Converting to dualies truck

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Converting to dualies truck

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 Converting to dualies truck

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THIS SIMPLE FORM TO REQUEST AN IMMEDIATE CUSTOM QUOTE. Now, we won't pretend our 400hp truck has ever been easy on tires. We won't tell you that we've never overloaded them, never spun them, or that we've always obeyed the speed limits with them. We'd come to the point with our 16-inch-wheeled truck that we'd either have to stop towing our travel trailer, or we were going to have to find a new solution for our tires. As it turned out, it wasn't just the tires' (or our) fault. A lot of the blame lies with our 16-inch wheels. (These will NOT fit '07 and Newer Tundras). For the front you need the bolt-on dually hubs. Go to junk-yard and not the dealer. Dealer will charge 150 or so for each hub and 7 per nut (yes that is 7 per nut and you need 16 of them). This nut is what bolts the hub spacer to the front axle (stock srw axle in front). Try to get the nuts from the junk yard also, if you get lucky. What's it take to convert a SW to Dually??. Made from high-quality American-made steel. Includes all mounting hardware. your part. Simply remove your single wheel and tire and mount. First Muscle Truck: 1978-1979 Dodge Lil Red Express. What's it take to convert a SW to Dually??. Datsun may have gotten the jump on Toyota by bringing the first compact truck to market, but Toyota pioneered 4WD, and their trucks went on to fuel a 4WD aftermarket industry. Toyota's 1979 4WD trucks were tall-riding, rugged and wonderfully reliable machines. These small pickups could hang with Jeeps on the country's worst trails and broke down so infrequently that they could be used as commuter vehicles. The legendary 22R four-cylinder under the hood returned excellent fuel economy and would go on to provide hundreds of thousands of miles of trouble-free power for second and third owners. These trucks did more than just set a benchmark for 4WD, they helped forge Toyota's reputation as a builder of some of the most reliable vehicles in the world. Great Thread and info guys! I've been thinking about this too. Rear conversion kit for 2008-2011 Ford E-Series Van, uses X45333 sixteen inch 5.00" offset wheels for LT215 tires ONLY. Width: 4 inches. Red bottle pictured is loctite. Soft terrain, heavy trucks, and stiff, narrow tires is a sinking combination!. It should come as no surprise that Willys pioneered the first factory-built light duty 4WD pickup truck. After all, with considerable knowledge, success and good will following the production of the wartime Willys MB and later civilian CJ-2A, the company had considerable 4WD expertise. So in 1947, Willys launched the first factory-built pickup on a light duty chassis. (Yes, the civilian version of the extreme-duty Dodge Power Wagon arrived a year earlier, but that was a heavy-duty machine.) The little Willys—just over 3,000 pounds—used a 63 hp four-cylinder linked to a three-speed manual and split power to the solid axles with a two-speed transfer case. At the time, trucks from Chevy and Ford had to be converted to 4WD by third-party manufacturers like Marmon-Herrington. By the time Ford released their first factory-built 4WD pickup in 1959, Willys owned almost 70 percent of the market. This kit contains six custom American Eagle 17" dual polished wheels, lug nuts, center caps, and front & rear adapters for new 2017 & up Ford F250/350's. The recommended tire size is 235/80-17. I agree after doing the conversion I should probably have just bought another truck. but --- I don't trust the 6.7L yet and buying used really wasn't an option. I purchased my truck new so I know only I beat on it! I've got mods which I'd need to rip off and re-install on new truck. I like a 6-spd which is hard to find used. All pointed to just converting it. (These will NOT fit '07 and Newer Tundras). Our expertly engineered single wheel conversion kit eliminates dual rear wheels (DRW) and replaces them with single tires. This wheel adapter is 3"- inch thick hub-centric and wheel-centric 8-lug Steel adapter For (1999-2016 Ford Truck 8x170) to run a Newer 2005 & above Ford Truck Wheel (8x200mm). The adapter is manufactured in the USA with American-made Timkin Bearing Steel. Includes 2 wheel adapters and hardware for mounting on the truck. Our wheel studs are GRADE 10. That is two grades above the requirement set by the Department of Transportation. Our kits include every item necessary to convert your dually truck to a single wheel setup. With just 1 order, you'll have everything you need for your wheel conversion. As diesel owners, we've come to expect things to last. We've got 300,000-mile engines, commercial-grade transmissions, and towing capacities that put us darn close to needing a commercial driver's license. So how come most of us are still using wheel and tire technology that dates back to pickups from the '70s? Our '06 Chevy Silverado 3500 was a prime example of this. It came with 16-inch wheels and 215/85R16 tires. After nearly 80,000 miles, we'd already gone through three sets of stock tires towing this 40-foot RV trailer around the West Coast. It was time for an upgrade to some real wheels and tires. Rear conversion kit for 2006-2007 Ford E-Series Van with four X45333 sixteen inch wheels LT215 tires only. Several of the Unity models have this nice little space cut into the galley countertop to hang a little trash can, but it needs two little fixes: the provided trash can is very small and the little finger lift cavity in the cover is difficult to use. I love the skylight in the shower as it allows me room to stand up, but it does let in a lot of heat from the sun. So I bought a pair of reflective, collapsible, auto windshield shades and slipped one in the top of the shower for when it's not in use. Having the mattress cracks behind our shoulders instead of under our backs makes all the difference. We hardly notice it now. Stuffing the throw pillows on either side of the fill-in mattresses keeps them from wandering. And of course we can configure it with heads to the left or to the right if there's a bit of a slope where we're parked. One downside is that this does mean that the middle mattress hangs over the edge of the support by a about a foot. It's not terrible when getting in/out of bed, but not ideal. This is a little one but I guess a somewhat common and difficult one to figure out. There was a crazy-annoying squeak on rough roads coming from somewhere around the house side door. We had yet to narrow it down until I stumbled on this forum thread. That was it! Having to stow the table and table leg in the intended compartment back under one of the twin beds is super-inconvenient, particularly when the beds are configured together as a king. There has to be a better place to put the table and its leg. I'm maintaining this page to share information about the various upgrades and customizations I learn about and make to hopefully help others wanting to do similar things. Alright, on to the tips, fixes, upgrades and customizations:. Add sound deadening and insulation to cab doors. The Metra Axxess ASWC-1 steering wheel control interface works fine with the Mercedes Sprinter and it's programmable so you're free to set up the four buttons on the right to do whatever you want as well as control the up/down buttons on the left, but those two buttons on the left only function when the Mercedes dash display is in the "Audio" mode. I set those two up/down buttons to change tracks/channels and I set the four on the right to volume up/down, mute and input selection. I found this Mercedes microphone cable adapter but it didn't look like a match for the cable in my Sprinter so I isolated the wires coming from the overhead microphone in the factory wiring harness (part of blue 4-pin harness). After This was a great find on this forum thread. Like many, I've found it's difficult to easily grab and close the coach door from the inside. It's natural to grab on to the release handle, but you can't actually close and latch the door with this mechanism. You're supposed to grab on the small left edge of the mechanism instead but it's not a natural or easy-to-make grip. Hence this super easy grab loop! It's also really simple to do: just a length of nylon strap, poke a couple of holes, add a couple of washers to the existing screws and voila! I know some people have added a 1- or 2-inch thick mattress topper and are very happy with that. I considered doing the same but I'd like to avoid carrying and/or stowing a bulky layer like that. The previous owners of my Unity installed one of those retractable string clothes hangers in the shower for hanging wet stuff but you know, they don't really work that well. They're pretty flimsy and tend to sag a lot and can't handle much weight. So I got the idea to find a good, strong and lightweight, telescoping closet pole. There is some helpful information in this forum thread to identify the different colored FAKRA connectors: black is radio antenna, green is rear camera, blue is GPS antenna, violet is USB/aux-audio ports on driver's dash. I should clarify that Darlene and I intend to use this RV mostly, if not always, "dry camping" (or "boondocking") without hookups for water or electricity. While this dry camping will sometimes involve staying in state or national park campgrounds, I'll prefer being able to camp out on open national park, forest service or BLM lands. With that in mind, I would very much like to eliminate as much dependency on propane as possible, relying instead on easily replenishable electrical power. (It's a shame that, as of 2016, Leisure Travel Vans does not yet offer an all-electric appliance build as do some like RoadTrek, Advanced RV, Outside Vans or Sportsmobile.) In the near future we can look forward to all electric drivetrains as well which will be fantastic. For example, it looks like Mercedes-Benz may well have an all-electric drivetrain for its Sprinter chassis in a few more years. I fixed the finger hole by using a dremel tool to cut out the plastic base of the finger cup and then, until I find something nicer, taped a little plastic container under the finger hole. Voila! Now you can easily insert your finger to lift up the trash can lid! Add handle to bathroom door for easier latching. Well, that was a poor choice of towel hangers by Leisure Travel Van– the original hanger hung so low that any towel was basically lying in the sink. (I wish I had taken a picture before replacing it.) I found a replacement at Home Depot that fits in with the decor. It took a bit of tweaking the mount with a Dremel tool to be able to install it with the original bracket but it's done. And Darlene particularly likes the clear crystal accent.;-). The existing Mercedes cab audio system isn't great: it has a pretty small screen for navigation and for the backup camera and the audio quality is poor and confined to a set of cheap front speakers. I wanted to replace this audio head unit with something better– something with a larger screen and better audio, perhaps with CarPlay integration. I also thought it would help to hook up the ceiling speakers in the coach to act as rear speakers for the cab to fill out the sound environment. There's also a second audio/entertainment system in the campervan (a 12V Jensen AM/FM DVD Bluetooth system) that's wired to four overhead speakers. It doesn't actually sound very good and it seems a shame to have two separate audio systems on board. It's connected to the two(!) TV's that are installed (front and back) via an HDMI switch box but it only supports playing DVD's (not Blu-Ray's). Now I rarely watch TV even at home but when I do I use Blu-Ray's or I stream NetFlix/AppleTV/etc so this a/v system doesn't seem very useful to me. And yes, it does seem silly to have two TV's in such a small space. Mice in the battery, inverter and engine compartments.

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