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Manual dedicated to CRM vTiger CRM OPEN SOURCE

Notes to the manual:

- This manual refers to vtiger 5.0.4
- All content is covered by copyright and may not be reproduced, is published by permission of CRMVILLAGE.BIZ on this blog
- In case you want to use the content in part or in full please contact CRMVILLAGE.BIZ should be always given the source, which is CRMVILLAGE.BIZ
- Good reading, you can comment on individual chapters to ask for extensions or improvements, will be taken into account.

Table of Contents

1. VTiger 100% Open Source CRM

2. The first steps with vTiger

3. Lead, Companies, Contacts

4. Activities Calendar

5. Email and Notes

6. VTiger Marketing

7. The sales process: price lists and product catalog

8. The sales process: Lead, Opportunity, quotations and sales orders

9. The process of Post Sales: Customer Care & FAQ

10. VTiger Utilities and Plugins

11. DASHBOARDS and Reports

12. Roles and user profiling
Chapter 1: Installation and configuration of CRM

vTiger 100% Open Source CRM

Version 5.0.4 of vTiger CRM provides the ability to handle most of the commercial activities related to the stages of pre-sales, and after-sales SALE.

Everything centered on the STATEMENT customers that vTiger is divided into two main categories:

a) potential customers> called LEAD

b) the real customers> these holdings and its contacts (individuals who work in companies in various capacities and can be our direct contact or not)

vTiger 5.0.4. represents one of the few truly operational CRM solutions without any licensingcosts. This appears to be a major advantage both for those who want to start to engage in the world of CRM is for medium to large enterprises who need to extend these systems to several tens if not hundreds of users without having to pay license fees for each of the user side.

1.1. What vTiger

It 'a business tool, in that it can be useful to all businesses, regardless of size. This is because the phases of the cycle of pre-sales after-sales-are the same for every business sector.

But we need to vTiger?

Normally the activities of Marketing, Sales and After Sales are handled with different tools such as Excel spreadsheets, email programs, local databases. Not to mention the paperwork reviews: Post-it on the screens, folder, message boards and more. As a result, customer information are scattered in several archives, with no possibility of recovering a history of activities and make planning serious of visits and the services that we provide to our customers.

Good management of the client's need, therefore, that the activities of Marketing, Sales and After Sales are all connected to each other than to a common object that is to say, the customerrecord. This way you can monitor the various phases of the sales cycle, using indicators and reports, process of segmentation is to act in a coordinated manner with specific proposals for our existing customers and / or potential customers.

vTiger addition to these activities, has an administration module to configure users, groups, profiles and roles to be strictly defined, the information available for each operator who is managing the customer. The set of tools for customizing vTiger CRM solution make it a highly flexible and adaptable to any need. In vTiger can redesign all the forms by adding and removing fields in the database, by setting appropriate values in the drop-down menu, I can also decide how they should be publishing data for each user defined.

vTiger is developed with Webtechnology, therefore it does not require installation of clientand server side, can be placed anywhere on your intranet or internet. The interface of Directors has developed with AJAX technology that enables an efficient and fast access to information. The database is used by vTiger Mysql ensuring high standards of safety and excellent performance even on a large amount of data.

Big space between the instruments of vTiger, is dedicated to data backup and updating the system with new releases are essential to ensure service continuity and security.

1.2. How To Install vTiger

The minimum hardware requirements to install vTiger on your PC or on a dedicated server are:

PC with Pentium or AMD processor 1 GHz or higher

256 MB of RAM minimum, depending on the operating system adopted

Hard Disk with at least 500 MB free for full installation on Windows provided by

vTiger can be installed on Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003 and on all Linux operating systems.

Since vTiger is a Web browser becomes the only prerequisite to the application layer for using this CRM solution, and the video resolution is 1024 x 768 pixels.

Were tested the following browser versions:

Firefox 1.5 or higher

MS IE 6.0 or higher

Netscape 7.0 or higher

Opera 7.01 or higher

Your browser must allow the use of cookies is to allow the use of Javascript.

vTiger ITALIAN language can be downloaded from the download of exactly as developed by with the Italian translation of,

or can be purchased with the self-installing version for Windows with fields appropriate to the Italian legislation including tax invoices and marketing budget ever in the download of

1.2.1. VTiger installation on Microsoft Windows

If you downloaded vTiger not an installer, you must first unpack the ZIP archive and then perform a double click on vTiger5.0.4-ita-WIN32.EXE to start the installation.

If you purchased version installer, the process is further simplified. It is enough to click on file vTiger5.0.4.-ita-WIN32.EXE, so it will appear first on the loading screen setup procedure, as shown in Figure 1.1:


Wait until the installation program completes its loading, then a second screen appears that asks confirmation about installing vTiger 5, as depicted in Figure 1.2:

Figure 1.2

Press the Next> to proceed with the installation. You'll see a third screen accepting the license agreement, as shown in Figure 1.3:

Figure 1.3

Press the accept to continue with the installation. You'll see a fourth screen where you can enter the name of the folder of the Start menu will be created in which connections of the program, as shown in Figure 1.4:

Figure 1.4

Press the Install to continue with the installation. You'll see a fourth screen where you can verify in detail the installation of vTiger, as shown in Figure 1.5:

Figure 1.5

The installation process may take several minutes, wait until installation is complete screen appears, as shown in Figure 1.6

Figure 1.6

Press the button Next and then Finish to complete the installation.

The program installs on your computer the MySQL database for vTiger and Apache Web Server to allow access to CRM. By accessing the services panel will already be running Windows Automatic vTiger5Server and vTiger5DataBase their services, as shown in Figure 1.7:

Figure 1.7

If you already have installed on your computer or a version of Mysql you already have an active web server, you can notice that the installation of vTiger does not create conflict, as MySQL and Apache are installed in the crmvillage (specially created) and activated on doors other than the default.

You just need to access the vTiger menu Start / Programs / vtigerCRM 5Italian, you will notice that will activate your default browser to the URL http://localhost:8050/ presenting the login screen.

The user is created by the admin and type "administrator", so you can try all the features of vTiger. To access the data are





1.2.2. INSTALLING VERSION vTiger Multiplatform (Linux / BSD / MacOSX / Windows)

If you purchased the self-installing platform Verione for Windows / Linux / BSD / MacOSX environment with WAMP / XAMP / LAMP / MAMP installed and configured is enough to perform these simple steps:

  1. copy the file to your webserver 2. run the command 3. tar xvzf vTiger5.0.4ita.crmvillage.tgz C 4. connect to the web folder you just created via web browser. 5. then follow the steps for installing a video-assisted (fig.1.7).

Figure 1.7

Chapter 2: Getting Started with CRM

2. The first steps with vTiger

This section is a brief introduction to vTiger oriented to those who, for the first time accessing the system. The goal is to provide the user with basic knowledge to get familiar with this instrument, which in itself is still very intuitive.

In the manual associated with this area describes the following aspects:

  • Login to thesystem: how you access through your browser vTiger

  • Home Page:a description of the contents of the Home Page

  • Navigationmode: shows the top area of vTiger, from which you can access all the major features of CRM.

  • MyPreferences: area dedicated to the personal settings on vTiger

  • Searchfunction: it shows the powerful search engine vTiger

  • Accessprivileges: To start the user access to vTiger is an administrator, thus allowing you to access all the features of CRM. Since the first access to vTiger is useful to know how to define users specially created to carry out specific functions.

2.1. Login to CRM
The user must enter "User Name" and "Password" to access the program. Can also choose the theme and / or language, if allowed by your vTiger. After entering "User Name" and "Password", the user can press,or the button Sign in as shown in Figure 2.1.

Figure 2.1.

Most browsers are able to save your "User Name" and "Password" to speed up access to the system. For the safety of your data if you're sure that others do not have access to your computer, you should not allow the browser to save your parameters for access. This is all the more so if you're using a notebookthat can be lost.

2.2. CRM Home

The following chapter will explain how to customize the home page and how to use the vTiger CRM.

Figure 2.2

Most of the area of the Home page, as shown in the center of Figure 2.2, shows the summary of the most important blocks CRM information. E 'can change the order of these blocks by dragging the mouse in your favorite place (drag and drop). The contents of your home can be modified, as explained in chapter 2.4: MyPreferences.

List of main instrument panels and description

My main companies:

List of your best companies. The contents of this list is calculated by adding all the opportunities open and connected to the company.

Important opportunities open:

List of the most important opportunities open.

Activities of my group:

List of activities and other entities of CRM that have been assigned to the user group to which you're a member.

My ticket:

List of ticket (Helpdesk) assigned to you or a group to which you belong.

Key parameters:

In this box are the total number of records that fall in the lists created by you as a summary. For example, if you created a list called "Hot Lead", you will find in this box the total number of this type of lead present on vTiger.

My Quotations important

Estimated best classified on the basis of the amount.

My orders to sell the most important:

Best sales, classified on the basis of the amount.

Purchase Orders My most important:

Orders Migliori, ranking based on the amount.

My main open invoices

Bills of Sale open, ranked on the basis of the amount.

My New Leads

Recently created Lead

Pending and upcoming activities:

Upcoming and pending activities related to your calendar.

My Recent FAQ

Connecting to the last FAQ posted on vTiger


All data stored in vTiger must have an owner. The owner is defined as "assigned to". If you create a new record will be assigned to you automatically unless, you are not assigned to any other user of vTiger. The Home page displays the data records that you own and not those assigned to other users of vTiger.

In the right of the Home Page you can see the list of pending and upcoming activities and the TAG CLOUD: vTiger entities described in subsequent chapters.
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