Concrete Solutions for Better Building

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Concrete Solutions for Better Building

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We offer:
One of the most advanced construction system available today and the complete Factory to produce it. It is a system, which is proven, flexible, rapid, and highly cost effective. It is also environmentally friendly, energy efficient, hurricane- and earthquake resistant, water-proof, fire resistant, is not harvested by rodents, termites or other insects, does not permit the growth of fungus, and does not corrode.
The Pro Form® system uses high-density expanded polystyrene (EPS) Form-Work elements, which are filled with concrete to create monolithic structures. These elements are produced in a fully integrated production plant. The company also owns both the designs and the system rights of the elements themselves.
The system, known today as the Pro Form® system, has been improved and perfected for the past fifteen years. The company produces the equipment, trains personnel in the use of such equipment, and installs the complete plant at the buyer’s location. PRO FORM SYSTEMS, INC. is unique in that it not only developed thoroughly the construction system, but also designs and engineers complete turnkey plants to be delivered worldwide, utilizing the complete EPS machine technology program from HIRSCH Maschinenbau in Austria.



An Introduction to PRO FORM
Traditional methods of concrete construction use various types of form works to construct walls and ceilings. Concrete is poured into the form works. After the concrete has cured, the forms have to be removed, and the constructor must then apply to both surfaces of wall's a finish, such as insulation material, acoustic material, mineral or acrylic plaster for water protection, etc.
In the Pro Form® construction system, the form work elements of expanded polystyrene (EPS), used to construct the walls and ceilings, remain in place and provide the actual insulation for the structure. It is also known as Insulated Concrete Form system or ICF. In addition to excellent thermal properties, the insulation protects also against sound, corrosion, water, humidity, fire, fungus, and termites. As important, the design and properties of the Pro Form® elements will drastically reduce the time needed to erect the structural form work and cure the concrete, without the use of special additives. The EPS form-works can receive re-bar reinforcements (vertically and horizontally) to withstand strong hurricanes and earthquakes. Once the Pro Form insulation elements are in place, they are filled with concrete to form a solid monolithic wall structure...

... Rapid, economic, flexible, and highly effective.


Background of the PRO FORM SYSTEM

In 1966 a novel construction system which became known as “Pro Form” or Insulated Concrete Form System (ICFS) was developed in Europe. Not been used for many years after, it became today one of the most technologically advanced construction system available in the world.

Field experiences have demonstrated that in comparison with many other conventional construction systems, it is able to increase construction capacity by up to 10 times, minimizing the use of skilled labor and reducing the cost of construction to a fraction of the actual cost of conventional construction systems.

We offer a fully integrated Modular Production Factory that manufactures a complete construction system, consisting of elements (walls, ceilings, roofs, floors), which is very simple yet sophisticated, which exceeds by far cost and speed expectations of construction companies and end users. The system has been fully tested and proven, and meets the exacting standards of DIN (Deutsche Industrie Norm).

As an example of the time savings, the system has been used to construct a fully finished 100 square meter house in less than one week, utilizing primarily unskilled laborers, whereas it would take skilled workers up to three months to build the same house using traditional methods. As the magnitude of the structures being built increases, such as in the case of warehouses, hotels, schools and apartment buildings, the benefits of the Pro Form® system become even more substantial.

Note: One square meter is equivalent to 10.76 square feet.


The Advantages

of the PRO FORM Construction System

1. Construction with Pro Form® is up to 70% more rapid than

with other construction systems:

  • Lightweight EPS form works assemble quickly

  • Use of sophisticated just in time labor/material logistics program allows constructors to plan easier and save cost.

  • Concrete cures overnight, without expensive additives.

  • Re bar reinforcements, piping, and electrical wiring can be easily installed before the concrete is poured.

  • EPS form works stay in place, unlike other systems, which require additional cost and labor for the form-work removal.

  • EPS elements are the insulation; therefore, no additional time is necessary for further application of insulation panels

  • Window and door-frames and anchors are set in place before the concrete is poured, allowing for rapid installation of the frames.

  • Pouring of Concrete in 1.20m (4 blocks) increments will eliminate any bracing, this adds to speed and reduces cost.

2. Construction with Pro Form® is, depending on the country,

up to 46% less expensive than with other conventional construction systems:

  • Utilizes primarily unskilled labor in completing the structure

  • Reduced construction time drastically reduces interest on construction loans.

  • Minimal damage and waste (1-3%) increases construction efficiency and reduces cost.

  • Lightweight EPS elements require little use of heavy on-site equipment (Cranes or other Lifting machinery).

  • Ease of finishing reduces usage of expensive skilled labor.


3. Pro Form® construction delivers High Quality:

  • Solid monolithic reinforced concrete wall-ceiling-roof structure withstands strong hurricanes and earthquakes

  • High-density EPS elements do not corrode and prevent aging. Therefore high value of a house is maintained for long time.

  • Insulating qualities of Pro Form® maintain a comfortable internal ambience without air conditioning in tropical climates, and vastly decreases the heating required in cold climates.

  • EPS elements are non-flammable and, if melting, they produce non-toxic fumes, Insurance Ratings are decreased.

  • Does not harbor a breeding ground for fungi and bacteria

  • EPS is biologically neutral and therefore does not attract termites.

  • The Pro Form® wall system dampens sound substantially.

  • The Pro Form® system permits complete freedom and flexibility in architectural design.

  • The Pro Form® system can be utilized for all types of construction: industrial, commercial, and residential Walls are perfectly straight and leveled.

  • The Pro Form® system allows easy and rapid spray application of plaster / stucco in a one step operation, due to a special surface design for all interior and exterior walls.

  • In the U.S.A. ICF systems meet or exceed the following codes or standards: ASTM C-578, BOCA, IBCO, UL and IBC.

  • With the use of a heat knife or router, the placement of plumbing and electrical conduit is simple and fast.



Environmental Advantages of Pro Form®

  • Thermograph testing indicates R-36 for vertical walls.

  • Thermal conductivity .24Watts/m2K (DIN 4108)

  • Energy savings of >50% for both heating and air conditioning.

  • No HCFC's , HFC's and CFC's are used in the production of EPS Pro Form® elements.

  • Fire-proof structural system according to DIN 4102 & 53438

  • No toxic fumes or irritating odors, Self extinguishing material.

  • Reduction of interior noise pollution = 40dB

  • Pro Form® elements are biologically neutral and offer no nutritional value to insects.

  • There is no damage to the upper ozone layer of our earth.

  • Pro Form® elements are 100% recyclable.

  • Pro Form® elements are non-toxic and are friendly to humans and the environment.

  • Pro Form® Conserves natural resources by minimizing the use of natural building materials such as prime wood.

  • Energy savings will reduce atmospheric pollution and therefore the "Green House" effect.

  • Moisture-Resistant - No more musty odors due to moisture

  • ICF or EPS building systems are an official Ally to EPA's Energy Star® Homes Program


The Multiple Form-Work Elements Used

With the help of sophisticated computer design software, the extensive experience of Pro Form System as an advanced technology used in the construction industry and the advice from internationally known construction engineers and architects, it was possible to design and produce various Form Work elements that will make up a System and meets all modern construction requirements.
The six basic Pro Form Element molds are for:

  • Hollow blocks - closed end for walls, corners and openings

  • Hollow two end open in-line wall blocks

  • L-Shaped corner units for wall-ceiling connections

  • Door and window Lintel units

  • Ceiling Elements

  • Roof Elements

A complete house may be built utilizing only these six molds. Additional molds which are available include:

  • T-Shaped wall junction units - 90 degrees

  • Two-way units - 90 degrees and 45 degrees

  • Cantilevering units / Console units and Columns

  • Supporting units

  • Floor supporting units foundation footers

  • Elements for arched and custom designed walls



is Flexible
The Pro Form System has no limitations of whatsoever nature where finish and quality of work is concerned. It adapts to any architectural needs and allows for total freedom of design.
All finishing materials commonly used in traditional construction systems can similarly be used with the Pro Form system.
The Pro Form elements can be used for a wide range of applications:

  • Single-family homes

  • Townhouses

  • Multi-story apartment buildings (up to five floors)

  • Commercial buildings, warehouses, and cold storage

  • Hospitals, Schools, and Jails

  • Retaining walls and Flood barriers

  • Hotels

Military Airplane Hangars (Infrared Radar cannot detect the Airplane while stored in an EPS Pro Form Hangar)

Welcome to the World of Pro Form

A Hospital Project which used the


  • 90 Rooms and many therapeutic facilities incl. Pool

  • 180 Beds

  • 6 Months to build with mainly no skilled labor (24 months budgeted)

  • Used 26,000 square meters of wall elements

  • Construction volume 30,000m3

  • Energy savings of more than 50% through EPS Insulation

  • Insulated Concrete Form Construction (ICF)

  • 27 % under normal budget costs



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