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William Stevenson

2003 Riverlanding Circle Tel: (770)232-5232

Lawrenceville, GA 23445 Fax: (770)337-5330


Has three years of experience in software design and development in addition to over five years of experience in solving engineering problems and managing small-scale financial companies. Software experience includes enterprise resource modeling using SAP, database development using software packages such as ORACLE, Visual Basic and MS Access, computer programming using languages such as C and FORTRAN on UNIX, Windows 95/NT platforms. Also, has been successful in managing two small financial businesses, the functional experience of which is useful in developing financial solutions using packages such as ORACLE and SAP.

SAP Training and Expertise:

  • Introduction to ABAP/4

  • Expertise in classical as well as interactive reporting, ABAP/4 data interfaces, transactions development, table controls and step loops

  • Report programming techniques

  • Programming logical databases

  • Introduction to online programming and advanced techniques

  • ABAP/4 Query, Data Dictionary, Area Menus

  • Developed BDC (inbound/outbound) reports

  • SAP scripts – Texts, styles, forms, layout sets

  • SAP scripts – Programming interfaces, exposure to RFC

  • SAP R/3 3.0F – FI

  • Various functions of FI module such as General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable

  • SAP R/3 3.0F – HR

  • Various functions of Human Resources module such as personnel administration and benefits administration

  • Exposure to SAP R/3 3.0F – MM

  • Various functions of Material Management module such as purchasing, inventory management, and invoice verification

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