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Safety information

· Securely place the printer on a stable surface.

· Keep the ventilation inlets och outlets of the embosser free.

· Connect the embosser to a grounded power outlet only.

· Acoustic Hood are recommended, for reducing noise level.

· Braille Box is a class A product. In the unlikely event it causes radio interference, increase the distance between Braille Box and the device.
Index V4 embosser overview


1. Control panel

2. Lid

3. Speaker

4. Transport lock

5. Transport lock holder

6. Paper rollers

7. Ventilation inlet

8. Hole for transport lock

9. Electrical connectors

10. Left tractor

11. Optical paper movement sensor detecting paper jam

12. Optical paper sensor detecting paper edge

13. Right tractor

14. Tractor lock

15. Ventilation outlet


1. Control panel

2. Sheet feeder

3. Paper guides

4. Embosser head

5. Optical paper sensor

6. Speaker

7. Two white outer guides for adjusting profile angle

8. Two white inner guides to bend paper in eject position

9. Front bottom profile

10. Paper rollers (2 units)

11. Ventilation outlet

12. Electrical connectors

13. Sheet feeder lock

14. Card/sheet selectors (right/left)

15. Locking levers (right/left)

16. Left margin guide

17. Pick up rollers

18. Right margin guide

Braille Box

1. Control panel

2. Service door optical sensor

3. Braille tray optical sensor

4. Braille tray

5. Braille stack guide

6. LED indicators

7. Paper tray

8. Embosser head #1

9. Embosser head #2

10. Embosser head #3

11. Paper rollers (5 units)

12. Service door

13. Electrical connectors

14. Ventilation

15. Paper guides

16. Rear paper stop lever


Unpacking of the embosser

Unpack the embosser gently and check the items, save the packing material and transport locks in case of future transportation of the embosser.

The two (2) year warranty on parts is only valid if the embosser is transported in professional packaging and transport locks properly in place.
The following is included in shipment:

· Embosser

· User manual

· Index USB memory stick

· Power cord

· USB cord

· External switched-mode power supply for Basic-D and Everest-D

· Open the lid and remove the anti moisture bag.

· Remove the transport lock from the back side of the embosser.

· Store the transport lock in the transport lock holders, located on the back plate of the embosser.

· Remove the two plastic transport locks and anti-moisture-bag from the sheet feeder.

· Store the transport locks in case of future transportation of the embosser.
Braille Box

1. Remove the protection transport rubber seal

2. Open the paper tray and the service door. Remove the transport protection foam

3. Open the Braille tray by pressing the Braille glass quite hard and remove the accessory kit

4. Remove three transport locks from each embossing head axle

5. Store the transport locks on the holders of the embosser tower. See picture.

Electrical connectors
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