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San Fernando (CÁDIZ), SPAIN


phone: +34-617-72-88-13

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. Aeronautics (aircraft, aeroturbines, systems, ...)

. Maritime Navigation procedures, motors & turbines, navigation systems, comms & electronic equipment,...) . . . . . . Security & Defence (Weapon systems, components, usage …).

. Science in technical areas, Physics & Chemistry.

.Technical translations. IT (user manuals, technical descriptions, software localization, info-sheets, presentations (ppt)).

SERVICES (as part-time translator – 2500 w/d average)

. Translation of general texts.

. Translation of specialized areas texts.

. English to Spanish (SPAIN).


. MSWORD & POWERPOINT & EXCEL (office 2007).



. ADOBE ACROBAT 7.0 professional (PDF)




1991. Graduated from Spanish Naval Academy.

1994. Graduated as Naval Aircraft pilot in Mayport (Florida-USA) for Spanish Navy.

. 20 years as Spanish Navy officer, making official translations about helicopter SH-60 (Technical data & systems & LM2500 turbine, procedures, weapon systems, in-flight tactics,...).

. 6 years as helicopter pilot.

. 2 years as Navigation and Ship handling Chief Officer of the Spanish Navy Aircraft Carrier “Principe de Asturias”.

1998. IBM Computing and programming Course (2 years)

2001. Permanent NATO Standard Language Profile (English).

2005. Chief of Department (Technical, Humanistic and English Language Areas) of the Spanish Navy Petty Officer Academy.

Two years working as part-time patent, technical booklets, info-sheets and Website translator.
Main Last-year translations:

  • From Aug 2006 collaborating with Maxsun Translation Shenzhen Co.,Ltd(China) on a ongoing basis, performing translations of electric & electronic products user’s manual, software localization, websites… from main Companies as SONY, PHILIPS, NINTENDO, HITEL ITALIA, NORTEK; Medical & Health Care instruments (HYMED, TEAMEDICS) and some projects about DIESEL MOTORS (YANMAR).

Main jobs this year till 31st August


- L32HDF / L26HDF series (SHERWOOD) LCD Flat panel HDTV

- FRACINO coffee machines (Bambino, Classic, Contempo and Romano models) Installation and users manuals (all models).

- GDC Website Technology Limited – Digital Cinema

- OnmiLT & OnmiPro II Automation systems – Instalation manuals and software localization (HAI Home Automation Inc.)

- TrekStor i-Beat manual (TrekStor GmbH).

- Portable WLAN Hotspot manual (TREKSTOR)

- FM55 & XM37 manuals (hardware for monitor wall installation) CLO systems

- Soliflex_PRO bands & AB hygiene (Ammeraal Beltech) (last two years I’ve been working for them both with technical manuals and website).

- Box Office digital player (Patriot)

- Patriot memories catalog (Website)

- The Buzz gas heater - user and installation manuals (FABER)

- EMBLA Silent Replay System user’s manual (FIDELIUS)

- MBlox Corporate Website (mobile phone)

- THORENS turntables TD170 & TD240

- DJMusic Umix, Cube & QCon series

- MusicBox user’s manual (PRIMARE)

- M 203 & T62 Turntables- user’s manual & Warranty (STANTON)

- Website catalog (BRENNELSTUHL)

- Aromatherapy diffuser 5415 (BLISS)

- Blu-ray disc player BDT 2 /BDT 20 (HARMAN/KARDON)

- Cinema 500 Home Theater Speaker System (JBL)

- Digital Viewer II (Digital microscope) user’s manual and imaging software manual

- Hydraulic Aerial Work Platform AT130 F (ALTEC) Operator Manual & Manintenance and Parts Manual.

Many small texts and brochures (less than 1500 words) about electrical and electronic devices (videogames, cable extenders, home devices such as kettles, vacuum cleaners, and so on)

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