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Zeltex Calibration Software

for Windows™ 3.1 and up

Version 1.5

Zeltex, Inc.®, 2003

130 Western Maryland Parkway

Hagerstown, MD 21740

Phone: (301)791-7080

Fax: (301)733-9398

E-mail: info@zeltex.com

Website: www.zeltex.com

Table of Contents

Zeltex Calibration Software 1

for Windows™ 3.1 and up 1

Section 1: General Information 3

System Requirements 3

Installing the Program 3

Running the Program 3

Menu Layout 5

A Note for Users of Zeltex’s DOS-based Software 5

Section 2: Calibrating a Zeltex Instrument 7

Before Beginning 8

Directions for Setting Optical Powers 8

Step 1: Create an Optical Data File and Collect Data from the Analyzer 10

Step 2: Plot Curves 12

Step 3: Obtain Lab Analysis for all Calibration Samples 13

Step 4: Create or Edit a Constituent Data File 13

Step 5: Merge Constituent Data File to Optical Data File 13

Step 6: Zeltex Regression Analysis 14

Steps 6a-c: Take Five Calibration 15

Step 7: Enter Final K’s 17

Select Save As, Enter file name. It will be stored with a .Z8B extension. 19

Step 8: Check Accuracy 20

NOTE: This manual covers the ZX800, ZX880, ZX101C, and ZX50 Windows™ software. References to specific model numbers are made for ease of reading the manual.

Please read this entire manual before beginning a calibration.
Examples are given in this manual for some of Zeltex analyzers’ most common applications. If you have questions about the recommended settings for a product that is not mentioned, contact the Zeltex Application Department.
Phone: 1-800-732-1950 or 1-301-791-7080

Fax: 1-301-733-9398

Email: info@zeltex.com

A note on the text: Throughout this manual, the Enter/Return key on the computer keyboard is referred to as Return to distinguish it from the Enter button on the Zeltex analyzer’s keypad.

Section 1: General Information

System Requirements

  • Windows™ 3.1 or above

  • 8 megabytes RAM for Windows 3.1 or 3.11™; 16 megabytes RAM for Windows 95™ and up

  • VGA Color monitor

  • 1 com port

  • 3-1/2 inch disk drive

  • 15 megabytes of hard drive space

  • printer

Installing the Program

Before installing the program, make sure you have closed all open Windows™ applications. From the Start menu, select Run (for Windows™ 3.1 and 3.11 users, from the File menu of the Program Manager, select Run). Insert Disk 1 of the Zeltex Calibration Software Program into your 3-1/2 inch disk drive. On the Command Line, type a: or b: (as appropriate) setup.exe. Press Return or select OK. The computer will walk you through the setup process, which requires little more than waiting patiently to insert Disk 2.

After installing the program, store the disks in a safe place in case of hard-drive failure or accidental erasure.

Running the Program

Double-click on the ZELTEX icon in the Program Manager. The following screen will appear:

As with other Windows™ applications, you can access the menu bar with the mouse or by pressing Alt and the underlined letter simultaneously. Shortcut keystrokes for some of the options in each menu are listed to the right of the command when the menu appears. The toolbar of shortcut buttons directly below the menu bar provides quick access to some of the most commonly used commands. The right mouse button accesses the Data menu when an optical data file is open.
File names should be no more than 8 characters long and consist only of letters and numbers. The computer automatically assigns the following extensions to the files and stores them in the DATA directory:

  • “.dt1” to optical data files

  • “.st1” to statistics files

  • “.con” to constituent data files

  • “.ks1” to K values files

  • “.zbk” to instrument settings files ZX-101C, ZX-50

  • “.z8b” to instrument settings files ZX-800, ZX-880

Any optical data file can be viewed in two ways: Plot View or Grid View. The grid view option is designed mainly for use by Zeltex researchers. The plot view is the most useful as it shows the curves of the sample readings. Whenever multiple samples are graphed in plot view, you can click on any curve or point on the graph to determine the sample’s ID number.

Menu Layout

Main Screen menus, with no files open









Open . . .



Using help



Arrange Icons

About . . .



Close All

(disappears when

Save As . . .


a file is open, but

Print . . .


can always be

Print Setup . . .

reached via the


toolbar button)

In addition to these menus, the following can be accessed . . .

. . . with an Optical Data (*.dt1) file open . . .





Grid View


Plot View



Show All


Merge Constituents

. . . with an Instrument Settings (*.zbk) file open . . .

Instrument Edit

Download from Instrument

Upload to Instrument

Blank Settings

Comm Options

. . . with a Statistics (*.st1) file open . . .


Name Column


. . . after predicting an optical data file . . .



. . . with a Const. Data (*.con) file open . . .



A Note for Users of Zeltex’s DOS-based Software

The new Zeltex Calibration Software for Windows™ functions much like the DOS-based version, but many of the titles for various programs have changed. The following “translations” should help you acclimate to this new software.

To execute the program formerly known as:

In the new Windows™ software,

with the appropriate file open, select:


Collect Data from the ZX-___

Data, Collect

Plot a Data File

Data, Plot View

List/Print a Data File

File, Print . . .

Multiple Linear Regression

Data, Reduce

Predict a Data File

Data, Predict

Take-5 Calibration

Recalculate Take-5


Delete/Copy Sample from a File

Edit, Delete or Edit, Copy

Change Percents in a Data File

File, Open, Constituent Data file, OK

Merge Data Files

Data, Grid View, (select samples), Edit, Copy,

Paste into second file

Create/Edit a Constituent File

File, New, Constituent Data file or

File, Open, Constituent Data file

Merge Constituents to a Data File

Data, Merge Constituents

Constituent Histogram Listing

File, Open, Constituent Data file, OK, Edit, Search

ASCII Convert Utility

Add K Files

CM/Asis Calculation

Download Saved Samples


Load K Values

File; Open; Instrument Settings file; Con 1, 2, or 3; Load K’s

Backup Product Data

File, Open, Instrument Settings file, Download from Instrument

Restore Product Data

File, Open, Instrument Settings file, Upload to Instrument

Edit a Product

File, Open, Instrument Settings file


Create File

File, New, Statistics file

Load File

File, Open, Statistics file

Correct File

File, Open, Statistics file, (edit as needed)

Save File

File, Save or Save As

List File

File, Open, and File, Print (if desired)

Linear Regression

(calculates automatically each time additional sample information is added to the file)

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