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Smart Security IP Intercom

Smart Security IP Intercom

IS710v2 User Manual

Iline 2Pitomy Communication LLC

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About this manual

Thank you for choosing Smart Security IP Intercom IS710v2 .This IP Intercom is specially designed for the user under the public environment with fashionable appearance and complete functions. This manual aims to help you quickly use Smart Security IP Intercom IS710v2 .Before use ,please read the packing list and safety notes section of this manual ,communicate with the system administrator to confirm if the current network environment can meet the requirements of configuring the Intercom. If this is your first time to use Smart Security IP Intercom IS710v2 ,we recommend that you should read the quick installation guide and product technical manual. The document can be downloaded from the following website: http://www.IPitomy.com.


Copyright and Disclaimer 1

Summary 2

Summary 2

Summary 2

1. Getting Started 3

2. Intercom Installation 6

3. Configuration of IP intercom 8

4. Brief pictures for application environment 22

1. Getting Started

1.1 Outline

IPitomy security intercom series IP Intercom IS710(V2) is developed according to customer requirements for a VOIP Door Intercom. The case is classic aluminum designed to be waterproof, dustproof, and tamperproof. With the added compatibility supporting access swiping card device makes it perfect to be used in banks, subways, power plants, mines, prisons, steel companies and so on. It is the best choice and highly cost effective for customers’ project requirements in many industries.

1.2 Product Features

  • One touch dial and bi-directional full-duplex voice intercom.

  • Panel uses advanced wire drawing aluminum alloy material and a high strength damage resistant button making it strong and durable.

  • Supports POE power supply or external power supply.

  • Designed to be embedded or wall mounted to ensure internal network security.

  • Built-in speaker and high sensitivity microphone to support hand-free calls and receive emergency broadcast.

  • Built for outdoor installation, the device has a waterproof and dustproof level of IP65.

  • The support of access security devices make it perfect for a wide range of industry customers.

1.3 Technical Information

Intercom features

Multi-Language WEB support ;1 SIP account, Hotline; Auto-answer;Volume control;Default Ring tone 1 selection/import/delete;Custom Warning Ring tone 2 selection/import/delete;Time setting(SNTP/SIP Server/Manual);Support SIP main/standby server;

Network parameters

SIP v1 (RFC2543), v2 (RFC3261);DNS SRV (RFC3263);NAT Traversal: DTMF: In-Band, RFC2833, SIP Info, Auto;HTTP/HTTPS Web Management;IP Assignment: Static/DHCP/PPPoE;Network support Bridge mode;

TFTP/DHCP/PPPoE client;DNS client, NAT/DHCP server;


LLDP, VLAN QoS (802.1pq),VPN(L2TP);Transport Layer Security (TLS);Digest authentication using MD5/MD5-sess;Secure configuration file via AES encryption;Phone lock for personal privacy protection;Admin/User 2-level configuration mode;

Voice features

Wideband Codec: G.722;Narrowband codec: G.711μ/A, G.723.1;G.726, G.729a/b, iLBC;VAD, CNG, AEC, AGC;Full-duplex;

Physical properties

1 DSS programmable key(Speed dial, Intercom etc.);1 LED lights;1 light touch button(Remote factory value);1xRJ45 10/100M Ethernet ports;Power adapter: AC 100~240V input and;DC 12V/1A output;Power over Ethernet ,IEEE 802.3af,class 0;Net weight: 0.52KG, Gross weight: 0.65KG;

Each motherboard port, check the picture illustration below "Mother Broad Interface".

Carton packaging

The whole Size:162*112*40mm

Product Certification

Platform Compatibility Test (non-certificate)



Mother Broad Interface

Relay connection description:

-NO means idle-disconnected contact(normally open)

-COM means a pin contact(middle)

-NC means an idle-connected contact(normally close)
*This data is for information purposes only and is subject to change without notice.

2. Intercom Installation

Generally system administrator will connect your new IS710v2 IP Intercom to company LAN network. If not, please refer to below illustration.
Open IS710v2 packing box, according to the packing list, check the related attachment to make sure nothing was omitted. Packing list as follows.

  • IS710v2 Intercom

  • Quick operating guide

  • 8*Screws

  • 2*Rubbers

IS710v2 could be installed to internet according to the below steps.

2.1 Embedded

If the product is going to be embedded, then the cutout needs to be a little bigger than the standard dimension 168*116*42mm .(42mm means the extra aluminum housing thickness.),as follows. Notice: the embedded value is up to the actual situation.

2.2 Equipment installation

1、Open the aluminum housing.

2、Install the intercom according to the embedded specification. After that, fix four M3*12 screws on the wall with a screw driver.

3、After installing inter housing, seat the related wiring and replace the aluminum housing. Power on and start testing.

3. Configuration of IP intercom

You will need to know the IP address of IP Intercom before you can configure. You can learn how to get IP address below. Default IP address is statically set to If set to DHCP, you can check for the MAC address in your router DHCP table or via AutoDiscovery in the PBX. (Getting IP by DHCP is not suggested.)

3.1 Remote WEB Management

Enter the IP address of the device in your browser and log in, the default username and password are “root”

After the log-in,the administrate web page of the intercom will pop up.

The setting and parameter of each option will be described as follow.

3.2 Network

This option is used for the network setting, please notice that you can set the LAN and VPN.

3.2.1 LAN Setting

This option is used for setting speaker IP, as shown below.

3.3 SIP Account

IPitomy IP Intercom can be set up with one SIP account. Account’s user name, password and server address are mandatory. Once you have configured the correct information corresponding to an extension on the PBX, press Submit to register.

Username = Extension Number

Password = SIP Password

Server IP= PBX IP Address

3.4 Programmable keys

This function is reserved for the future.

3.5 Voice

You can manage the speaker and microphone volume individually. Please note that in most cases, if you set the microphone volume o level 7 you should not set speaker volume more than level 4, unless you can ensure that your coverage is small or noise reduction level is high.

3.6 Phone Book

This function is reserved for the future.

3.7 Advanced Setting

In advanced configuration, system parameters are the main points, other options, such as web dial-up, dialing rules, IP filtering strategy, ring tones, certificate management and global server, etc., most are reserved function which could be ignored.

3.7.1 Intercom Setting

System parameters can be configured IP Intercom’s basic configuration, PSTN Settings (reserved), QoS, call related, VoIP call forward, time Settings, and others. The commonly used functions in the option below are mainly introduced. Other functions should not be arbitrarily changed. Switch signal output

Switch signal output 1 ~ 2 can be controlled by multiple variables, the monitoring server message control is a defined variable which can be adjusted to be compatible with the special requirements of your particular platform. Hot Line

Hotline function is where the box will call when the button is pressed, typically a receptionist. Time Setting

IP Intercom’s time settings can be SNTP, manual setting and update at the SIP server below, PSTN is reserved options.

3.7.2 VLAN Setting

When IP Intercom‘s application environment involves the use of a VLAN it will be configured on the page below.

3.7.3 VPN Setting

When IP Intercom‘s application environment involves the VPN, see the below page for configuration.

3.8 Maintenance

This section covers system administration settings like Logs, Password, Defaulting, Autoprovisioning, File Updates, and Reboots. The sections below will outline some further details.

3.8.1 Log

Logs can be useful for investigating hard to solve issues at a phone. Here you can set the logging level. This should be left at the default unless advised to change by support. Along with the logs, there is a built in packet capture feature. You can set the device to send the log to a server and you can download any pcap files from this page.

3.8.2 Password

This is where the password of the phone can be changed. It is not advised to change this as the PBX will use these settings to configure the phone, and if changed it cannot do so. If the password is changed, be sure to note it somewhere in case it is forgotten.

3.8.3 Factory reset

Clicking this button will return the device to factory default settings. Be sure to note that the device IP will be set back to static at the default:

3.8.4 Auto Provision

When supported by the PBX, this is a method alternate to manual to configure the phones. When set correctly, the phone will download its appropriate configuration files from the PBX direct.

3.8.5 TR069 Upgrade

This function will cooperate with telecom IMS platform to use. Please follow below.

3.8.6 FTP Upgrade

This page allows for configuration for FTP upgrade.

3.8.8 TFTP Upgrade

This page allow you to use TFTP to upgrade.

3.8.9 HTTP Upgrade

This page allow you to use HTTP to upgrade.

3.8.10 Reboot

This page is used to manually reboot the device. This will drop any calls.

3.9 Intercom Status

This page displays live information like network, run time, and registration status.

3.10 System Info

This page displays system information like equipment name, software/hardware version, kernel version. and related server address.

3.11 Language

This page allows you to change language displayed for the intercom.

4. Brief pictures for application environment

The following pictures introduce the practical application of IP intercom. Take door security and fire protection for example. More compatibility application is subject to actual testing.

4.1 Door security system application

4.2 Fire protection system application

line 2 www.IPitomy.com

Iline 1Pitomy Communication LLC.

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