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Ref: VvdH ‘s -Hertogenbosch, 27.12.2017

We herewith refer to       and have pleasure in sending you our offer for an automatic die cutting and creasing machine with stripping device, model

Die cutting and creasing machine

with blanking and stripping device
model Brausse 1060ER

All machines installed by Brausse Europe will have the VinTechMa label. www.vintechma.com
Highlights of all Brausse machines

  • Very complete configuration

  • Extremely smoothly running due to the unique index box drive of the main chain

  • All electrical components are off the shelf brand names such as Omron and Schneider

  • All PLC controls are from Mitsubishi

  • HMI in the local language

Pictures might be slightly different from reality

Standard equipment

  • Automatic main chain greasing system

  • Radiator cooling for recycling toggle drive lubrication system

  • Platform with safety barrier.

  • Drawer for spare parts

  • Complete lost sheets control throughout the entire machine

  • Ethernet modem for online assistance by problems with electronics (Standard BE)

  • CE certified

  • Emergency stop at arm length

  • Quick locking systems throughout the machine

  • 1 mm thin plate system with micro adjustment

  • Adjustable centering in the whole machine

  • Self-diagnostic system with indication on a colour LCD HMI screen

  • Controlled machine stop in case of an infeed error is detected (permits to continue processing of the sheets inside the machine).

  • One sheet at stripping section for cutting/creasing control.

  • One sheet at stripping or blanking station for close tooling positioning control.

  • Programmed machine stop for ease of tooling exchange (job changeover).


  • Pre-loading device in front of the feeder

  • Non-stop feeder

  • Suction head with several adjustment possibilities to handle different kind of materials

  • Accurately adjustable front and side vents for better feeding of thin paper

  • Three pick up and four forward suckers, all suckers can be skewed

  • Manually side adjustment of pallet table (+/- 40 mm)

  • Adjustable side blowers.

Feed table

  • Sheet slow down device of feeder belts to assure accurate position of the sheet to the front lays (electro-pneumatically adjustable)

  • Synchronizing device to adjust the sheet positioning to the front lay by hand during production

  • Covered with an anti-static stainless steel plate.

  • Feed table inlet equipped with lateral ramps.

  • Four front lays with dial read out at the operation side of the machine

  • Four electronic front lay controls by means of Omron Glasfiber Optik, selected two by two

  • Front mark control with adjustable density

  • Ultra sonic double sheet detector (without contact)

  • Sheet hold-down device (guiding the sheets to the front lays).

  • Upper frame with manual lifting device.

  • Upper transport equipment for paper and paperboard.

  • 2 transport trolleys for heavy board

  • Pull and push convertible side lay (OS and DS) with photo sensor sheet arrival control.

  • Air cleaning system on the photocells for the side- and front lay controls


  • Precision worm gear crank driving system to ensure smooth and dynamic lower platen movement

  • Short stroke movable platen, driven by an eccentric worm gear and toggle mechanism.

  • Precision stationery upper platen

  • State-of-art 3 cam index gripper bar drive system to ensure smooth and precise gripper bar intermittent movement.

  • Pneumatic clutch/brake for main drive system, made in Europe.

  • Motorized cutting force setting, by push-button.

  • Digital strain gauge die cutting pressure tonnage display with adjustable pressure limit protection

  • Eight high precision alloy gripper bar

  • High quality pre-stretched gripper bar drive chain

  • Torque limit safety clutch to protect the index drive system in case of gripper bar crash

  • Double cam driven gripper opener and front lay swing frame for smooth and accurate sheet register

  • Micrometric centerings for cutting plate (+/- 0.9mm).

  • Automatic (pneumatic) locking of the chase against the upper platen.

  • Measurement of the cutting force with strain gauge.

  • 15 mm synthetic supporting plate.

  • 5 mm compensating plate, required for thin cutting plates system.

Waste Stripping Station

  • Central quick locking pull-out frame.

  • Complete set of stripping tools with upper and lower stripping pins

  • Integrated Quick Locking system.

Automatic quick locking device for the upper tool integrated in the machine.

  • Adjustable centerings on all equipment (upper, central and lower).

  • Funnel for waste guidance

Blank Pile Delivery Station

  • Automatic binder sheet inserter with electrical sheet presence control.

  • Automatic selection of suction cups according to sheet size.

  • Constant compression level system (NCT).

  • Continuous pile lowering, maintaining a constant height of the pile.

  • Automatic pallet changing device.

  • Automatic non-stop device.

  • Safety on pile raising.

  • Waste or skeleton removal apron.

  • Integrated Quick Locking system.

  • Adjustable centerings on all equipment (upper and lower).

  • Lower pull-out frame with fastening material.


1 die-chase with quick locking: fixed bottom plate

Plate, thickness 2 mm and make-ready protection plate made of synthetic material, thickness 1 mm.

1 Cutting plate 5mm

1 Lower stripping pull-out frame

1 Lower stripping equipment

Equipment for waste stripping including crossbars, pins and supports.

Technical data
Convertible stock

Paper (depending on quality), min. 90 g/m2

Board (depending on quality), up to (*) 2000 g/m2

Corrugated board, up to (*) 4 mm
(*) Carton acceptable warp: 2 % of the width wise sheet

Sheet size, max. 1060 x 760 mm

Sheet size, min. 400 x 350 mm

Inner die chase dimension. 1080 x 770 mm
Die-cutting size

With gripper margin, max. 1060 x 745 mm
Dimension of Pallets

Feeder / delivery, max. 1200 x 800 mm

Gripper margin 9 – 17 mm

Height of cutting rules 23,8 mm

Width of double cuts, min. 5 mm

Adjustable platen pressure, max. 260 t

Maximum production speed with blanking [ sph ] 7000
Pile Height

Feeder : normal mode, max. 1800 mm

Feeder: non-stop mode, max. 1520 mm

Delivery : max. 1580 mm

Main motor power, max. 15 kW

Total power required 26 KW

Air supply / consumption 6 bar / 600 l per min

LxHxW in mm 9425x4530x2640
Approximate weight

Net 22000 kg

Gross (in seaworthy packing) 25000 kg
The lowest drive-through height between loading area and the machine installation place is 2800 mm
The smallest width in the distance between loading area and machine installation place is 2600 mm

Independent of the fact whether the machine is placed on ground level or above a cellar, or on a floor, the own oscillation of the carrying floor, including the weight of the machine, must be over 25 Hz. Only a structural engineer is capable to judge whether the floor is in accordance with the needed values, as stated in our floor plan. Only he can be responsible for this.
Pneumatic Specifications

The compressed air quality must be according to ISO 8573/1

  • Filtration on solid parts class 4

  • Filtration on oil class 4

  • Dry air class 4

The Brausse 1060ER machine is delivered with the European safety certificate CE.
Specifications are subject to change without notice
Brausse 1060ER € 549.000,-

DAP (as per Incoterms 2010) only for EU countries

For countries outside EU custom duties and all taxes involved are for buyer
Advisable option:
Full sheet delivery € 13.000,-

4 + 1 mm plate system, including 10mm plates € 4.802,-
1mm plates of Bobst 102/103/104/106 can be used

More options:

Ramp for pallet changer (when pallet changer is mounted on top of the floor) € 5.500,-

Extra die chase with centre line and quick locking system € 6.094,-

Side chase loader € 13.097,-

Sheet Flattening Device € 31.596,-

Non-Stop Sample Inspection System € 9.900,-
Storage rack for storing 2 ER jobs € 4.500,-

Heated die-chase for PP and PS materials € 15.400,-
Anti-Static device for plastic materials € 28.600,-

Full sheet delivery with vibration side joggers € 19.820,-

Extra 10 pieces of 1 mm plates (minimum package = 10) € 842,-

Extra lower stripping pull-out frame € 1.562,-

Extra lower stripping pull-out frame with related tools € 6.860,-

Stripping pre-make ready table (including extra stripping tools) € 15.044,-

Automatic Lateral Pile Correction € 8.250,-

All mentioned prices (machine and options) are excluding:

  • V.A.T.

  • Hotel expenses for our engineers during installation, instruction and service

  • Crane and forklift costs for bringing in the machine into Buyer’s printing house

  • Supplying and connecting the main supplies, such as:

  • Main power supply to the main machine and the foil system

  • Power cables to the machine and foil cabinet

  • Ethernet cable to the machine

  • Main air with a minimum pressure of 6 bar and sufficient tube connectors with separate valves (compressor is not included)


  • Our prices are all based on working during normal weekdays (from Monday till Friday)

  • Waiting hours caused by customer or subcontractors hired by the customer will be charged separately

  • The machine will be installed on ground level

  • All necessary materials, such as paper, carton, die form, stripping forms etc. will be available during instruction

  • From the first start up there will be at least 1 operator to assist

Delivery time

To be discussed approx. 3-4 months after ordering and receipt of down payment. This date is valid only after signing the contract latest ................. and receipt of down payment latest .............. . When the down payment comes later, the delivery time will be delayed as many days, as many days later the down payment had arrived.

The first year – warranty for spare parts and labour counting from the 9th day from arrival at the destination. The second year – only for spare parts.

The Seller warrants that the commodity will be free from defects in materials and workmanship when it is used properly and in accordance with the directions of use for the commodity for a period of 24 months counting from the 9th day of arrival at the destination. The remedy for breach of warranty shall be limited to replacement of defective parts (mechanical and electrical). Consequential damages for breach of warranty where the claimed loss is commercial are excluded. There are no expressed warranties beyond the stated in writing.

The warranty set forth above is the only warranty by the Seller with respect to the commodity specified in this Agreement. No other warranties of any kind, whether statutory, written, oral, expressed or implied, including but not limited to, warranties of fitness for a particular purpose or merchantability, shall apply.

Machine is covered by insurance until it’s completely installed at Buyer’s printing house. The Buyer will take care of theft and fire insurance after unloading at his printing house.

The machine will be completely installed.

Included in mentioned price is an instruction of 5 days for your operating personnel.

This quotation is valid for 30 (thirty) days from the date of this quote.
Delivery conditions

Supply of the machine covered by the contract shall be constructed under the laws and regulations of The Netherlands. If the parties cannot resolve a dispute, the matter will be submitted to the International Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce (the “ICC”), Paris, France, for arbitration in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, under the rules of arbitration of the ICC and such arbitration will be conducted in the English language.
Payment conditions

25%     down payment after the contract is signed.

35%     before the machine will be dismantled at the BAP (Brausse Assembling Plant) and loaded into the container.

30%     after the machine is unloaded at the customer’s facility

10%     after installation and instruction, not later than 4 weeks after arrival at the customer’s facility
We hope to have made a suitable quotation and look forward to hear from you soonest.

With kind regards,

V.J.M. van der Heijden

Brausse Europe
Weerdskamweg 15

5222 BA ‘s-Hertogenbosch

The Netherlands
T +31 73 627 77 11
F +31 73 623 74 75


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