New stimuli for product development: Report on new products for CosmeticBusiness 2016

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NameNew stimuli for product development: Report on new products for CosmeticBusiness 2016
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International Trade Fair of the Cosmetics Supplying Industry

8. to 9. June 2016
Leipzig, 4 April 2016
New stimuli for product development: Report on new products for CosmeticBusiness 2016
Natural and quasi-natural raw materials, individual freedom of design and unmistakable brand presentations: some 400 suppliers will present their innovative solutions for future product concepts in the cosmetics industry at the up-coming CosmeticBusiness. Be it raw materials, formulae, manufacturing, packaging or presentation – visitors can expect to see all these new products at the international trade fair of the cosmetics supplying industry on 8 and 9 June 2016 in Halls 2 to 4 in the Munich MOC events centre.

All information is based on details provided by the manufacturers. Leipziger Messe accepts no responsibility for the functional adequacy or safety of the products described. All photos have been provided by the manufacturers and may be used only in connection with formal media reports relating to news of the manufacturer concerned; the manufacturer's name should be mentioned in the credits at all times.

Manufacturer photos are available in the press area of the CosmeticBusiness website or on request to

New products in raw materials and manufacturing S. 2
First-time appearances and newly created products for packaging S. 8

New products in raw materials and manufacturing
Nature is increasingly providing the cosmetics industry and its suppliers with a sustainable source of inspiration. Natural and quasi-natural active ingredients and polymers are also key features of the overall picture presented by the new products to be displayed in Munich.

bb med.product GmbH: natural cosmetics – new care products for demanding skin

Hall 4/ Booth D18

The bb med.product GmbH company will be presenting a new line in care products consisting of day and night creams, eye cream, body lotion, 'shower care complete', skincare and hair oils, facial toner, cleansing milk and hand cream. In line with the modular principle, three options are available for putting together a tailor-made line in natural cosmetics.

In the basic version, the beorganic by beinio® line is immediately available for customers as a finished product. For smaller companies, the modest minimum quantity requirements are of particular interest. In a second option, the company's own logo can be added and displayed on the product. Moreover, the development division at beorganic by beinio® has carried through the modular idea, such that each combination has multiple components that can be specified and which purchasers can swap around on their packaging. As a result, it is possible to design one's own private label that can be flexibly specified on the basis of the ingredients – including avocado oil, for example, or aloe vera.

Dreiturm GmbH: Tube filling with rounded seams

Hall 3/ Booth D04

Contract manufacturers and filling specialists, Dreiturm, use special tools to create an unmistakeable appearance for products in tubes. At CosmeticBusiness, the company will be presenting its portfolio of tube filling with rounded seams by means of various tools for tubes measuring 40mm and 50mm in diameter. At the same time, the rounded form of the tube is a clear distinguishing mark in comparison to the traditional straight cut. In addition, Dreiturm are offering applications of other new tools, such as, for instance, those with the ability to create rounded edges in tubes of 35mm diameter. Customers' requirements can thus be met with some ideal solutions. All the company's services are provided with optimum product protection, combined with excellent user-friendly features.

KHK GmbH: 'Planty for Men' – lip-care specially for men

Hall 2/ Booth A22

The formula for 'Planty' has been, and continues to be, the standard for the lip-care sticks produced by KHK GmbH. Oils and waxes of natural origin, such as, for instance, beeswax and shea butter, together with vitamin E, protect the sensitive skin of the lips from drying out and keep them supple. The formula contains no mineral oils or waxes, has a discreet vanilla scent and gives the lips a colourless sheen.
This tried and tested 'Planty' formula has now been developed, in the KHK laboratory, into a lip-care product especially for men. It is colourless, contains no vanilla scent and is thus a rather sportier version of the previous lip-care products. The formula uses an extract of hops as its active ingredient, which smoothes and softens raw male lips. Other ingredients are refreshing mint oil, gentle shea butter and vitamin E. If desired, the formula can be NATRUE-certified and supplied as a vegan natural cosmetic. KHK offers a variety of packaging for their lip-care sticks, which are produced with their own injection moulding equipment and finished off in their own screen printing department.
All KHK's lip-care products are produced in accordance with the new German cosmetics regulations and the 'cosmetics good manufacturing practices' (gmp) guidelines. If a customer so desires, they can be registered in the CPNP portal (cosmetics products notification portal). The Fresenius Institute conducts on-going checks on formulae, in line with European guidelines. KHK products are universally classified as “very good” from a dermatological point of view.
MedSkin Solutions Dr. Suwelack: high-active vitamin C: 79 %. Technological advance in the field of topical vitamin C products for rejuvenation of the skin

Hall 2/ Booth D24

After 12 years of research and development, MedSKin Solutions Dr. Suwelack have succeeded in making a technological breakthrough in terms of vitamin C; their unique HiCon technology makes it possible to keep ultra-pure ascorbic acid at 79 percent concentration stable and biologically active in a completely natural way. By freshly activating it before each application, they have created a highly effective vitamin C serum – free from stabilizers and preservatives.
With daily application of a vitamin C sphere every evening, rejuvenation effects on the skin become apparent after just three weeks: these include the reduction of wrinkles, improvement in the elasticity of the skin and a more even skin colouration. A reservoir effect, with successive release of vitamin C in the deeper levels of the skin, ensures a scientifically proven quadruple effect. This includes the stimulation of collagen synthesis, the increase in metabolic rate, the neutralisation of free radicals and the lightening of hyperpigmentation. The product is free of all preservatives, artificial scents, PEGs and PPGS, mineral oils, silicones and colouring. Moreover, the vitamin C serum shows high levels of skin tolerance, which has been tested from both a dermatological and ophthalmological point of view.

ProTec Ingredia GmbH: new active ingredients for beautiful skin

Hall 3/ Booth B01
ProTec Ingredia GmbH specialises in raw and active ingredients for the cosmetics industry. They will be represented at CosmeticBusiness in 2016 for the first time. The trends for next year and the active ingredients that have been specially developed for them by their suppliers, CODIF Recherche & Nature and MIBELLE Biochemistry, will be presented in the form of RoyalEpigen P5, EPS White and CITYGUARD+.
RoyalEpigen P5 – peptide ingredient with positive impact on skin regeneration

RoyalEpigen P5 involves a new peptide ingredient with five amino-acids, developed on the basis of the science of epigenetics. It has a positive impact on skin regeneration and helps restore an even colour to the skin. Although identical at a genetic level, worker bees are differentiated from the queen by their life expectancy, reproductive potential and size. The reason for these differences lies in epigenetic changes in the queen bee, which are caused by being fed on royal jelly. RoyalEpigen P5 has been developed through an analysis of the constituent components of royal jelly.
EPS White – revolutionary molecule reduces liver spots

The CODIF laboratories have discovered a revolutionary molecule, which is capable of rapidly diminishing liver spots. EPS WHITE is a sugar-based polymer (galacturonic acid, galactose, n-acetylglucosamine) with two hydrophobic amino-acids: alanine and serine. This, the first two-dimensional structure of an exopolysaccharide molecule to be described, aids permeation of the skin and helps reduce the formation of pigmentation synapses. This has assisted in the development of a positive strategy for protecting against pigmentation spots caused by environmental factors.
CITYGUARD+ – protection against the harmful effects of environmental influences

72 percent of women complain of tiredness in their appearance or around the eyes. This phenomenon is exacerbated through factors such as aggressive environmental influences, a lack of sleep and irregular lifestyle. The challenge lies in protecting the sensitive skin around the eyes against the harmful effects of environmental influences, so as to counteract the ageing process that results and to tauten the main areas of skin under the eyes. To protect the skin, the high-molecular-weight oligo alginate creates a thin, invisible, protective mask to collect any contaminants and prevent them from penetrating the skin. It is used in combination with BIOPTERIN-enriched seawater, which is released by micro-algae and increases ATP synthesis. This plays a part in the polymerisation of actin, which consists of micro-fibres that give fibroblasts their elasticity, and is thus responsible for the firmness of the skin. The skin-tightening effect of Cityguard+ has been tested in the light of the cumulative conditions of natural ageing and noxious substances in the environment, which both have a negative impact on ATP function.

Seppic GmbH: MONTANOV™ 68 MB – green emulsifier in RSPO MB grade

Hall 4/ Booth E15

MONTANOV™ 68 MB (Cetearyl Alcohol & Cetearyl Glucoside), one of the best green emulsifiers, is finally available in RSPO MB grade! This bio-based, solid, oil-in-water emulsifier is efficient with all types of oily phases (mineral, vegetable and silicone) and provides a characteristic rich and soft touch to formulas. MONTANOV™ 68 MB allows the formulation of cream to thick cream textures in skin care or hair care. As the pioneer liquid crystal promoter, MONTANOV™ 68 has been proven In Vivo to deliver up to five hours moisturization and skin restructuring performance through TEWL reduction.

TECHNATURE: LEAF MASK® – cosmetic support composed of plant fibers and plant extracts

Hall 3/ Booth A12

In collaboration with the company LeafLab, TECHNATURE has developed a new ritual of beauty that highlights the benefits of the plants: the vegetal mask Leaf mask®. 100% natural and 100% pure-plants, this Leaf mask® is a cosmetic support composed of plant fibers and plant extracts. This process draws on plants’ virtues without altering their properties in order to find them in this mask. Once rehydrated with a lotion or simply with water, the mask adheres to the skin, thus giving it the naturalness of the plants.

First-time appearances and newly created products for packaging
The exhibitors in the packaging section will be providing plenty of creative solutions at this year's CosmeticBusiness – particularly in the fields of packaging materials and finishing technology. The focus of the new developments is on the scope for individualised design and unique presentations for individual brands.

Acti Pack and Loire Plastic Industrie: The new Vitae bi-coloured 24/410 Flip Top Closure

Hall 3/ Booth D24

ACTI PACK and its sister company LOIRE PLASTIC INDUSTRIE are presenting together a new aesthetic 24/410 Flip Top Closure.
Thanks to this new bi-colour 24/410 Flip Top closure products benefit from an extraordinary eye-Catcher in the shelves. Developed according to the GCMI Cosmetic 24/410 standards the new Acti Pack closure fits on every PET bottle with same neck option from the same company, which means more than 50 different bottles from 100ml till 500ml.
The flip integrates completely into the body of the closure with an extended V-shape finger grip which allows the bottle to be opened with one hand and gives the product a real new stylish design. The closure is currently presented with a 3.5mm dispensing hole, but other options may be considered. Every play of colours is possible: a playful combination with bright colours or a high valued presentation, i.e. black and silver Acti Packs New Vitae bi-colour Flip Top Closure on the Bottle range “NEXT”.

Authentica, s.r.o. POP & POS SOLUTIONS: new printing process with wonderful effects

Hall 4/ Booth B07

The new printing process from Authentica s.r.o. POP & POS SOLUTIONS makes it possible to produce, in a single procedure, beautiful effects with lots of striking contrasts using acrylic glass. For cosmetics, Authentica frequently work with very high-quality materials, including acrylic glass. This new process prints directly onto the glass, where other effects can be added, depending on the graphics required. Various combinations are possible and up to two layers of, say, partial clear coat can be added, or white can be used as a background for the CMYK print. Moreover, the printed surface can, at the same time, be given a protective clear coat in a single procedure. With this, Authentica achieve a very resistant external surface. Customers can choose between a printing process which gives a shiny, semi-matte or matte finish, so that individual requirements can be met.
Authentica s.r.o. POP & POS SOLUTIONS: stable temperature for sensitive products; Display Haute Parfumerie

A stable temperature for sensitive products plays a major role in the presentation of cosmetic products, particularly when it comes to up-market perfumes. These technical requirements are, however, often met at the expense of aesthetic considerations. The fact that there does not need to be a contradiction between the two is clearly shown by the Display Haute Parfumerie from Authentica.
A double-sided presentation of the perfumes, as well as the use of high-quality materials, such as wood, acrylic and glass give the display the desired elegance, which is, moreover, aided by the LED lighting. A constant temperature, which is indispensable for the display of perfumes, is achieved with tiny built-in ventilation mechanisms. The value of the products displayed is reflected in the Display Haute Parfumerie through the select combination of materials and the high-quality workmanship.

CTL Packaging SAS: ESTube Unique – new solutions for digital offset printing

Hall 4/ Booth D15
CTL Packaging – Mosaic

CTL Packaging – Combination

CTL Packaging – Numbering

CTL Packaging – Augmented Reality
At CosmeticBusiness 2016, CTL Packaging will be presenting their ESTube Unique with some new solutions for offset printing combined with innovative IML (in-mould labelling) technology. This makes it possible to print every tube with its own individual decoration and thus to create a unique, one-off item. CTL offers four different possibilities, so as to be able to meet customer requirements. With the 'Mosaic' option, two million decorations can be printed in a run. This way, each customer gets an individual tube. 'Combination' offers greater creativity and the opportunity to develop a decoration for each country or for different regions. The third version 'Numbering' recommends itself for limited editions or for situations where traceability is important. Here, each tube can be provided with its own individual number. The 'Augmented Reality' option represents the last of the four possibilities in terms of product design. As a result of the accuracy of the printing that is available, augmented-reality applications can be represented and used in the decoration, in order to offer the customer a link to other information about the product or the company.

Flacopac GmbH & Co. KG: Holistic Plastic Jar CALYPSO creates “Size-Impression”

Hall 3/ Booth A21
The double-wall system of the Plastic Jar CALYPSO allows a "Size-Impression" for 50ml volume, to set the product apart from the ones of your competitors. The jar is made of PP which is easy recyclable and which guarantees optimal product compatibility. Cylindrical shape offers several customization possibilities and coloring, for a successful presentation of your product.

Gerresheimer: Unique packaging with Marble Decoration

Hall 4/ Booth E07

Gerresheimer`s new Marble Decoration is a marble-effect surface finish. It is produced by floating selected colors onto water and dipping the bottle in. This creates individual patterns which gibe each product its own unique appeal. The production process can be varied, by setting specific sipping speeds for instance, to create different visual effects. However, even though the finish on each bottle in a product group is slightly different, they all have a recognizable design. This surface finish is possible on transparent or color-lacquered glass.

Inotech Kunstofftechnik GmbH: PrestigeTM POUCH contributes significantly to the protection of the product

Hall 2/ Booth B08

Inotech Kunststofftechnik GmbH has developed their patented PrestigeTM airless dispenser system and is offering a new version under the name of the Prestige™ POUCH. This system replaces the piston pump with bellows.
Prestige™ POUCH is suitable for many different product formulations, particularly for low-viscosity media. Because of its barrier properties, the bellows contributes significantly to the protection of the product. At the same time, compared to the piston pump, the system offers reliable protection against leakage and provides new visual accents. Prestige™ POUCH is available as a top-filled version.

Kammann Spezialmaschinen and Steuerungstechnik GmbH: Digitran®-Process combines digital printing with heat transfer processes

Hall 2/ Booth D12

The Digitran®-Process represents a high quality decoration on a large variety of products and materials. It combines the flexibility of digital printing with the convenience of heat transfer processes and a “green”, harmless technology.
This combination enables you to apply photo-realistic, 1200 dpi prints with sharp edges onto your items, cost-efficient, even when it comes to small volumes. Using this process makes it easy to decorate special editions or personalized products at no time regardless if the article is a vial, a jar or a tube. Articles decorated using this technology will stand out by the printing quality and gloss as well as the durability of the print. This technology enables the ability to decorate products using a unique, digital decoration as well as the opportunity to abandon ink and chemical warehouses, screens, clichés, exposure units or long set-ups.

Lifocolor Farben GmbH & Co. KG: Colour Road 2016/17 – Wind Poems

Hall 4/ Booth F01

The world we live in is in constant flux. Economic structures, social frameworks or the balance of political power – wherever you look, change is taking place. These dynamic influences trends, so it is no coincidence that the colour trends for 2016/17 are inspired by a natural phenomenon that pursues continuous movement, the wind. With »Wind Poems«, Colour Road 2016/17 has taken three different currents and has interpreted them in new and exciting colour concepts.

Meding GmbH: transparency with organic plastics

Hall 4/ Booth F02
Transparent pots, measuring cups and dosage aids have, for decades, been manufactured from various transparent plastic materials. Plastics used in regular production include acrylic glass (PMMA), polycarbonate (PC), polyethylene terephthalate (PETG) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC).
Meding have now used the new development of a well-known materials manufacturer as an ecologically sensible alternative in mass production: a plastic made from renewable raw materials and which is suitable for the mass production of spatulas, measuring beakers, measuring spoons and other cosmetics accessories. Moreover, the plastic, made entirely of plant-based materials, can be used in the mass production of transparent products. These can now be offered and marketed as ecologically acceptable, something that contributes hugely to a product's profile long term – not least in the field of organic cosmetics.
Meding GmbH: Eyelid cooler – for cool sparkling eyes

The eye is a sensitive sense organ. The lid protects it from external influences. But even eyelids can suffer excessive stress. Allergies or lack of sleep create unpleasant swelling in this area.
The newly developed eyelid cooler brings relief. It has now been released onto the European market by the Meding company in Halver. The little 'magic wand', made of plastic and metal, provides gentle cooling of the lid and rapid relief from discomfort. Simply 'charge' it briefly in the fridge and it is ready. This cosmetic aid is available in various different colours and can thus be chosen to fit in with the customer's corporate livery. And Meding also offer an appropriate packaging to go with the eyelid cooler. This, too, can be individually designed.

Metsä Board Deutschland GmbH: Adhesive-free SkinCare Box

Hall 4/ Booth D16

Metsä Board present their SkinCare Box, in the development of which considerations of sustainability have played an essential role. The box is adhesive-free and made of rigid cardboard; it is an exemplary model of the way in which innovative packaging for the cosmetics market can be manufactured from 100 percent recycled cardboard and without any trace of protective foil. At the same time, because of the design of the inside, these little boxes provide the customer with a rather special new experience. The manufacturing process is accelerated because the boxes are made without adhesives, so that no drying time is required. There is a PET window incorporated into the lid and this can be easily removed before recycling. The corners of the SkinCare Box are sharp and precisely contoured. Furthermore, the packaging does not have any unnecessary card inserts. It was Metsä Board's aim to provide the customer with a new kind of experience as they open the packaging and take a look at the contents. Because of the special construction, the inserts of corrugated cardboard that are traditionally used in cosmetics packaging have been reduced by 50 percent. At the same time, the SkinCare Box offers a stable and elegant solution to product presentation.

Pirlo GmbH & Co. KG: trade-fair début for the 'chalk tube' – the natural solution for high-end cosmetics

Hall 2/ Booth B19

The Chalk Tube is currently the most innovative of all developments at Pirlo Tubes GmbH in the field of tube lamination and offers the end consumer significant advantages with regard to both usability and environmental acceptability. The Chalk Tube consists of combination of chalk and PE, in which the use of mineral-oil based plastic can be reduced by more than half. Because of the high proportion of chalk, the result is a pleasant, warm texture that is soft to the touch, the sort of texture that one normally gets only with paper. The stiffness remains similar to traditional tube materials. Because of the natural 'filler' content, the tube can be made significantly thinner than traditional tubes. It is free of aluminium and, moreover, it can be recycled. Tubes made from this innovative material have an exemplary capacity for emptying the last drop, photo-realistic print quality that is without equal and, what is more, it is possible to print on the tube throughout its 360° circumference.

POLPAK Sp. z o.o.: Airless-Serie GR213A

Hall 3/ Booth A26

POLPAK is a leading on Polish market company with over 20 years’ experience in packaging industry. The company specializes in distributing packaging closures and cosmetic packaging. At CosmeticBusiness POLPAK will present with Airless GR213A a new functional and luxurious packaging. Picture shows an example of coloring the inner bottle by spray method, but thanks double thick wall and quare shape they have a lot of possibilities of decoration. Moreover an advantage of this product is a built-up nozzle without cap.
REBHAN FPS Kunststoff-Verpackungen GmbH: BOSTON LUXE – new elegant bottle made from GLASS POLYMER™ now in REBHAN's portfolio

Hall 4/ Booth B04

REBHAN FPS Kunststoff-Verpackungen GmbH are plastic packaging manufacturers who have developed an elegant and classic line in bottles made exclusively from unbreakable glass polymer material. The new bottle is available with an extensive selection of sealing caps, like other glass polymer bottles, and can be used to present high-quality cosmetics products such as body care products, hair-care products and other high-end items in an attractive and eye-catching way. The BOSTON LUXE is available in two sizes at 50 ml, with a neck of 18/400 or 20/410 or at 100ml with a neck of 24/410.

RUSI Cosmetic GmbH & Co. KG: Feminine and elegant - Bubble tip eyeliner

Hall 2/ Booth B04/C03

The highlight of this eyeliner packaging is its feminine and elegant shape together with the exceptional applicator. The innovative bubble tip is easily to handle and therefore allows a precise and fine lid line in only one application. Due to the typical surface with the open pores, this applicator well absorbs the colour pigments and gives them off in the perfect amount.

SHB GmbH: TC adapter – vertical filling on traditional machines with angled neck adaptor for WC cleaners

Hall 2/ Booth E22

SHB GmbH developed this patented concept for a WC adaptor over many years. As from now, there is a new TC adapter for HDPE and PET bottles with angled necks. Using these adapters makes it a great deal easier to manufacture and fill bottles with angled necks. As well as facilitating the straightforward manufacture of bottles using conventional blow-moulding machines, it also facilitates filling them in a vertical position on traditional filling equipment. The combination of adapter and child-proof cap simply pushes on vertically like a normal cap. SHB GmbH offers this option for their standard HDPE and PET bottles in 500ml, 750ml and 1000ml sizes. In addition, the company's expertise is available to help develop individualised designs for bottles.
Tubex Wasungen GmbH: SL-T® Tube – a great step towards a more environmentally-friendly tube, achieved by savings in materials usage

Hall 2/ Booth C12

Consumers these days are becoming more and more aware of environmentally-friendly packaging solutions; they are, however, loath to do without the convenience of modern packaging. TUBEX Wasungen GmbH is the only manufacturer of plastic tubes to offer the SL-T® Tube, which saves up to 40 percent of the material used in standard extruded tubes. This very considerable saving is achieved through their innovative SL-T® production process, in which the tube body is welded directly onto the tube cap assembly, thus completely omitting the shoulder of the tube. To enable them to do this, TUBEX have developed a special flip-top cap, which can be made in a single colour or two-tone. The tube can be decorated using a hybrid printing process – inline flexo and screen printing. With flexo printing, it is possible to apply more or less photo-realistic motifs. The use of the screen printing technique also makes it possible to achieve tactile effects and some very brilliant colours. Because of the use of LED colours, developed specifically for this printing process, it is more sparing of energy consumption, since the energy required for the drying process is considerably reduced compared with traditional UV drying processes. Anyone seeking an ecologically and aesthetically superior packaging solution need look no further than the SL-T® Tube and the hybrid printing process.

Zahn Pinsel GmbH: VERDOR – vegan cosmetic brush

Hall 2/ Booth B21

Value considerations such as animal protection and sustainability continue to be ever more important in the field of cosmetic products, as everywhere. In order to keep pace with this trend, Zahn Pinsel GmbH have developed their extensive vegan cosmetic brush series VERDOR. Original and 'made in Germany', this line is manufactured from one of the company's most popular types of sable-coloured synthetic bristle. The extra-fine tip, high holding capacity and stability of shape, coupled with its gentleness in the application of cosmetics to the skin, mean that VERDOR has won considerable approval amongst consumers. The new line of brushes is complemented by the elegant design of their exclusive brown-marbled, FSC-certified birch handles.

Zahn Pinsel GmbH: GLAMOUR - nail design brush with attractive metal handle and cap

The shiny metal handle of the nail design brush GLAMOUR wins out through its durability and extremely high resistance to aggressive media. A further advantage is its practical 'to go' function with a cap to cover the brush, protecting the bristles against damage when carried around and stored. The complete GLAMOUR series has been developed from one of Zahn Pinsel GmbH's most popular high-quality synthetic fibres; the bristles, which have been dyed red, have been a hit with consumers because of their outstanding resistance to distortion and their exceptional elasticity. They have proved particularly popular when used with gels and in one-stroke applications, owing to their good media take-up and resilient elasticity. Guaranteed to smooth the gel with ease and to apply the medium with pin-point accuracy.

Zanders GmbH: High-quality Board Grades for Sophisticated Packagings Zanpack silk, Zanpack silk², and Zanpack touch

Hall 4/ Booth B17

With its Zanpack product range, Zanders GmbH is introducing in 2016 high-quality board grades for sophisticated packagings. While Zanpack silk features a one-side double-coated board with a functional reverse side treatment, Zanpack silk² is characterized by a two-side double-coated board for high-quality packagings. Both grades have a smooth and silk surface for outstanding print results. Zanpack touch is an uncoated, haptic board, which provides an authentic look and feel by means of a natural surface and thus emphasizes the natural character of each brand. All three products offer outstanding print results, a pure whiteness, and good stiffness, as well as high dimensional stability and very good embossing, stamping, and laminating properties. Other features of the boards are their odor and taste neutrality as well as resistance to UV light.

About CosmeticBusiness

In 2015, a total of 393 exhibitors representing firms from Germany and abroad presented their services and products at CosmeticBusiness, the international trade fair of the cosmetics supplying industry. CosmeticBusiness is the only international trade fair in Europe where the cosmetics industry can meet its suppliers exclusively and find solutions for the development of every kind of cosmetic product, from active ingredients to production processes and packaging. As the only sector rendezvous in Germany, Europe’s largest cosmetics market, the B2B trade fair is essential as a trade barometer for decision-makers working in business management, product management and development, marketing, purchasing and production. CosmeticBusiness will take place on 8 and 9 June 2016 in the MOC events centre, Munich.
In 2016 the successful German B2B trade fair concept is expanding into the Polish cosmetics market with CosmeticBusiness Poland. This, together with the HPCI – Home and Personal Care Ingredients – exhibition and conference, will take place for the first time on 28 and 29 September in Warsaw’s EXPO XXI Exhibition Centre.
Contact press:

Karoline Nöllgen, PR-Manager CosmeticBusiness

Leipziger Messe GmbH

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Fax: +49 (0)341 / 678 166524

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