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The United States Cycling Federation

On behalf of the USCF, we hope that you are looking forward to a new year of bike racing. We are glad that you are a member and hope that you will find many opportunities to enjoy road and track racing.
Good luck with your racing!
2001 Deadlines


5/1 Nomination notices published by this date (Bylaw 3.2.1)

6/1 Nominations for Trustees sent to the Association post-marked no later than this date (Bylaw 3.2.1).

6/15 Clubs submitting amendments to the House of Delegates must do so by this date (Bylaw 6.3).

8/15 Ballots mailed to members and Clubs (Bylaw 3.2.2).

9/15 Members to mail ballots to the Ballot Clerk no later than this date (Bylaw 3.2.2).
This Rulebook is published by the USCF. Others may purchase a copy by sending a request with $10, payable to USA Cycling, to the following address:
USA Cycling

One Olympic Plaza

Colorado Springs, CO 80909

(719) 578-4581

©Copyright USA Cycling, 2001.

Copying without fee is permitted provided that credit to the source is given.
Photos by Casey B. Gibson
Table of Contents
Major Rule Changes for 2001 3

Schedule of Fees 4

1. General Racing Rules 10

2. Track Racing 42

3. Road Racing 70

4. Stage Racing 86

5. Championships 106

6. Records 117

Attempting USCF National Records 119

Attempting World Records 119

U.S. Velodromes (Contact information) 120

2000 USCF Champions 122

World Cycling Records 134

USA Cycling Records 135

Appendix 147

USA Cycling Regulations 160

Policies 164

2001 Categorization Guidelines

(Upgrades) 184

Requirements of USCF Riders

Competing Outside the United States 187

USCF Staff 188

USCF Board of Trustees 190

2001 USA Cycling Standard

Athlete's Entry Blank and Release Form 192


Major Rule Changes for 2001
¥ A Professional rider is defined in 1A4. Subsequent rules re-numbered.

¥ An appeal has changed to a hearing 1A23.

¥ UCI Trade Teams are subject to UCI Regulations in USCF events 1B1.

¥ Organizers may use electronic media to advertise their race 1E3.

¥ Club Race maximum prize increased to $50 1F5.

¥ UCI Trade Teams III's may enter USCF events as a Cat 1 rider 1G7.

¥ Chief Referees have additional requirements in filing paperwork 1I4(h) & (g).

¥ Junior Gears reinstated at a 7.93-meter chaingear 1J6.

¥ Juniors may not use radios 1K3.

¥ Medical Control Rule 1M is deleted, subsequent rules re-numbered.

¥ Riders may not assault anyone 1O5(c).

¥ No shows in track events are eliminated 2F10.

¥ Disabled distances added to track rules 2G & 2J2.

¥ Official mechanical pit must be used in points race 2M5.

¥ State and National Time Trial Distances have changed, 5D4, 5E3, 5G4, 5H5

¥ USA Cycling Policies II. Medical Control; IV. Member Discipline; and V. Hearing (formally Appeal) have changed.


Changes in fees since last year are printed in italics to make them more visible.
1. Scope and Definitions.

All fees and fines accrue to the general funds of USA Cycling except where it states otherwise. The Executive Director establishes these fees.

The following definition applies to these fees.

A race series is a sequence of race events of the same type (such as road, criterium, time trial or track) conducted in a single state generally on a regular basis at the same location, time, and day of the week.
2. Membership Fees


International $115

Domestic $45

Juniors $35

Officials $45

Mechanics $45

Coaches $75

One-Day Licenses $5
Domestic Licenses are valid for one calendar year from the date of issue. The fee for foreign riders (non-U.S. citizen) at any time is $140. International Licenses are valid only through December 31 of the year they are issued. The fee for replacing any Federation license is $15.
3. Club Fees

The annual membership fee for unsponsored or sponsored clubs is $100.
4. Organizer Fees

(a) Standard Competitive Event the permit fee for standard Federation races is determined by adding the $25 per day basic permit fee plus 6 % (8% for USPRO) of the total event prize list. The prize list total is determined by adding the total cash and merchandise retail value of the prizes for the event. This permit should be used for any Category A through C USCF race. Category D and E USCF competitive events are eligible for the reduced rate. Event permits for Category D USCF races are $50.00 per day. Event permits for Category E USCF races are $25 per day.

(b) Non-Competitive Events. These events include training rides, clinics and camps. Training permits are available for a fee of $15 per day for 1 - 3 days or $50 for 4 - 30 days. Days need not be consecutive, but must be determined in advance. All riders must have signed waivers and rosters. Clinic and camp permits are $15.00 per day for 1 - 3 days and $50 for 4 - 30 days. Days need not be consecutive but must be determined in advance and a $1.00 per rider per day insurance surcharge is applicable if the participants are out on bike rides.

(c) Permit surcharge. An organizer who fails to publish an official race announcement in accordance with the approval, distribution and time requirements specified in the Racing Rules shall pay an additional 6% of the total prize list or $50, whichever is greater. (See Rule 1E1)

(d) Fine for inadequate numbers. An organizer who fails to provide racing numbers that meet the requirements of the Racing Rules shall be fined $1 per rider per day of racing. This fine shall be submitted to USA Cycling. (See Rule1K4)

(e) Failure to comply. Post-event reporting and fees are due to the USA Cycling office within 15 days after the event. Failure to comply will result in additional mandatory fees: $50 if within 16-30 days after the event, $100 if within 31-60 days after the event, $150 if within 61-90 days after the event. Non-compliance or lack of full payment may face future cancellation of permits and/or suspension. [Please see the current Permit for complete details]
5. Race Categories

Race categories of each race or race series are determined separately for each racing class and are based on the total of all prizes for that class only. Minimum prize amounts are given below for events that are part of track events, single day road race events, and stage races or road race series. Certain races may be placed higher than their prize list qualifies for, as shown in the footnotes. Each race in a given event is placed in the highest category for which it is qualified according to the table following.
Minimum Prize List of Class

Cat. Track Single Road Stage/Series Notes

A $10,000 $10,000 $20,000 (a)

B 5,000 5,000 10,000 (b)

C 2,000 2,000 5,000 (c)

D 500 500 0 (d)

E 0 0 - - - - (e)
(a) National championships and international races are category A races. Entry in non-championship races is restricted to category 1, 2 and members of UCI Trade Teams.

(b) Entry in category B races is restricted to category 1 and 2 riders for Elite men's events; category 1, 2 and 3 for junior and women's events, and any other riders who meet qualifications in the official race announcement.

(c) Non-championship final trials for Olympic, Pan American, and World Championship teams are at least category C races.

(d) State Championships are at least category D races. Multiple-day races include stage races or other races conducted on consecutive days with cumulative results and are a minimum category D race.

(e) Category E races are those that do not qualify for higher categorization.
6. Race Entry Fees

Entry fees and surcharges go to the organizer except where noted otherwise.

(a) Free Market: Entry fees and surcharges may be set at the discretion of the organizer, but must be the same for all riders in a given race.

(b) Surcharges. The following surcharges may be charged in addition to the basic entry fees:

(1) USA Cycling provides event insurance to protect members. The cost for this insurance for 2001 is $2 for each annually or one day license rider per day. Beginning in January 2001 event organizers who send in their race results in the approved USA Cycling electronic format can take a 50-cent rebate for each rider's results. Full details are available in the sanctioning packet and in the National Ranking materials.

(2) Late or post entries may be charged a surcharge provided that an official race announcement that states the surcharge has been distributed, as required by the Racing Rules.

(3) Unattached riders other than category 4 women and category 5 men may be charged a surcharge of up to $5.

(c) Championship entry fees shall be as follows for each rider in each event. A rider who enters late in one or more events in a given championship (road or track) shall be charged a late entry surcharge as shown, but no unattached surcharge.
Road Track Late

State $30 $10 $5

National $50 $15 $15
(d) Current UCI World or U.S. National Champions, who enter category A, B or C races (except National Championships) by the specified closing date, shall be refunded their entry fee provided that they are eligible to wear their championship jersey in the race, and do so (see Rule 1L5).
7. Deposits for Protests and Hearings

All hearings (USA Cycling Policy V) and certain race protests (Racing Rule 1Q) must be accompanied by a deposit ($100 for an hearing and $10 for a protest), if the protest is upheld the deposit will be returned.
8. Officials' Fees

(a) Daily fee. The organizer shall pay licensed officials a daily fee based on the highest race category for that day, including pro-rated overall prizes from a prize series, plus the cost of reasonable and necessary travel.
Race Chief Chief Other

Category Referee Judge2 Officials

Days1 Full Half Full Half Full Half

A $150 75 $100 50 $75 36

B $100 50 75 40 50 30

C 75 35 55 30 45 25

D 60 30 45 25 35 20

E 50 25 40 20 30 15
1. Half days are events lasting under 5 hours from the start of registration to the conclusion of the last event on the schedule.

2. Also starter and secretary in track events and chief timer in time trials.

For stage races, the full daily fee shall be paid for each day, beginning with the prologue and including any rest days.

(b) Site Visits. The organizer will pay the chief referee $25 for a pre-event venue inspection trip plus $15 for each venue inspection report in addition to travel expenses.

(c) Expenses. In addition to the daily fee, the organizer shall also provide each official with the following:

(1) Round trip transportation from the official's home and during the race or reimbursement for the transportation according to the published rates of the Federation;

(2) In one-day races lasting five hours or more, either a meal or $5 additional; for races of more than one day, either two meals a day or $20 per day;

(3) Basic housing when overnight lodging is necessary before, during, or after the race;

(4) Reimbursements for any other expenses that are reasonable and necessary for the official's duties.

(d) Cancellation. In case it is necessary for any reason to cancel a race after the officials have begun their travel, the organizer will pay each official their actual expenses and fee for at least one half day.
9. Hearing Panel Fees

Members of hearing panels shall be paid by the organizer at the same rate as "other officials," (Fee 8a) but are not paid as both an official and a juror for the same race event. The Federation shall pay hearing panels that meet at other times and places a $40 per day fee, with the foreman receiving $50, plus the cost of reasonable and necessary travel.
10. Travel Expenses

Individuals traveling on approved, official business on behalf of the Federation shall be reimbursed normal and actual documented expenses. Transportation expenses will be based on the lowest practicable airfare or 30 cents/mile for travel by personal vehicle, whichever is less. The Executive Director may specify more restrictive arrangements.

Changes in USCF regulations since last year are printed in italics to make them more visible. Text in sans serif is an interpretation or comment and not part of the regulations.
1. General Racing Rules

1A. Definitions

The following special terms are used.
1A1. A bicycle race is a competition among persons using bicycles where awards are given on the basis of relative performance.

1A2. A race event is one or more races covered by a single race permit and are not necessarily limited to a single day.

1A3. An open race is one in which members of UCI Men's Road or Track Trade Teams may compete. See also 1G7.

1A4. A Professional rider is a member of a UCI Trade Team. All riders on UCI Trade Teams are Professional.

1A5. An invitational race is one in which only riders who are invited by the organizer may compete.

1A6. An event permit is a non-exclusive authorization issued by the Federation to a member club or an organizer to conduct a race event of a specified type at certain location(s) on specified date(s).

1A7. A youth race is a race held only on a closed course that is open only to riders with racing ages below 10, or up to 15 if there is no junior race specifically for riders of that age.

1A8. A club ride is a training ride open only to members of bicycle clubs that are members of the Federation or a race that is open only to members of one such club and any participant who holds a Federation racing license must be licensed as a member of that club.

1A9. The organizer of a race is the person named as such in the race permit. This person is responsible to the Federation for the proper organization of the race event.

1A10. The prize list for a race consists of all prizes and primes arranged for in advance by the organizer. The prize list for a race event is the sum of the prize lists for the individual races.

1A11. The officials are appointed by the Federation to oversee the conduct of the race and to ensure compliance with Federation regulations.

1A12. Licensees are persons holding Federation licenses, such as riders, officials, coaches, trainers, and mechanics.

1A13. A rider's racing age shall be his or her age on December 31 of the current year. All references to age of riders or race age groups shall be interpreted as referring to racing age. The following terms refer to specific age groups.

Racing Age Age Group

Under 10 Youth

10-18 Junior

19-22 Espoir

23-29 Elite

30+ Master
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