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Kickboxer Classic: Down with Game Shows

November 6, 2004

Edited by Chris Frankel

Packet by Chris Frankel
1. The speaker describes time as “the long train of ages glid[ing] away” and life as the process of men “chas[ing] [their] favorite phantom[s].” The “youth in life’s green spring,” “maid and matron,” “the sweet babe,” and “the gray-headed man” will all eventually meet the same fate, which is why the reader is instructed to “go not, like the quarry-slave at night… but, sustained and soothed by an unfaltering trust, approach thy grave.” Using imagery from nature in an attempt to dispel the mortal fear of dying, this is, FTP, which poem, whose title means “view of death,” a work by William Cullen Bryant?

ANSWER: “Thanatopsis
2. According to Alberic of Troisfontaines, it was ended at the hands of Hugo Ferreus and William Porcus, who used an offer of free sea passage as a ruse to capture its members. However, numerous historians doubt whether this event occurred, such as George Duby, who attributed its popularization to a mistranslation of the Latin word “puer.” Allegedly organized by Nicholas of Cologne and Stephen of Cloyes, it ended tragically with many of its participants either dead or sold into slavery to North African Moors. FTP, name this 1212 attempt by thousands of kids to retake the Holy Land.

ANSWER: The Children’s Crusade
3. In the song “What was Keeping You Outside?” the title character describes a giant star in the sky, but is rebuked by his mother for lying as a knock on the door indicates the arrival of wealthy guests. Conflict arises when their page catches the mother stealing some gold, but she is eventually allowed to keep it. The opera ends with the title character offering his cane, gaining the ability to walk, and deciding to accompany Kaspar, Balthazar, and Melchior on their journey to Bethlehem. FTP, name this one act opera composed for a Christmas performance on NBC by Gian-Carlo Menotti.

ANSWER: Amahl and the Night Visitors
4. His namesake function is in an integral equation that uses dihedral angles to calculate the volume of orthoschemes and certain types of tetrahedra. Along with Germinal Dandelin and Karl Graeffe, he is also credited with discovering a method to find the roots of univariate polynomials. However, he is remembered most for the statement, “there exist two lines parallel to a given line through a given point not on the line,” a revision of the Fifth Postulate that he formulated independently of Janos Bolyai and Carl Gauss. FTP, name this Russian mathematician and pioneer of hyperbolic, Non-Euclidian geometry.

ANSWER: Nikolai Ivanovich Lobachevsky
5. In Chapter 5, instant death strikes the couple Sapphira and Ananias, who withhold some property they had promised to donate. Other early events in this book include the blinding of Elymas the sorcerer in Chapter 13, a prophecy of a great famine made by Agabus in Chapter 11, and the conversion of Cornelius in Chapter 10. The latter half of this book focuses on the travels of Paul, and the title refers to the numerous miracles that occur as Christianity begins to spread after Jesus’ assent into Heaven. FTP, name this book of the New Testament that follows the four Gospels.

ANSWER: Acts of the Apostles
6. An ambush on a large boating party of soldiers at Satchiura Ghat and the slaughter of dozens of women and children at the Bibi-Ghar became known as this conflict’s *Cawnpore Massacre, which served as a rallying point for its other major clashes at areas like Gwalior and Lucknow. Primarily an attempt to restore Bahadur Shah II, it began with an uprising in Meerut and was finally put down by the forces of Generals Colin Campbell and Henry Havelock. FTP, name this 1857 rebellion against British colonists enacted by Indian soldiers.

ANSWER: Sepoy Rebellion or Sepoy Mutiny (accept “Cawnpore Massacre” before the *)
7. She and her daughter are regaled with the tale of Peter Piper and the Song of Fraternisation by the prostitute Yvette Pottier, whose red boots symbolize the last vestige of romantic love. Later on, she sends Yvette to negotiate with One Eye over a ransom fee, but fails because she does not want to pay 200 guilders and risk losing her wagon in the process. In the end, she resolves to continue her business selling provisions and traveling with the Swedish army, despite the deaths of Eilif, Kattrin, and Swiss Cheese. FTP, name this woman who loses all her children to war, the title character of a Berthold Brecht play.

ANSWER: Mother Courage
8. A variant of it describing the formation of metamorphic rocks was derived by Viktor Goldschmidt by setting both sides of the equation greater than 2 to account for the varying ranges of pressure and temperature. It focuses on variables that are independent of the quantity of material present, or intensive variables, and sets the number of intensive variables that can be changed equal to 2 plus the number of chemical constituents minus the number of phases. FTP, identify this rule that calculates the degrees of freedom in a closed system at equilibrium, named for a man with an eponymous free energy.

ANSWER: Gibbs’ phase rule
9. The author of this work reconsidered its thesis by taking into account recent advancements in biotechnology in his book, Our Posthuman Future, which claims that genetic engineering and modern medicine threaten to alter human nature and morality and undermine the stability provided by capitalism and democracy to create the titular condition. The article itself focuses on the fall of the Soviet Union, using it as an indicator of a permanent global movement away from authoritarian regimes and towards liberal democracy as the final answer to the question of government. FTP, name this Francis Fukuyama work that boldly declared that the era of major political changes was over.

ANSWER: “The End of History” (accept “The End of History and the Last Man”, which was a book that expounded at length upon the original article)
10. This album starts to wind down in the soft 90 second penultimate track, “Sweet, Sweet,” a contrast to heavier songs like its fourth track, whose lyrics claim, “life’s a bummer when you’re a hummer.” Though this album contains almost no profanity, it is often slapped with an “explicit lyrics” tag because of the title of its eleventh track, “Silverfuck.” The cover features a picture of two little girls in angel costumes, fitting the theme of the opening song, “Cherub Rock.” FTP, name this 1993 album that also contained the hits “Today” and “Disarm,” the second album released by the Smashing Pumpkins.

ANSWER: Siamese Dream
11. One key tenet of this belief system is the notion that death is only a form of symmetry with the void of pre-birth existence. Extending upon its precursor’s belief in the existence of images called eidola, it advocates the pursuit of ataraxia, a state of inner tranquility. It was the subject of an Enlightenment-era revival led by Pierre Gassendi, though it was originally outlined in its creator’s treatise, The Canon, and popularized by an Athenian school called The Garden. Evolving from atomism and led in Rome by Lucretius, this is, FTP, what philosophical school that emphasizes the role of the senses and is often incorrectly confused with hedonism?

ANSWER: Epicureanism
12. The aftermath of this event saw the settlement of 23 separate civil suits and the creation of a nine member investigating committee headed by Robert Wagner. However, a manslaughter trial over the death of Margaret Schwartz resulted in a not guilty verdict for Isaac Harris and Max Blanck, the company owners. The disaster began on the Asch building’s eighth floor, and anti-theft measures that blocked key exit points led to numerous workers’ jumping to their deaths in an attempt to escape. FTP, name this 1911 tragedy that saw 146 die as a New York garment-making factory went up in flames.

ANSWER: Triangle Shirtwaist fire
13. The 1928 volume Architecture of a New Life collected his lectures at the Popular University, which he helped found. After publishing his poetry collection, The Lark’s Temple, he drew from regional mythology to tell the story of Gaspar Ilom in Men of Maize. His more political writings include Strong Wind, The Green Pope, and The Eyes of the Interred, which formed the anti-American Banana Trilogy, and a novel whose title character was based on former dictator Manuel Estrada Cabrera. FTP, name this Nobel Prize-winning Guatemalan author of El Senor Presidente.

ANSWER: Miguel Angel Asturias
14. One major complication that comes up in their use is addressed by a process called CJC, which ideally involves the use of an ice bath, but can be done practically using a semiconductor. The most stable and least sensitive varieties are made from platinum and rhodium, and are classified as B, R, and S types. The most commonly used type is K, which is made out of nickel and chromium or nickel and aluminum, and can operate from a range of -220 to 1370 degrees Celsius. Based on the Seebeck effect, FTP, what are these devices that use wires of dissimilar metals to generate an electric potential difference in order to measure a temperature?

ANSWER: thermocouples
15. In the middle of the lower foreground, two women talk; one of them wearing a yellow apron and carrying a basket to indicate that she is probably a servant. To the left of them are three men in a circle, wearing black hats and heavy cloaks that reveal their upper class status, and waiting next to a boat. A clock in the center reveals that the time is 7:10, and the bright lighting and pale blue sky indicates that it is morning. The people all are located on an otherwise bare island, contrasting with the towers and buildings of brick and stone that stand on the other side of the Ringvaart Canal. FTP, name this Jan Vermeer painting depicting the front of the titular Dutch city.

ANSWER: The View of Delft
16. In an effort to discredit the Republican Party, New York World staffers George Wakeman and David Croly wrote an anonymous 1863 pamphlet advocating this practice, the formal term for which was taken from the article’s title. Southern political leaders adhered to the “one-drop rule” when drafting state laws proscribing it, and the constitutionality of such laws was upheld in Pace v. Alabama. 64 years later, the Supreme Court used the Equal Protection Clause to strike down a law criminalizing the relationship of Mildred Jeter and the plaintiff in Loving v. Virginia. FTP, name this practice, which, in the Loving case, involved the cohabitation of a black woman and a white man.

ANSWER: miscegenation (accept “interracial marriage” or obvious equivalents; the article’s title was “Miscegenation”)
17. Its protagonist is mirrored by the character of Leonora in Joseph Emery Prank’s trashy novel, Under A Loggia, which is really written by the gossipy Eleanor Lavish and mentions the story of a secret kiss among the violets leaked by the protagonist’s cousin, Charlotte Bartlett. After some awkwardness at a tennis match, the protagonist starts to realize her attraction to George Emerson, whom she marries after breaking off her engagement to Cecil Vyse. FTP, name this E.M. Forster novel about Lucy Honeychurch and her desire to live with access to a window.

ANSWER: A Room with a View
18. In Etruscan myth, he is depicted as a red-haired, blue-skinned demon, who wields a large hammer against those who dare to cross him. Ironically bearing a name meaning “fierce brightness,” he is the son of Erebus and Nyx and is noted for his silence and refusal to acknowledge those who do not present him with a danace or obolus. Two exceptions were Heracles, who threatened him, and Orpheus, who charmed him with song, both convincing him to aid them in crossing the Acheron. FTP, name this grim figure who serves as the boatman of Hades.

ANSWER: Charon
19. The day after it was drafted, its authors followed up with the pamphlet “On the Causes and Necessity of Taking Up Arms.” A formal response to it was the passage of the Prohibitory Act, which cut off foreign trade and severed ties of support from the crown. Primarily written by John Dickinson, it harshly criticized the Intolerable Acts, but also asked for a cease-fire and asserted the colonies’ loyalty to George III, who rejected it. FTP, identify this last-ditch effort to prevent the Revolutionary War, named for an arboreal symbol of peace.

ANSWER: Olive Branch petition
20. The final step of its synthesis process in plants is catalyzed by EFE and requires available oxygen. The process itself can be inhibited by AVG, and involves the change of methionine to ACC to this compound. It causes apical hook curvature, horizontal growth, and increased stem thickening as part of its “triple response,” and its balance with auxins dictates the degree of the production of cell wall degrading enzymes and the rate of leaf and fruit aging. Easily diffused through intercellular spaces because of its gaseous form, this is, FTP, what plant hormone responsible for fruit ripening, with a formula of C2H4?

ANSWER: ethylene

Kickboxer Classic: Down with Game Shows

November 6, 2004

Edited by Chris Frankel

Packet by Chris Frankel
1. The index of refraction of a medium is inversely proportional to the sine of the angle of refraction as light passes through it. FTPE:

(10) Name this optics law.

ANSWER: Snell’s Law

(10) This phenomenon, the basis of prisms, describes the change in the index of refraction that corresponds with a change in wavelength.

ANSWER: dispersion

(10) By setting the derivative of time to 0, one can formulate Snell’s Law from this rule, which determines the path light will take as it travels between two points.

ANSWER: Fermat’s principle of least time
2. Name these random pragmatists, FTPE.

(10) This author of the paper “How to Make Our Ideas Clear” is generally credited as the founder of pragmatism.

ANSWER: Charles Sanders Peirce

(10) This Princeton-based philosopher is known both for his “prophetic pragmatism” and for his book The American Evasion of Philosophy.

ANSWER: Cornel West

(10) Cornel West’s version of pragmatism is often described as an evolved version of the beliefs of this education-oriented thinker, the author of The School and Society and Democracy and Education.

ANSWER: John Dewey
3. Answer the following about a playwright, FTPE.

(10) A precursor to Terence, this influential playwright brought Menander’s New Comedy style to the Roman stage. His works include The Pot of Gold and Pseudolus.

ANSWER: Titus Maccius Plautus

(10) Plautus spawned a classic stock character with this comedy whose title refers to the arrogant mercenary Pyrgopolynices.

ANSWER: Miles Gloriosus (accept “The Braggart Soldier” or “The Swaggering Soldier”)

(10) Shakespeare ripped off Plautus’ The Menaechmi with this play about a humorous mix-up involving Antipholus of Syracuse and Antipholus of Ephesus, as well their servants, both named Dromio.

ANSWER: The Comedy of Errors
4. Answer the following about tithing in various religions, FTPE.

(10) Though not mandated to do so, members of this 19th Century-founded religion are expected to donate 19% of their lifetime worth to the World Center in Haifa.

ANSWER: Baha’i

(10) This word describes the pillar of Islam that requires annual alms-giving.

ANSWER: Zakat or Zakaah

(10) Guru Arjun started this mandatory Sikh practice of tithing for community development projects.

ANSWER: Daswandh or Dasvandh
5. Answer the following about a turning point in Czech history, FTPE.

(10) This two word term describes the bloodless coup that ended Communist control over the government in 1989.

ANSWER: Velvet Revolution

(10) President of Czechoslovakia since 1975, this Communist leader resigned during the Velvet Revolution. Vaclav Havel replaced him after a special election in the Assembly.

ANSWER: Gustav Husak

(10) Earlier, Husak had replaced Alexander Dubcek as head of the Czech Communist Party in 1968, and began enacting policies to undo the reforms of this movement, which sought to present “socialism with a human face.”

ANSWER: Prague Spring
6. Name these novels by Norwegian-born authors, FTPE.

(10) The narrator, Andreas Tangen, is a poverty-stricken writer who slowly descends into madness due to the titular condition in this Knut Hamsun work.

ANSWER: Hunger

(10) After an unhappy marriage with Erlend, the title character of this three part novel by Sigrid Undset ends up in a convent, where she dies of the Black Death.

ANSWER: Kristin Lavransdatter

(10) Subtitled “A Saga of the Prairie,” this lengthy O.E. Rolvaag novel describes the hardships farmers Per Hansa and Beret Hansa face as they immigrate to North Dakota.

ANSWER: Giants in the Earth
7. “V” is for (Jean Claude) van Damme, as well as the answers to this chemistry bonus. FTPE:

(10) This theory provides a model for predicting the 3D shape of a molecule given its Lewis dot structure.

ANSWER: Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion theory (pronounced “VES-per”)

(10) In the Antoine equation, the log of this quantity is set as a function of temperature and three variable coefficients: A, B, and C.

ANSWER: vapor pressure

(10) Symbolized by the variable “i,” it is the ratio of the number of moles of particles in solution to the number of moles of solute dissolved.

ANSWER: van’t Hoff factor
8. Identify these International Style buildings, FTPE.

(10) Located just outside of Paris in Poissy, this Le Corbusier-designed resort home basically consists of a square, white concrete box elevated above the ground on thin support pillars.

ANSWER: Villa Savoye

(10) Philip Johnson and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe collaborated on this midtown Manhattan skyscraper, which stands out because of its dark steel frame and bronze-tinted glass.

ANSWER: Seagram building

(10) Mies van der Rohe was met with mixed responses for his design of this steel and glass house in Plano, Illinois, which was named for its original owner, a female doctor.

ANSWER: Farnsworth house
9. Answer the following about a crappy political party, FTPE.

(10) Formed by a combination of former Whigs and Know-Nothings who wanted to dodge the election’s major issue, the slavery question, this party simply called for “the enforcement of the laws” in its presidential platform. No wonder it folded right after that year’s election.

ANSWER: Constitutional Union

(10) Formerly the Secretary of War under Harrison and Tyler, this Tennessee senator earned the presidential nomination of the Constitutional Party in 1860.

ANSWER: John Bell

(10) This Massachusetts politician was Bell’s running mate in 1860, though his quiz bowl fame comes from giving a two hour speech that preceded Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.

ANSWER: Edward Everett
10. Name these Siberian bodies of water, FTPE.

(10) Roughly 400 miles long and 50 miles wide, this lake holds the world record for its depth, which reaches over a mile at some points.

ANSWER: Lake Baikal

(10) Originating in the mountains near Lake Baikal, this 2800 mile long river flows north and empties out through a 250 mile wide delta.

ANSWER: Lena River

(10) The Lena, as well as the Yana River, empties into this Arctic sea, whose main ports are Tiksi and Nordvik.

ANSWER: Laptev Sea
11. Priapus isn’t the only phallic god out there. FTPE:

(10) The Hopi and Anasazi were two of the tribes who paid homage to this enormously endowed, flute-playing trickster god.

ANSWER: Kokopelli

(10) This Hindu “destroyer” is represented by a phallic symbol called a lingam.


(10) This Sumerian sky god couldn’t control his urges and raped his eventual consort, Ninlil. The pickaxe which he presented to humans is sometimes labeled a phallic symbol.

12. Identify these novels based on famous American crimes, FTPE.

(10) Inspired by the story of executed murderer Chester Gillette, Theodore Dreiser wrote this novel about Clyde Griffiths, who drowns Roberta Alden after knocking her up.

ANSWER: An American Tragedy

(10) Derived from the author’s interviews with Perry Smith and Dick Hickock, it follows the men and their murder of the entire Clutter family in Holcombe, Kansas.

ANSWER: In Cold Blood

(10) This Don DeLillo novel ties disgruntled CIA operatives and Cubans into a conspiracy with Lee Harvey Oswald behind the Kennedy assassination.

13. The Peace of the Pyrenees kinda sucked. FTPE:

(10) Along with parts of Luxembourg and Flanders, France’s major gain from Spain in the treaty was this Catalan province, now in southern France.

ANSWER: Roussillon

(10) Because Maria Therese’s dowry had not been paid, Louis XIV staked a claim on the Spanish Netherlands using his wife’s inheritance rights, thus starting this 1667-68 war.

ANSWER: War of Devolution

(10) The Peace of the Pyrenees was a follow-up of sorts to this 1648 treaty, which ended the Thirty Years’ War but failed to stop fighting between France and Spain.

ANSWER: Peace of Westphalia
14. Name these former athletes who now write shitty columns for Yahoo! Sports, FTPE.

(10) This pitcher and Stanford alum retired in 1999 during a brief stint with Anaheim. He spent the bulk of his career as the ace of the Chicago White Sox, winning the Cy Young in 1993.

ANSWER: Jack McDowell

(10) This wide receiver closed out his 17 year career in a short 2002 stint with the Dolphins. From 1998 to 2001 he joined Randy Moss to form the Vikings’ powerful receiving tandem.

ANSWER: Cris Carter

(10) She wrote a series of columns for the summer Olympics, and her moment of fame came at the 1996 Olympics, where she won a gold medal in gymnastics after vaulting and landing on an injured ankle.

ANSWER: Kerri Strug
15. Composers who wrote noteworthy Adagios, FTPE.

(10) The first name that comes to mind is probably that of this American, who wrote the opera Vanessa, in addition to his Adagio for Strings.

ANSWER: Samuel Barber

(10) Remo Giazotto, a 20th Century music scholar, built upon a surviving fragment from an 18th Century sonata to create the Adagio in G Minor that is popularly attributed to this Italian Baroque composer.

ANSWER: Tomaso Giovanni Albinoni

(10) In a feat of self-deprecation, this man disparaged the “feeble Adagio” that he wrote as the second movement of his only violin concerto, composed in 1878 for Hungarian virtuoso Joseph Joachim.

ANSWER: Johannes Brahms
16. Answer the following about groundwater, FTPE.

(10) This general term describes any underground layer or earth that yields water.

ANSWER: aquifer

(10) This two word term describes structures that are created by drilling a hole through the ground and into a confined aquifer, from which water rises to the surface through pressure.

ANSWER: artesian well

(10) This term refers to the highest level reached by the groundwater in an aquifer. Below it, the ground is completely saturated with water.

ANSWER: water table
17. Stuff about a South American military leader, FTPE.

(10) This Venezuelan revolutionary was Simon Bolivar’s chief lieutenant and played a major role in winning the Battle of Junin.

ANSWER: Antonio Jose de Sucre

(10) Sucre’s victory in an 1822 battle on the slopes of the volcano Pichincha established independence for this nation.

ANSWER: Ecuador

(10) Sucre ensured Peruvian independence and the fall of Spanish power in South America by defeating the forces of Jose de la Serna in this decisive December 1824 battle.

ANSWER: Battle of Ayacucho
18. Answer these questions about Charles Baudelaire’s favorite organ, the spleen. FTPE:

(10) The spleen helps store and regulate the number of these of tiny cells, whose primary function is to initiate blood clotting with the aid of fibrin.

ANSWER: platelets or thrombocytes

(10) The spleen can become enlarged and rupture in extreme cases of this contagious disease, caused by the Epstein-Barr virus and primarily spread through exchanges in saliva.

ANSWER: mononucleosis (prompt on “mono”)

(10) Macrophages in the spleen break down hemoglobin from dead red blood cells, turning it into this orange-yellow pigment, which is eventually conjugated in the liver.

ANSWER: bilirubin
19. William Wordsworth poems, FTPE.

(10) This sonnet laments that “late and soon, / Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers,” decrying how the frantic pursuit of wealth distracts people from enjoying nature.

ANSWER: “The World is Too Much with Us

(10) In this poem, Wordsworth fondly describes the titular young woman singing to herself as she works in the fields.

ANSWER: “The Solitary Reaper

(10) Closing out Lyrical Ballads is this long poem which mentions his sister Dorothy as it reminisces about his return the title location five years after an earlier visit.

ANSWER: “Lines Composed a Few Miles above Tintern Abbey
20. Answer the following about the work of an American sociologist, FTPE.

(10) This 1956 book argues that American politics and business are dominated by the title group, an entrenched class of wealthy and privileged individuals with a monopoly on authority.

ANSWER: The Power Elite

(10) Also the author of The Sociological Imagination, this man wrote The Power Elite.

ANSWER: Charles Wright Mills

(10) This Mills tract observed an emergence of a professionally-oriented middle class that was turning America into a corporate-driven society. Its title reflects the work attire of non-manual laborers.

ANSWER: White Collar

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