1 E25).

  • Install corporate Web Server and configure httpd daemon for intranet access.

  • Install production gateway system and configure SNA products for access to mainframe environment.

  • Automate system backups using HP OpenView OmniBack II and Digital Linear Tape technology.

  • Performance Analysis and tuning for Sybase applications by reconfiguring physical disk I/O, increasing memory, tuning kernel parameters, and implementing disk striping and mirroring.

  • Implement ServiceGuard/Failover software for high availability system redundancy.

  • Troubleshoot network problems using HP OpenView Network Node Manager.

  • Create shell scripts and implement to HP OpenView.


SUN Microsystems:

Advanced Systems Administration for Solaris 10 (SA-202-S10)

Sun Storage 7000 Administration (NWS-6425)

SunRay Design and Deployment

Solaris 2.X System Administration Essentials (SA-135)

Solaris 2.X System Administration (SA-285)

Solaris and Windows NT Network Integration (SA-290)

Solaris 2.X Network Administration (SA-380)

NIS+ System Administration (SA-385)

Sun Fire Workgroup/Enterprise Server Administration (ES-420)

Solaris System Performance Management (SA-400)

Shell Programming for System Administrators (SA-245)

Systems Fault Analysis Workshop (ST-350)

Using LDAP as a Naming Service (IN-351)

Crash Dump Analysis Tools and Methodology (ST-375)

Advanced System Administration - Solaris 9 (SA-299)

Veritas (Symantec):

Volume Manager v3.02 \

File System v3.3.3 |  Now Foundation Suite

Cluster Server v1.3.0 & v4.0 /

Storage Foundation 5.0 for Windows

NetBackup 6.0 for UNIX Administration


HP-UX System Administration

HP-UX Network Administration

HP OpenView Management, HP OpenView Network Node Manager

HP OpenView IT/Operations

Hands on with High Availability and MC/ServiceGuard

MPE System Management & Administration Series


Naperville Central High School --- 1978

Eastern Illinois University & College of DuPage --- 1978 – 1981

(Accounting, Business, Computer Science)

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